Who wants a wife that acts like this?

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HI guys I wanted to revive this old thread, my yahoo group is gone but wanted to remind all of you that Im still in Iowa and love black cock,,,Any of you in the state ? Closeby ?

I will love to do her.
I bet she is a exciting date,
and yes I want a wife acting like that!
That WAS an old thread.

You posted some pretty hot pics, IA. I hope you continue doing so.
This lady is for real


I met this woman in Saint Louis last month. Her pictures don't do her justice. Great titties great ass and gives an unbelievable dick sucking. I fucked her for awhile and came all over those big tits. Never met a woman that liked getting fucked as much as her. If you get a chance, definitely hook up with her. She is open to it and very serious.
I'd walk a thousand miles, barefoot on broken glass, to touch Harley's tittays!!!