John laughed loudly when Paula told him. “No really,” she insisted, “I saw him looking directly down my top.”

“Tom has always had a thing for you,” John replied finally, “but he is so shy I’m surprised he allowed himself to be caught trying to sneak a peek.”

Paula grinned, “Well it certainly tried to get an eyeful but I’m not sure he saw all that much, I didn’t realize he had a crush on me.”

John nodded, “he always has, I think. It's your amazing figure and that Asian mocha skin.”

“Next time I’ll try and dress up then,” Paula giggled. John smiled, “oh really,” he said cheekily, “so Tom is in for a treat, I’ll have to get him over for a drink.”

Paula looked into John’s eyes, seeing the mischief sparkle in them and getting a little excited at the innuendo. “Well, you’ll need to give me a heads up so I can get properly dressed.” she smiled and with that the conversation moved on.

It was another week before Paula got a text from John saying that Tom was available and wanted to come over for cocktails later after an appointment in the city. She replied quickly, “Well I better get ready”, adding a winking emoji.

Paula decided to pick out a sexy short dress with a plunging neckline and matched it up with her favorite red lacy panties. She went down to the store and picked up a bottle of vodka and some mixers, and some bits of deli food to have out, and returned as the sun set to the apartment and made the lounge up for their guest.

It was close to 9pm when the buzzer sounded Tom’s arrival, and John buzzed him up. When he arrived, he was dressed very smartly in a suit and tie, clearly his appointment was some kind of event requiring such attention. The conversation started flowing, and John poured vodka cocktails while Tom nibbled on some of the food. Paula was quick to notice that Tom was consciously trying to avoid letting his eye wander, though she could also tell that he was a little tipsy, probably from the event earlier.

As the evening wore on the drinks flowed and Paula was feeling a glow from the vodka, John and Tom had been doing most of the talking and both of them were looking more than a little tipsy as they excitedly caught up. Once in a while Paula would catch Tom stopping himself admiring her outfit, and she had to hide a grin. As things started to quieten down, Paula looked over to John, catching his eye, and while Tom wasn’t looking, she winked. John smiled broadly; message received.

A minute later John picked up his phone, appeared to scan its contents and then turned to Tom, “I hate to do this, but I have to respond to a work email and make a couple of calls, looking like a bit of an issue had come up. I should be back in 30 minutes, sorry,” he said calmly. “I totally understand,” Tom smiled. Paula turned to Tom, “Well, we will have to have another cocktail while we wait for you,” she grinned, excited to have a little time with just Tom now.

John excused himself and headed down the hall to the office, Paula stood up, “I’ll get those cocktails,” she said and headed to the kitchen. She quickly made two slightly stronger vodka drinks, as she did her phone pinged. She picked it up and saw a message from John.

“I’ll give you a little time with Tom then?” it read.

Paula quickly replied, “I’ll make sure I give him a treat, so he doesn’t miss you too much,” she teased back in a message.

“I can’t wait to hear all about it”, came the reply, followed by a heart emoji.

Paula picked up the drinks and returned to the lounge, Tom had taken his jacket off and was sitting on the couch, “Ah drinks,” he smiled, for a moment letting down his guard and his eye wandering to the low-cut dress, glimpsing Paula’s pert cleavage.

Paula felt his eyes on her body, and it sent a little tingle down her spine as she passed him his glass and now moved to sit down next to him on the couch, turning to face him and ensure that her figure was completely in view. Paula quickly caught himself, for a moment Paula saw a blush as he locked his eyes to hers, away from her bare skin.

“Cheers,” she said, and they raised their glasses, and both took a sip of the drinks.

“Lovely cocktail,” Tom said, “Compliments to the barmaid,” he added cheerily.

Paula giggled, “I was thinking I was more dressed as the cocktail waitress,” she replied.

Tom grinned, glancing quickly over the black dress, seeing Paula’s slender figure in the tight material, her cleavage pert and firm and her long legs resting on the couch next to him.

“Yes, very much the cocktail waitress, I think you’re right,” Tom said, blushing obviously now.

“You like the dress? You have to dress up for cocktails, right,” Paula said brightly, smiling and looking into his eyes.
Tom didn’t move his focus from her eyes, “Oh it's lovely,” he said, clearly a little uncomfortable. Paula felt a little devil inside her, seeing his expression and yet knowing that he had shared with John his ‘crush’ on her. She knew that she wanted to tease him while John was away, and now she was feeling that she probably needed to be a little more forthright. In fact, she was already wondering how Tom’s shyness would cope with her being flirtier.

“You really think so,” she continued, feeling Tom’s discomfort but wanting to not let him off the hook. She put her glass on the coffee table and stood in front of him, brushing the dress to straighten it over her hips.

“I have to admit I like it,” she mused, looking down over her figure, and making a mental note that she really did look hot. Paula’s breasts were firm, and pert, and the dress pressed them together a little. While she was mostly covered there was a clear view between her tits, and the hem line was high enough to see her long, slim, smooth legs.

Tom blushed again, trying to not look, as Paula struck a pose in front of him, “Your cocktail waitress for the night,” she teased. She saw the pink in Tom’s face as he was unable not to look her up and down.

“I’m sure it helps the drink taste better,” she continued, leaning forward and making sure he could see a little down her top as she picked up her glass. She raised her glass, feeling a little tipsy herself, and excited.

“Cheers!” she said as Tom looked up, raising his glass, casting his eyes over her figure, the alcohol reducing his shyness a little.

The glasses clinked together, and they both sipped their drinks. With the warm of the vodka on her throat Paula lowered herself and sat on the coffee table, now facing Tom directly, his gaze following her and now taking in her legs as she crossed them in front of him, forcing her dress to ride up a little more.

Tom smiled, “So do you make cocktails for John lots too?”

Paula could see his attempt to make small talk and was ready to intercept it.

“Oh yes, I love making him drinks, and he always likes the outfits to match,” she continued pressing the focus back to her.

“He likes to feel like he can have a fancy drink and then to be honest I think he likes enjoying the view.”

Tom blushed again, “oh I’m sure,” she said sheepishly.

“You can’t blame him,” Paula continued, spreading her arms wide to showcase her cleavage and feeling deep satisfaction when Tom was unable to look away from her boobs.

Tom laughed nervously, uncertain what to say but unable to keep his eyes off Paula and feeling the drinks more and more. Paula smiled broadly, relishing the attention, and ready to take her teasing to another level.

“Of course, usually he has a few cocktails and then wants to see more of the cocktail waitress,” she smiled, winking at Tom.

Tom was shocked, “oh wow,” he exclaimed, briefly looking around the room to make sure John wasn’t nearby. Paula giggled, “Oh Tom, you know how boys get,” she teased, “what is nicer than a few good cocktails and then a view of a woman’s body when you are tipsy.”

Tom nodded, “Well yes,” he said, still a little dumbstruck and his attention switching between Paula’s face and smile and her amazing body.

Paula giggled, “Well glad you are liking it.”

“Not sure what to say,” Tom smiled, the shock starting to pass a little and his shyness tempering.

“Well, I wasn’t planning on asking for a tip,” Paula laughed.

Tom chuckled at the joke, “Well you deserve one,” he quipped feeling more comfortable.

“Well, I felt you deserved a bit of a peek since I got the feeling you had been wanting one,” Paula said gently, wondering how Tom would take the directness. He blushed again, looking into his drink, “well you are very attractive,” he said quietly into the glass.

Paula loved the compliment, however shyly delivered.

“Well don’t feel shy, I wanted you to see,” she offered, leaning forward a little to afford him an even better view as he looked up, “you can take it all in while John works.”

Tom couldn’t help himself but look down at her breast, her beautiful firm tits resting in the tight dress, the soft side boob skin looking so tempting and almost glistening in the low light.

Paula watched his focus, “there you go, that's better,” she said comforting him.

She saw his wiggle a little in his seat and imagined the effect of her body on him.

He looked up after several moments taking in the view, “Wow,” was all he could say. Paula grinned, sitting back upright and unfolding her legs slowly in front of him, leaving them pressed together.

“You like my tits?” she said confidently.

Tom looked around again for John, causing Paula to giggle, “it's ok Tom, he will be busy for a while.”

Tom looked back, a little pale, “Not sure what to say?” he said.

“I think you can either say yes, or no?” Paula said, then laughed.

Tom paused for a moment then laughed, “I guess so, well it would have to be yes.”

Paula smiled, “see that wasn’t so hard was it.” As she said the words one of her hands moved over her tummy and to the bare skin between her breasts running a finger slowly and erotically between them and then slowly circling the outline of her cleavage, watching Tom’s eyes following her fingers.

“They go well with vodka,” she teased, her finger slowly edging under the material toward one of her nipples as Tom followed her motions.

“The longer you pay attention to them after a cocktail I imagine it will be getting hard,” she continued. Tom blushing and his eyes briefly flicking down to his crotch where his hand was covering his growing cock.

Paula giggled, as her finger moved over her hard nipple under the material, “would you like to see them, Tom?” she asked seductively.

Tom was unsure for a moment, again looking around. However, when he realized they were alone he looked back, biting his lip, “I would love to see them.”

Paula smiled, she could feel the butterflies in her stomach but also loved that first moment when a man saw her body, and she felt the electricity of knowing that Tom was scared but so excited he had to see her, even though her husband was only a few rooms away.

She slowly moved her fingers up to the straps of her dress and then with the expert sexual skills she lowered them slowly off her shoulders, as they slipped down her slender arms she cupped the material over the breasts, watching Tom’s intent gaze as he followed, eagerly awaiting a first glimpse. She felt a warmth between her legs as she slowly lowered her hands and her firm breasts were revealed, her mocha skin and her brown nipples tingled as the air touched them. Her nipples were already hard from the excitement, and she let the dress drop to her slim waist.

Tom stared at her body; mouth open for a moment. Paula felt the warmth of his focus on her naked body, feeling her nipples harden even more with his attention.

“So, you like them?” Paula asked, trying to suppress her excitement.

“Very much so,” Tom replied, his voice low and his hand pressing into his lap.

Paula moved her fingers slowly up her tummy and then cupped and stroked her breasts while he watched.

“They go well with the cocktail,” she teased, continuing to touch herself and getting more aroused all the time.

“They are beautiful,” Tom said, he seemed far away, watching intently and ******* that his hand was not moving slowly up and down the outline of his hard cock in his pants.

Paula picked up her drink, she was loving the little show. She took a sip, never taking her eyes off his crotch, tasting the warmth of the drink she put the glass down and decided to push it a little further.

“Tom, I can see that you are enjoying the view,” she said, flicking her eyes to her crotch to draw his attention to his hand.

Tom quickly recoiled and moved his hand, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t even,” she started but Paula laughed.

“I would be more upset if there wasn’t an effect,” she said smiling.

Tom blushing looked back, “Well please don’t tell John, I didn’t mean to.”

Paula reached forward and placed a hand on his knee, leaning a little forward, “relax Tom, you’re fine it’ll be our secret,” she said reassuringly.

Tom took a deep breath, “Thanks Paula,” she said.

She squeezed his knee, “I like that you enjoyed the view “, she continued, “I liked seeing your hand moving there.”

Tom bite his lip, looking into her eyes and back at her naked tits, perfect in front of him and within reach.

“We have a few minutes while John works, why don’t you show me how much you liked them,” she asked, looking up at him and brushing her hand over his knee.

“You mean?” Tom asked, his hand moving back the bugle in his crotch.

“Yes,” Paula said softly, sitting back up and once again touching her bare breasts, “I want you to get your cock out for me and stroke it while I watch.”

Tom looked around furtively, and then quickly buttoned his pants reaching in and pulling his hard cock free. Paula was impressed, he cock was quite big and very thick, she leaned back a little cupping and stroked her tits as he started to slowly pump it in front of her.

“Oh Tom, that's it, rub it for me,” Paula egged him on, seeing his gaze focused on her fingers touching her nipples.

“Show me how much you like them,” she teased, watching him wiggling to get his full length free of his pants so he could pump it, she could see the precum already glistening and sticking on the tip and rubbing off onto his fingers.

She leaned back and slowly started to open her legs and then deftly lifting her dress up to reveal her red panties. Toms’ focus was immediately to see her crotch, the material barely covering her neatly trimmed pussy. While he jerked, breathing more deeply she started to gently press and circle her clit through the material with one hand while continuing to touch her chest with the other.

“Oh, that is nice Tom, so hard, looks like you have wanted to see me for a while,” she said, seeing the word having an effect on his hard shaft as more precum built up. “John mentioned you had a crush and I saw you trying to peek at my tits a few weeks ago.”

Tom blushed again but didn’t stop his jerking.

“It turned me on, I did wonder if you had jerked off thinking about me,” she asked.

Tom looked up and nodded, “lots of times,” he added.

The words passed through Paula, and she pressed down on her hard clit feeling the warm wetness through her panties and let out a little moan.

“That is so hot,” she said, “you were imagining touching me, did you imagining fucking me.”

Tom was getting harder as the conversation continued, “several times,” he said in a low voice.

“You wanted to fuck my lovely tight pussy, did you? Would you like to see it so next time you can cum knowing how nice it looks?” she teased, breathing harder.

Tom nodded, wordless.

Paula lifted her bum and quickly pulled her panties down to her ankles and then opened her legs and leaned back revealed her trimmed bush and pink folds, glistening wet from the excitement. Tom moaned watching as her fingers expertly circled her wet clit and then dipped into the wet opening to her pussy, forcing her to let out a little sigh. She could tell that Tom was getting close, the precum was all over his fingers and running down his cock.

“Oh Tom, we don’t have long, but would you like to cum all over that nice pink pussy?” she said, getting carried away in the excitement. Tom didn’t hold back now, he quickly stood up as Paula leaned back, lifting her dress up her tummy and then with one finger circling her clit she held the lips to her pussy open for him. His cock was now just 3 or 4 inches from the soaked pussy as he jerked it furiously, he gazed transfixed on her pussy, within seconds he arched his back and Paula watched and felt the thick hot stream of cum land on her open pussy and fingers. She moaned and felt an orgazm flood her wet pussy as she rubs his seed into her clit, mixing it with her juices.

It took a few moments to come back to the room, and as she did Tom had quickly put his cock away and buttoned his pants. She felt incredibly dirty and satisfied and quickly pulled her panties up letting the material capture and press Tom’s cum all over her pussy. On Tom’s face was a look of bliss as he watched her, she licked her fingers clean while he watched and then straightened up her dress and pulled the straps back up covering herself.

“Full-service waitress,” she smiled, picking up her drink and taking a sip.

Tom was obviously just over the moon from everything that had happened.

“I feel like I should go,” he said in a daze.

Paula smiled, “Well I hope you had a good night.”

Tom giggled, “very much so.”

Paula saw him at the door, and shouted to John, “Tom needs to go.”

John shouted back, “sorry Tom, promise I’ll make it up to you next time.”

Tom smiled, “no need.” He gave Paula a kiss on the cheek and then went into the city.

John came out when the door closed, “so did he have fun?” he asked excitedly.

“He really did,” Paula grinned cheekily, “maybe you would like to hear about it?”

John grinned, “Would you be going to make me a drink?”

“I am, and then I'll tell you all about it,” Paula smiled, taking her love’s hand and leading him down the hall back to the lounge.

When she got there, she turned to John, “I’ll make sure you have a nice fresh drink,” grinning, “and then you are going to fuck me because I need it so much.”

“I can do that, I thought you would have gotten a load cum from Tom,” John asked honestly.

Paula giggled, “Oh I have, plenty, and you can going to fuck it into my pussy all night,” she added, a twinkle her eye.
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