Paula and John had been happily married for six years. Both lived and worked in New York, and the constant rush of city life kept them on their toes and in shape. John was originally from London, with a strong accent still in place and was tall and handsome. Paula was Asian but had lived in London before New York and spoke perfect English, also with a little of the accent. She was slim and very sexy, with a minx-like figure and personality to match.

For a few months both of them had been opening up more, sexually. It started with a few drunken conversations, then renting a porn movie, and had reached the point where both of them were actively excited about exploring the more sexual side of their character. As the nights of love making built up, so did the thoughts and fantasies that they had imagined. Their new apartment had a large mirror next to the bed, and they had taken to fucking in front of it, taking turns opening up. One night Paula was slowly riding her husband, watching herself in front of the mirror.

"So is there anyone you have been imagining fucking?" John asked as he watched her naked body on him, her pert tits bouncing gently.

Paula paused for a moment, grinding herself on him slowly. "There are a few I have thought about," she said, smiling.

"Oh really?" John enquired.

Paula could feel John's cock harden a little more inside her. Obviously, he was excited to learn more. "Yeah, but I suppose my favorite is your friend Robert, " she continued, her hips still moving up and down, guiding her husband's cock in and out.

"Robert, eh?" John pushed his cock a little deeper as he said it.

"What would you like to do with him?" he asked, feeling butterflies in his stomach.

Paula closed her eyes and imagined for a moment. Robert was younger than John, very fashionable and very good looking.

"Oh, I would like to seduce him, I would want him to get turned on, tease him," her voice was low now, her eyes still closed and John could feel her pussy getting wetter.

"Go on," he coaxed.

Paula moaned a little and continued to slowly fuck John, riding his hard cock.

"I would seduce him, tease him, then I would get a taste of his cock. I would suck him so well, and have him watch me do it. Then I would strip for him and let him fuck me, and when he gets close to cumming I would tell him to fuck my mouth so I can taste his cum," Paula was starting to shake a little, her movements getting faster.

"You think you can seduce him away from his wife?" John asked, pushing his cock in her faster and harder.

"Oh yes, I'm sure that he wouldn't resist, he would be fucking me and cumming in my mouth in no time," Paula moaned. Her movements fast now, her tits bouncing up and down as she rode John.

"Oh, that is good," John moaned. "I would love to hear all about it, in fact it turns me on that I could come and find you once he has had his fun, while you are still wet with his cum on you, and fuck you," he continued, his voice breaking a little with excitement.

Paula was close to her orgasm and as she started to imagine laying on the bed, Robert's cum in her mouth and John's hard cock fucking her, she started to let her orgasm rush over her.

"Oh I would be such a temptress, such as slut, but it would be so hot to have you fucking me while I tell you how I seduced him and how he took me and how his cock felt..." her words ran away as she started to cum hard.

John felt her pussy clenching and let go as well, his hot cum bursting into her tight pussy.

Later that night as they curled up together, Paula asked, "Did you really like that?"

John smiled, "Oh, God yes!"

Paula didn't say anything for a while, then John asked, "We have a house party coming up in a couple of weeks; do you think you would be able to seduce Robert right here in our bedroom?"

Paula looked nervously at John for a moment. "Are you challenging me to try?" she asked.

John smiled, "I think I am."

"Are you going to keep his wife chatting in the kitchen while I suck and fuck him in our bed?" Paula teased.

"I can do that, and you can text me when you are all done," he smiled back.

"And you are going to come and find me here, freshly fucked, and then have your turn?" she asked, her body tingling as she imagined it.

"I most certainly am, and you are going to tell me what a slut you have been, right?"

"I am," Paula said, biting her lip, "then it's on."

The next couple of weeks passed quickly, Paula made sure she has picked up some very sexy underwear and picked a long black skirt, with a side slit that ran up to her thigh, and a halter top.

The party was really a small gathering of friends, with Robert and his wife among six others. The plan was simple: after dinner people would chat and John would make sure he sat down with Robert's wife to keep her entertained. Paula would offer a tour and then once Robert was in the bedroom she would see if she could work her magic.

The apartment was big enough, with a large dining room, lounge and kitchen, the master bedroom was on another floor so it would be easy to remain hidden.


On the night, dinner went well and Paula could feel the excitement. Robert was looking hot as ever, and John kept looking over to her and smiling. After dinner was cleared away, everyone went to various rooms to chat and drink. Paula poured herself a large glass of wine and walked over to John.

"Hey babe, should we see if I have what it takes?" she teased.

"I'm certain you do, go seduce a man for me," John whispered back to her.

Paula kissed him on the cheek then whispered, "I will, and then I'll text you when I'm nice and wet from being fucked; so that you can fuck your dirty wife while she tells you how she can still seduce guys."

John felt his cock harden as she whispered to him and then watched as she walked over to where Robert was standing. He smiled to himself and checked that he had his phone in his hand.

Paula walked up to Robert and started chatting away; the two of them were always able to find something to talk about.

"You must see the new art in our bedroom, I know you will love it," Paula said after a few minutes. Robert agreed to take a look, and so they excused themselves from the group and headed up to the bedroom.

Robert had never been to their bedroom, but Paula acted very casually as she led him there. Once in the room she showed him the artwork on the wall; it was enough of a distraction, and Robert complimented the choice.

"I do love our bedroom," Paula smiled as Robert looked around the room.

Paula walked up to the mirror, "And I love this mirror," she continued acting as calmly as she could, though her heart was beating faster.

"Its a great mirror, love the size," Robert commented.

"Yeah, it is great for modeling in front of," Paula continued, "I just picked up this new dress and I love how figure hugging it is."

Paula stood in front of the mirror while Robert watched her, she slowly twirled around admiring herself; he had to admit, she was looking hot.

"It certainly is," Robert said, obviously enjoying the view. Paula turned so her back was facing Robert.

"You can't even see the panty line," she said, leaning a little forward and pushing her firm ass up a little toward him. Robert's eye moved slowly over the view of her ass. He didn't say anything, but Paula was enjoying the fact that he was losing his focus on her body.

"I picked up a very sexy thong last week, I couldn't resist, it really stays hidden," she continued, standing up a little straighter and then doing a slow twirl again in front of the mirror.

Robert laughed a little, "Well, sounds like a lovely thong, but I can't even tell it's there."

Paula felt a shiver. "I could give you a little peek; I think we have been friends long enough and John won't mind," she laughed.

Robert smiled broadly, obviously getting tempted, and Paula turned with her side facing him, the slit on her dress ran up her leg as she put it forward towards him. "Would you like to see?" she teased, placing a hand on her revealed thigh.

Robert looked down at her leg and then slowly up; this was the moment, and Paula knew she wanted to seduce him.

"I'm sure you wouldn't mind a little look, would you?" Paula continued, smiling. "Maybe just a little glimpse of the side?" she teased.

Robert was blushing a little, "Well I suppose a little glimpse to see the color," he said, his voice a little weaker and quieter.

Paula moved her hand up her thigh, as it reached the top of the slit in her skirt she clenched the material and pulled the dress higher. She watched Robert's eyes fixed on her hand moving up until she reached her thin strap of her panties and pulled the dress to show the side.

"Very nice," Robert said, his eyes still tracking her hand as he took in the full length of her long legs and the thin strip of red material at the top.

"I usually don't wear red," Paula said.

"Why not, they look great?" Robert said, complimenting her.

"You think?" Paula asked and turned her back to face Robert, and lifted her dress up over her ass, revealing her tight brown ass in all its glory, the thin strip of material from her thong running between her cheeks.

"You really like them?" she continued, wanting to tease him more.

"I do," he said, his voice suddenly quieter as he spoke through drying lips.

"You think they make my ass look hot?" Paula continued, her heart racing.

"Very!" Robert croaked, his voice low now. Paula could see his eyes were fixed on her ass now, and she couldn't wait to see what would happen if she got dirtier.

"How do I know that you really like it? Maybe if you sat here on the bed and told me honestly?" she teased.

Robert shuffled a little and sat on the bed; he was still looking up and down her long legs and over her tight ass. Paula moved a little closer to the mirror, facing it, with her back to Robert and the bed.

Robert licked his lips. "The red really does look good, I'm being honest," he said.

Paula moved her legs a couple of feet apart and bent a little more toward the mirror, watching herself in the glass and seeing Robert's eyes and dry lips behind her now. "Does it turn you on at all?" she asked.

"Well it is a nice view, it certainly had an effect," Robert smiled back, looking up for a moment to catch her eye in the mirror.

"I would love to see that 'effect''." Paula continued. She reached behind her with one hand and ran her fingers up the back of her leg and slowly over her ass.

Robert blushed again, "what do you mean?" she said, his voice shaking.

"I want you to take your cock out for me, and I want to see if the view of my sexy panties is enough to get you hard." she stated, her voice steadying and she started to realize that he was going to be too excited to stop.

Robert didn't say a word, he simply unbuttoned his trousers and, reaching into his briefs, pulled his semi-erect cock out. He was a little longer than John, but not quite as thick. Paula stared into the mirror at it as Robert took it in his hand and slowly stroked it.

"It got a little hard," she said, "maybe it would respond more if you had a little touch of my ass?"

Robert was silent, with one hand still on his cock, he reached up and his fingers touched the back of Paula's leg and then very slowly ran up to her ass. She let out a little moan, "Oh, that feels nice," she said softly.

Her eyes were still on Robert's cock. Slowly, with each touch of her body, she could see him getting harder in his hand.

"Oh, Robert, you have such a nice looking cock," she said, her body tingling as his finger made small circles on her ass. "I have thought about your cock lots over the years," she continued.

Robert guided his finger over her cheeks and then down the thin line of material between them.

"Really?" he finally asked, his fingers running deep between her cheeks over her asshole and then back to her waist.

"Really!" Paula said, watching his eyes and then looking back to his fingers wrapped around his cock. "I have cum a few times wondering how it would taste and how well it would fit in my pussy," she continued.

Robert's cock hardened visibly as she spoke, Paula watched. Clearly, it was turning him on hearing that his friend's wife had cum thinking about him.

"Oh yes," she continued, "and today I was going to make sure I get a taste of that cock, then I want you to fuck me right here in our bedroom, and when you are ready to cum then you can stand in front of the mirror and I'll take it all in my mouth", Paula said firmly.

Paula turned around and dropped to her knees in front of Robert. She leaned forward onto all fours and then crawled over toward him, pulling the dress back up over her ass so that he could see it in the mirror. As she moved close to him she reached up and ran her fingers along his arm to the hand holding his cock and gently gripped it.

Robert let his hand fall away as he watched Paula wrap her fingers around his cock; she looked up at him and smiled. While watching his face she slowly licked the length of his cock, flicking her tongue over the tip.

"Oh, God, that feels so good," Robert said quietly, his eyes moving over to confirm the bedroom door was shut. He put his hand on Paula's shoulder as he watched her lick his cock before slowly taking it into her mouth and sucking it expertly.

Meanwhile, John was in the kitchen pouring himself a whiskey. The butterflies in his stomach signaled how excited he was about what was happening as he checked his phone. In his mind, he was wondering what was happening in his bedroom right now, though he was confident that Paula would succeed.

Paula spent a few minutes expertly sucking and licking Robert's cock; she could already taste his pre-cum, and she lapped it up, the excitement from sucking the first cock other than John's in nine years was streaming through her body.

Robert was leaning back a little, watching Paula working his hard cock. "Oh, Paula, I never knew you were so good at that," he moaned.

Paula looked up, "I'm glad you like it. Why don't you reach over me and pull those panties down? I want you to watch your fingers in my pussy while you enjoy my mouth."

Robert didn't need much encouragement. He leaned forward and ran a hand down her back to her ass, sliding a finger under the lacy material in between her cheeks. He felt her ass and then the heat from her wet pussy as he slid a finger easily inside her, as he did he felt Paula's mouth tighten on his cock, causing him to let out a little yelp.

Robert pushed a second finger into Paula's tight pussy, using his other hand he reached down and pulled her thong down and her cheeks apart so that he could see her glistening pussy in the mirror. As his two fingers worked in and out of her pussy he took in the view of his friend's wife on her knees, her pretty pussy open and taking his fingers, and his cock deep in her mouth.

Paula was almost gagging on Robert's cock, and his fingers in her pussy felt amazing. She knew she wanted to fuck him more than anything. She slowly pulled his cock out of her mouth, licking its length a couple more times before slowly standing up.

Robert leaned back on the bed again.

"You have got me so wet Robert, and now I want to feel that cock in my pussy."

Paula lifted her dress up to her waist and stepped out of her panties, kicking them off. Robert was on the edge of the bed and Paula faced him, straddling him and guiding his hard, wet cock into her pussy.

"Oh God, that's it, Robert, push it into me," Paula moaned as she lowered herself onto him. Robert held her hips as she started to rock back and forth on his cock; her pussy was hot, wet, and tight around him.

"Paula, that feels so good, your pussy is amazing," he moaned.

Paula leaned back a little to see his face, his eyes half-closed as he bit his lip. "That is the first new cock I have had since meeting John, and I am glad it's your's, Robert," she told him and she pulled her halter top down to reveal her pert tits and hard nipples.

"Are you going to fuck my pussy nice and hard while you enjoy the view?" she teased. She cupped and stroked her breasts while Robert lay back on the bed, his hips pushing his cock deeper into her pussy.

"I'm never going to look at you the same way again," Robert moaned, his eyes fixed on Paula's hands squeezing her tits and nipples.

"I hope not," Paula continued. She was loving the view, right here in her bedroom she had the hot guy between her legs. Her pussy was pulsating with pleasure as she soaked up the view and the attention.

"I'm hoping that in the future when you start thinking about me you will be getting nice and hard again," she teased. "You can get nice and hard and stroke that lovely big cock for me as you think about these tits," she said before reaching down and taking his hand and leading it up to cup her breast.

Paula started rocking harder and faster, his hands on her body were getting her close to cumming.

"When you are playing with that cock you can think about this, Robert, think about how my tight little pussy feels on your cock, think about how much you are going to enjoy cumming in my mouth, " she teased, her eyes closing as she got close.

"I am going to be jerking off over you a lot, believe me, " Robert moaned, he could see she was close to cumming and started fucking harder.

Paula felt the orgasm take her over quickly; she shivered and shook as Robert's hard cock pounded her pussy. She fell a little forward and leaned on his chest as it ripped through her body.

As she shivered Robert slowed a little, and for a moment or two they lay there. Robert was still slowly pushing his hard cock in and out of her pussy and Paula could feel her pussy dripping down his cock. The orgasm had been amazingly strong, and now Paula felt even dirtier.

She suddenly realized that she was laying on her bed, Robert between her legs and his hands on her tits and ass, his cock still sliding in and out of her. Instead of being upset she felt incredibly sexy and incredibly slutty at the same time. She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek, then rested her head next to his, starting to move her hips in step with his thrusts again.

"That was so nice, just like I imagined you fucking me, " she said. She felt the effect of her words on his cock; just like John, she thought for a moment. The realization turned her on even more now.

"Your wife enjoys that cock, I bet, " she teased, the words having the same effect as she whispered them in Robert's ear.

"I bet it was nice to try something a little different, a nice new pussy to fuck." Paula was getting more excited and she could hear Robert grunting as he fucked her, her tongue flicked on his ear and then she continued her teasing.

"You like that pussy don't you, I bet you would like to cum inside, wouldn't you?" she asked. Robert moaned a little, obviously as they were picking up speed he was getting closer too, and she was sure all the talking was helping.

"Oh Robert, no, you can't fill me up today, I want that cum all over my face and mouth," she said in a low sultry voice. "I want you to cum over your friend's wife's face and watch her take it all and lick it up," she continued. Robert moaned more loudly; he was very close, Paula could tell.

She quickly dismounted him and slid back to the floor between his legs, and as her face got close to his hard cock she could smell her pussy all over him. Quickly she took it in her mouth and Robert sat up again to watch. She looked at him as she sucked his cock harder and faster, she could see the lust in his eyes as he watched her working him.

It only took a moment and then Robert wasn't able to hold back. Paula felt the cum squirt from his cock into her mouth, its strong taste and heat filling her mouth, forcing her to pull back and let its thick stream dribble down her chin. She squeezed his cock hard with her hand, milking him and feeling each jet of cum splash onto her face and neck, the drips of hot white cream falling onto her ******* tits.

Robert fell back onto the bed and for a couple of minutes, Paula held his cock, licking up his cum as it softened in her hand.

The orgasm had shocked Robert; listening to Paula talking to him, listening to her words and hearing how dirty she was becoming had been too much, too exciting. His heart was still beating fast, and as she got up and sipped on her wine she looked amazing. Robert got up and re-buttoned his trousers.

"What should we do?" he asked sheepishly.

Paula smiled, "Go back to the party and get a drink, I'll be there in a bit, once I clean up. "

Robert nervously left the room, and Paula walked over to the bed and lay down, putting her head on a pillow. She picked up her phone and texted:

"All done, can't wait for you to see me and let me tell you about it. Thank you so much for letting me have fun, love you!"

Back in the kitchen, John felt the phone vibrate and before looking at it, he looked across the room to see Robert arrive, looking a little flushed. John smiled to himself; that lucky guy probably just had the best fuck he's had in a long time, he thought.

John looked at his phone and the smile became broader, as he replied. "Don't move, there in a few, did you succeed?"

He waited for a moment, not wanting to rush to the room. Paula texted back. "Oh yes, I did, you wait till you see me. Robert wasn't able to resist!"

John smiled again; while he was waiting he could feel the excitement building up as he sipped his wine. There was something so incredibly sexual about knowing that his wife was in the room, freshly fucked and no doubt looking like it. He could not wait to hear about it.

Paula didn't move a muscle; she lay on the bed, the smell of sex and Robert in the air. She didn't wipe up the cum, and it was still warm on her body when the door opened and John walked it. He closed the door and locked it and then walked over to the bed; his eyes moved slowly over her whole body as he did.

John was taken aback when he turned from locking the door. Paula was laying on the bed, her legs apart but covered by the long dress. The halter top had been pulled down around her waist and as he got closer he could see the glistening trail of cum from her chin over her pert tits, the nipples still hard as she watched him approach.

John sat on the bed next to her and ran his fingers through her hair. "You look beautiful," he said, the excitement still bubbling in his stomach and causing sensations to run through his cock.

"I totally seduced him," Paula said, smiling, "it was so exciting, thank you." Now what can I do for you to say thank you?" she asked.

"I told you," John smiled, "I want to hear about it. It's exciting for me, and you look so hot, like such a slut here in our bed." John paused.

"I didn't mean to say that, " he quickly followed up, "don't mean it in a bad way."

Paula giggled, "Oh, I am a slut today," she laughed. "And I'll do anything you want, and I would love to tell you how much of a slut I was to get Robert."

Paula sat up a little more, "First, though, I want to be holding your cock while we talk."

John grinned, he unbuttoned his trousers and pulled his hard cock out, Paula smiled as she saw it and took it in her hand, gently stroking it.

"Right, then," she started. "When I first got him up here I thought I could use my tits to win him over, but then I saw him glimpse my ass and I knew that would be the winner."

John took a deep breath; his wife's hand was expert in stroking his cock and he was sitting next to her listening in awe.

"It didn't take a lot to get him to take a peek at my panties," she continued.

"Oh, he wanted a look, did he?" John interrupted.

"Oh babe, you know he did," Paula teased, tightening her grip on her husband's cock. "He loved looking, and touching, and once he was playing with it I only had to ask to see his cock. Oh, John his cock was nice, not as thick as yours, but long and it looks so tasty," Paula was biting her lip a little as John listened; clearly, she was going back to the moment she saw it.

"So when you saw his cock, how much did you want it?" John asked.

Paula grinned at him, "I really wanted it, and I was so fucking wet by then, I was like a hungry little slut sucking it."

John's cock hardened quickly as she spoke. Paula felt it and a surge of excitement built up in her and she gripped it harder, making slow strokes over its length.

"I got on my knees and sucked him while he fingered me, it felt great. He watched my ass in the mirror and fucked my mouth for a few minutes; his cock tasted so new, " Paula's eyes were half closed as she talked; as one hand pulled on John's cock she used the other to lift her dress up to her waist and parted her legs.

"He was holding my cheeks apart and finger fucking me, John; his cock was so nice in my mouth, and I sucked him so well, babe," she moaned.

Her fingers started working over her pussy, pushing into her soaked cunt while she relieved where Robert had been only fifteen minutes earlier.

"You must have wanted that cock in your pussy by then, darling?" John said, taking in the view of his wife wiggling on the bed, touching herself as she thought about this other man that had so recently been buried in her mouth.

"Oh babe, I did!" Paula moaned, "and he wanted it too, he was so fucking hard in my mouth I could taste the pre-cum on his cock."Paula moaned again and now John placed his hand on the inside of his wife's thigh running his fingers up her thigh to her soaked pussy. He could feel the heat as he took her fingers out and replaced them with his. "Oh, babe, I can feel how sticky you are, just fucked, he must have been in you just minutes ago," John said excitedly.

Paula moaned again, her eyes closed now as she felt John's fingers in her. Her husband was fingering her pussy, freshly fucked, wet, sticky and he loved knowing it. He knew what a slut she was and how much she had enjoyed Robert's cock in there.

"I rode him right here, right on our bed, " she continued, the excitement overtaking her. "I fucked your friend right here and he loved it, his cock was so hard in my pussy and he sucked and licked my tits while he fucked me." Paula was getting more and more excited.

John's cock was so hard now that he couldn't resist, and he quickly stood, his trousers dropping to the floor and he climbed between his wife's legs, pulling them apart and pushing his cock into her pussy as she lay there.

"Oh, Paula, keep on telling me how you fucked him while I fuck you," he moaned.

Paula could feel a second orgasm building up in her pussy. John's hard cock slid with ease into her pussy and started pounding her. She couldn't believe it, within ten minutes of being fucked by Robert here she was with John's cock in her. At once it was a feeling of incredible lust; she truly felt like a slut and she was loving it.

"Oh, John, fuck my pussy, just there. Robert was just fucking me, I want you both in my pussy, I want to feel you fucking me just like he did!" she moaned.

"He came on your tits?" John asked as his hand ran over Paula's stomach and cupped one of her tits. He could feel the sticky cum on them.

"He came in my mouth, but there was so much I couldn't help but dribble it everywhere, " Paula exclaimed.

John wanted to hear more; his cock was so hard it was aching and Paula could feel it as he fucked her harder and harder. She had seen how the dirty talk had made John hard those weeks ago, and how it had worked on Robert just minutes ago as he fucked her. Now she wanted to go further with her husband fucking her.

"His cum tasted so good, babe, I licked it up, as much as I could off his cock, and I loved having it all over my body; rub it into my tits for me while you fuck me. I want to feel Robert cum on my tits and face while you fuck my pussy as hard as you like!" As the words came, so did Paula.

The excitement of saying such dirty things and being such a slut drove her to the deepest orgasm she had ever felt, and it rippled through her in waves.

John's hand ran over his wife as he watched her writhing on the bed, her soaking pussy squelching as he fucked it, his fingers picking up Robert's warm cum from her tits, her neck, and chin and feeding it to her while her pussy clenched his cock.

Paula's orgasm seemed to last so much longer, and when it subsided she opened her eyes and instantly became aroused again seeing John dripping with sweat still fucking her hard, his fingers covered in Robert's cum pushing it into her mouth. She licked and sucked it from his fingers hungrily, loving the taste.

"Oh, John," she moaned, "that cum tastes lovely but I'm ready for yours, and I have been such a slut today I want it all over my face; when you are ready you just unload that thick, lovely cum all over your wife."

John could feel he wouldn't be able to hold on long and hearing this pushed him to the edge. He pulled his cock from Paula's wet pussy and then climbed up the bed, pushing his cock over her face. Paula grabbed his rock hard cock and started pumping and licking it, pushing it into her mouth and then out and licking its length.

"That's it," she moaned, "I want more cum, your slut wants more cum and I'm going to lick it all up."

John started to shudder and then his first stream of thick cum sprayed over Paula's face and into her hair. She quickly pulled his cock into her mouth to catch the second and third jet of cum, the taste of the two men mixing in her mouth and she sucked hard.

John watched his wife; she looked incredible, sexy and hungry, her face covered in cum, a mix of Robert's and now his. She sucked hard on him and when there was too much to hold in her mouth she pulled his cock out and let the cum run down her chin.

John was spent and collapsed next to Paula on the bed. He turned to face her; she was smiling brightly.

"Oh God, that was amazing," she said.

"It really was!" John exclaimed.

"I wonder what we can do next?" Paula asked as she licked up John's cum, enjoying seeing him watching her picking it up with her fingers and then lapping it up.

"Well, I think we should at least cook dinner for Robert's wife, don't you? " John smiled back.

"Yes, let's." Paula giggled.
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