Tonytony3 was a prolific writer of hotwife/wife-sharing stories on the Usenet group back in the late 90s. He's known for his sexy dialogue between husband and wife, and positive wife-sharing experiences. Whether authentic or not is unknown, but his work reads as though he writes from actual wife-sharing experiences.

A Wife's Adventure 1/2(wife sharing)
(Rewrite of A Voyeur Wife's Story)
by tonytony3
(Archived by Don jetman)

Barbara and Tom were childhood sweethearts, got married in grad school 7 years ago, no kids, two fast track careers, his in technology, hers in academia.

She told this story.

About 2 months ago Tom and I arranged to meet for dinner, starting our night out with a drink at the Four Seasons. I got there 15 minutes early, and the stress of the day as will as my ever so middle class white wine released inhibitions enough for me to get involved in a conversation with a guy sitting nearby.

A half hour later I noticed my husband standing in the doorway.

I waved him over, introduced the guy, and in a couple of minutes the two of us went to dinner.

"How long were you waiting there by the door?"

"About 20 minutes."

"Well, why didn't you come over, for heaven's sake."

"It looked like you were having a good time, and I liked watching."

"Oh." I realized this went on before with him. We dropped the subject and had a nice evening.

On the drive home Tom asked "Did that guy - was his name Bill? - try to date you?"

"No, we were just talking."

We talked about other things for the rest of the drive, but I began worrying that he thought I might be appearing too available to strangers, and that was just not the fact. I like everything about my husband and being married to him. It's the most important part of my life.

A couple of weeks later we made another date for a Friday night dinner in town, with the meeting place set for the Sheraton hotel. I thought Tom was late, until he appeared from the back of the bar.

"What were you doing, I was waiting for 15 minutes."

"I just like looking at you."

"Were you waiting to see if anyone tried to talk to me, or something?"

"I confess."

"Don't you trust me?"

"Of course I do. But it's kind of exciting watching you talk to guys in places like this, I guess maybe I'm a bit of a voyeur."

"Well, that's different". I was happy that it wasn't a trust thing after all.

Late at night the next week we were holding each other in bed - that's one of the best parts of being married, I think - and talking.

I brought up his bothersome behavior. "Tom, how come you try to watch strangers talking to me?"

I had my arm over his him when I asked that - there was nothing going on, just a married couple in bed, being comfortable with each other.

But I felt his penis stir. "I guess it's because I think you are beautiful, and I like knowing other guys think you are, too."

Well, that's kind of an odd compliment. "They may not think that at all, they may be just trying to make conversation, or maybe make a date, or even pick me up."

His penis stirred more. "Maybe that would be OK, too."

Now I was beginning to understand something new about my husband. I took the hand he had on my hip, and moved it to my crotch, then grabbed his cock - it was erect, now.

"Barbara, you're getting all warm!"

"Tom, you're getting all stiff."

We put the stiffness and warmness together, and made love. That's not quite true. We fucked.

And talked, too, during the less active moments..

"Let me be sure I understand. You get turned on when you think about guys trying to pick me up."

He responded both physically and verbally: "Yeah."

"Well, I've heard of men like you. You're some kind of voyeur."

"Yeah, maybe."

"Tom, I've been married to you all of my life. I don't think guys are interested in picking up married women. I guess it is kind of nice having someone pay that kind of attention to me, it's sort of flattering - not that I don't want to be married, or anything."

"Uh, you like that?"

"Maybe. It would be kind of nice if a guy tried to date me, or even try to pick me when we're out like that. It sure doesn't happen at Babson, or when we're out together."

His movements became more urgent.

"I always wondered, would you like to go out to see if something like that would happen on purpose, instead of accidentally, like when you're waiting for me, like last time?"

His body was telling me it's something he was interested in, that's for sure. He was offering me a license to flirt! No, he was encouraging me to. I thought that would be a different role for me, a change from the professional one at work, or the married one with Tom. Why not?

I replied "Sure, so long as we wind up here."

The sex we were having continued with more excitement than usual.

The next day Tom came home from work - it was Friday - and told me he found out the Marriett in Newton was a place where singles our age went. "Let's go there! You can pretend to be single, or at least available, for a while."

This was moving from an idea to action faster than I would have imagined. Somehow we decided to do it. We had a silent drive along Rt. 128: I felt a bit like I was being driven to my execution. Well, it excited my husband. And me.

The hotel lounge was mobbed. It looked like most everyone stayed at the bar, and guys approached women, talked to them, danced, and tried to make dates. Or make them, to be more honest.

We parted at the entrance, and I went to the bar, feeling uncertain, in strange waters, a bit like a lamb being lead to the slaughter. After all, I had seriously dated only one man in my life, and married him. This was very new stuff.

In a while a couple of guys talked to me. One danced with me a few times. I saw Tom watching, and that made me both a little more comfortable, and flirtatious. I once saw him dancing with a nice looking woman.

A couple of hours went by, then Tom asked me to dance, too. We did, and used that as an excuse to leave together, not that anyone was keeping score, or watching.

We talked on the way home. "I saw that guy dancing with you. Did he try anything?"

"No, it was just a dance. He was a proper gentleman. You know, up until today everyone who danced with me knew us as a couple. These guys didn't know that, they thought I was available. That was an odd feeling. What about that girl you picked up?"

"She came over and asked me to dance."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Honey, things have changed since we were single. She liked to dance really close, and when I held her I was sure she wasn't wearing a bra, and I didn't feel any panties seam either."

"Hey, tell me more, oh husband with the wondering hands."

"Well, I could feel the heat from her groin through my pants, and I got a hard on, and she knew it. But she didn't back away, either, She liked to grind her pelvis against me."

We got home, and got to bed. I wasn't happy. "Tom, I'm upset. The deal was you were supposed to be watching me, not flirting or grinding your cock into someone. I feel insecure, and I don't like this game."

He was apologetic. "Watching you was the deal, and to be honest about it, that was the best part. The other was a fringe benefit. I'd rather watch, anyhow. If we ever go there again I promise to just watch, OK?"

"Well, just so long as you kept that thing" - I grabbed at his cock - "in your pants until you get home."

He then used that thing the way I wanted him to. When I asked him while we made love, he promised that he wasn't thinking about the woman he danced with, but about me. Later I learned - you will, too - it wasn't only about me!

The next Wednesday evening Tom asked - begged - me to go out and "play" again Friday, and I agreed. I confess to daydreaming about some pick up scenarios, wondering how I'd act, what might happen. What started off as almost unthinkable outcomes (would I really let someone kiss me thinking I was single) by Friday seemed OK and even fun. I told Tom a little about my daydreaming - flirting, being kissed - and was rewarded with some pretty turned on sex. Tom, on the other hand, didn't say much about his own ideas, he just encouraged me with mine. He did insist on this: "If you kiss, you gotta tell."

Friday we had an early dinner so we could go out play 'See who tries ('tries' was the operative word in my mind) to pick up Barbara'.

I pulled out a pretty silk dark print dress that buttoned all the way down the front, a matching half slip, panty hose, and a pretty bra. Tom got out a casual outfit - camel hair jacket, chinos, white opened collar shirt.

"How do I look?"

"Barbara, you look great."

He took me in his arms, kissed me. He already had an erection, and I was pretty hot, too.

"Honey, can I make a suggestion?"


"You do look wonderful, but you look like you're going out with your husband."

"Uh, I guess that's an old habit, but I do like this dress!"

"Yeah, but. . . Look, try something for me, OK?"

"Try what?"

"Try it without your bra."


"Go on."

The idea did excite me. Tom must have been planning this suggestion all week. Well, no one would know me there. I went to the bath room, and came out two minutes later. I'm not very busty, so it wasn't uncomfortable.

"Any better?"

He held me again. "Much nicer. How does it feel to you?"

"Well, my breasts keep moving against the dress, like they do when I'm wearing a negligee, so it stimulates my nipples and they stand up. And I like the feeling of being kind of almost naked, and of your hands on my back: it feels very sexy. I do like it."

He held me at arm's length, and sure enough, my nipples were poking at the dress.

"I think that looks wonderful!"

"That was a good idea, but I am glad it's pretty dark in the bar. Do you have any more good ideas, or can we go? If we don't go soon I'm just going to grab you by the cock and take you to bed", I said. Actually, that seemed like a good idea, and a lot safer than the alternative.

"Maybe one more idea."

"Tom, you have an evil gleam in your eye. Now what?"

"Remember the woman I danced with?"


"She was very sexy."

"What made her so sexy?"

"Well, when I held her like this when we were dancing" he demonstrated, "and I moved my hand like this", he moved it low on my back, "I just felt softness, and not the kind of hard feeling that an ass wrapped in panty hose has."

"You mean you want me to go bare assed under this dress?"

"Honey, your legs are tanned and smooth, and great looking. You don't need panty hose. I'd get an erection every time someone was near you, and I guarantee a reaction from anyone who slow dances with you. Yeah, go bare assed. Are you willing?"

"You didn't just get this idea, did you?"


He wants me to be sexy! I was so hot, so aroused, and I wanted to please Tom, too, so I just sat on the sofa, kicked off my shoes, stood, peeled off the hose, put on my shoes, and moved into his arms.

"Try that."

He did, and his erection told me just how much he approved.

"Maybe you should come to bed with me now", he said.

I thought about that. It was safe, it would be fun, but now I was excited too, and feeling wicked, daring. So, I took his hand and pulled him to the door. It was only partly teasing when I said "Not a chance. Now, we are going out! I want some other men to see me, and maybe hold me, and dance with me while I'm dressed like this. Maybe I'll get someone as excited as you are."

I thought Tom would insist on staying home, but instead he agreed. "Yeah, let's go. I'd really like to see that too". I was learning something new about this man!

I pulled on a jacket because I did feel very ******* dressed as I was, and off we went. We caught the after work crowd. The lounge was dark so it was OK - just barely OK -when Tom insisted I check my coat. I did, took a deep breath, and went in. I danced with 5 different guys. I liked looking at their faces when we danced, especially when they discovered no bra strap across my back, and then, how every one found a reason, while we were dancing, to let their hands drift across my waist, and feel the slip waist band, but no lower seams, only soft flesh. What a feeling of power and control that was. After a while I rejected most invitations, except from one nice guy. I knew he was aroused - that was clear - and he sure thought I was. He did enough exploring to have figured out just what I was and wasn't wearing. Not that he was grabby, but there were casual brushes, and touches. He wasn't bashful about holding me tightly while we danced, and when our bodies touched, he made sure his arousal was obvious. I remembered what Tom told me about the woman he danced with, so during slow dances I managed to miss his lead a few times, and that caused - surprise - a little accidental pelvis bumping. If felt very strange, feeling him through the fabric of my dress. I thought, after an hour or so, he had read by touch every label on every garment I was wearing- all two of them. He wasn't being grabby, either - no hand on my leg (by now I was sitting at a small table with him) or ass grabbing, but casual touches. He didn't even try to kiss me, and that was a disappointment - I wanted my daydreams to be filled. He did make some interesting suggestions, though.

Tom spent his time at the bar, watching. He wasn't being subtle, but the room was crowded enough so I don't think anyone noticed. I did notice that he talked to a woman a couple of times, but never danced with her. He was keeping his part of the deal.

After a while I figured I did enough flirting, and Tom should have had enough as a fledgling voyeur. I was horny and wanted to get in bed with my husband. I got my coat, walked out, and got in our car. A few minutes later Tom got in the driver's side.

"Wow. Honey, you looked great. You had that guy so turned on I think he had to go to the men's room to masturbate. It was wonderful. I'm surprised he didn't ask you out. I can't wait to get you home." He started the engine. I turned to face Tom, and said "He didn't ask me for a date, but he did ask me to get some air with him, in his car."

Tom put the car back in park. "He did? Did you want to go? Do you want to go back in to him?"

"He said he was going to leave just after I did, so I can't go back to him. I didn't know if I should go with him, or even if I wanted to, without talking to you a lot about it, first. I didn't know how you'd take it. Maybe I should have gone. I told him I didn't know him well enough to get in his car with him so he asked what about my car? That way he said I'd be in control."

"Stop, you're going to make me come without touching me! It sounds like he's a smooth operator. But this is a small car." We came in our bench seat old fogie Olds. "Not much could happen here, maybe some kissing and making out, that's all, and that would be all right."

"Are you crazy? There's a lot of room in this car!"

"Not enough."

He was wrong about that. "Let me show you."

I lifted up the center armrest, and had Tom recline his seat a bit, and tilt the steering wheel up.

"This could have happened."

I pulled him across the seat, and kissed him, tongue all over the place.

I said "I think he'd want to do that. I would want him to. I hoped somebody would kiss me like that tonight. He'd know that would be the only reason for me bringing him here. What do you think about that?"

"That would be all right with me, too."

"Oh, it would? What about this?"

I turned my back to him, got my feet on the seat near the door, knees up, and leaned backwards, into his arms.

It was a very comfortable position for me. I had an arm around Tom's neck. He had his left hand on the steering wheel, so it was holding me up, and his right was around my waist.

"Oh - oh, there's more room here than I thought" he admitted.

"Would you want your wife to be in someone else's arms, like this?"

"Oh, yeah. I dream about that! I'd love it."

"I'm going to pretend you're him. This would probably happen." I pulled him toward me, lifted up to meet him, and we kissed again. We were acting more like teenagers than a thirty something married couple.

I asked my husband "Should your wife do that, too?"

He whispered "Yes. I'd like that, I want you to do that".

I knew he was getting really excited. So was I.

"I'd want to do this, too" I said, and took the hand he had on my waist, brought it to my lips, kissed it, brought a finger into my mouth, and kissed and sucked on it a bit, too. That always got to Tom. Tom said "Oh yeah, That would drive him crazy."

"You may think I'm awful, honey, but then I'd do this." I took that hand, and moved it from my mouth, along my cheek, and neck, to my breast.

Tom could feel my nipple standing up.

"The only reason for not wearing a bra is so he could touch me like that," I told Tom.

"Ahhhh, yes, make him do that, too!"

I was really letting my imagination run wild, feeling sexy, and pretending Tom was someone else. After a few more minutes. . .

"I'd have to tell him I liked that. Maybe, if he was nice. . ."

"Oh, he'd be nice," Tom interrupted as I took his hand from my left breast, and moved it to the neckline of my dress.

He was looking down at me.

I guided his hand to the buttons, opened the first couple.

". . . I'd ask him to help with this."

"You'd do that??? I'd want you to, but I thought you'd get mad."

"He wouldn't be able to touch me if I was all buttoned up, would he?"

Tom never had trouble with my dresses, but he fumbled now. Finally, when it was opened far enough - almost to my waist - I said ". . . I would want him to touch my skin. . ." I took his hand and slipped it under my dress. ". . .I think he'd want to, don't you?"

A minute passed.

He was silent, eyes closed, but his hand moved over my breast. I closed my eyes, imagining it was someone else, and it was even more exciting. I found I put my hand, outside the dress, over his, holding him to me. "Well, would it be OK with you if I let him touch me like that?"

"Yes, I want him to play with your tits."

Now he was cupping and fondling my breast. My nipple was so tight, and I could feel myself getting wet. Another couple of minutes passed. "If you were he, I'd tell you I was getting very excited. Would it be all right with you if I did this?"

I took the open front of the dress and pulled it to the side, ******** my breast, and looked down at his hand holding me, rolling and twisting my nipple between his fingers.

"Yes, let him see your tits, too."

"Should I. .. ." I said, and pulled his hand away, pulled his head towards my chest, and lifted up until his mouth found my nipple.

I held him that way - not that he wasn't willing - for a couple of minutes.

"What do you think of your wife now?"

"I think you're wonderful, and he'd think you were terrific!"

"Do you really want me to let someone kiss my breasts, Tom?"


"Maybe, if he was really nice. . ." I took his hand and moved it down, across my lap, up my leg over my dress to my knee, and then down until it was touching my skin on my calf, midway between my knee and ankle.

"Do you think I should tell him both me and my husband want him to touch me?"

"Yes," he mumbled (well, his mouth was full).

His hand was just stroking my leg, so I said "Don't be shy, stranger", put my hand on his wrist, and started it towards my knee. Tom's hand went under the dress and slip, and then, once at my knee, down along the inside of my thigh.

"Would you want me to let another man do what you're doing now?" I asked him as I opened my legs a little, so that by the time he got to my vagina he found it hot, and wet, and available. And he didn't waste a minute. He got fingers into me, while he was still sucking at my nipple.



"Are you serious that you want me to get someone to do this?"

"Oh yes."

"My dress is getting wrinkled." I lifted up, pulled at my hem, folded it and my half slip back to my waist. His hand never stopped, but now, in the dim light of the parking lot, we could see my breast, *******, and my legs spread with Tom's fingers moving in and out of me.

I said "Are you saying you want somebody else to be touching me, with their fingers where yours are, and looking at me all ******* like this in the car? That's all right with you?"


We both enjoyed the game a little too much, and I knew my husband, playing a guy who picked me up, was as aroused as he could be.

"Don't you think it's a little unfair, that I'm getting all of the pleasure?" I asked.

"Oh, but I love doing this to you."

"But I want to give you - no, I want to give him - some pleasure, too, OK?"

"What would you do?"

By now his mouth was on my breast again. I lifted his head from my breast, lay my head in his lap, turned toward him a little - not enough to interfere with the wonderful things his fingers were doing to me, though.

"I'd do this."

I put my mouth on his shirt, above his belt, breathed through it, so my warm breath went through his shirt, to his skin. I don't think it warmed him, though. He seemed to shiver.

"And maybe I'd do this."

I lowered my head until it was in his lap, but facing him. I could feel the heat from his crotch. I got my hands on his belt, got that open, got his pants and fly open, reached in, got my hand around his cock - what a surprise, he had an erection.

"You'd want me to, wouldn't you?" I asked, as I stroked him and felt twitches, and quivers, as he tried to control himself.


"Yes, I'd want you to do that."

"Tom, his cock would be right in front of my mouth. Shouldn't I do something about that?"

"Yes, take his cock in your mouth like you do for me. Suck it!!!"

A tilt of my head, a little movement, and my lips were on it.

I took a break after a minute. "Is this what you'd want me to do?"

He pushed himself back deep into my mouth, and I heard "Yes. Do more". We both heard someone walk up to the car on our right, and we both looked out the passenger side window as a guy looked in. "Lucky bastard", he said, as he saw Tom's hand covering my crotch, an ******* breast, and Tom's cock almost in my mouth. He got in his car, and drove away.

Tom usually has a lot of endurance - he can hold his erection for a long time. But now, as the other car was pulling out, I felt his cock pulse, and he came in my mouth. That doesn't happen too often with us.

Afterwards, driving home -"Tom, you owe me a major orgasm."

"You're going to get one!"

His cock wasn't working any more that night, but his fingers and mouth were. I got what I wanted.

The next morning we spent in bed, cuddling, talking.

"That was some fun."

"I liked last night", I said, "did you?"

"You bet."

He asked: "Would you really do that with someone else?"

I told him I thought it was pretty exciting, just with him pretending to be a stranger.

"Did you mind that guy seeing you going down on me?"

"It made it even better."

Tom said "The whole evening was a major turn on for me. I'd like you to do that, maybe even more, so long as you would end up here with me later."

"Tom, the only 'more' left would be for someone else to fuck me." I could feel myself getting excited again. "Is that what you want?"

He took my hand, and put it on his cock. It was getting hard again.

"At this moment, yes."

For the first time in years, we had intercourse every night that week.

Tuesday, in bed, before sex, Tom gave me a gift. I often wear a thin gold necklace with a single diamond pendent. It's a favorite that Tom gave me. This was a much longer fine chain. I doubled it, put it on my neck.

"No, no, you wear that on your waist, right on your skin."


I got out of bed, took off my negligee, and he put the chain on. It rode high on my waist on one side, low on my hip on the other, with the ends hanging free a few inches down my hip.

"Now, that IS sexy" , he said, and proved it.

Afterwards - at least I thought it was afterwards - I told him how much I liked it, but that I thought it should be worn more as a belt on a simple dress. "Barbara, wear it on your skin. And Barbara, it will be OK if I'm not the only guy who sees you wearing it."

That lead to another sexy session.

On Friday morning, at breakfast, I asked "Are you sure you want to go back to the Marriett tonight?"

He answered with a question and a grin. "Yeah, what about you?"

"Tom, this is a dangerous game, but I admit I like it too, but, uh, what if. . .?"

He looked at me right in the eye. "Anything you do is sure OK with me."

My grad students didn't have my full attention that day. I got home early, Tom by 6:30. I was ready to get dressed. Tom wanted to help, and the notion of having my husband help me get ready to go out and flirt - maybe more - made me even more excited.

When I finished drying after being in the shower, Tom knelt in front of me, looped the chain around my waist, pulled me close and nuzzled into my pubic mound. "Everything else can go, but only I get to take this off, OK?"


I don't wear much makeup. He watched as I dabbed a bit on.

"Honey, put a little perfume on your neck, too."

I did.

"Maybe some between your breasts, just in case?"



"Tom, stop it! I can accept the idea of having someone play with my breasts, but. . ."


I selected my fooling around outfit for the evening. Silk blouse, long wrap around skirt that showed leg when I walked, fairly high heeled shoes. No bra, no slip, no panties. If we were playing strip poker, I couldn't lose too many hands. I felt free, sexy, naked, hot. "Tom, if tonight starts off like last week did, you may have to wait a while if I go to the parking field with someone. Will that be OK?"

His eyes told the story - it sure would! He confirmed it. "I'd like that, it would be fun for me, too. But what about you? It's your body."

"I made promises to be faithful to you. I don't want to break those promises."

"Honey, " he said, "this is not cheating. It's for our pleasure, and I don't care about other people's opinions. It's between us."

"OK. I'm ready to go."

"Good, but before we do. . ."

He took me in his arms. It started out as a romantic kiss, but then his hands were on my ass under my skirt. "I love the way you look. I can feel the chain, too, and I like that. If things get pretty hot in the car with someone, at least you'll be wearing something! I love you, and I love you even more for doing this."

We started to the hotel: not a word was spoken as we drove along Rt. 2, not a word along 128, we were each lost in our thoughts. The hotel is just a couple of turns from 128, and we got there too soon. He whispered "I love you" as he dropped me off, then went to park the car. I sat in the lobby, feeling excited, erotic, maybe a little trashy. Tom walked in - I know he saw me - walked by, and walked down the hall to the lounge without acknowledging me. I waited, went to the lady's room, then with a deep breath, entered. Tonight, I was pretty sure, I'd be willing be kissed passionately by a new person, and was scared and excited about it.

I had two cocktails for courage at the bar, rejecting a couple of invitations to dance. Finally, I decided it was time. It started out pretty much like the week before. Once again I danced with a couple of guys, but then almost exclusively with a tall man named Ted who was a sweetheart of a guy. Sexy, too. He wasn't grabby, but he sure knew what I wasn't wearing, there were enough casual touches, hands along my back and so on, for him to know that. I think he even figured out the chain, which rode high on my waist on one side, and on my hip on the other. The dance floor was pretty dark, but I could see Tom at the bar, watching. I'm pretty sure he saw Ted's hand move down my back, and pass over my buttocks. I knew Ted thought he was touching bare ass under my skirt.

I could see Tom watching, as I looked at him over Ted's shoulder. I thought I could turn up the heat for all three of us. Besides, I was supposed to be sexy, and available. When we were dancing close to the bar I held him with my arm around his back, moved closer, and made it clear to Ted I wanted to be kissed. His lips brushed mine, then my ear. When we turned again I could see Tom staring, mouth open. Ted let me know he was a little aroused, too, as he held me against an increasingly hot and hard crotch. I may be married for a while, but it looked as if I was attractive enough to cause a real reaction!. Early on Ted apologized when he (I think accidentally) poked me with it as we were dancing. “Opps, sorry about that,” he said. "That's all right" I told him, and moved so that the poking continued a bit. The dance floor was dark enough so I could enjoy that contact, and he lead me close to our table at the end of the dance so he wouldn't be seen walking off with that thing tenting at his slacks as noticably

About 10 PM I excused myself and walked along the bar to the ladies room. I nodded to Tom as I passed him. When I came out of the ladies room, Tom was waiting.

"You gave me the high sign. Are you ready to go home now and get fucked?"


"Oh. Well, does that guy want to go out to his car with you?"

"Not this guy, honey."

"What, then? What’s wrong with him. I'm ready for something to happen."

"There’s nothing wrong with him. He's staying here, and asked me if I'd go to his room for a little more privacy."


“Tom, he wants me to go to his room with him. That’s not too hard to understand, is it? Maybe we should leave, and I can take you home, and show you what might have happened."

"That's not my first choice."

"Mine, neither. Maybe I sould spend more time with him here and play around some more."

"Oh, I'm so damn horny", Tom said.

"Or you could wait down here for me, and I'd go to his room for a while, and maybe - no, probably - get a sexy story to tell you."

"Oh shit, I'm gonna come in my pants!!!"

"It's your game, honey. I could be happy either way, but. .."

"Would you actually go?"

"Well, you said you wanted something to happen, and now we have the opportunity. Of course, there'll be other opportunities, I guess . . ."

"I know." He paused, thinking. Pretending was one thing, but this was real, fr both of us. He about what he wanted. "Barbara, I'm going into the men's room. I've gotta get some release from my hard on, and I don't want leave right now. And then I'm going to have a couple of drinks in the bar, I figure I'm going to spend maybe an hour and a half or two hours here. Your choice. You can sit with me, or. . ."

"Tom, this was your idea. But, husband, I promised you my body is for your pleasure only. If you want to share it for your pleasure, it's OK with me. But, you have to say so - don't put it all on me!"

"I don't know what you want me to say."

"Tom, that guy wants me to go to his room. That's because he wants privacy, and he's not going to just dance with me there. Maybe it'll be like we acted out last weekend, maybe it'll be even more, and you know what that means. Do you want me to go?" I took a step away from him, did a bit of a model's turn. "Would you like someone else to play with my body tonight like you did in the parking lot last week before we go home?"

"Damn it, yes!"

I kissed him. "Good. Me too. Hey, think of this while you're waiting. Those wifely lips you just kissed are probably going to be kissing someone else pretty soon. Bye!"

He took my arm. "Barbara, if you go to his room, memorize everything, OK? Make it a great time for him, and a great time for you, too. Do everything you want, because I want that, too, but you have to tell me everything."

I said "I don't have any experience at this with other men to know about great times, but I'll try, and you'll know about everything we do", and I walked back, horny, and ready, and fast enough so he wouldn't have time to change his mind.

I sat with Ted again. The music was nice, so we moved back to the floor. He had his arms around me. I rested my head on his shoulder, felt him kissing my hair.

"Have you thought some more about coming upstairs with me?"

I knew he was going to ask again. I held him close, felt heat and pressure from him. Would I dare? Would it be as good as our games? I wanted to know. I whispered "Yes. After this dance, I'll go with you."

End of part 1/2.
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