We had a fairly large group we used to hang with that had many similar interests, not the least of which was flirting and fun. We all had cabin cruisers and had them docked in marinas on the same lake, so the weekends were always well-lubricated and fun during the summer. During the winter months however we stored the boats but didn't put away the need for flirting and fun, so we would have monthly parties at different homes it was an entertaining way to get through the winter.

One party in particular at a friend's home that we had been frisky with before and knew they had no problem with indulgence. We were mingling and flirting when a couple who were new to the group arrived.

He (Jim) 47 was fit with an ex-military build, about 6'2, 190 with nice hair. His wife (Pat)was petite, fit, about 115, 34b, and 5', or 5'4" in her heels, with lovely legs.

After everyone had done the meet and greet they caught up to the rest of us with a few drinks as hubby and I sat on the sofa, chatting in the group, and drinking while keeping an eye out for likely partners as the night went on.

I turned to my hubby, and as I did I noticed Jim sitting on a barstool over his shoulder. Jim sitting on a stool by himself sipping a scotch. It was then it hit me, BAM, I whispered in my hubby's ear, "Can I go suck him off?" I knew the answer, but it always increased our excitement if we asked before we set out for fun with someone.

"Of course, babe," and a kiss on my cheek and I am off.

I got up and quietly moved around to the island that divided the living room from the kitchen where Jim had placed his tight butt on the stool. I walked up beside him and leaned over to reach for a cracker and cheese when I ran my hand down over his arm till I was between his thighs and squeezed his bulge.

I leaned in close and whispered, "Do you think I could make this stand at attention?" I dragged my red fingernails across the material, and as I looked into his eyes I licked my red cocksucking lipstick-covered lips.

Jim exhaled and said, "I'm sure." and adjusted his position on the stool. I knelt between his knees as I undid his pants and slid my fingers inside to feel his cock and free it into the warm room air. I stroked his cock till it cleared his pants and while still holding his gaze I slid my tongue over the head and kissed it, there was no break in the room's conversation so we were partially at least hidden from the others. I took more of him into my mouth and worked it with my tongue, he was warm, growing lovely, clean, and had a bright smile, telling me he was well-groomed. I continued bobbing my head up and down his cock, kissing the zipper as I pressed the nicely swelling head of his cock into the back of my mouth, till I felt his hand grasp my hair and pull it into a tiny ponytail and work in rhythm with my mouth.

The ache between my thighs went from 0 to I WANT THIS in an instant and as I worked his cock I felt his hand ease back on my hair and slide his cock from my mouth. I looked up into his face the look in my eyes told him I wanted him and his smile was my answer, pulling his shirt from his pants to cover his cock he stood up and took my hand.

We walked from behind the island towards the hallway where the bathroom and 2 bedrooms were hand in hand, We looked across the room to see that Pat had sat in my spot on the couch beside hubby. (Great minds think alike?) We walked hand in hand down the hall to the end bedroom.

As we entered he wrapped his arms around me picked me up and kissed me. I could feel his cock pressing into my bare belly, it left a cold sticky spot on it which made me smile as we kissed with a passion that screamed fuck me!

As we stood at the foot of the bed Jim pushed my top up over my head and cupped my 36B's in his hands and caressed them, my hands went north and south, one hand to rub across his chest and tease his lovely man nipples and the other to cup his balls and tease his now thickening cock as we kissed. I stepped back till I felt the bed at my thighs and then broke the kiss looking into his eyes with all the wickedness I could muster and said, "I want you to fuck me!"

Jim's reply was said in a way that still lingers and this text can't do justice to, "Oh I'm gonna fuck You baby!"

With that he lifted me onto the bed and I crawled back to give him room after shucking his clothes he joined me and crawled between my spread thighs and slapped his cock on my mound, he placed a hand beside my breast and beneath my arm as the other hand pressed his cockhead to my swollen and very wet pussy and lunged slightly forward to set the head between my pussy lips, then he put his hand in the same place on the bed and hooked both hands under my shoulders. I wrapped my legs around him and felt him hold me tight and lunge forward hard as he began to fuck me.

Jim pumped inside me over and over grunting as I moaned and gasped for air, I felt this hunk of a man pump me with a desire I wasn't sure he would have for me, over and over he lurched forward and slammed his cockhead against my cervix, GOD I screamed as he filled me over and over. (TBC)
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