Dinner by the Lake.

This morning I’m glowing after last night and am going to clean up soon to go do some stuff. I went for supper with someone who I met a few yrs ago, he was nice and friendly, but not familiar. He has been on his own for a while, but we recently bumped into each other at a store and she said “Why don't you come by for supper?” So I did.

Yeh. so after I got invited I went to clean up before driving over to the cottage which is on a secluded lake not far from me, I’ve been there before when there were parties, nice spot.

Not sure why, but, yeah I do, I wore my stretchy black tights, my red heels, and a babydoll top which would tent up nice with the bra I was wearing. I wanted to look good and I can't help it if I’m a tease, but I didn't want to be a tease. I mean I didn't want to be a slut, but he invited me and I wanted to be ready in case he needed something.

We sat outside while he slow-cooked some wings, he gave me a drink, a potent drink called Black Fly a vodka and raspberry mix 7%! He held my hand for a moment then let go, did I say I had no panties on? Well, I didn't, and about then I felt the seam of the tights rub my clit then I thought wtf am I doing? I luv feeling the muscles in my legs stretch when I wear my heels so yeah I was feeling good.

He served dinner, wings, and salad, he gave me another drink which tasted good I like the raspberry so another 7% went down easier. Anyway after eating some and getting all messed up cos it was finger foods with sauce on them my fingers were covered in BBQ sauce, he took my hand and said here let me clean them for you and he reached for a paper towel... and rubbed my hand... then he looked in my face my eyes and smiled as he did lick the fingertips.

I leaked all over my tights I shivered, my eyes must have popped out of my head it was more of a warm flood. He stood up and sort of pulled me to my feet, my toes actually and kept licking my fingers and said he had been thinking about me. I’m looking up at him and he has my hand to his lips and he reaches around and holds my ass and pulls me slowly into him, I could feel him press himself to me I could feel his cock and he was huge.

After he semi-cleaned my right hand he took my left to his lips, the right he guided to his crotch and pressed my hand to his bulge I squeezed it hard and dug my nails into his bulge and he whimpered like a baby, he closed his eyes and sucked my finger.

Suddenly he pushed the plates from the table... lifted me and sat me on the table, he tugged my tights down to my knees and slid a chair over sat on it, and went full into licking my ass and pussy, my legs were up over his head and he held them there. Fuck he ate me so hot, he pushed my legs up and smeared his face around my sex cos I was SOAKED he licked and tongued my ass and I told him I liked it cos I was moaning my face off. I ran my fingers across his head dragging my nails over his scalp, he moaned and I almost came on his face.

Just as I thought I was going to he got up undid his pants and took out this huge 9" cock and stroked it so I could see it he held the back of my knees and rolled me up a bit and then leaned forward to press the head to me, rubbed it over my wet pussy. Then he moved and OMG he shoved his cock into my ass.

OMG, he pushed it in all the way and stopped, leaning over me he sucked my tits then said he wanted me this way and I told him to fuck me hard, yeh he did, I begged, he pushed and I howled till he pulled out and shot his load all over me, ass. Pussy, belly, tits, face, hair, all over me he shot a huge load fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yes!

Everywhere I"m still covered in his cum, I got to shower...

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