We are happily married for the last 15 years and have two kids. Our children are in the respective hostels of their boarding schools and doing quite well. We both love each other very much, but to be very frank our sex life was having lack of spark in the last few years. I was extremely busy with my office work and my wife Vijaya was managing the home, bank, post office, etc. We are proud of our happy bonding in our small family.

I want to tell you all about one incident that happened to us recently. Last month we received a request from a Chennai boy who wants to have accommodation as paying guest. He approached us through some social media. When we interacted we came to know he is a 19-year-old boy who is coming to our town for academic purposes and his stay is hardly for one week. We are 44 and 39-year-old husband-wife; we invited him gladly with reasonable token money, we are not professional in paying guest business. We wanted to support a teenage boy in his academic career by providing accommodation. That's all.

One Sunday morning he arrived at our residence. I and Vijaya cordially invited him. We found Murali, a slim tall guy. He was a bit shy; it seemed he belonged to an educated and cultured family.

My wife, Vijaya is a classic beauty with her great 36-32-38 figure. He was sitting on a single sofa while we both occupied the bigger one just opposite to him. Murali tried not to stare at my wife.

"Don't be embarrassed, dude," I smiled, "Please feel free here and you can frankly talk with us as a family member during your stay."

This was the beginning. Then onwards we both started to mix up with the guest as if we knew him for a long time.

The whole week me and Murali used to have breakfast together, Vijaya served homely food items. In the evening we again got together, chat a lot about different aspects of life, or saw some movies/ sports on television.

Saturday being the half day in my workplace, I came back early. Murali was a bit late returning home from his institute. After his arrival, we had a cup of tea together.

He started to pack up, next day morning he was supposed to leave us for his city.

After dinner, we gathered in our bedroom to watch TV. We started to discuss there his stay and he also compiled his experience with us with his great smile. We were openly talking about each other. I was leg-pooling the shy young man. Murali felt shaky while Vijaya was talking, my wife by nature is quite reserved.

It was around 11 PM, one movie was going on on the TV set. After 10-15 min we found it's an adult movie. To be very specific, it was not porn but an English movie showing a lot of cleavage or ladies in bikinis on the seashore.

The guest felt awkward in front of my attractive wife. That even encouraged me a lot. I could see a bump in front of his pant. He was wearing track pants, so the bulge was more visible. I was chatting with him to make him comfortable, but he couldn't come out of his shakiness. He looked very cute and I kept on teasing the boy. Vijaya was telling me not to disturb him.

Within a fraction of a second, I pulled his pant down. He was without any underwear and revealed a cock with partial hardness.

"Why are you irritating the good boy...?" Vijaya directed her question looking at Murali's ******* and semi-erect cock.

My wife apologized, "Sorry, Murali. Please pull your pants up."

As she looked at him, she was surprised to see his little pee-pee slowly converting into a solid bony hardness.

He was a bit ashamed being the only nude person there, that too in front of my gorgeous wife. Though she had kept her head down, her eyes were constantly attempting to steal a good look of his erection, I was able to catch her stealing eyes.

I could also judge his dick as almost similar in size to mine. By that time, it started to jerk even. The mats of hair was surrounding the roots, big balls were swinging below his organ.

"Honey, we both are almost identical in all departments, no?" I blurted jokingly, and Vijaya had a nervous smile.

That irritated my pretty wife too much; she is a reserved lady by nature. Getting irritated she suddenly ripped off my trouser. I too stood there completely naked, but about three-quarters hard. Yes, I stood naked there with the teenage boy, less than half my age.

That incident created extreme excitement in the room. My wife could see two cocks completely *******, out of which one belonged to her hubby.

She wanted to turn her face away, but she could not resist the temptation of viewing the naked teenage boy. Vijaya was spellbound. I am sure that it was the first incident when she could see two erect organs together. His rock-hard dick was pointing to the ceiling.

It was pin-drop silence as sexual tension had already been created over there. Some morbid thing came into my mind. I rushed towards my wife and ripped off Vijaya's top and bra. Her huge tits tumbled into view.

Oh, God! There they were his Aunt's tits. Murali saw those big breasts bounce and sway. The milky white bags were capped with large and dark areolas. He couldn't believe Vijaya's Aunt was there before him topless now. Murali's eyes almost popped out of his head.

That brought my topless wife back to her sense. She stood up and hurriedly covered her tits with her palms. She wanted to get away before things get out of hand.

Vijaya protested, "Hey, what are you doing dear!" It was impossible to hide her big tits with her small palms. That was great arousing, I hurriedly pulled the thread of her long skirt and it touched the ground and she was then even without her panty.

Vijaya was naked in front of the hungry eyes of the teenager. Quite obviously Murali could watch her naked glory, her shaved cunt, big round bottom, and her cream-colored thighs.

It was the most erotic moment of my life! My voluptuous wife was naked, posing for the horny teen boy who himself was naked and presenting his erect, hairy cock. With his beaming face, he leered at her naked body, showing his obvious pleasure in seeing the grown woman's nude form.

I started fondling my wife in front of him. I took my wife into the bed, kissed her whole body. After 15 years of marriage, this was a special night!

I looked at Murali while my wife was moaning, her eyes were shut. I was so busy in kissing her belly; suddenly I realized that he moved too close. To be more precise, he stood between my wife's thick thighs and his erection was a couple of inches away from her big pussy. I found him even moving closer to her.

Is he going to fuck my wife? I asked myself. The answer came in a matter of seconds. Murali settled his naked body between her wide-open thighs. The big knob aimed at her parted slit, he pushed gently and it disappeared into her hole.

My intelligent wife understood whose cock is this!

"No! No..." she choked opening her eyes, her eyes on stems. Her face turned red completely. She was feeling a cock there first time which didn't belong to her husband. The good boy was too shocked by this turn of events, but I was eager to watch my wife riding another man's hard-on.

I started to kiss her abdomen, and caress her thighs; the sensitive areas of my wife's body I knew in our married life. She again closed her eyes in feelings, I winked at the young man and he followed my instructions as if hypnotized. Before my wife could even get a chance to think, he pushed his rock-hard dick forward and with a couple of thrusts he sank into her.

"Aaaggg..."Vijaya whimpered again as he felt the cock sliding into her.

"That's it!" I whispered to him, my eyes glued to the spectacular sight between my wife's wide-open thighs. "Just keep pumping!" I told to her young lover.

My wife doubtfully looked at Murali, if she should continue with this teenage guest. By that time he started slowly fucking her.

I started sucking her alabaster boobs, pulling her erect nipples, rolling her big tits here and there.

My wife understood by that time that she was going to get fucked, and there was nothing she could do about it. It was already late; his nuts were resting on the lower cheeks of her twisting ass, his mat of hair pressing her shaved area. He pierced her with his full length. Now we should see the way forward, we couldn't come back. There is no harm as I practically thought. Everything was happening or would remain within the four walls. None could be able to know about it. Above all, everybody likes to fuck, isn't it? Even housewives!

Murali picked up speed; he worked his prick in and out of my wife's divine depth a mile a minute. The boy lost his virginity to my wife. The same thing happened to me 15 years ago on the wedding night with the same lady.

He stayed right at the edge of the bed, not changing his position. They both enjoyed a fast and furious fuck. With every stroke from this boy, she was lifting her ass high in the air to meet the impinging cock. I had never expected her to respond to this fucking, but I certainly loved how she responded to it.

It was awesome to watch my wife getting powerful strokes from this boy. I heard about sexual preference between young boys and mature ladies. I got the evidence in our bedroom tonight.

I saw Blue film earlier but had never seen people fuck so closely. I found it was a beautiful thing to watch.

After 15 years of marriage, I still love my wife, but I started to enjoy the sight as the young boy was digging her. Nothing harmful was happening there, only pure and hot fun. Murali's belly was smacking against my wife's soft one and she was whimpering. I was excited enough to start jabbering, "Fuck my wife, bang her hard naughty boy, and show her stars..."

She put her head up for a second to watch his thick cock disappear in her. I took her chin and helped her to look at him.

After a fast and furious fuck Murali announced "I am coming, uncle!"

I stretched her right thigh and was enjoying the scene of my lifetime.

Vijaya then pulled him tightly on her. My wife closed her eyes as he came in to kiss her lips and their mouths pressed in a deadlock. His ass cheeks were sucked in. He was screaming. I knew he was cumming inside my wife's pussy, but I couldn't see it. His cock was fully immersed in her cunt. He remained there for a while and then collapsed over Vijaya's body. Her moans soon filled the room, she locked her thighs around his thin waist and from the look on her face, I knew she was also having a strong orgasm! I was incredibly satisfied by the scene I'd just witnessed. I sat and watched until they both stopped writing. I had to wait for the boy to move from my wife's hot body. Murali withdrew his limp cock, a drop of semen dripping on her thighs.

My conservative wife looked like a hot mess. She had her hair loose, cum glistening on her thighs, sweat on her forehead, and naturally looking quite sticky around her pussy area.

As he left her body, I lay down on top of Vijaya, settling my naked body between her wide-open thighs, my cock aimed at her moist vagina.

Murali saw it and sat on a chair nearby.

"Fuck me hard please..." she whimpered softly. I was surprised by her words. To date, the most objectionable word to Vijaya was "fuck" which she uttered so smoothly. Murali watched the live sex show. The mushroom head of my erection touched and I pushed it through the parted slit gently.

"Ahhh.Uhhhh..." my wife cried in a weak voice and my cock head disappeared into her freshly fucked pussy. I got my first experience of dipping my cock into the recently deposited love juice of another cock. It was wonderful and gave me a sudden rush of pride. I believe very few hubbies would be having this kind of sexual experience!

Because of the earlier fuck, she had received moments ago, her cunt was exceptionally lubricated and just in a single thrust, my entire cock was buried inside her. My balls slowly came to rest against her ass.

She moaned as she felt the second cock glutted with her pussy that night. My penis was buried in the root of her. My head was clear up under her tits!

After about five minutes of fucking, Vijaya wanted to go on top of me. I agreed and she straddled me.

She started to jump on my dick and banged me hard. Our pelvic areas hit each other and created a sound that is typically created out of mating pussy and cock, "Thap...thap...thop ...thop..."

"Go, Aunt! More...more!" hollered Murali. We found him out of shyness now and his cock again getting back to full erection. The coating of love juices on his cock was already started drying. He was lightly fondling his balls.

His cock became rock hard again and needed some relief too. I said to my wife "You have one more to take care of." She gave me a wicked smile!

That was Murali's signal to jump in. He stood on the bed; my wife's head was up and facing his cock. I just grabbed her head and pushed her to his member. Murali then must have felt the wetness of her saliva covering his throbbing cock. Her tongue started lapping him now.

She bounced up and down, her breasts having little control as to which direction each breast would take. This was too much, it felt so good.

My wife's naked body was rocking by the violence of her downward lunges on me, the creamy flesh of her thighs jiggling firmly in rhythm.

After five minutes of getting his dick sucked, my wife pulled his cock out.

My decent wife started using filthy words with me, "Fuck you, fuck you hard, I make you cum! You fuck me in his presence!"

She still held his thin hard dick tight in her right hand. That time she naturally couldn't suck his cock, probably Murali didn't like it much and he left the bed.

She grabbed my shoulder and started ramming my cock ferociously into her cunt. Her throat started emitting harsh sounds. A strange gurgling sound was continuously oozing from her mouth with her severe thrusting.

Suddenly I felt the bed sagging between my legs. I looked back into the mirror mounted on the side wall, and couldn't imagine what is coming next.

Murali climbed the bed to fuck her! I gripped her swaying tits and squeezed hard. All I saw was his erect cock wiggle as he moved onto the bed. He parted her thick smooth thighs apart and then grabbed his cock at the base.

I was speechless as the teenage boy planned to double-penetrate my prudish wife. But I was 200% sure that she wouldn't allow him there through her back door. She always thought that was dirty!

Alas! I was wrong. He pushed Vijaya back down. I took the opportunity to bear hug my wife. Murali was focused on fucking my wife's butt. He stretched apart her ass cheek; she tried to look back and shifted a bit. This was new territory; no one has gone there before.

She said, "Murali, I never did this before, please take care."

He had his cock in hand and guided it toward her butt hole. Inch by inch was going in, my wife started screaming. I just held her tight. I watched in the mirror as his tip was going into my wife with ease. He drove it in. Finally, his cock was all in her ass.

Now his pelvis was touching her round ass, his rock-hard balls touching my balls. He stayed motionless, my wife soaked up the moment by closing her eyes. She also held my shoulder tightly. Murali moaned in pleasure in his conquest of my wife's round bottom. He then began his assault on her ass; he had slow and steady strokes.

It was midnight, my neighbors were sleeping. They never come to know the so-called decent, cultured, educated housewife, mom of two children from next flat was getting ass fucked by a teenager in the presence of her highly qualified husband. That too while hubby penetrated her first love hole!

My wife's legs were wide apart while two erect cocks filled up her two holes and she now started moaning, letting out little screams of ecstasy. I by now was filling the room with sucking noises. Murali started his strokes, soon after I followed. We all had a rhythm going. Murali was excited about double penetrating my wife.

He said "Wow, uncle I could feel your cock inside of aunt. This is crazy."

I replied "Yeah man, it feels awesome. This is your farewell gift."

We all laughed. Each time Murali fucked her, you would see a ripple effect across her ass chick. The reason is simple, she never allowed me in her ass since our marriage!

I gripped her huge ass making it easy for Murali to take long strokes which was so dear to my wife. My wife's breasts were bouncing as well. While she was grabbing my shoulder, Murali took her swaying melons and pressed hard. It was awesome doggie by him.

I must appreciate this young boy, Murali. He lost his virginity just an hour ago. But he picked up so well, he did a nice threesome with us. Now he was ass fucking the mature lady and utilized her in double penetration with her hubby.

Two horny males in lust feeling the heat of Vijaya, a voluptuous mom of two children! We were no more three, but became a single identity! My wanton wife was the center of it all. I think at one point we both touched her boobs, ass, abdomen, neck, thighs, and all her sensitive areas! I helped him to fondle my wife's all private areas. It was open to Murali tonight.

The bed was rocking in full swing. She moaned "Yes yes yes, oh my...fuck." She cursed and she was cumming. She met each one of our thrusts.

The atmosphere in the room was extremely sensational. I was reaching my peak, how long I can hold?

The teenage boy was furiously digging her ass; his other hand rigorously massaging my wife's swinging tits. Vijaya too was now howling relentlessly.

Three bodies were approaching their summit together, two cocks and a cunt; everyone wanted to extend the journey.

I was the first to succumb. With a deep cry, I lunged forward and drove my cock deep into her pussy, my throbbing cock emitting droplets of cum into my wife's pussy. It was not my first ejaculation inside her pussy, but first in a threesome and I was on cloud seven.

The horny boy was second; with a sharp cry, he grabbed her waist and ****** his shooting members into her ass. That triggered my wife. Almost instantaneously, I felt Vijaya's cunt shuddering violently along the length of my drowned cock. She had a massive orgasm!

Slowly, the jerking in every organ subsided. We all felt completely drained. My wife plopped off me and lay sideways, but Murali's cock was still in her ass. He retracted slowly away from her hole. We all took some time to recover from our session of intense fucking.

When came back to the world, we took showers one by one. My wife took maximum time in the bathroom getting rid of mainly teenage cum all over her body.

The next morning Murali left us to reach his native place. We gave him a big "Thank you" as he spiced up our faded sex life. The happy boy too mentioned a lot as he lost his virginity with us in such a memorable way!

My wife kissed and advised Murali to take care of mature married couples like us who people are having lack of spark in their sex life!
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