I am a 42-year-old woman, married and the mother of two children. The names that appear in the story are fictitious so as not to reveal the identity of anyone.

In 2013 our economic situation was very bad, we had a mortgage and several loans that we required in good time without giving them any importance. I never wanted to get into debt, but my husband, who is a good person, has always made bad decisions on economic issues and his salary was not enough to pay for everything, taking into account household expenses, etc. My husband works at the headquarters of a bank that was also the one with which we had signed the mortgage and a couple of loans.

One night we were talking about it and I decided to look for a job to help, my main problem was my lack of experience. Before getting married I had studied professional administrative training and had a couple of temporary jobs and then I married young and got pregnant. I left the professional world to dedicate myself to home and family. My husband has a good salary and that allowed us to live without stress.

I spent several months searching and did not receive any positive responses. I was desperate, the bills were piling up and the situation was getting worse with each passing day. Then one day my husband came home from work, he told me that he had spoken to his boss about my situation and that he had told him that he would interview me to see if I would fit into the company.

'Finally a joy!' I thought. I knew Andrés, my husband's boss, from the company dinners that they organized for employees every year before Christmas. He is a 54-year-old man, bald, with quite a few extra kilos, and also married. I have to say that I've always taken care of myself, I play sports, I'm thin, 1.64, with long black hair, large and well-shaped breasts, and a pert ass one of those that you look at when passing by.

The day of the interview arrived, I wore elegant, comfortable clothes, black pants, a white blouse, a jacket, and medium-heeled shoes. My husband accompanied me to the office, and once inside he went to work, "Hello Raquel, your husband told me that you are looking for a job."

"Hello Andrés, yes, and the first thing I want to say is thank you for giving me the opportunity."

"No problem, your husband has been here for many years and I already know you a little from company dinners." Andrés took a folder out of his drawer and from the folder some papers that he was looking at while he spoke, "Look, Raquel, we are adults and there is no reason to mess around, this is the real debt you have right now with the bank..."

I looked at the papers that Andrés gave me and I was horrified, it was much worse than I knew. "I've always liked you, Raquel, and I need a personal secretary. You will have a very good salary that will help you pay the debt and live better and I will have what I want."

"What do you mean, Andrew?"

"That you will work for me doing what I tell you, EVERYTHING, and exactly what you imagine." I looked at him and got up, before leaving he told me, "It's Friday, Raquel, think about it over the weekend and answer me on Monday. If you don't tell me anything, I'll understand that you're not interested."

I got home crying with rage that bastard had told me without telling me that he wanted sex in exchange for a job. My husband asked me when I arrived how it had gone. I told him that he was thinking about it, he is such a good person that he did not insist on me nor did he of course know anything about the offer from his boss.

Monday came, during the weekend I had thought and thought about the offer, about the debts, about the very great possibility of losing everything we had built, a home, the family, etc. Around 10 in the morning, I called him on the phone and simply told him that I accepted the offer. He was very happy and he ordered me (from that moment they were not requests but orders) to paint my toenails red, that seemed acceptable to me, strange but nothing that made me feel bad.

On Tuesday at 8 am I was in Andrés's office. My husband came in at nine, so I went alone so I wouldn't have to make him wait an hour before starting work. He was sitting at his desk and gave me the contract to sign when I entered. It was for six months, with a trial period of one month, and the salary, as he had told me, was very good, higher than my husband's, I signed it, "Raquel, take off your shoes, I want to see if you've complied." I didn't react for a few seconds, but that wasn't so bad. I assumed it was a fetish and on one hand, I calmed down. I took off my shoes and raised my feet so that he could see them, he looked at them for a while and then he said, "Precious, Raquel, now you're going to masturbate me with them from under the table." Those words did make me feel bad he wanted something that I had never done, "Come on Raquel, I'm waiting, I've already taken my dick out of my pants."

Without looking at him I put my left foot on his cock, then my right. Andrés brought them together with his cock in the middle of them, "Now move them and give me a good wank, get all the milk out of me," I started to move them, stroking his cock without looking at him, feeling how little by little he was getting hard. Andrés moaned and caressed my feet while I masturbated him. After about ten minutes he grabbed them tightly, put them together, and began to cum on his toes and soles, a profuse cumshot, because I felt the humidity and warmth of his semen, "Don't clean yourself and put on your shoes," I obeyed and put on my shoes as if nothing had happened. He told me the tasks I had to do every day, easy things, it was almost 9 in the morning when Andrés called my husband into the office.

He came in, kissed me as he greeted me, and was about to sit down, but Andrés interrupted him, "No, don't worry, I just called you to tell you that your wife is a real lady, from head to toe, I'm very happy to have her here with us."

My husband did not understand the irony of the sentence, since he did not know that his wife had his boss's semen on her feet. He thanked him and left, this is how I started my work week. After masturbating Andrés and cumming on my feet, the morning went by as normal, talking to my new co-workers and answering calls. My husband was in another section, in the same building but one floor below, so he only had the half-hour we had for Lunch around noon.

My new boss asked me to bring a coffee to his office. I prepared the coffee for him, knocked on the door and when I entered he told me to close the door. I did it while my head was thinking about what was going to happen. I put the coffee on his desk, and he commanded that I undress, saying he wanted to see my body. I froze, not knowing what to say or do. The vicious fat man wanted me to undress in his office, "Look Andrés, I took what happened before as something that was part of our agreement, but this is too much, I'm married and a mother, I am not that kind of woman.

"Raquel, you work for me, I pay you very well and if I want, your contract ends right now and I will also pass the documentation of your debt to the legal department for the judicial process. You can refuse and walk out the door or please me and act Like that kind of woman you said you aren't."

Those words dug into my being like a knife. I started to unbutton my blouse, taking it off and placing it on the chair. Then I did the same with the pants while Andrés looked at me drooling, "Very well, Raquel, you are very hot, but I want you completely naked. Take off your bra, panties, and shoes. Oh, and this afternoon you will go shopping at a store I trust. I don't care what you wear on the outside, but you will wear underwear and other accessories to my liking, understood?"

"Yeah," I took off my shoes, lowered my panties to the floor, and finally my bra while he looked me up and down.

"You're very hot, Raquel. Now get on all fours, come to me under my table, and suck my dick."

I realized that what my boss was most excited about in this situation was humiliating me, making it clear to me who was in charge, and taking advantage of any opportunity to degrade me. I got on all fours, crawling until I reached his legs and unbuttoned her pants pulling his cock out. It was medium-sized, about 15-16cm but it stood out for its thickness, to the naked eye like a glass tube. I looked at him and began to lick slowly, trying to clear my mind. It was the first time I was unfaithful and it made me feel disgusted with myself, "Raquel, I'm not your husband, I like whores who swallow dicks." grabbing my head in his hands he ****** me to swallow his cock, slowly at first and then increasing the rate and depth, he didn't tell me when he started to cum but he did use his hands to prevent me from taking his cock out of my mouth, I felt his semen go straight down my throat and the only option I had was to swallow.

When he finally let go of my head, I got up, gagging, which he found amusing, "That mouth of yours is very good at sucking, your husband must enjoy it a lot and now I do too. Get dressed and when you go out you're going to eat. I want you at 5 pm at this address, it's the store I told you about. I have an account there, so you only have to pick up what I have chosen for you. Tomorrow morning at 8 you come to my office with the underwear they give you.

"Yes boss, I understood."

"Okay, you can get dressed and go, leave the door open."

I picked up my clothes and put them on as fast as I could and left Andrés's office, I felt the looks of some of my colleagues and how they talked among themselves while I sat at my desk with the taste of semen in my mouth.

At 3 pm, I went downstairs to find my husband waiting for me so we could go home together, "How was your first day, honey?"

"Fine, thanks,"

"Getting used to the job, have you thanked Andrés for the work?"

"Yes, I gave thanks to him (If you knew how he made me thank him, you'd break his face).

After eating I left the house and went to the indicated address. The first surprise was that the store was a sex shop, looking around, and seeing that not many people were on the street, I went inside and went directly to the counter at the back of the store, where the clerk was.

I greeted him and told him I was there to pick up a package that Andrés had ordered. The boy smiled after looking at me and went into the inner part of the store, and came out with a bag, "Here you go, I see he still has good taste." I didn't say anything grabbed the bag and left.

When I got home, I put the bag in my bag so my husband wouldn't ask embarrassing questions and went directly to the bathroom to see the contents of the package, Opening it I found black fishnet stockings with garter belts, a tiny Brazilian thong, a completely transparent black babydoll, black lipstick, and a note that said: 'Hello Rachel, Tomorrow at 8 am. I don't need to tell you what to wear, the lipstick is not for you, it's for me.' I didn't understand the lipstick thing, but I did know that my second day at work was going to be at least the same as the first.

Arriving at eight in the morning I knocked on the door of my boss's office, who was already inside waiting for me, "Good morning Raquel, come in and close the door," I obeyed without saying a word and remained standing in front of Andrés. "First of all, give me the lipstick, you haven't forgotten it have you?"

I hadn't forgotten and took it out of my bag and gave it to him, "What do you want it for?"

"Let's see if it's clear to you once and for all, Raquel, you are only here to obey, nothing more. I ask the questions and you answer them, if I tell you to get on your knees and suck my dick, you do it, do you understand your situation!?


"Very well, now show me that sexy little outfit that I gave you." I undressed standing up while Andrés watched me touching his cock without any concealment, "Those stockings look fabulous on you, Raquel. You look like a professional and you have beautiful tits, your children didn't go hungry, huh? Turn around, I want to see how the line of your thong gets into that upturned ass." turning around Andrés got up from his chair and approached me, "Precious, Raquel, now stay still and don't move."

Feeling Andrés's hands on my buttocks, he had crouched down and was using the lipstick to write or draw something on my buttocks. Then he lifted my baby doll and did the same on my back. I wanted to ask him what he was doing, but I remembered his words and kept quiet, "Now you're perfect, get on all fours and I want to hear these words from your lips: "Andrés, I'm very horny and I need you to fuck me."

I got on all fours and without any passion I said, "Andrés, I'm very horny and I need you to fuck me."

"Of course Raquel, from the moment I saw you I knew you needed cock," he told me while he undressed from the waist down and positioned himself between my legs, removing my thong and bringing his cock that was hard as stone to the lips of my pussy. I wasn't aroused, so I hadn't lubricated. He began to push and the truth is that it was somewhat painful due to my lack of lubrication, although he seemed to like the sensation of difficulty when penetrating me. After several pushes, he managed to get in, he grabbed my hip with one hand, and with the other, I could see that he had his mobile phone.

"Please, do not take photos or videos, I beg you."

My words turned him on and he slapped me on the buttocks which hurt a lot, as well as penetrating me harder, "What did I tell you before, *****, who commands here?"


"Repeat, "I'm married and I'm a *****."

"I'm married and I'm a *****."

Now you are going to tell me the following: "Andrés, I want you to make me a son, fill my pussy with milk."

"Andrés, I want you to make me a son, fill my pussy with milk."

He kept fucking me and kept recording or taking photos with his cell phone. When he started to cum he plopped down on top of me, I could feel his cum, I wasn't afraid of getting pregnant, I was on the pill.

"What a good fuck you have, Raquel," he told me as he opened it with his fingers and continued recording with his mobile. getting up he ordered me to get on my knees, "Wipe my dick, Raquel, I don't like to stain my underpants." I put his cock in my mouth and began to suck it, noticing the remains of semen along with the taste of my pussy, I felt dirty, slutty, and above all a random person, that was the word that came to my head, "You have done very well, Raquel, you have left me clean." Andrés pulled up his pants and grabbed my hand to lead me to his chair setting down he made me sit on his lap and watch as he connected his phone to the computer and downloaded some files.

"Look how sexy you were," he said, opening a photo of me on all 4s, one of my buttocks reading 'PUTA' and the other 'SLUT'. On the back, he had written 'UNFAITHFULLY MARRIED. In another photo, you could see my pussy opened by his fingers and the semen that he had deposited in me, "I'm sure you liked it Raquel, but now comes the best part, watch this video." He opened the video file and I could see him fucking me, his cock moving in and out of my pussy, his moans, and his saliva dripping down my back as he fucked me. The video was exactly 12 minutes and 36 seconds of humiliation. I was ****** to watch the video while hugging him as if he were my husband and his fingers masturbating my clit, Andrés masturbated me non-stop while he kissed my neck, it was impossible for me to stop my pussy from getting wet and even let out a few moans, "Are you going to cum, Raquel, your pussy is soaked? Before, when I fucked you it was tight, now it throbs and your nipples are hard."

That pig was right, his fingers were giving me pleasure, and with great embarrassment at the end, I exploded, "You're a good slut, Raquel, you've soaked my hand with your cum, and look at how my dick turned watching you cum. Get on the table with your legs open offering me your pussy, and you know what you have to tell me.

I woke up still shaking from the orgasm and got on the table spreading my legs and telling him what he wanted to hear: "Andrés, I'm very horny and I need you to fuck me."

"Right now, Raquel, I'm going to give you a tail," He placed my feet on his shoulders and his cock at the entrance to my cunt. This time he entered easily and I felt very bad because this time I was feeling pleasure with penetration. Andrés thrust into me as if the world was ending, with force and depth, and I tried to hide it but was unable to do it, he moaned every time his cock reached bottom, "I'm about to, you know what to tell me, Raquel."

"Andrés, I want you to make me a son, fill my pussy with milk." My words turned him on more than he already was and he left his cock deep inside my cunt and began to cum like an animal, to my shame, I orgasmed.

"Get dressed and sit down, Don't forget to shower this afternoon, Raquel, I don't think your husband will be very amused reading what you have written on your body."

While I was getting dressed, Andrés called someone on the phone. Once I finished dressing I sat down and after five minutes there was a knock on the office door. I went to open it since it was closed from the inside and my husband appeared! "Come in, come in Alberto, I wanted to thank you in person for your kind invitation."

My husband looked stupid, not knowing anything and I had the same face, "Ah, Raquel has not told you? Your wife has been kind enough to invite me to lunch next Sunday and of course, I have accepted, haven't you told your husband anything, Raquel?"

I reacted as best I could trying to hide my surprise, "No, I wanted to surprise him this afternoon."

"Wow, sorry I got ahead of myself. Well, don't worry, I'll bring the drinks. Tomorrow I go on a trip with my wife for a family matter. She will stay there for a few days but I will return on Saturday afternoon, I will need direction. By the way, Alberto, I suppose you knew that your wife loves milk..."

frozen with my cheeks red as a tomato, "The milk?"

"Yes, Alberto, the milk, she takes it with coffee as if it were candy."

"Well, I didn't know, the truth is, at home, she takes it sometimes."

"Well, in the two days that it has been here, it has not stopped. Anyway, there are always new things to learn. I will not interrupt you anymore, thanks again for the invitation. On Sunday I'll come around half past one, is that okay?"


"Perfect, see you on Sunday."

Thursday and Friday passed relatively normally at work. Andrés was with his wife on his trip and I had too much time to think about everything that had happened my first two days at work. I felt very bad, dirty, powerless in the situation, and a liar. I had cheated on my husband and every time we talked about something, I instinctively lowered my head to avoid meeting his eyes. On Friday afternoon a messenger brought an envelope addressed to my husband and me. It contained two tickets to the soccer game on Sunday and a note from Andres saying it was a present for my sons. My 2 sons, ages 20 and 18, are fans of the soccer team and appreciated being able to go see that game. I did not understand why Andrés had done this or what his intentions were, after all, even if my children left on Sunday, my husband would be present.

Sunday arrived, and I was very nervous, preparing a roast in the oven and other things for appetizers. I put on a very classic dress, elegant but not at all suggestive. At the appointed time, the doorbell rang. My husband went to open the door while I finished setting the table. Andrés greeted me cordially as he sat down at the table. The meal passed normally, talking about various topics but at no time work.

At half past three in the afternoon, my children went to see the game that started at five. We stayed at the table drinking coffee until Andrés said: "Well, let's open the bottle of cava that I brought to celebrate your new job, Raquel, please tell me where the drinks are and I'll pour it myself." I told him that it wasn't necessary, that I would do it myself, but he insisted so much that in the end, I told him where the glasses were. He opened the bottle in the kitchen and returned with the glasses, one for each, "Come on, a toast to Raquel, the company's new employee." We toast and drank our drinks.

Later, my husband got up from the table and sat on the sofa. "Sorry, I feel a little bad, maybe it was the alcohol. I'll stay here for a while to see if it goes away, very sorry."

"Don't worry, health comes first."

After a few minutes and to my surprise, my husband had fallen asleep on the sofa, "Well, it worked! They told me that it was a very powerful sleeping pill, it works wonderfully." Andrés then got up and went to my husband, shook him and talked to him, even yelled, but my husband was fast asleep, "Perfect, Raquel, get naked completely, right here, I'm going to get a couple of things that I brought in my briefcase."

"But Andrés, please, here in front of..."

He did not let me finish the sentence, he covered my mouth with his hand and said: "Do I have to remind you of what you are, Raquel?" Looking at him, I shook my head, he removed his hand from my mouth and repeated, "Naked now." I began to undress in front of my sleeping husband while Andrés went to look for something in his briefcase. When he came back I was standing completely naked, he put a sign on my husband's chest that said, 'I AM A CUCKOLD.' He gave me a necklace that said, 'PUTA DE ANDRÉS,' to wear around my neck and finally a sheet of paper with many written phrases.

"Get on all fours, Raquel, looking at your husband. I want you to say the phrases I've given you while I'm doing things to you, and I want you to say them naturally, with passion, understand?"

"Yeah." I got on all fours, looking at my husband, who with that sign on his chest made me feel humiliated, I wanted to cry.

Andrés put a camera on, undressed and positioned himself between my legs, and began to eat my pussy. His tongue was going in and out and he was sucking on my clitoris. He pointed to the piece of paper that he had given me so that I could say those sentences.

I tried to be as believable as possible, "Yes, yes... You eat my pussy so well, Andrés, I was looking forward to it, don't stop, you drive me crazy with your tongue." It continued and my pussy was inadvertently getting wet as he stuck a finger in and when she pulled it out she stuck it in my ass and that made me scream.

"Well, don't tell me that the cuckold has never sodomized you..."

"No, I'm a virgin out there."

"Hahaha, how lucky I am, because you're going to stop being one, Raquel, but not today, I need time to butt-fuck you properly."

He kept eating my pussy until I couldn't take it anymore and I came, he pointed at the paper again, "If only you made me cum like this, I wish you could every day."

"It's your turn, Raquel, let your husband see how well you swallow cock, open your mouth, and don't stop looking at him." I opened my mouth and Andrés, who had stood up, shoved it into me without hesitation. Grabbing my head, he began to fuck my mouth, stopping when he saw that I couldn't breathe and then continuing.

Now it was he who was speaking to my husband, "Alberto, look how well your wife sucks me. You know, I've fucked her several times and soon I'll deflower her ass, you are nothing but a cuckold. Your wife thinks the same thing but now she can't speak, her mouth is busy. Well, I have it ready for your pussy." He took his cock out of my mouth and got between my legs pointed his dick at her and shoved it into me, "Do you like my dick, Raquel?"

"Yes, Andrés, I like your cock."

"Tell it to your husband, bitch."

"Alberto, honey, I like Andrés's cock."

"Put more emphasis on it, Raquel, more feeling."

"Alberto, Andrés' cock drives me crazy, he knows how to fuck me, not like you, he knows how to treat a woman."

"That's it, look how I fuck her, cuckold, look how she enjoys my cock, her pussy is flooded with what she's enjoying here in front of you."

I was wet, although I felt terrible because of everything I was ****** to say to my husband, who luckily didn't know. Andrés kept penetrating me and I was moaning, "I'm going to cum, Raquel, you know what to say."

"Andrés, I want you to make me a son, fill my pussy with milk."

He pushed in and released his cum inside as I once again came, "Get up and open your pussy lips, show Alberto your male's milk."

I got up and opened my pussy with my fingers in front of my husband, the semen that Andrés had deposited in me began to drip. He moved behind me, grabbing both my tits, his now limp cock between my buttocks, kissing my neck he turned me around and for the first time kissed me on the mouth slipping his tongue into mine while his hands squeezed my buttocks, he was turning me on, I didn't want to, I hated the situation, but my body reacted differently, "Are you horny, Raquel?"


Andrés sat next to my husband on the sofa and told me to kneel between his legs, I did as he ordered, "Tell your male what you want, Raquel."

"I want your dick, Andrés."

"Suck me, the way I like it, I'll let you have it."

I got between his legs, one hand caressing his balls while I opened my mouth and lowered my head until I felt his cock in my throat. I raised my head again and swallowed it again, I listened to his moans of pleasure when he noticed that I did it the way he liked it, "Now you're a good cocksucker, look, Alberto, you've never been sucked like that, cuckold?"

I continued until his cock was as hard as a stake, "Ask me to fuck you, Raquel, in front of the cuckold."

"Andrés, fuck me in front of the cuckold."

At that moment I knew that I was enjoying those moments and I didn't care about anyone or anything, "Come, sit on top of my cock and watch the cuckold while it is in you, don't stop looking at him."

I sat on his cock until I felt it all inside. I hugged my boss, who was sucking my tits, while I kept looking at my sleeping husband with that sign on his chest. I went up and down non-stop riding his cock, and then Andrés told me: "As of tomorrow you will stop taking the pill, I am not asking you, he ordered."

With his cock stuck in me and about to cum, I simply said, "Yes" and rested in his arms. He hadn't finished and I told him what he liked. "Andrés, I want you to make me a son, fill my cunt with milk."

As if it were a magic word, he began to cum filling me once more. We remained embraced in that position for five minutes, until Andrés looked at his watch and got up, forcing me to get up too, "The cuckold will wake up soon, I'll leave before then. Tell him I'm not angry and that I hope he gets better. Get dressed and don't shower today, sleep with my milk next to your husband."

We dress together. He picked up the poster and the camera, took off my necklace, and said goodbye with a slap on my buttocks. My husband woke up after an hour, apologizing for falling asleep. I was the one who should have apologized to him for fucking his boss right under his nose...
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