Ascending Lauren Ch. 01

My wife saw a call on Reddit for lifestyle stories to be added to this site in order to continue to propagate and continue this genre of erotica. She asked that we post one chapter of our fictionalized account of true events here to do our part. For complete transparency, other chapters of this story has been posted on other sites, but any and all ******** to help advance our way of life would seem to be a good thing. To be fair, this and subsequent chapters may be too long for the likes of this forum. I trust the readers here will let us know soon enough if its too long. If so, we will rescind. If not, we will continue to post additional chapters. Our intention is to entertain, not distract. Remember, its all for the cause.

This story showcases wife sharing and cuckolding. While the protagonists are fictional, their yarns are "ripped" from real experiences that my wife and I and our friends have had over a 30 year period. Of course, not all details are an accurate portrayal of the real event (a $100m yacht is a much better read than a houseboat, eh?). Of course there are embellishments, but unless you were there you'll never know what they are. And NO, there is little chance all these adventures happened to one couple in such a short period of time. Remember, its an amalgamation of 3 decades of experiences. And at the end of the day, its entertainment, no more, no less.

As always, this is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters are over 18.


The morning sunlight streamed through the small breaks in the window blinds, casting a golden luster about the small bedroom. Corey Miller blinked several times before opening his heavy eyelids to a room that was unfamiliar. He tensed, slightly confused, as his eyes fell upon the shapely woman asleep next to him. He immediately relaxed, seeing it was Lauren Olivia, his wife of 28 years. No need to worry, they were in her new Miami apartment. The clock on the nightstand dimly displayed eight o'clock Saturday morning. Good, no need to wake her yet.

Sitting up in the oversized bed, the 61-year-old noticed two things. First, the sheets had somehow been kicked off during the night, the whites now crumpled on the floor. Second, a raging hardon protruded from the flaps of his boxers. The Florida mid-summer heat was already warming the atmosphere, so missing covers weren't an issue. In addition, their absence allowed him full view of his wife's body lying on her side. He admired her toned legs, curvy hips, and soft shoulders. The thin white cotton tank-top did nothing to hide her small 30b-cup breasts, the darker areolas and nipples clearly visible. Even after decades of marriage Lauren could still get his motor running. A classic 1980s beauty, she could have easily been cast in an MTV music video back in the day. The big hair of that era had been gradually replaced over time with more professional looks. Now at 48, Lauren preferred to wear her jet-black locks totally straight, cascading just below those delicious breasts, and in back, ending in a V at her shoulder blades. When she combed her bangs straight down to just above her sultry eyes, she was very seductive, although she herself didn't realize it. His wife's hair styles were always tasteful, with just enough coloring to keep it black as night and hide the silver that had begun making its appearance. Corey was very proud of how she had kept herself in shape with frequent visits to the gym, Pilates, and lots of power walking. The effort had clearly paid off, as casual acquaintances often guessed her age as early 30s. Her fitness was in stark contrast to his own, with his slightly pudgy middle and the unfortunate relaxation of his salty-haired pectorals. Not yet a "fat slob", but he definitely was experiencing a mature spread.

Corey reached over and began lightly tracing his fingers from her shoulder, over her breasts, through the valley of her side, before resting atop those small and inviting hips. There was no way to ignore the morning wood he was sprouting. He desperately wanted to make love to her. Yet, Lauren needed to sleep. She was starting a new job soon and was exhausted, having spent the last four days moving into this Miami high rise. As he gazed upon his wife's body, contemplating the next move, her phone chirped, seemingly mocking any ideas swirling around in his head. It was a text from one of their daughters. The raven-haired beauty slid to the edge of the bed and snatched the phone from the nightstand. "It's Caroline," she announced groggily, "just wants to know your flight out tomorrow." Lauren fired back a quick reply and stood slowly, yawning and shaking off the sleep. She smiled at Corey as she made her way to the bathroom, scratching her small frame and backside. Yes, even in the morning, she was the consummate vixen.

His flight! Corey's own smile turned to a frown and his erection quickly disappeared. Just one more day and he would be leaving his wife alone in a huge city to fend for herself. He sighed. It was no surprise; there was never any doubt this day would come. They had arranged it thoroughly. A plan hatched together a month ago when Lauren received a job offer from a national fiberglass distributor looking for an experienced office manager in Miami. Fiberglass was used heavily in the construction of boats and ships, and Florida had plenty of those. It was an executive position and the opportunity had come at a perfect time, since both had long been looking to leave Des Moines for greener - and warmer - pastures. Simply tired of cold, snowy winters, the couple had entertained the idea of moving for several years. They were not getting any younger and both wanted to live the rest of their lives somewhere a bit livelier. Now that their two daughters were grown with good careers and living in other states, neither had permanent ties to their current community.

To that end, Lauren had peppered online job boards across the country with her resume. As a long-time office manager for a large paper product manufacturing company in suburban Des Moines, she felt her experience might be noticed by a firm in a more exciting and tepid locale. As for Corey, he had been a construction project manager for over 35 years, working with various companies that specialized in building hospitals and medical facilities. He was quite successful and had earned a great reputation in the industry. Good industrial project managers were in high demand in most large cities, so he was not concerned with finding work wherever they decided to move.

Lauren was genuinely surprised when fiberglass distributor Rekrap Industries responded to her application mere days later. After all, she had just been testing the waters. They were conducting interviews for an executive level office manager to oversee their Miami office, plus a few boat dealerships they also owned. The couple discussed the opportunity that evening. It was not a hard sell. Although the cost of living in South Florida, especially Miami, was astronomically more expensive than Iowa, they felt the new executive position, along with what Corey could earn as a seasoned construction manager, would more than offset the increase in expenses. Plus, it was warm and they both loved the ocean; what more could they ask for? After a methodical evaluation of the offer, the couple decided Lauren should go for it.

A quick round trip to the company headquarters in downtown Miami for an interview proved fruitful. Only a few days later Rekrap reached out with an extraordinary offer. In addition to being given the responsibility for running their offices throughout the area, Lauren's salary would increase substantially, and she would be given numerous executive privileges. The downside was the company expected her to join their executive training within three weeks of acceptance. That would mean finding an apartment quickly in the Miami area. Not an easy feat. Then there was Corey's job. He could not just suddenly quit the project he was on. Although not particularly worried about landing a job in Florida - he knew people in the industry there that would hire him on reputation alone - the very reason he enjoyed such a great name in the business was that he was a stoically committed project manager who saw every job through, no matter how difficult. Leaving a hospital project during its last phase would not bode well for that reputation nor future employment. No, Corey would have to remain behind until the project completed. The mechanics of the plan had seemed so very straightforward, until that very moment when the emotional impact of an imminent separation became all too real.
Lauren appeared in the doorway of the bathroom, toothbrush in hand. Corey looked back at her glumly, and she knew right away what he was fraught about. "It's only for a few months you know, just until you have the medical center built. Then you'll be right back here," she said confidently.

Corey leaned back against the headboard. "You're right, I knew it was coming, but with leaving tomorrow, it seems so much more...real now." Lauren looked at her husband sympathetically, knowing he had mixed emotions about leaving. She shared those emotions as well but realized her state of mind was in a totally different place. Starting a new adventure, in a new city and with a new job, Lauren was not only excited for herself, but what it would mean eventually for their future together. And yet she knew Corey's immediate life held the monotony of the old one and was facing the next five to six months alone at that. It was not exactly the exciting adventure unfolding for her.

Lauren began brushing her teeth, then stopped. "I think after a week of moving into this apartment, we've done as much decorating as we can do. How about we spend your last night in Miami celebrating what will become our new life together?" Corey's face brightened. She could always make him feel better. He smiled and nodded. His heart wanted so badly to stay with his wife, change the plans, rearrange the arrangements. But his head knew better. The plans they had made were solid. And after all, he could visit anytime he wanted. As he was trying to convince himself he was doing the right thing, Lauren disappeared back into the bathroom. "And to show me your appreciation for taking you out tonight, YOU can take me shopping this afternoon for work clothes!" she called out to him, closing the door behind her. Moments later the shower water began flowing. All hopes of enticing his wife into a quickie were now dashed.

Who was he kidding? The days of morning romps were long gone, in fact, nighttime romps were far and few between these days as well. Ever since Lauren experienced early menopause a few years ago, her interest in sex dropped off significantly. Although they still made love once a month when the mood was right, he suspected her spirit wasn't into it anymore. In fact, he could not remember the last time she had been the initiator. Thankfully, alcohol substantially increased her enthusiasm for fooling around, so there was hope. Even then, they had to deal with the loss of natural lubrication. Lauren never said anything, but he could tell that without the use of artificial lube she had discomfort. It was for these reasons he never pressured her into having sex and would only initiate it when he thought she would be receptive. Sex was still important to Corey, but not as important as his wife's health or happiness.

It wasn't fair to blame all of Lauren's disinterest in sex on post-menopausal conditions. For the last several years his stamina had also decreased considerably. He once could last for at least an hour without coming, then be ready for seconds and sometimes thirds. In fact, it was this prowess that helped win her away from the college boys she was dating when they met. He was 31 and she only 20 when they met at a wedding reception. A year later, his maturity and, as

Corey liked to think, experience in the bedroom, helped land a ring on Lauren's finger. That was all a distant memory now. These days, once he slipped into his wife, they both knew he was only good for 10 minutes. Repeats? Forget about it. Corey blamed not only his age but his physique as well. Too many doughnuts in the construction trailers, and the stress of managing large projects had contributed to an unhealthy lifestyle, despite Lauren's vigilance in cooking healthy meals. Thankfully, several years ago she had picked up a very large vibrator at a lingerie show, which they nicknamed the Chairman of the Board, after a character in one of the erotic tales he was fond of telling whenever they did make love. The couple now leaned heavily on the Chairman and that storytelling to bring Lauren to orgasm.
Corey made his way over to the bedroom's large floor-to-ceiling window overlooking downtown Miami. Marveling at the view from the 23rd floor of the high-rise, Corey was thankful Rekrap Industries was able to locate such a primo spot in the downtown area on such short notice. The company kept a few apartments on retainer for use by out-of-town executives and potential clients, which the HR department leveraged to snap up this one-bedroom rental for Lauren. It was small and the price was more than the couple wanted to pay, but it was only a temporary living arrangement until they could scope out some houses in the suburbs. With Lauren able to walk to the office only a couple blocks away, there was also no need for her to have the expenses of a vehicle, which remained garaged back in Iowa. It all was falling into place as they planned, yet he could not help feeling apprehensive about the whole thing. Corey took a deep breath and sauntered towards the bathroom to get ready for the big shopping day.


There was no question Lauren loved to shop. Besides her family, it was her favorite way to spend time. The new position called for an extensive wardrobe upgrade and she intended on taking full advantage of her increased income. It was therefore no surprise when she dragged Corey into every clothing shop in the downtown district. He played the doting husband, dutifully sitting outside one dressing room after another in dreadfully oversized chairs and sofas. He didn't mind much. His reward was being able to watch Lauren parade around the sitting areas, modeling various pieces of clothing for him in front of the large mirrors. She looked hot, her toned body making even the most conservative clothing look sexy.

It didn't take Corey long to notice he wasn't her only admirer. From time to time, another husband or boyfriend would invariably walk over and plop down in a nearby chair as their significant other browsed through the myriad of clothing. They would pretend to be noodling with their phones when women came out to whirl in front of the mirrors, but Corey knew better. All guys are perverts, Corey sniggered to himself. At one store, Lauren was the only one trying on clothes, and to his amazement, there were several men whose tired feet just happened to coincide with Lauren prancing out of the dressing room in various states of dress. She seemed oblivious to their presence - she knew not the vixen she was - but Corey noticed. Apparently, these men figured they could get a free runway walk. And why not? His chest swelled with pride, knowing that his wife still turned heads. He also felt a bit peculiar because it triggered thoughts of a fantasy he had long harbored, one that involved watching Lauren make

love to another man - or woman. The gender didn't really matter. It was hard to explain these thoughts, which were chiefly about witnessing her experiencing human intimacy at its zenith. It is difficult to see raw emotions develop in someone up close, so Corey felt the only way to really see that explosive build up is to allow it to unfold in front of one's eyes. Such is the appeal of porn, he reasoned; this type of thrill comes from watching the emotions of the participants develop to a crescendo of orgasms, not the actual participation itself.

It was only a fantasy, and Corey knew it would never happen. Hell, he was barely getting any himself. Yet, there was no harm in indulging this bit of delusion. After all, it provided him with spank bank material, and when they did happen to hook up, Lauren seemed to enjoy the titillation from the threesome scenarios he whispered in her ear. The idea itself obviously did not disgust her, having orgasmed time and time again to those tales.

As much as Corey enjoyed watching his wife being watched, he was thankful when Lauren finally announced she now had enough outfits to get her through the next few months. Grateful for the day-long shopping spree to be over, he pulled out his phone and summoned a taxi.


Lauren laid in the tub of hot water, lazily gliding the scrubbing mitts over her arms. The oils in the water provided a hint of blooming flowers and she was determined to enjoy every minute of it. With the new job starting on Monday, she knew it would be a while before she'd have time to indulge herself like this again. Plus, Lauren wanted to be soft and smell good for Corey. He was surely anticipating making love tonight. She looked over her body. Not bad for late forties, she thought. Buttocks still tight and small firm breasts had resisted much of the sagging some women her age were experiencing. She was doubly proud of her flat tummy, toned arms and muscled legs. More than once she had been mistaken for her daughter's sister. Well, except for those damn varicose veins in her calves which were starting to become more pronounced.

Those did not seem to matter to Corey. He looked right past any signs of her aging. At 61, he was horny as ever, but unlike his, her libido had diminished quite a bit over the years. Maybe it was the early menopause, maybe to a lesser extent her age, but she just didn't feel the desire for sex the way she used to. And when she did, she needed lube to help pave the way. It wasn't a dislike of sex, on the contrary, when the moment was right, she was all in. But it had been at least five years since she had an orgasm with Corey inside her, and his willingness to initiate sex far exceeded his ability to finish it now; frequently building her up with foreplay, but no longer able to get her off with his penis. She never criticized and didn't blame him. His age, coupled with the weight he had put on over the years, appeared to contribute to his decreased stamina. The age difference in that department was now showing, but Lauren was fully aware of Corey being 13 years her senior when she married him, and she loved him so much it didn't matter at all. He was 32 when they tied the knot and one of the best lovers she had ever experienced, a talent retained well into his fifties. That's many years of spectacular sex, so she was not about to complain.

To be fair, there were additional reasons the frequency of their love making had decreased over time. Let's face it, as one gets older, the physical part of sex can be a bit daunting. Sometimes masturbation is a simpler, faster and less exhausting form of release. It wasn't uncommon for Lauren to detect Corey quietly stroking his penis in the middle of the night, a tent in the sheets growing and contracting until he finally held his breath in an attempt to conceal his release. There were also times she had walked into his home office late at night when he was watching porn. On those occasions he would always feign watching a sports video or something equally benign. But she knew. A wife always knows. She would never confront or embarrass him. Lauren didn't really care, as long as he still found her attractive.
Truth be told, she wasn't a stranger to artificial pleasure either. Corey was a considerate lover, always making sure she achieved pleasure before himself. Of average length, he never filled her up like some past boyfriends, but he knew how to use what he had, and having him inside her made her feel warm, whole, and most importantly, loved. Her husband was still great at foreplay, but once he penetrated her, she knew he would be done for the night in short order. Indeed, her only orgasms these days came from "the Chairman of the Board", the 10-inch vibrator she had purchased from a friend a while back. They had named the dildo during some ridiculous role-playing Corey had dreamed up whereas he was the COB at her company, she an office clerk, and they did it in a virtual supply closet. She snickered at the memory, but she had to admit, when the Chairman was on the job, she could easily experience the same wanton lust she had before Corey's stamina decreased. It also helped immensely when he talked dirty and whispered those same types of bizarre stories into her ear. Yes, she still enjoyed making love to her husband, but her orgasms - real, thunderous ones - belonged to the Chairman now. Lauren climbed out of the bathtub, water cascading off her shoulders and breasts like an erotic waterfall. Toweling off, she opened a drawer and selected a pair of black lace bikini panties, which she stepped into and pulled up tightly around her slim but curvy hips. Lauren smoothed out the thin panty band which rose just above her neatly trimmed v-shaped bush. Next came an off-white strapless bra, a necessity for the pale blue off-shoulder blouse she was going to wear. And finally, she shimmied into a pair of tight white denim skinny jeans; the ones she knew Corey loved. It highlighted her small butt perfectly. Taking one last look in the mirror, Lauren nodded in self-appreciation, switched off the bedroom lamp, and turned her focus towards the evening ahead.


The downtown Miami arts district in which the apartment building was located contained an eclectic menagerie of galleries, theaters, restaurants, nightclubs, and shops of all kinds. Their dinner reservation was not until eight o'clock, so the couple walked about, seeking locations of certain necessities such as a pharmacy, dry cleaners, and grocery stores. The amount of sidewalk traffic amazed them, considering most of Des Moines rolled up after dark. "Dress to impress" seemed to be the theme, with many women not at all afraid to show a bit of skin.

The pair was famished by dinner time and indulged themselves with two bottles of fine wine and excellent salmon. Nourished and quite buzzed, Lauren was ready to dance. They began walking hand-in-hand towards the address of a hot spot a few blocks away which Corey had heard offered a spectacular old-school discotheque atmosphere. Turning a corner, they saw no less than 50 people gathered outside the club, corralled by stanchions and bright purple rope. Multi-color neon signs declared the nightspot's name, Club X, and very loud, muffled music was emanating from within the non-de-script urban building. Corey looked at his watch. It was ten thirty. The line would only get longer. Lauren shrugged, grabbed his hand, and fell behind the other hopefuls. Most were men and women under 30. Few, if any, were over 40. Knowing the doormen were responsible for populating the dance floor with as many "beautiful people" as possible, it seemed to Corey their chances of getting in were slim to none.

After 30 minutes of rocking back and forth on his heels without much movement, Corey was about to suggest they find another place to cut the rug. Just as he opened his mouth to speak, a long black car pulled to the curb in front of the club. Lauren watched as three young and very fit women, two brunettes and one blonde, emerged from within and began smoothing out their short dresses, tugging the hems down over their buttocks as they went. They walked past the couple on their way to the front of the line when the blonde looked back over her shoulder towards Lauren. Something had caught her eye. With an expression of surprised recognition, she stopped and strolled back to where the couple was waiting in line.

"Laurrrren," the blonde pronounced slowly, as if she was trying to recall the name. "Is that right?"

Lauren looked at Corey, then acknowledged the woman standing in front of her. "Yes, that's right. Do I know you?"

"Likely not, and sorry, I didn't mean to freak you out. My name is Amy Rosinner. I work in the legal department at Rekrap. I saw an HR organizational announcement sent out this past week and your bio was attached. Your facial features and that awesome black hair are unmistakable."

"Well, in that case, nice to meet you, Amy. This is my husband, Corey," Lauren replied graciously.

The blonde took Corey's hand and shook it warmly. "Welcome to Miami!" she gushed. "Been standing here long?"

"About half an hour," Corey bemoaned.

"Really? Okay, we can fix that," Amy stated cheerfully, looping her arms around Lauren's. "Can't have our new executive waiting in line, can we?"

The trio rejoined the blonde's waiting friends and walked past the doormen who, to the couple's amazement, unhooked the stanchion rope without blinking an eye. "Good evening, all."

Corey and Lauren followed the women through the doorway and looked out towards the dance floor. It was a cornucopia of pulsating laser lights, neon blue glowing support posts, and women

in glowing gowns dancing on podiums surrounding the floor. Corey had once been to the now defunct Studio 54 in New York City on a business trip back in the 70s, and this seemed to match that energy. Lauren was instantly mesmerized, her legs and hips bouncing to the beat of the very intense EDM. She turned to thank Amy for getting them in, but the blonde and her friends had disappeared into the crowd. Shrugging, Lauren led Corey to the dance floor. She was in her element.
Her husband was not a dancer and did not pretend to be. More at home in a biker bar than here, Corey simply acquiesced to this type of scene because he was acutely aware of how much his wife loved to dance. After a few minutes warming to the environment, Lauren really hit her stride. Tossing her midnight hair from one side to the other, she rolled her bare shoulders and shimmied up against Corey, her breasts touching his chest. She spun away, arms tracing the contour of her body from head to hips, profiling her curves. Corey stood in awe, almost forgetting to dance. To be sure, seeing that tight ass clad in those white jeans twisting and rotating around him was clearly awakening his dick. When Lauren turned her back to him, grinding her hips against his crotch, he thought he was going to explode. Thank God for denim jeans, he thought.

The couple danced alone to several songs until Amy reappeared on the floor with her friends and quickly coaxed Lauren and Corey into their dance circle. They danced for the next two hours, only stopping to quench their thirst. Corey had to sit out several times to catch his breath. He didn't mind. He enjoyed watching these four smoking hot women - not to mention other scantily clad 20-somethings - twerk their way around the dance floor. From time to time, guys would try to waltz into the circle, but most were quickly shut down. Lauren got her share of attention when Corey wasn't out there, and at one point was hip bumping with a nicely dressed young man who had taken a liking to her. Mr. Friendly was a good dancer, and Lauren matched him step for step, allowing him to twirl her about, with the occasional dip. Lauren was clearly only interested in the dancing, rotating her hips and swaying her body to match the rhythm of the music. Corey stood transfixed as the young man waited for her arms to be on the upswing, her hands grasped together, to quickly move in beneath them, pulling her clasped hands down around his neck. Classic move, Corey bemused. Lauren appeared to laugh, and to his surprise, instead of pushing away, pulled the guy in closer. She was feeling the alcohol. Mr. Friendly apparently read that as a green light and moved his hands from her hips to her ass, generously cupping and caressing those exquisite buns. This lasted for several seconds until Lauren's eyes snapped open. She slowly twisted away and out of his arms, smiling, slowly holding up her left ring finger. The wedding ring sparkled in the laser lights. He nodded a disappointed grin, and they danced their way back to the others.

Upon rejoining Amy and friends, Lauren looked for Corey, her eyes finally landing on him holding two drinks on an upper platform. She waved and made her way to his side.

"Enjoying your new friends?" Corey asked, handing her another Long Island Tea. "I am," Lauren replied out of breath, "they really have a lot of energy!"

"I noticed one of your boyfriends managed to whisk you off your feet."
"You mean Jake? Please, I am probably old enough to legally drink before he was born!" "Oh, Jake now, is it? Still, you seemed to enjoy his skills," Corey grinned.

"He had good moves, yes," Lauren replied decidedly.

"Like when his hands used your ass as a stress ball?"

"Ah, you saw that, huh?" she said sheepishly.

"Yeah. You shut him down awfully quick."

"You almost seem disappointed," Lauren looked at her husband quizzically. Corey slipped his arms around her shoulders. "Maybe. Poor boy probably has blue balls now."

Lauren discretely reached down and felt her husband's crotch. He was hard as a nail. She cocked her head sideways, downed her drink, and licked her lips. "Get me another one of these and I'll make sure you don't meet the same fate tonight." Corey Miller could not find a bartender fast enough.


The side door of the minivan opened and Corey swung his legs outward onto the pavement. In overly dramatic form, he held out a hand for Lauren to grab, which helped steady her until she found footing on the street beside him. They bid the taxi driver goodnight, and turned towards the front of the apartment building, walking slowly and surely. Before pulling away, the driver

stopped briefly to watch Lauren's ass in the tight white jeans sway gently back and forth as her date fondled and squeezed it. Lucky old guy, getting that younger poon. He had seen enough ***** couples in his line of work and that dude would soon be balls deep in pussy.

To even a casual observer, it was clear the pair was liquored up and having a grand time. They had stayed at the club for another couple drinks and some rather amusing dance moves from Corey. At two a.m. they thought it best to take a cab back to the apartment rather than walk.

The pair giggled secretively as they passed the lobby concierge, nodding their heads in acknowledgement to the bespectacled man behind the desk.

Once on the 23rd floor, it took some time for Lauren to find the door fob in her purse, and then promptly dropped it in the hallway. Corey slowly bent his knees, the alcohol making the descent a bit wobbly, causing him to grasp his wife's right leg just below her crotch. His face only inches from her tight, small ass, he slowly sank the remainder of the way to his knees, running his hand down Lauren's leg as he went. Finding the fob at her feet, he made the journey back up the leg with his hand, deliberately taking his time to stand up, and stopping only when his fingers found the camel toe in her jeans. He rubbed them just ever so lightly and
inhaled deeply. Good Lord, Corey could swear he smelled her sex. "You drop something?" he asked. Lauren just giggled again, placed the fob near the handle, leaned in and opened the door.

Inside the apartment, Corey took a quick leak, then fetched two beers from the fridge. He found his wife in the living area swaying unsteadily and staring critically at some cowboy and bucking bronco artwork they had hung earlier that week. Corey deftly opened the beers and handed one to Lauren. "That horse is being ridden hard," Lauren proclaimed slowly, doing her best not to slur the words. "And I'm just the cowboy to do the riding," Corey replied. He eased up behind his wife, then whirled her around, careful not to upset her balance, until they came face to face, noses inches apart. Lauren put her arms around his neck, sloshing some beer from her bottle onto his linen shirt. "That'll cost ya," Corey assured his wife.

Having been teased by those tight jeans all night, he could wait no more. Hand in hand, the couple practically skipped to the bedroom, Lauren laughing hysterically. It wasn't until she found herself facing Corey in front of the bed that she slowed things down and looked deeply into his eyes. She loved him dearly; it meant so much to her that he was here tonight. Lauren took their beers and gently set them on the nightstand. Putting her head against his chest, she melted into him. He enveloped her with his arms. It was a feeling neither wanted to end. Finally, Corey lifted her chin, gazed into his bride's eyes, and kissed her with as much passion as on their first date.

It did not take long before they were undressing each other, not in the hurried way of young lovers, but in a deliberate, let's-savor-the-moment of sweethearts who have long known every nook and cranny of each other's bodies. Having dispensed with Lauren's blouse, Corey removed his shirt and gently pushed her onto the bed. He climbed on top, placing one knee between her legs, and looked down to his wife's face. Caressing her upper body, his fingers lightly traveled along her soft arms, up to her face, around the strapless bra, across her firm tummy, then back. As his right hand brushed by her mouth, Lauren lashed out with her tongue and sucked in his thumb. Corey lowered his face to her chest and slowly began peeling back the top of the bra with his teeth, springing loose Lauren's now erect half inch nipples. He sucked one into his mouth and began gently nibbling. Lauren arched her back in response, pressing her denim camel toe into Corey's slacks strategically placed between her legs. She was clearly heating up. After a few minutes of toying with her breasts, Corey leaned over his wife's face and replaced the thumb in her mouth with his tongue. Lauren relinquished his finger and quickly sucked his tongue in deeply, their lips groping each other hungrily. Lauren reached down and began fingering Corey's nipples in kind. He had always been extremely sensitive there and moaned loudly as he felt his cock stiffen and pulsate.

Tearing himself away from her kisses, Corey knelt in front of his wife, mesmerized by the sight of her hips wrapped tightly by those white sexy denim jeans. He undid the top snap and pulled down the zipper, revealing the lace panties beneath. He inhaled deeply and the unmistakable sweet smell of Lauren's sex hit his nose like a nerve gas. Corey deftly slid her pants off and threw them aimlessly to the floor. Knowing what came next, Lauren removed her bra and threw two fluffy pillows behind her, propped up by the bed's headboard. She leaned forward slightly, placed both hands on the back of her husband's head, and pulled him between her legs. The strong odor of her moistened pussy excited Corey to no end. He pushed the thin panties to one side with his tongue and began slowly licking the neatly trimmed bush before him. The outline of her pubic hair seemed to form an arrow pointing down to the ultimate prize. For several minutes, Corey gave his wife a proper lashing, his tongue darting in and out of her pink slit, chin rubbing against her coarse pubic hairs. Coming up for air, he began to probe her wet hole with his fingers, first one, then two. Lauren's hips began to rotate and roll as she responded to the finger fucking. Copious amounts of fluid began to flow, accompanied by the wet, sloppy sounds of her husband's attacking hand. Corey used the other to spread her labia, finding her clit hard and ready. Continuing to alternate between two and three fingers inside her, Corey began tapping Lauren's clitoris gently. His wife's hips started to buck as the two handed assault took its toll.
"Jesus, Corey. Eeeeee, ah that feels sooooo gooood!" she moaned loudly.

Lauren had never been very animated in bed, and this was about as vocal as she got. Alternating between the tap-tap-tap of his forefinger on her clit and sucking on her pink button, Corey continued the incursion on his wife's pussy, now three fingers deep and drenched in Lauren's juices.

"Keep...doing...that,” Lauren panted. "Oh yes, that's it. Right there. Keep going!"

Without warning, Lauren's entire body began to writhe as an orgasm flowed over her. Grabbing the back of Corey's head with one hand, she forcefully shoved his face between her legs, driving his tongue as deep into her hole as his fingers. Lauren whimpered loudly, stuffing a fist into her mouth to muffle her release. Corey kept his tongue extended, wiggling it up and down as fast as it would go. Lauren's orgasm lasted a good 30 seconds before gently subsiding. Removing a fist from her mouth, she looked down to see Corey's glistening eyes peering up at her from the end of the bed. His face was clearly covered with her juices. Corey chuckled softly, "You know there aren't any kids around to hear us anymore. You don't have to swallow your hand now." Lauren just gave Corey a sultry look, her eyes peeking out from behind those black bangs. "Is the Chairman on duty tonight?" she asked coyly.

A moment of concern flashed across Corey's face, his glazed smile changing to a frown. The vibrator! It was an integral part of their love making now. Where the fuck was the vibrator? Did they leave it back in Des Moines? Correctly interpreting the look of mild panic on his face, Lauren motioned to the bottom section of the chest of drawers sitting parallel to the bed. Corey scrambled comically and began rummaging with determination through the furniture. This caused the still very intoxicated Lauren to giggle again uncontrollably. After a moment, he spun around and grinned, triumphantly raising the large flesh colored vibrating dildo above his head. "Chairman, is that you?" Lauren purred in her sexiest tone, trying to suppress her laughter.

Corey walked back to the bed, discarding his slacks and boxers. The way the mirror was positioned, it provided a reflection of the entire bed. Very kinky, he thought, nice how that worked out. Kneeling before his wife, the vision before him took his breath away. Lauren had removed her panties and her legs were now spread as wide as the 48-year-old could muster, head sunk back into a sea of pillows, and that lovely straight black hair just barely covering each succulent breast. His cock could not have been any harder. He wanted to take her, feel her pussy squeezing his dick, but then realized this would be the last time for a while and he did not want to rush it.

Please...please let the batteries work, Corey begged silently as he turned the bottom of the vibrator to the on position. As he did, the Chairman roared to life, its low hum filling the bedroom with a promise of satisfaction. Using his left hand, he placed the large vibrator against her vulva, slowly moving the head of the device in a circle. When Lauren's breathing began to increase, he knew it was working its magic. After a few minutes of rubber arousal, Lauren needed more. "Talk to me," she pleaded. "Tell me one of your crazy stories." Corey, who was intently suckling her breasts, considered the request. "Mmmm, okay," her husband replied between licks, buying some time. Those stories were usually based on some fact, some scenario they had recently experienced. It had to be somewhat plausible or they'd both laugh too much. A party? A concert? Ah, shit. The evening's booze was really blocking his creativity here. Corey began to search his near-term memory bank, battling the booze; there had to be something. That night's dinner, their strolls around the city, the galleries, it all flashed before him like fuzzy snapshots. He remembered ordering drinks - just the right amount apparently - at the dance club. Lauren's begging him to dance, her swaying sexily with her arms in the air and hips keeping time to the music, mesmerizing both him and even Mr. Friendly with every oscillation. When she got to dancing, she was one of the hottest women on the floor, bar none. Ah, just a minute. Mr. Friendly. Got it.

Scooting up a bit so he could whisper in her ear, Corey continued to partner with the Chairman, keeping its constant vibrations on Lauren's pussy lips and clit. "Did you have fun going out tonight?" he asked softly into his moaning wife's ear.

"Yes. Very much," Lauren breathed, her lips forming a small smile.

"You looked so beautiful, so sexy".

"I'm glad you thought so".

"I did," Corey confirmed. "And I wasn't the only one, you know."

"What do you mean?"

"You turned many heads tonight, shaking that little ass around on the dance floor." Lauren burst out laughing, "Sure I did."

Corey applied more pressure to the vibrator rotating on her clit, turning her laugh to a sigh. "Oh my, that feels so good." There was no doubt the Chairman was getting into a groove. He wasn't quite hitting the mark though. Lauren gently took the vibrator from Corey's hand and strategically positioned it over the spot she alone knew. Her free hand moved to her right breast and began to massage the nipple. His left hand now free, Corey wrapped it snugly around his cock and began to slowly masturbate. For the next few minutes, the bedroom grew quiet as only the sounds of heavy breathing and the whirring of the sex toy could be heard. Lauren finally broke the silence. "They must have been very old men," she surmised.

Corey opened his eyes, momentarily forgetting he had been telling a tale. That had certainly piqued her curiosity. He decided to run with it. "Some were old, but in case you missed it, many young bucks were sneaking a peek as you walked by too."

Lauren grinned. She had noticed. A girl notices those things. "I don't believe you," she replied playfully.

"Really? How about Jake? He seemed to enjoy dirty dancing with you."

"We weren't dirty dancing, silly," she corrected him, "just dancing normal like. He was just being nice."

"No, he was clearly attracted to you. Did you see how he grabbed your ass?" "We were just having fun," Lauren smiled.

"Clearly," Corey retorted. "You know when we both went to pee before leaving the club? I ran into Mr. Friendly in line. I asked him if he was Jake and told him my wife Lauren thought he was a good dancer."

"What? Why would you do that?" Lauren asked, continuing to rub the vibrator against her pussy. She wasn't sure if this was just part of Corey's vivid imagination or not.

"He went a little pale at first, but I assured him it was all good. I asked if he thought you had a nice ass, the one he felt up. As it turns out, you definitely made an impression on him."

"How do you know that?" Lauren whimpered, raising an eyebrow.

Corey paused, then pressed his mouth next to his wife's ear and whispered, "Because he said he'd do you in a heartbeat!"

Lauren's eyes shut tightly, her face grimacing in silence, head sinking deep into the pillow behind her. Then a low guttural moan escaped from her mouth.

"What...why?" she groaned. "Why would you do that? Why would he say that? "Apparently your sexy dancing had an effect on him. Said you were put together very well." "Really?"

Corey pressed on. "Really, and I asked him if he wanted to see just how well."

"Corey, NO you did not," Lauren admonished her husband, albeit very mildly, while the Chairman increased his pace, pumping in and out of her pussy.

"Oh, but I did. I told him he could follow us home and check you out if he wanted."

Lauren was on the edge again now, her left hand plunging the dildo deeper and deeper. The idea of someone other than her husband wanting to see her naked unleashed a very powerful emotion. With her free hand, she yanked Corey's head away from her ear and touched her nose directly to his. Looking him straight in the eyes, Lauren began shaking her head rapidly in disbelief.

"OH my GOD, Corey, noooo you did not! Please tell me you didn't do that".

Corey stared into his wife's eyes. They were on fire. "He was a bright kid. He'd seen your ring and got the idea real fast. I don't think it was the first time a hubby had approached him. He flat out asked me if I wanted him to do you."

Lauren's hips were gyrating uncontrollably now, with most of the Chairman's 10 inches now wholly disappearing inside her with each thrust. The sheets below her were completely saturated as juices flowed freely from her pussy and down the crack of her ass. "What did you tell him?" she demanded, her eyes searching Corey's frantically, tears flowing down her cheeks.

"I told him..."

Lauren hung on her husband's every word, gritting her teeth, growling like a wild animal now, her nose inches from his. She was frothing at the mouth. He knew she was close.

"WHAT DID YOU TELL HIM?" she screamed, eyes boring into her husband's, as spittle peppered his face.

"Absolutely," Corey finally replied firmly. "Absolutely, I want you to do my wife. Dude, I want you to fuck her silly."

With that, Lauren's head jerked back onto the pillows behind her, body quivering uncontrollably, eyes glazed and unfocused. When Corey saw his wife's body thrown into such a state of ecstasy, he moved in for the kill. Grabbing the Chairman from her now limp hand, he knelt between her legs and quickly began jack-hammering the dildo in and out of the sopping hole in front of him. He was amazed at how easily the entire 10 inches glided in and out.

"I love you," Corey's wife gasp, groping her breasts and fingering her nipples.

"Not me you're loving right now," Corey countered. "It's Jake, remember? He came home with us, baby, to give you a proper fucking."

Lauren squealed and raised her hips to match Corey's thrusts as he furiously worked the vibrator in and out of his wife's willing pussy.

"Who's fucking you right now?" Corey demanded.


"No. Jake."

"Jake?" Lauren was delirious, writhing in pleasure.

"Yes. Do you feel Jake's BIG cock driving DEEP into your pussy?" Corey asked, frantically working in all of the buzzing torpedo.

"Oh GOD, Yessss" Lauren hissed.

"See him leaning over you, your legs draped over his shoulders, that hot wet hole gaping as he penetrates you with that big cock."

Corey watched with glee as his wife's hips bucked wildly. "Fucking right. He's absolutely going to wreck that pussy".

"Oh, god, oh god, oh god," Lauren screamed, her fingers rubbing her nipples raw.

"Can you see his chiseled body? Put your hands on his hard, solid pecs, kneed his muscles, feel the power of his tight ass as he drives that cock deep into your twat."

"Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!" Lauren shouted.

"Grab Jake's ass and pull him deeper. He wants to give you his seed. He's grunting now. He's almost there, baby."

Lauren's eyes began to roll back into her head as she imagined the hot young dancer pounding her. "Oh, oh, oh, oh," she repeated with each deep thrust of the vibrator.

"I think he's going to cum, Lauren. He's screaming your name. Tell him what you want him to do!" Corey demanded.

"I want it," Lauren breathed heavily.

"Want what?"

"I want it. I want him to blow in me!" Lauren yelled. "Give me all his love!"

"One...last...push, oh yes! There he goes, my love. Jake's blowing his jizz deep inside you!"

Lauren's entire being flowed over the edge. Her eyes rolled back as she came violently, her hands grasping the pillows behind her head and pulling them to her mouth. "I... am... nnphhh... aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!" the mature wife screamed into the cushions. It was a momentous hip bucking, breasts jiggling, torso shaking orgasm. Corey watched as raw sexual pleasure swept over his wife's body. He was so incredibly pleased that he could help her achieve such happiness.

After regaining her senses, Lauren smiled dreamily at her husband and held out her arms, beckoning him to mount her. It was his turn. Corey smiled back at her eagerly, his 6-inch cock easily sliding into her slick awaiting love canal, having just now been stretched out by an exceptionally large imaginary lover. Even so, once inside, her labia collapsed quickly and tightly around his shaft. Corey began to fuck his wife, slowly increasing the pace of his thrusts to match hers, who was still very much in the throes of a most amazing orgasm. Lauren felt the heft of her husband's body on top as he continued his sweaty pounding of her vagina. His penis felt good, but she knew there would be no orgasm from it. Waiting for Corey's release to build, she glanced across the room and at the mirror above the chest that perfectly captured and reflected the entire scene playing out on the bed. She could see her husband driving his meaty hips between her legs, and his flabby belly slapping into her toned abs. Quite the contrast she bemused, but strangely erotic.

Predictably, after a few minutes, Corey realized he couldn't last much longer. Lauren sensed it too. After all these years, she knew exactly what made him blow, and as he leaned his chest over her face to better leverage their missionary position, she raised her head just enough to touch her lips to his nipples. Corey moaned loudly. "Fuck that feels so good," he whispered. Lauren cooed. She wanted him to fill her up with real semen, not something imagined. Lauren alternated her attention to Corey's nipples, sucking on one, fingering the other. The more Lauren suckled his nipples, the greater Corey's urgency to cum became. He could literally feel the hot spunk working its way up from his balls to his cock. Lauren grabbed her husband's buttocks and drove his penis as deep as it would go. After the assault from the vibrator she could barely feel it, but she knew it would get him off. He would not be long now. The pounding continued, illustrated by the sound of his belly slapping into hers. Corey was now as deep as he could go. When he was at the deepest, he suddenly felt the cum shoot through his cock and explode forcefully into his wife's womb. Lauren felt the blast of semen squirt deep inside her and she squeezed her legs tightly around her husband's hips to coax out every drop. Spent, Corey collapsed gently onto Lauren's chest, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss.

"That was so awesome," Lauren said as she stroked Corey's salt and pepper hair. "You are always so considerate."

"And you are so fucking hot," Corey managed through panting breaths. "I'm just sorry I can't last as long as I used to."

"As long as you can partner with the Chairman like that, you'll have no complaints from me," she said, kissing him.

As their bodies recovered, husband and wife enveloped each other in their arms, shared one final kiss, and gradually drifted off to sleep, both trying desperately to forget this was their final night together for quite some time.