This is a story that was experienced by me when I was just about to go to college and still stayed at home in NYC. My parents were both devout Christians, church going members of various societies and PTA chairwoman at the time. I have often thought about putting my experience down but shied away until now. I live away from home now but hope you all enjoy my own story of the experience I had. Maybe some other readers can relate to what happened but at the time this sort of interracial relationship unlike today was frowned upon and anyone found to be involved in it would have faced ridicule and banishment almost immediately. If you don’t like this type of thing don’t read it, it’s as simple as that.

Ruth is my mothers name, she has shoulder length hair, a firm sexy body and a well cared for figure that she likes to show off in nice clothes. With Green eyes, blonde hair and red full lips she looks flawless even to me as her son. She is the type of woman that when you see her you don’t forget her in a hurry. A lot of the other mothers when I was at school were always jealous sounding of her, of her looks, her alour as I heard them say many times as I passed when they didn’t think I could hear or maybe were saying it so I did hear!

When I was in college, several of my friends commented, with a dreamy look in their young eyes, that I sure had a really good looking Mom. She would wander around the house in a pair of tight short shorts and a tee-shirt that fit a little too tight and really accented her full, firm tits, her nipples poking out invitingly. I’m sure they didn't need any support as they looked so firm, but she wore a bra anyway.

Brad, my father, who is a bit bald, overweight but still is a very hard and dedicated working man who is often away on extended business trips leaving myself and Mom alone for several days at a time. My mother is very much in love with him as he is with her, and they have been married for over twenty years. By all accounts it has been a very happy marriage and when he is home, I often see them hugging, kissing and squeezing each other. They obviously took their wedding vows very seriously feeling it was damning to even think about straying.

I was in my senior year in high school where after classes in the afternoons I had a part time job working at the local supermarket 3 days a week and wouldn't get home until around 6 or 7pm. For seniors, school was usually out by 1:30pm. As I reported in for work on Wednesday the manager called me over and told me that he wanted me to work on Saturday so I could have that night off, I didn’t mind as Saturday shift would pay better, rather than that day so I left and headed home. On the way home I dropped by the video store to see what the new DVD's were and spent close to an hour there browsing. When I got home I was in for a real shock, a happening that both dumbfounded and excited me just watching.

For over twenty years, my mom Ruth had led a very respectable and admirable life, now highly respected in the community and even Chairperson of the prestigious Women's League. I was standing watching what was going on thinking 'My God, how could she have let this happen? After more than twenty years, a long twenty years ...and now it seemed it all been for nothing with what I was now seeing! A young black guy who must have been just a teenager himself was fucking her on the sofa in our home. I watched as she used words like I had never heard her or dad use before ever, being good Christian people. I peered through the gap in the door and watched the scene unfold before me

"Cock me, stud ...cock me! Fuck me......fuck me hard with that big fat cock of yours! Screw me ……...cock me good you fucker!.......go on fucking give it to me .....HARDER YOU CUNT!"

And when he had her hips held in his big black hands he lifted her butt off the sofa then she squealed

"OHHHHHHH, YESSSSSS...oh, God, YESSS! Fuck me.......cock meeeee .Cock me good!..........cock meeee you big cocked fuck you!!"

The teenage guy who was fucking my mom before my very eyes laughed as he gave my mom the kind of fucking that she obviously needed and craved.

Cock me, stud, cock me properly like only you can you bastard!.............Go on you fucker give me that cock...give it to me!'

Was not anything I had ever heard her utter to my father in over twenty years, and in our house you heard everything when in bed at night I mean everything! I’m certain even when she had been courting my dad, he had never heard that expression out of her. But this wild unbridled fucking that that this teenage stud was giving to her had her totally into it.

Could he even Impregnate her? Hell the thought that she could be getting knocked up by her young stud had me as horny as fuck. I returned to watching my own cock now rock hard and my young balls as tight as fuck as I furiously rubbed myself through my pants. I heard him say;

Knew I could fuck you bitch, yo was wanting my big cock from moment ya saw me wid your friend down at da shop!...all a had to do was make da offer an yo just acted like a flick knife one touch o ya ass yo legs flew open ready for ma big dick didn’t it ho!

My mother Ruth was panting like a dog in heat as he fucked her good, real good better than any magazine or porn DVD I had watched even at my young age.

"Cock me, just fucking cock me stud......cock me!...shove it in me! Fill my married cunt with that fat cock! Yes!...yes!......give it to me...fuck me harder .....go on fuck me harder you cunt!!"

My mom’s year as Chairperson of the Women's League coming to a conclusion over the summer, and her leadership at the church would be seriously questioned if any of those other upstanding woman could see her now I remember thinking, or indeed her married sate if my dad caught her. I however couldn’t care less as I watched this stud give my mom a right good fucking seeing too. I watched as he looked down into my mom’s beautiful face and leering at her naked body, before telling her confidently and assuredly;

"You need it bad, don't you, Ruth needed a really good FUCKING didn’t you huh?...obviously the old man doesn’t fuck you like I am, does he now? What's wrong slut cat got yer tongue? Your old man got a tiny dick has he then eh"

As he laughed, I watched my mom panting, moaning and grunting like some two bit ***** in one of the porn flicks I’d seen at a friends house, shaking her head as if to say no. He laughed loudly as he grunted before moving his hands off of her hips he had been holding and moving them upwards to grip her swollen pointed nipples between thumb and finger and pulling on them as he confidently stated;

"If you didn't need a good wouldn't have answered the door with no bra on under your knew you filthy cow, that the cold would have your nipples standing on end in had just wanted to tease little old me with your nipples visible under your dress, didn't you slut?"

My mom was by now panting for breath as she sought to put up some sort of resistance, wanting to make it appear that she was not some two-bit *****! And when he asked again

"You want this, don't ya Ruth!.....You want me to touch you like this, don't you, you fucking married *****?"

Closing her eyes my mom shivered with pleasure, once again she managed to shake her head as if to say 'No' to put up some sign of reluctance. But that was when my mom was faced with a bit of a dilemma when the brazen young stud stopped suddenly and said

"I guess I should stop if you don't like me touching you like this ..............................I'll stop now .....................unless you tell me now you want it, no BEG me for it...I’m gone and you can forget about getting it ever again!!"

Shaking her head back and forth, mentally saying 'No', but her hands were pulling him back into her willing cunt. Seconds later, the white heels she had on were back up around his back wrapped around his body holding him to her. Now I watched his black hands on her bare ass cheeks, his strong arms easily lifting her up and placing her on the dining table in our front room. I saw her then move her hands between their merging bodies as he told her;

"Take hold of it for me, Ruth! Take hold of it and put it back in to your married cheating slut pussy!"

"Oh, my Goddddddd!..Oh fuck!"

My mom exclaimed, I looked between their bodies myself and could just see her hand grab hold of his cock, her hand would not even fully encircle the thick cock that this young stud possessed between his legs. From where I stood in the kitchen looking between the wall and door I myself could see it pulsate in her hand, it was as if it visibly jumped to attention at her touch.

Hands now back on her hips, the young stud easily pulled my mom forward to the edge of the table, right onto the knob end of his cock, caused her to cry out again as he started to fill her up again.

"Ahhhhh! Oh, Godd!...It’s so biggg goooodd! Oh, Robbie you fucker....cock me ......cock meeeeeee .......ooooh goood please... please... please ...cock meeeeeeee!"

Her wish was obviously his command as he leaned forward and plunged his cock in balls deep causing her to cry out in ecstasy

"Oh yesss! .....oh yeahhsss! .......ahhhhh fuck me!.........God almighty forgive me but for fucks sake... yesssssssssssssssss!"

This fuck session was fast and furious upon that dining table as it thumped, banged and scraped across both floor and wall again and again. Robbie had a hold of her trim legs that encircled his waist, my moms white stiletto high white heels locked together behind his back trying to pull him in even deeper each time he trust his thick black rigid cock into her cheating married white cunt. As our dining room table rattled from the avid fucking that was happening upon it, they were both straining and shuddering against one another, and then I saw my mom’s eyes bulge, her head thrown back, she yelled loudly and started to really shake! I thought she was having a siezour but obviously I now know it was an orgasm of mind blowing proportion. At exactly that moment Robbie unleash his hot potent black seed deep inside my mom’s fertile womb. Finally, after minutes of resting upon the beauty as they both laid limply upon our dining table, Robbie's deflated cock slipped on out of her cunt, as I watched my mom’s gaping cunt clearly visibly gaped it started to pulsate which in turn caused a thick flowing mess of their co-mingled juices onto the top of the table. I meanwhile had released my own pent up juices into my underwear and a large wet stain was rapidly appearing on the from of my pants. I left briefly to see if there were any clean ones in the wash room out at the back door.

I returned several minutes later fresh underwear and pants on to fin Robbie lifting her up, and then I watched as he led her out of the living room door and out of sight. I waited for several minutes and entered the living room, as I passed the table the unmistakable smell of what I now know was sex had wafted into my nostrils, and as I glanced at the table there for all to see was a large puddle of cum laying on top of the highly polished surface like a small blancmange!

I often recall when beating my cock at nights after this event with some joy how the young stud just loved calling my mom by her first name, especially when he had his long thick cock buried deep inside her or while ejaculating his hot potent seed into her fertile womb, often telling her just how he was going to get her 'knocked up' or ‘wont be long till iv’e knocked you up with a black baby bitch!’.

As I crept past the living room as quietly as I could I could hear my Mom and Robbie obviously now in the marital bedroom I could hear them clearly the bed squeeing and groaning under them. I crept closer and peered between door jamb and door to once again watch my mom and her black cocked stud fuck her on hers and dads bed. My cock was already hard again and throbbing inside my pants so much I daren’t touch it for fear of loosing another load inside my fresh clothes.

"Cock me, stud fill my married cunt with your cock and seed again pleeeeease!....please cock me.....knock me up with your little black baby!"

I was aghast at the thought that my mom would want to get pregnant by this young stud how the fuck would she explain that to my dad?

"Oh it’s cumming Ruth, it’s cumming!.....ahhhh, yeah that's it slut take my big cock you *****! .............I’m gonna knock you up good you fucking married slut then your hubby will have to bring up my black baby, and then the next and the next one you white breeding *****!……. Ahhhhh yesssss! That’s it bitch take my cock balls deep I can feel it banging the back of your womb pushed right past your cervix slut! ….how that feel you fuckin ho?!"

After a while the bed stopped creaking and he climbed off the bed, rolled my mom over so she was laid on her back, bollock naked pulled her head over the bed end, so I could see right along her body, it was covered in sweat and as her head got to the edge of the bed it tilted back her mouth opened and Robbie unceremoniously stuffed his cock into her open mouth. All I could see was his balls swinging between his legs and muffled gurgling sounds from my mom as he face fucked her. Every now and then he pulled it out and eased a few inches in and |I could see my mom’s mouth working away on his shaft and her tongue flick out and lick all over his balls. On those occasions Robbie would just moan softly and groan at her.

"Ohhhh, yeah, yo sweet slut..........that's it slut, you suck it! Suck it good!"

Then Robbie was kneeling upon the bed with his cock embedded in her throat whilst he licked, sucked and rubbed at her clit with his hands. In between mouthfuls of cock my mom would be moaning constantly.

"Ohhhhhh, Goddddd!..oh, my Goddd!.......ahhhh ......ohhh .......ahhh!"

As I watched him use his long tongue wiggling it up and around her tenderised cunthole. Not long after this he climbed off her and grabbing her by the ankles, he pulled her onto the centre of the bed, flipped her over. Kneeling up on the bed, pushing her knees up and wide, he then shuffled forward to get into place.

"Oh, Goddd Jesus god almighty!.....ohhhh, fucking bastard .....oh God damn you fuck me you cunt... FUCK ME NOW!!"

The horny fucker had her really wanting it now, giving her the kind of fucking that she so craved, so obvious that it was so different from the what must have been the mundane dull and boring love-making with my dad.

"Oh, God...ooooohh..fuck me.....fuck meeee harder, harder, fuck me like the ***** I am, fill me with black cock, fill my belly with your black seed give me that black baby you bastard!!"

Eyes closed, my mom was clutching at the young stud with arms and legs wrapped around his black body, trying to arch her cunt further up onto his cock, he stopped thrusting allowing my mom to do the work. She thought there was something wrong obviously as she began to panic almost shouting at him;

"What's wrong? What's wrong? Why are you stopping Robbie...please don’t stop Robbie I need to be fucked hard!.. you promised Robbie fuck me properly like only you can!"​

"Beg me, bitch ........................just like before!...

"Cock me, you bastard ................................cock meeeeeeeeee .......................................fuck me with that big black cock of yours!"

My mom, Ruth cried out as she arched up, trying to get him to resume fucking her. And when he lifted up, withdrawing seven full inches before slicing her pulsating slit with it once again, she cried out

"Yesss!......oh fuck, fuck, fuck!... yesss!......cock me, you bastard give me that cock,...give it to mee! Ahhhh, yesssss that's it fuck it righ up my married cunt you bastard!....ohh, ohh so fucking good!...FUCKING GIVE ME THAT COCK!"

As the young stud fucked my mom as hard as he could my mom was frantic when he stopped. I could see her panicked expression as she looked right at him pulling his ass into her saying;

"Don’t stop, please don’t stop just give me that cock...fuck me, fuck me you bastard .............give me your big fat cock to mee!"

"Beg me to knock you up, bitch! Beg me to make you pregnant you married *****, hubby aint gonna be any use to you now bitch! beg me to breed you slut..that's if you want me to continue!"

I could see my mom grit her teeth grab his ass even harder and hump herself up onto his big cock as she groaned and yelped like a slapped puppy.

"Do it, you bastard! it!..knock me up with a little black bastard! Fuck your little black bastard up in me!...give me you black seed again!….I am yours now you fucker give me your black seed so I can be a true black cock slut again Robbie!"

That was what Robbie her young stud wanted to hear and man did he ever fuck her, she got the fucking that she needed so badly, arching up high as the bastard buried his thick young cock all the way up to the hilt, ejaculating his young fertile baby making black seed in her womb as she screamed out in ecstasy.

Although my mom had gotten the fucking that she needed so badly, her getting up to leave was out of the question, Robbie obviously intended fucking her until my dad was due home. And fuck her till then he did, giving it to her fast and furious and often! I watched my mom take that virile young black cock from behind, riding her new black stallion, then I watched her being butt-fucked, and with her mouth full of cock she looked at him as he told her

"You had better dream up something to tell your hubby as to why you're you going to have a regular meeting you need to attend every Tuesday night in future bitch. I’d say say from 6 to 10 in the evening! That is, unless you want your hubby to learn what yo been up to from some mysterious phone call OK slut!”

Her humiliation was not over as yet, as the young stud pulled his cock out of her willingly sucking ***** mouth just as his throbbing cock belched out its slimy goo right onto her face and down the front of the ruckled up dress around her belly. I watched for a few more minutes then made my way outside until I saw Robbie leave. I went back inside about twenty minutes later to find my mom had been cleaning up the mess they had made.

The dining table had been wiped down, polished and the bed had been stripped, as I could see it was in the washing machine. I never said anything just walked in and went to my room as was the norm, when dad came home about an hour later Mom had showered, and tidied up with no trace of her lover left for him to find or suspect at least I’m sure she was praying to her god that was true.

Two weeks later, after having prepared her husband about becoming active once again with her woman's aid group through the church. I watched as my mom left the house, Knowing where she was going I waited a few minutes and made my own excuses about meeting a friend and got up, left the house and followed my mom into the night.

There was no aid group meeting, but she did have a meeting, one up in a local hotel where the young stud worked, entering through a back door where they met every Tuesday night where my mom was a black cock slut, unfaithful to my dad and didn’t care one bit going by her actions. This would continue for another eighteen months, till Robbie left for college.

The end.
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