My Wife becomes my Fem-Dom!

Requested by a reader for himself, it follows his slide into becoming a dominated husband with ejaculation denial until he finally loses that ability totally. His wife’s domination and slide into herself being dominated by big black cocks and the pleasure they both derive from this new lifestyle. Contains rough sex, bi-sexuality, interracial sex and cock and ball torture so if its not your thing pass on bye please, the rest of you enjoy please!

Hi my name is Darren I am a forty eight year husband to my wife who’s is called Susie, she is a year younger than me. We have been married for twenty years and our two kids both twenty five, who we had early in our marriage, have left home, and live almost five hours away in opposite directions! so we are alone in the house.

Like all relationships, I suppose, we went at sex like rabbits when we first met, it was anywhere, anytime, any-place from our meeting, courting and in our first years of marriage. However after the kids came along, it went from every day to every week, then once a month and now it was almost birthdays and Christmas or special occasions. Now it’s not that we don’t love one another but sex had become stale after so many years, we just concentrated on work and in the bringing up our kids, sex just went out the door as it
does in many relationships.

We had been sitting one day chatting when the subject came up and we decided we needed to try and spice things up, try and get our old desires back. Well we tried role-play, toys and various ideas and it was exciting once again. Susie’s favourites included, using dildo’s or vibrators while talking dirty, and about other men fucking her in front of me. Mine was when I was being subservient to her while she was being fucked by these other men. Anyway it was all good fun, nothing other than fantasies between two middle aged adults.

After a while it was obvious that Susie was really enjoying being a dominant female, she would get me to eat her pussy, fingering, licking and sucking her to orgasms, while denying me the release of my own orgasm. I too began too enjoy this pleasurable but at time painful situation. As this line of her pleasure grew over several months, I had introduced more and larger dildos, vibrators and butt plugs to our sessions, which were becoming almost every second day or night by then. Weekends were almost a constant orgasmic session for Susie who became ever more demanding.

For my own part I was becoming more and more aroused at being the subservient husband, only there to pleasure my wife at her wish. As the dildos and toys got bigger thicker and longer Susie would have me eat her sloppy wet pussy out loudly. Making lewd slurping noises only aroused her state even more. I was only allowed to fuck her once she was sated enough and was not allowed to cum inside her only on her belly before licking it all up, whist cleaning her wet sodden pussy for her. This pleasurable but frustrating part of our sex sessions became a regular and permanent thing after only four months. I was left to wank myself off when she wasn’t there into a hankie or into the toilet bowl, but god it was so good, at the same time as being frustratingly arousing.

After these initial months Susie would at times wank me off but always stopped, edging I think it is called, she would get me to the point of cumming then stop. Watching my cock twitch, throb and pulse before shrinking without cumming. She was enjoying the power she had over the controlling of my orgasms. She would use vibrators on my balls and my cock as well as expertly using her hands to wank me. I could see the pleasure she was having seeing the frustration etched all over my face as I was desperate to cum.

The more practice she got the better she became at reading my body and the signs I was giving out that I was about to cum. The tension in my legs, the shortening of my breaths and the way my hips and buttocks would tense or thrust up in a vain attempt to take myself over the edge. Susie learned very quickly that if she squeezed the head of my cock just before I came the pain that exerted would stop me from cumming and my cock would shrink and soften a little. After a minute or two she would start again and take me to the edge once more and once more she would deny me, until I was begging, pleading her to be allowed to cum. She really started to seriously get off on the control she had over my orgasm and she sensed, or rather knew I would keep coming back for more. Susie would just laugh and leave me to beat myself off ensuring I cleaned up all my own cum no matter where it landed, bed, her body, my own body etc. I had to ensure I cleaned it all up.

After another couple of months of this continued torture, which I loved if I’m being honest, the denial only seemed to heighten my pleasure even without release. Finally it got to the stage that when I came it was almost a dribble, thin and watery. Susie was by now ultimately controlling when I came and took great pleasure in spoiling my orgasms, leaving me even more frustrated but more and more compliant each time she did it. During this I become so horny I just want to eat her out, or use her dildos and vibrators on her to ensure I get plenty of her juices to lap up, thus giving my lovely wife even more pleasure.

All was going well until Susie came home one day unexpectedly and caught me masturbating trying to relieve my pent up frustration. I was also watching porn where a well hung black guy was pounding a white wife while her wimp husband watched and wanked himself off. I was at the point of release when Susie opened the office door and caught me with my cock in hand, and my cum dribbling out of the end onto the laminated office floor. She stood and pointed to the mess and without saying a word I got down and licked it all up, god I could tell she was fuming just by the look on her face. I was in the shit, and I knew it.

Two days later I found out how mad she was when she came home from work took out a package told me to strip naked and proceeded to present me with my new life in chastity. I found myself with my family jewels encased in a chastity cage that encaged both my balls and my cock in a very tight space. Her smile once it was fitted was one of sheer menace. I knew then I was about to become a dominated husband just not how dominated was what worried me. I didn’t have long to wait to find out. The routine at nights and weekends changed quickly to one where I would fuck her with ever bigger and larger strap on dildos. while I was still in chastity.

It fitted around my waist and thighs and allowed various strap on dildos to be added, whichover several weeks got larger, thicker, longer and more gnarled until I was fucking her with a rubber cock that was twelve inches long and several inches in girth. Her cunt was all loose and sloppy almost constantly, as she made me fuck her every night and spare minute of the day when we weren’t either working, doing housework (well I did most of it by then any-ways) or sleeping.

Meanwhile my cock which had started out being extremely sore when aroused being confined inside its cage during my strap on fucking of my wife Susie, was now almost constantly flaccid even during the rampant fuckings I was giving her. I wasn’t even getting to the point of cumming any more she had totally ruined them.

To start with being in chastity I had still cum even if it had been painful but after several weeks I was down to just week feeble dribbling when I came. Now after almost two months I hardly even came at all maybe just a small dribble drop occasionally but apart from that I wasn’t allowed or permitted to cum at all.

This just made me even more frustrated and extremely horny, not being allowed to cum my balls ached almost constantly and my cock rarely even got aroused now, but I still had all the erotic thoughts and aroused myself in my mind just not in my groin area which seemed as if it had stopped becoming aroused by itself. Now my lovely sexy wife has started leaving me caged while she also experimented with a new clear plastic cock sleeve that she would squeeze my caged cock into. This then gave me an impressive length and girth

I could fuck her with but I could feel absolutely nothing. Even though I was thrusting away as fast and as hard as I could I couldn’t take myself over the edge and cum. I can fuck her over and over taking her to screaming orgasms many times in one session, but I get no release at all.

I am totally and utterly orgasm free by this point, god I love this woman but she has become my Fem-Dom wife and I won’t be allowed to forget it. I could see where this was going to end up and just couldn’t stop it even if I had wanted too which I didn’t! As Susie demanded more and more cocks bigger and thicker ones I knew she would eventually tire of the rubber ones and want the real thing. That decision was made one fateful night as I was banging her with her recent acquisition a twelve inch five inch thick dildo as my cock cage rubbed furiously against my limp dick and saggy balls in that confined space, no feelings left after my cock and balls being denied release for so long now.

I have a mate at work, Leroy, who is a big black guy and having seen his cock in the wash-room I knew his would fill her right up. One fuck session while I was pounding away at the loose and baggy pussy, I mentioned that I knew of a guy who had a real cock as big if not bigger than the one I was now using on her and so she ordered me to ask him to fuck my wife for me. God I was so embarrassed but the domination that Susie had over me was completed to the fullest that day. I recall Leroy grinning from ear to ear as I quietly asked him to please fuck my wife Susie for me, and only after I had asked him louder so that any of the other guys at work that were in the toilet at that time and there were a few, could hear me beg him to fuck my wife for me.

My face was burning red as I walked out after doing the deed. Not only with shame but absolute pride at how dominated I had become by my wife Susie’s demands, and sexual lust that required me to ask in the first place.

Having arranged for Leroy to come round as soon as possible Susie dressed appropriately for him in Basque, stockings, stilettos and no knickers and had me shave her pussy clean for his pleasure. Then she made me eat her pussy out until he arrived, a whole hour later, my jaw ached so badly but at least my wife’s cunt was sodden wet with anticipation of his big black cock filling her cunt to the brim as she desired. That first time was like nothing I had ever imagined, Leroy came in the door my wife laid back on our sofa legs spread and simply said,

“Leroy fuck this cunt now!”

He wasted no time in stripping off, his big thick cock was hard almost instantly at the sight of her spread out like the cheap ***** that she wanted him to treat her like. God he pummelled my wife so fucking hard I thought the sofa would break. When he came in her that first time he pulled me over onto my knees shoved my face into her cunt and made me eat her out, cleaning duties he called it. I lapped up his and her mixed cum like a little puppy and when my wife as clean he pulled me up onto my knees and stuck his cock in my mouth and made me clean his cock and balls up too.

I was so excited I even felt a dribble of cum escape my caged cock at that moment. I slurped, sucked and licked all over that huge cock and balls while my wife Susie and Leroy called me names like wimp, bitch-boy, cock-sucking bitch, sissy slut. I just lapped it up. I was really into this being a sub hubby by then and their name calling only made it all the better for me.

After I cleaned up both of them, Leroy shoved me aside and I was sprawled on the living room floor as he positioned Susie over the edge of the sofa arm, shoving her head down onto the seat part, her ass stuck up in the air. It was so Inviting, I could see her gaped cunt, all slippery and wet still despite my clean up job as Leroy bent her over and spread her legs wide. What a wonderful sight as I lay on the floor, My wife Susie her Basque pulled down over her tits allowing them to hang beneath her as she leant over the sofas arm. Her stocking clad legs already stained with her own and Leroy’s love juices and her black stilettos just seemed to make her legs and ass all the more gorgeous.

I could hardly wait to watch Leroy take ownership of her body again, but he slapped and slid his cock all over her wet cunt, he spat on her asshole a few times before pushing it up against her tight rosebud of her asshole. However it was too tight and he ordered me to get him some lube, I almost ran to the bathroom and then into our bedroom until I found some lubricant in the shape of baby oil on her dresser. Leroy poured a large amount over her asshole and his cock then recommenced taking her virgin ass in front of me.

Susie groaned loudly as he began pushing his swollen cock-head into her virgin asshole, her legs shook, her ass cheeks quivered and her body trembled. Her tits bounced around swinging and jiggling as Leroy shoved more and more of his cock into her asshole. Susie was grunting and moaning like a stuck pig by then, and I was almost shaking with lustful thoughts myself.

My own cock and balls still wouldn’t respond though and my anguish was heightened by the fact I couldn’t get it up any-more so just lay there watching a real man take full ownership of my Fem-Dom wife for me. Leroy fucked the shit out of her ass for the next half hour, Susie had several orgasms her whole body convulsing as he kept fucking her calling her a slut, a *****, a tart and telling her he owned her every fuck hole now. Susie could only moan and gasp’

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

As my work colleague fucked the living daylights out of her. After he came inside her bowels once again I was dragged over to clean both of them up, it wasn’t as nasty as I feared the pungent smell and taste of ass, cum and cock was rather enjoyable and I was soon lapping, sucking and licking them both clean. I had the enjoyable pleasure of doing that several more times that evening until Leroy left in the early hours.

As he left I had to stand at my door totally naked outside on the step and thank him for servicing my wife for me, all the while my only cover being the metal cock cage that encased my family jewels of balls and my unfeeling cock. Susie laughed at me as she held the door so I couldn’t step back inside until Leroy was a fair distance away. But not before she asked him to ensure he asked as many of his big black cocked friends that would or could come around to fuck her as I stood shivering on the footpath outside the door for anyone who passed to witness my total humiliation.

If I thought that was bad, next day at work was even worse, I am sure every man at work and most of the woman knew about Leroy and my wife. Some men even asked if it were true while Leroy stood beside me I had to acknowledge the fact verbally as Leroy wouldn’t let me just nod. God it was embarrassing but I loved it in reality. The sheer terror, the fear of realisation that I was a dominated husband not only to my wife but all my work colleagues, friends and everyone there only made what pleasure I derived from it be even more pleasurable.

I love being a Dom hubby to my Fem Dom is good again at last. Now I hope Leroy has some other big cocks lined up for Susie soon, real soon, maybe even tonight, Oh more cock and pussy to clean I am a lucky Dom Hubby aren’t I?

So move on a couple of months and Susie, my Fem-Dom Wife, is now a big black cock loving slut she just loves to be dominated herself by the big black cocked men like Leroy and his friends who now regularly fuck my wife almost every day and night. Susie and myself don’t mind it has made us a better couple and as long as they give her multiple orgasms in her big, stretched out, loose cunt both of us love this new mature life we live. I would never feel anything even if I did or were permitted to penetrate her.

We are still madly in love with each other. She is dominant to me, I am permanently in my cage now, and only am permitted to remove it while Susie is present to ensure personal hygiene. I don’t ever cum now at all, and my cock and balls are just for peeing and show Susie says and I’m happy with that. Susie, well she is submissive to her black bulls and loves to be used by them.

All her bulls treat me with respect outside our home, the talk at work has died away although everyone knows Leroy is still fucking my wife and I am okay with that, they are not, I am certain of it, aware of all the other men that fuck her as Leroy said he wouldn’t gloat after that initial time as long as he could keep fucking my slut of a wife. I readily agreed and encourage not only him but his big cocked black friends to fuck her as often and as frequently as possible I just love watching and listening to her being pounded by big cocks it’s so amazing.

The End….maybe?
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