In the upcoming chapters, you will see how I transformed a sweet loving wife Beth into a cum slut. If you have not read Beth’s Super Bowl Gang Bang please do it will give you the background for this story.

I apologize that the first 2 chapters are very long. They will give you the complete background on the upcoming story.

beth tit .jpgBeth is a beautiful blonde, 40- year-old. She has a great body, 5' 5" with full 34 C boobs, and an infectious personality. Wherever we go, she lights up the room and is the center of attention. We always joke that she is the life of the party. Believe me, she gets plenty of attention from men. Most of the time, she is clueless to the fact that they want to get in her pants.

My name is Joe and I am going to chronicle a story about the most amazing few weeks of my life.

In months after her gang bang something had changed a bit. Our relationship had subtly changed. Maybe Beth was giving out some kind of signal as her sex life wasn't quite what she would like. Beth and Pete had sex, but over the months it had gotten a bit stale and she never enjoyed sex with him. He was also not caring at times when it came to Beth’s needs, occasionally leaving her high and dry after his orgasm.

Over the last few months, Beth and I had been flirting a bit and there were some innocent hugs and pecks on the cheeks but nothing more. We made time to see each other at the Lakeside boat house. Beth made sure I could see her in her Light Purple String Cheeky Bikini and a couple of times she sunbathed topless. A few she let me catch her changing. One time I caught her changing she was in a Lace Leopard Print bra & panties and a few times I would let Beth catch me in my briefs, with my back turned. Along with this, we had seen each other many times in pajamas so we were quite comfortable with each other.

Our first texts were tentative, a gentle back and forth of getting to know one another and our secret desires. Steadily the amount of texts we exchanged increased and the topics got a little more suggestive.

I thought for a second and remembered one of their early conversations. Beth had once said she wanted to feel dominated. Something clicked in his head. This had always been a fantasy of hers. Her husband didn't have a dominant bone in his body. She could never ask him. But the sexual conversations with me just made it easier.

I requested for her to a send sexy nude which had gone from a downright 'no' to me contemplating if she could do that. She had never sent a risqué photo of herself, not even to her husband Pete, and there I was wondering how to capture the best part of me for you. The first picture she sent was her standing fully nude.

One night Beth, Pete, and I met for drinks. Beth selected a Red Sequin Backless Bodycon V Neck Dress it a very deep back and it had to be worn without a bra. There were cups in front to hold the boobs. Beth was looking very sexy in it. It was supposed to be a bunch of friends but instead because of schedules, it ended up just us three.

It was at the Lakeside Country Club. We sat and stood at the bar and talked and at some point, the conversation turned to sex. Over the last few weeks, Beth and my comfort levels became more open. Beth told me on their honeymoon in Mexico, Pete made her answer the door in just a Black Sheer Sexy Illusion Bodystocking when the waiter came to deliver their food. And on one occasion, Pete made her go topless on the beach when a young boy passed by. This also continued when they first moved into their house. After showing off her body to others at parties and other places Pete used to get excited and that night they used to have wild sex which Beth also liked. As we consumed our drinks, the conversation became very open and honest. We talked about a bunch of very personal things that surprised Pete. Things like whether we like oral sex, whether Beth liked swallowing 4 loads at the Super Bowl Party. “Mmm God Yes! She replied.

I asked when she had her last vaginal orgasms. “The day after the Super Bowl when you fucked me."

We talked about sexy lingerie, and then the killer when Beth said "My husband and I don't have nearly enough sex!" This was said luckily when Pete went to the bathroom otherwise he would have felt very bad. The night continued and we even danced a bit. Our conversation had taken its toll on us as Beth and I were much touchier than normal in public. Whether it was just standing a little too close in the crowded bar knowing her sexy ass was up against me dancing, it seemed we were always touching lightly.

During one dance I practically placed my hand on Beth’s ass and later shifted on her back. I held Beth tight whenever Pete was not watching or was out of the room. I would pull her close to me and at times Beth could feel my crotch with a little bulge on her stomach and her boobs used to get pressed against my chest. The night ended and we parted as friends with a warm hug. Both of us however from that point on seemed to join a tighter bond with each other and there was a stronger sexual tension that had never been there before. Whether it was the innocent touches or the frank sexual discussion I didn't know.

A few weeks later we made plans to meet at South Coast Plaza. Beth had to pick up some clothes after work and I also had to do some shopping. Beth was enjoying the quiet cup of coffee at the coffee outlet. I sat down, got coffee and we chatted. After some innocent chatter, Beth mentioned that she needed to shop, I offered to walk with her since I also had to shop. As we walked we chatted a bit but nothing sexual. Then we entered a Nike store as Beth needed to get some sneakers. As She sat down, Beth realized I was sitting directly across from her. As she tried on a couple of pairs, I was gazing at her shapely legs as they parted. Now I knew she was feeling a little horny and she decided to lead me on a bit. My view wasn't all that because the skirt she was wearing wasn't that short but Beth made sure her legs spread apart each time she tried on a pair and flashed me a few times before settling on a pair. We left the store and walked around looking for another store.

As we walked Beth thought about teasing me a little more as it felt pretty comfortable teasing me in a place like this where there were a lot of people walking around and no one knew us. The next store was Bloomingdale's, Beth was looking for some skirts and tops to wear to work and I was looking for shorts to play golf in. We picked out a few sizes each and headed towards the changing rooms. The salesgirl gave us two rooms next to each other and as Beth went in, she told me that she wanted my opinion on what she was buying.

Beth started by removing her skirt and putting on a pair of Belted High Waist Mini Wrap Shorts, she then came out of the room and knocked on my door. I opened it a bit and to her surprise, I was standing in just my briefs. I had yet to put on my golf shorts. Although it caught Beth a little off guard, she did not react as she had seen me a couple of times before nude. Of course, Beth could not help staring at my crotch my erection was in progress and she knew I was big. Beth asked if the shorts fit nicely and I said they were nice but maybe I should get a smaller size which would do justice to her sexy ass.

Beth then jokingly said that maybe we should both try the other clothes together to save the effort of going between rooms to show our stuff to each other. That was enough for me, I just picked up my stuff and we both squeezed into Beth’s cubicle. I could see the salesgirl smirk!

I was feeling horny and I knew Beth was feeling very naughty by now. She proceeded to slip off the shorts she just tried on. She also removed her shirt and stood there checking out herself in the mirror. Beth looked up and me. I kissed her softly on the lips. Beth stood still for a second and then responded by kissing me back. She told me that my briefs looked great and then I commented that Beth looked very sexy in the Black and Pink Floral Lace Semi Sheer Bow Bra & Thong. Beth then pulled on the smaller shorts and turned around to see in the mirror. These were white as well as being too tight in the crotch and realized with a shock that her panties were wet and it showed through the pants. I told her those were better, now it's my turn to put on the show. I pulled down my golf shorts but as I did not remove the top button, it ended up in my briefs came down too and the start of my cock could be seen. I did not attempt to pull up my briefs and instead nonchalantly pulled on the golf shorts. Finally, after a couple of more trials, we both got dressed, paid for our items, and left the store.

By now I hoped Beth was feeling very horny, not that I was going to do anything about it but it had turned out to be a very nice shopping experience. Then as we walked and commented about the conversation we had in the bar, one thing we had chatted about was a thong. I asked how sexy they were and she mentioned that she did not have any since her husband Pete didn't seem to like them. With a mischievous smile then I lead Beth into Victoria's Secrets and started to look through the panties. Beth is a little shy but was more embarrassed as I went through picking out different ones, finally, she agreed to a Blue Floral String Thong Panties, Silky Lilac Lace-Trim Thong Panties and a Floral Embroidery Flyaway Babydoll Set.

I paid for them and handed Beth the bag, with a naughty smile I said that for buying them someday she should let me see how they looked, I even mentioned that I should get to see them before her husband Pete did. Beth shyly laughed and said not here, of course, I answered maybe someday when I had the chance. Beth’s quick response of not here pretty much implied that she would let me see them somewhere else. We left the mall and I escorted Beth to her car, a warm hug and peck on the cheek followed. Beth drove off feeling incredibly sexy.

A couple of days later Beth invited me over for a cookout. we were all sitting around in our den. It was a Saturday night and the three of us were chilling out over some beer. I was staying the night because I live 3 hours away, it had been a terrible rainy weekend and none of our regular friends and family was over. So there we sat after a rainy day, we had consumed a fair amount of beer and wine.

The first thing sexy thing that had happened earlier between us that day was that I had kidded Beth about her thong so when she showered that evening Beth put the Blue Floral String Thong on. So later in the evening when her husband Pete was in the bathroom and we were alone, I asked to see them. We traded some shy comments, Beth kept saying she could not, I of course said it was safe for a quick flash and anyway I had already seen her in my panties at the shop. It was a little cool evening so Beth had put on some long pajama pants and a T-shirt. I had noticed the thong through the pajamas in the light. I strongly insisted that all I wanted was a quick peek and Beth could easily pull my pants down for a second, well it was pretty scary but also very sexy so she did it. Beth pulled down her pajamas and showed me the front of the tiny thong then turned quickly and showed the back. I told Beth she looked amazing and she quickly pulled them right up.

Beth told me, it was so hot showing off for me like that she could describe, the thong was so small that it covered little, plus the thought that Pete had not even seen them yet also made it that much more naughty. So there we were a few hours later in the den with some more beer and wine under our belts. In the past, Pete liked it when guys looked at Beth in bathing suits and stuff so what was about to happen wasn't that crazy even though he could also at other times be very jealous. Pete talked about playing strip poker and of course, I approved. Beth does not like being dared so she went along and I think her husband thought she wouldn't have gone along, or he figured Beth would play down to her underwear and quit. But he hadn't realized how little her underwear was and he also underestimated Beth’s competitiveness. Pete also had no idea of this building sexual tension between Beth and me who made the thought of some nudity sound quite hot to me.

So we sat down and played. The first few hands were pretty uneventful. We all lost a few hands and lost our socks and jewelry. We were down to real stuff now, everybody had on a t-shirt, Beth had on pajamas Pete and I had shorts, and all had our underwear.

The next to lose was Beth’s husband, he took off his tee, which ******* his chest. Then I lost and also took off my shirt. Beth saw my hairy chest which she liked. Beth admired my chest and gave me a naughty smile and I also smiled back. Again I lost and took off my shorts. I was wearing briefs instead of the boxers Beth had seen me in a few times before and I was semi-hard as my bulge was looking big. Beth was enjoying looking at him and my semi-hard cock with her husband so close.

Then Beth lost, she had a hard decision, if she took off my shirt she would be left in a bra, or she could do her pants and ****** her new thong. As Beth thought Pete commented that she was quitting, she gave her husband a look and stood and stepped out of his pants. Wow, Pete said noticing she was wearing a thong; Beth took a little spin saying you like. Then she winked at me as her husband's reaction had just confirmed that I was the first to see Beth’s sexy ass in that thong. I knew Beth had to feel so naughty sitting there knowing I had not only seen them first but also picked them out and paid for them. The next round Pete lost and took off his shorts. Beth giggled a bit as he sat back down cause even Pete's dick was hard but his bulge was looking smaller than mine.

Pete said that the game was over, I said we should play till one winner, Pete started saying no he was tired etc. so Beth chimed in saying, look who was quitting now. Secretively Beth was dying now to continue and see where this game will take us. She was craving to be = naked in front of me and Beth was about to say sh would keep playing when Pete decided to continue. However he said that we will not strip any further but the loser will have to do what the winners say.

Beth lost the next hand. I gave the idea that she should have to dance close to Pete and me with only the dim lights on. Pete also agreed, so Beth got up and Pete came to me first and I played a CD with real slow music. Beth’s husband caught her and took Beth in a tight hug danced for a few minutes and kept kissing her she could feel his hard-on and knew he wanted me badly. Then it was my turn to dance with her. I came close to Beth and slowly took her in my arms while Ram watched with eyes fixed on us.

I pulled Beth closer and we started to dance slowly. She could also feel my hard-on which she knew was more than what her husband had. Then Pete said that he was going to the bathroom and would be back in a few minutes. This was enough for me to pull Beth close to me and she was a little scared that Pete may come in the room any time but I was not willing to listen to her. Beth’s breasts were pressed against my hairy chest and my hard cock was pressing against her stomach. Beth was getting wet in her panties and was on the verge of dripping. She could feel my hot breath on my face, neck, and ears. My hands were all over her back and I slowly moved them to her sexy naked ass as her thong hardly covered anything. Beth slowly whispered to me that Pete may come anytime. I understood and released my grip and just then Pete walked in and we finished our dance.

After that Pete decided that we would have a last game and then call it a day. So it was decided that anyone who lost now would remove their one garment while the light was totally dim and we call it a day. As luck would have it Beth lost and she had to remove one garment out of the two she was wearing. Beth decided to open her bra and as she took my hands behind my back to unhook my bra Pete switched off all the lights with little light coming out from the kitchen and the bedroom. Beth unhooked her bra and slowly let it fall to the ground ******** her breasts and rock-hard nipples. Even in the dim light, her boobs were visible to both Pete and I. Pete seemed quiet while I made a gentlemanly comment about how nice they were. Beth was only left in panties which really did not cover much. I was looking hard at her tits and then winked at Beth. Pete quickly declared himself and me the winners and suggested we turn in. Beth sat there finishing her wine and making small talk about what to do in the morning all naked except the panties and making no effort to cover herself.

I fallowed Beth’s lead chatting with her with my raging hard-on at attention. We continued this for about 15 minutes while Pete nervously fidgeted and picked up cards and stuff before we finally started on and went to bed. Before going to bed, Beth hugged me as we used to do it every day and this time as we hugged, her bare breasts were pressed against my bare chest. I said good night and as Beth was moving away from me her erect nipples brushed against my hairy chest and it felt great, after that, she left for my room. Beth and Pete went to bed and I knew she was horny.

Beth was very horny and decided to walk down to the kitchen; she was naked so she threw on my short robe figuring that I was also sleeping. She was surprised to find me, sitting on a chair drinking a cup of coffee. I also thought I would be alone and had only a towel on. My dick was still hard and Beth noticed my bulge. We exchanged hellos and she poured herself a cup of coffee. I asked where Pete was and she told me that he was sleeping. Beth went to sit and noticed I was still very hard; She couldn't help but comment about it still being that way. I of course reminded me that he was a bachelor and that the game had been pretty arousing. Then we had a short conversation about how arousing it had been to be half naked and dance that way in front of each other.

What followed was a surprising discussion about masturbation. I admitted that I had planned to masturbate to her when I got back to my room and Beth kind of admitted that she too might. What happened next is hard to explain but somehow after a few shy playful comments, the possibility of masturbating together came up. I would have loved to do something crazy yet safe like that with Beth but was too scared so she said no way, I said okay like a hurt puppy dog and Beth then said something she shouldn't have, said -- "she would be willing to help me but he had to promise not to try or say anything."

Beth took a walk to check on Pete and make sure he was asleep. On her return she took me to the laundry room, Beth figured if her husband came down, I could stay there and she would come out like she was doing late-night laundry. So there we were, in the dark laundry room, I unwrapped the towel and told Beth to go ahead and help me to cum. She told me to wait as she had to put some lotion on her hands which Beth had picked up while coming back after checking her husband. When she was done she tried to take grip my cock but could not find my cock in the dark and I also found that her hand was shaking with excitement.

Then I caught my hand and slowly guided her hand to my cock. As her hand touched my cock, Beth let out a soft moan. She could not grip it fully in her small hand. Beth slowly moved her hand up to find out the complete length and ended at the top of my cock where a huge knob was there. I am 10 inches long. Beth just held it for some time to get used to the length and thickness of this monster that she was holding.

I said "What are u waiting for? Go ahead and make me cum."

Then Beth slowly started to jerk me off, what a rush she felt. It was so hot, having a man's cock in her hand that wasn't her husband's made it supper hot, as Beth slowly stroked and gently played with it. Looking at me, asking me if it felt good.

She jerked me slowly as we wanted the moment to last a bit longer and Beth could tell the night had taken its toll and I would cum quickly. I was enjoying it as he started to moan a little as I leaned back against the dryer. Beth continued jerking me for a while and then started doing it harder. She had to apply some more lotion on her hand and my cock as the amount she had applied earlier was not enough. Beth was on fire herself and I realized it. I undid her robe and at one point Beth realized she was naked with her robe open. I whispered in her ear "Just a little feel" as my fingers started to play with her nipples. Beth started jerking me really hard as she didn't have the willpower to stop my advances and figured once I came I would calm down. Well it did, I moaned and groaned and let out a hot stream of cum all over her belly and tits. In the process, I cupped my one breast and Beth also moaned with pleasure, jerked me until I was empty of cum, and stepped back.

I had cum all over her stomach, hands, and tits. Beth had never seen my husband cum so much like a spray, she cleaned up with some paper towel and gave me a peck goodnight, and ran back to her bedroom. A few days later Beth told me, that night she kept thinking of my cock. Beth still could not believe that I could have such a thick and long cock like mine and how she longed to feel fucking her again. Thinking of that she went off to sleep.
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