As soon as Beth and Pete became "empty nesters" they began exploring their sexual fantasies. They had so much fun and excitement it had been even better than their early days of exploring each other when they were dating.

They were in their 40's and but both in good shape. Beth is an incredibly sexy woman that never fails to catch the attention of men of all ages when she goes out.

They are no longer have much interest in the bar scene and are scared to pick up strangers but, I am one friend they had mfm threesomes with. Having two men to please is Beth's favorite thing to do and Pete loves watching her in action.

They have talked long about getting all three of the guys together. Beth was worried about how it would go but admitted the idea excited her very much.

They had read many stories about wives and Super Bowl parties and Pete had pleaded for the last few years for Beth to let him plan a party with her and their friends. This year she finally said yes.

Pete didn't tell the guys when he invited them over that it would be anything other than a day of watching the game, other than he did say Beth was fixing snacks and would try to be "very entertaining".

Pete and Mike fixed up our basement for the day with a rented projector pointed at a white wall. It was better than they had guessed it would be but it made the entire wall look like a movie theater. They brought out cushioned Patio Recliner Chair lounge chairs in and some tables for drinks and snacks and we were pretty well set. Beth is a great cook and she planned an excess of snacks and good food and drinks.

Pete had planned Beth's wardrobe as different for each quarter of the game. For the pregame she wore an over sized Pittsburgh Steelers Away Jersey covering up a sexy matching Black Lace Bra and Panties set with Black Yanelli Block Heel Sandals, The jersey was just long enough that when she stood up or walked around it was more like a mini-dress but when she bent over to serve a drink or pick up anything her panties were on show.

Beth and Pete were both pretty excited all day getting ready. He kept teasing her about how hot she looked and how much fun this was going to be. As nervous as she was it was obvious Beth was very excited for it as well.

Mike, Bill and I am Joe. We showed up around 4:30 and got we first hint that something else besides a game might be on the agenda. Because I live a few hours from them Pete told me what might be happening to give me the incentive to make the trip. They also invited me to spend the night which I gladly accepted.

Mike and l are firefighters and have stayed in great shape Bill not as much but in all Beth thinks we area pretty good looking group of guys. Beth is a stunning woman who looks several years younger than her age. There is nothing Pete likes better than seeing her in low cut tops showing off her body.

Since Mike and Bill had not been told any plans for extra fun, they were a little surprised to see Beth dressed the way she was but very happy about it. Pete told us she had lost a bet to him and agreed to dress however he told her for the game and that she had to be our waitress as well. Pete also informed us that he would be making her change during the game.

For the next hour we watched a lot of the pregame show, drank and ate while Beth served us. Since all of the guys had at one time or another had sex with her we were all soon freely playing with her as she served us. Once it was apparent that it was okay with Pete and Beth she was getting hands running up under her jersey every time she walked by one of us. Beth was getting into it as well. She would make a big production of bending over to serve a drink or snacks. Pete watched several times as one of the guys would run his hand up her legs and caress her ass.

Before we even got to game time I know more than one of the guys, probably all of us, had had a finger or two in her soaking wet pussy. As soon as we figured out fondling was not just permitted but encouraged we became even bolder each time she came by.

The lounge chairs were lined up in front of the screen with room for Beth to walk between each of them so if she handed one of us a drink it would show her panties to the one behind her. She took extra time bending over to encourage playing.

It took about three trips through with the food and drinks before everyone realized what was going on. Now each trip would consist of her bending over to hand a drink while that guy would fondle and play with her breasts and the guy behind her would run his hand up her legs and play with her shaved pussy. Beth kept the touching brief but never discouraged any of it. She told Pete later she didn't want to cum to quickly to start but was enjoying the teasing.

Just before game time Pete passed around a simple sign up card he had made with numbers 0-9 on top and the sides. Each of us could sign our name in 25 times. He told them to start putting their names in until it was filled. The top was the Pittsburgh Steelers and the side was The Kansas city Chiefs. It was a simple plan. There would be a winner at the end of each quarter. Of course, we asked what the prizes would be so that was when Pete told us that the prize for the first three quarters was a blowjob from Beth. It could be in private or in the basement while the rest of us watched, winner's choice. The grand prize at the end was for 30 minutes with Beth as their sex slave again in the room with the group or alone.

There was a lot of laughing and a few jokes before everyone realized that Pete was serious and that Beth had agreed to do it.

Once the game started Beth was in much demand especially now that everyone pretty much knew where this evening was headed. By design she served snacks on small paper plates so it meant more trips to hand out food and drink.

It's hard to believe but we did watch a little of the game, at least enough to keep an eye on the score. I think Beth was having a harder time holding back an orgasm as the playing with her intensified.

Pete had let us fill out their picks first giving him the less desirable combinations like 0-0 which turned out to be the end of the first quarter score. We thought it was pretty funny that no one wanted that combination and it turned to be the first quarter winner.

Pete announced that since he won he was choosing for another option. Instead of a blowjob from his wife, he wanted to watch Beth masturbate in front of all of us. He wet upstairs and got one of her favorite vibrators Thrusting rabbit vibrator.

When he returned Pete told her she had to take off her jersey and masturbate in front of all of us. I turned my lounge chair around so it faced the others and Pete her it had to last at least 10 minutes or she would have to start over.

I think she was so worked up at this point any release would be welcome even if it was in front of everyone.

Beth quickly pulled the jersey over her head revealing a beautiful sheer black bra with matching panties. She sat down on the lounge chair and started gently rubbing her moist pussy. Beth then pulled her panties to the side and rubbed herself very slowly at first. She licked her fingers and rubbed a little longer before grabbing her favorite sex toy put the Thrusting rabbit vibrator., in her mouth to get it wet but from the looks of her pussy it really wasn't necessary. Beth turned it on a very low speed and started rubbing it slowly around her clit occasionally slightly inserting inside of her.

I can't even begin to describe how hot this was to watch. She looked so fucking hot and sexy I'm pretty sure there wasn't a soft cock in the room.

I know she had her eye on the clock because she came very close to a climax several times before Pete finally told her she could cum. She quickly moved the vibrator to circle her clit and came in just seconds with loud convulsions and moans.

As Beth lay there catching her breath the only sound in the room was from the television.

Pete told her to get up and go change for the second quarter which was well into it although none of us were watching anything but her.

As soon as Beth left the room we all started talking and joking around again almost as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. There were a few comments though about being anxious for the "half-time show".

We got back into watching the game while Beth was gone but not for long.

When she returned her face was flushed and she admitted to us that she had gone to our bedroom and masturbated again before changing and coming back. This time she was wearing a very French Maid Uniform. Lisa had Semi Sheer Butterfly Embroidered Thong and the top made her breasts look even larger.

Beth returned to the room smiling and excited to continue our games. She asked everyone if she could bring them anything and everyone asked for something just to get her close to them. She dutifully brought more food and drinks and as she did each time she bent over her breasts would almost come out of the top but there was always a hand or three to help put them back in. The thong panties also made playing with her pussy much easier.

The second quarter seemed to go very slow, mostly because I was anxious for more of our fun to start but eventually we got through it.

With a score of 3-0 Mike was the lucky winner. Pete told him the half-time prize was a blowjob where he sat or in private. Mike told Beth to bring him a beer and get to it.

She brought him his beer and he leaned back in his chair as she got on her knees beside the chair and started unzipping is pants. She apparently wasn't doing it fast enough so he jerked his pants and underwear down and practically shoved her head onto his cock.

Beth really does love sucking cock and as she told Pete later this was her first time having an audience like this and it made it even more exciting for her. She licked all around the head of Mike’s cock taking in the head licking on the underside and slowly jacking him with her hand at the same time. Beth then shifted her position a little so she could bob her head up and down without her hands and that gave her a free hand to play with his balls.

There was a lot of quiet in the room other than the television half-time show. I know my cock was as hard as a rock and I'm pretty certain the others were also. We were a little surprised Mike had chosen to let us all watch but very pleased since we all are a bit of a voyeur anyway.

Beth continued to work his cock taking him deeper and deeper with each thrust. She hasn't quite mastered the art of deep throat but she comes as close as I had ever seen and the way she works her hands on a guy's cock and balls while she sucks is almost overwhelming.

Mike was very soon getting close to his climax. He then did something that Beth actually loves. He grabbed her by the back of the head and grunted as he filled her mouth. She gagged a little but managed to keep him in her mouth. He continued to pump his cock into her mouth until he was finished and then he sort of collapsed onto his chair.

Beth continued licking his cock and stroking it up and down slowly. Her face was flushed and she was breathing very heavy. I was not certain but I thought for a moment she had climaxed also.

The half-time show was still on so Pete offered a bonus round to us. If any of us wanted to go down on Beth she would be available until the game resumed. That caught her by surprise because they hadn't planned that. Pete asked if anyone wanted to lick her pussy and everyone did. Being a good host he offered to let us go first. Since Bill and I had only watched like he had, Pete said one of us should go first and the other second. I was closest in score so I went first, Bill second then Mike wanted his chance also and Pete would be last.

We decided on five minutes each until the second-half kickoff. This all was the perfect outcome. Pete had assumed at least one of the guys would be a little shy and want to take Beth to another room and Pete would have been okay with that but disappointed that he couldn't watch. Since Pete won first and had Beth masturbate for all of us and Mike had chosen a blowjob in the room it set the tone for all of us staying together. This was going even better than Pete had hoped!

We put Beth on one of the reclining lounge chairs and she took off her thong and spread her legs as I approached and began licking her pussy. I was very aggressively going after it seeming only to have a goal of making her cum as quickly as possible. Beth was worked up enough that it didn't take her long. She started bucking and squirming within minutes of me starting. I backed away to let her catch her breath and she was dripping wet. There was something so incredibly sexy about seeing her there with her legs spread and all of us looking at her pussy that will be an image I will use over and over if I ever have a need to masturbate.

I told Bill to take over that my work was done. As we laughed Bill got into position and Beth asked him to be very gentle for a bit because she is always very sensitive after she cums. Bill started slowly working his way around her pussy. He stopped for a minute and moved up to suck on her nipples and play with her tits for a bit. Then he moved back down and went after her soaking wet pussy like a last meal.

Mike had already cum but the rest of us hadn't. While Bill was lapping up that pussy Pete told me to stand up by Beth 's head so she could suck me at the same time. I didn't waste much time getting my pants off and giving her another nice hard cock to suck.

I had enough of watching and didn't really let Beth suck me, I just started fucking Beth's mouth as I held her by the back of her head. Bill was still going after her pussy pretty hard and we could easily see her building to a climax of her own.

Beth held out though, I started groaning and shoving my cock deep into her mouth and she never stopped sucking until she needed air. As she did she went over the edge and started shivering and had her own climax.

That left Bill and Pete as the only two not to have cum yet. We moved our chairs close together while Beth caught her breath. Then Pete told her to sit between them and suck both Bill and Pete until they came. Mike and I sat back and watched now as Beth alternated between them sucking one stroking the other teasing a little but anxious to make it good for us.

Pete he had been so close to cumming more than once watching this fantasy of his come true and was so wanting that release that he didn't last very long. Beth felt it coming and clamped her lips down on Pete’s cock and kept sucking. It was incredible! We saw that she was still stroking Bill and we knew what he would soon be feeling as those lips worked their magic in him.

With one last shudder Pete finished emptying his balls into Beth’s incredible mouth. He pulled back motioned for her to go after Bill. She shifted her position and we saw her going to work. It seems the hotter she gets the more determined she becomes that she will deep throat a cock. She hasn't done it yet but she comes so close that it doesn't matter.

Bill was stroking her hair as she sucked on him. Like the rest of us he was pretty worked up so it was an easy one for her to get. He was telling her what a hot little cock-sucker she was and how much he liked fucking her pretty face and that later he was going to fuck her sweet pussy or ass or both. Then he came. Unlike the rest of us he pulled his cock out of her mouth and started jacking off onto her face telling her what a slut she looked like with cum all over her face.

We had now all cum once except Beth who I wasn't sure how many times she had cum but I knew it was several times. And this was just the half.

The game had re-started, not that anyone had noticed. Pete told Beth it was time for another change of clothes so she could take a break and clean up.

Everything had been incredible, we were only at half-time and so far Beth had swallowed four hot loads of cum!

We re-dressed and settled back in to watch the game while Beth went to freshen up and make another change.

We watched the game for a while and it wasn't too long before Beth returned this time wearing a Burgundy Babydoll Halter Nightdress with a matching G-String and Ankle Buckle Strap Platform Sandals.

It was very shear and not one of us would have expected her to wear but by this point she was no longer nervous or even remotely shy about all of us seeing her body.

Her return prompted calls for more drinks for all of us. When she served Joe who was sitting beside me, as she bent over I reached under her nightie and pulled her Burgundy thong down and she readily stepped out of it. They weren't hiding much anyway so she only smiled as she continued to serve drinks.

The playing with the sexy waitress had escalated significantly now that there were *********. Beth would bend over to hand a drink and there was always a hand playing with her tits or pussy, most times both at the same time by two or more guys. We were all having a lot of fun and Beth was way past any hesitation she had previously had and was clearly enjoying the attention and the climaxes!

Time passed quickly and the guys were asking what was going to happen at the end of the third quarter and at the end of the game.

Pete told us he was pretty certain he knew what would happen after the game but since he hadn't been able to come up with a good prize for the end of the third quarter winner, he asked for suggestions. Several suggestions were made including a sexy dance, more cock sucking and of course fucking. Pete said the fucking had to wait until the end of the game because he had a surprise for Beth.

I made a suggestion that the winner could use Pete’s camera and be the director to make her pose in any way he wanted for 15 minutes. He could have the others in the pictures but only Beth's face could show.

That idea seemed to please everyone so it was agreed.

The time passed quickly. Beth was even more flirty than before, it seemed she was really enjoying the attention. We told her what her duty was after the third quarter ended and she seemed hesitant but agreed to do it.

At this point the only thing the score would determine was who held the camera. We were all saying what we should have her do so it was more like having four directors.

When the quarter ended Pete was again the lucky winner, but said he was going to delegate his job to me. I readily agreed.

Beth stood ready to be given her orders. She looked absolutely beautiful standing there in her baby doll nightgown. She had gone and redone her makeup and hair and Pete was excited that when we were done he was going to have some great pictures to keep!

I started snapping pictures of her just standing there but soon told her to lay on the lounge chair. For the next few minute she posed in various reclining positions until I was ready to tell her to spread her legs, then start playing with herself. I asked for the vibrator she had used earlier and handed it to her and said to start using it.

Next I asked Mike, Bill and Pete to get in the picture. I had them stand around her head with their hard cocks all near her face, then told her to start sucking them. We had pictures of her sucking one cock with another in each hand. Pictures of her sliding a vibrator in her pussy while she sucked a cock and had two waiting their turn.

My favorite picture was one of her on her knees with all four of us lined up for our turn. I held the camera out so it got her with a cock in each hand, one in her mouth and one waiting. I asked and Pete said yes if we could simulate and he said yes. The pictures switched to Beth on her hands and knees with one guy standing behind her looking like he was fucking her while she sucked one and two cocks at a time.

It's too bad we had the rest of the game to finish. We were all more into fucking Beth than watching the game but Pete was trying to stretch it out so he called time and said that was the end of the pictures, for now.

In hindsight, this just served to work us all up for the end of the game and the grand finale.

We reluctantly went back to watching the game but since it wasn't that exciting of a game I think all of us would have given up the rest of the game to continue playing with Beth.

We still had one more winner to declare at the end of the game.

Beth went to make one more wardrobe change.

When Beth returned she was wearing a Red Sheer Beauty Bra & Garter Set. The Lace bra hugged her breasts like of hands. The garter belt rounded out her fabulous hips. The G-String made Beth’s ass look amazing. Beth flaunted her legs with matching Thigh-Hi Fishnets,

Beth added a pair of Rhinestone Bow Stiletto Sandals, just for the effect and it was working, she looked stunning. She had added some jewelry and it made her look like she was dressed for an elegant night out by only adding a dress.

The last quarter seemed to drag out as they always do, especially when you have something like Beth's hot pussy waiting for you. We managed to get through it and made me laugh when once again Pete was the winner.

Pete really didn't want to go first so his passed along his winning position to Bill since Mike and I had each already won once. Pete also suggested we move the fun to their bedroom.

We all moved to our bedroom and Beth stretched out on the bed and we were all standing around wondering how to get this started. Beth looked over at Mike and asked what he wanted her to do.

Mike was undressing and told her to just wait. As soon as he was naked he climbed up on the bed and crawled between her legs. He had her lay back and told her to just relax a while. He sucked on her nipples and moved his way down to her pussy. She was already soaking wet and Mike was lapping it up. He was enjoying himself while the rest of us were standing around watching. Pete reached over started playing with her tits and I started doing the same from the other side.

Mike seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself but he was more than ready to get his cock in her pussy. He moved up and easily slid inside of her. He leaned back, grabbed her ankles and raised them high into the air. Mike was pounding his cock into her so hard the bed was shaking. At this point it was clear he couldn't care less about Beth, he just wanted to empty his balls into her sweet pussy. There was nothing to do but watch has he grunted and moaned.

Pete has never been able to explain or even understand it himself but there is something so hot about watching the woman he loves take some guys cum in her pussy or mouth. Pete loves watching Beth cum even if he is not the one making her do it. She is an incredibly beautiful, hot and sexy woman and it's like having his own porn star to watch plus he gets to have her too.

Mike finished and pulled out of her, rolling to the side. We could see his cum dripping out of her pussy as she lay there waiting for her next hard cock.

I said I was next and I quickly moved onto the bed and told her to get on all fours. Beth probably knew and Pete was pretty certain he knew where this was going. I reached up to the headboard and grabbed a bottle of lube and poured some on his cock. As I got behind Beth I poured some more into the crack of Beth's ass then moved into position.

I am the one the one guy out of the group they had played with the most. Pete knew I especially loved fucking Beth's ass. She likes anal sex when she was in the right mood and today I think she was ready for almost anything. Mike and Bill had never done that with her and were watching as I slowly slid my cock deep into her ass.

It was apparent Beth was ready for it because as soon as he was partly in her she started pushing back. She was moaning and dropped her face into her pillow. I started slow at first just enjoying that feeling of his cock sliding in and out of that tight ass.

Pete decided he wanted in on this so he got up on the bed and positioned himself so his cock was where she could suck it while getting her ass fucked. This was not anything new to any of us. Pete, Beth and I had done this very position only a couple of months earlier. Beth sucked her husband’s cock with occasional pauses because she is so enjoying getting fucked by me.

We got into a steady rhythm but I knew Pete had to pull away or he would be filling her mouth and he wasn't ready for that yet. Pete moved away and told Bill to get up there and he didn't waste any time. I think all of us had become so worked up during the game and our other fun that we were all looking to get off quickly.

We had developed a pattern with me fucking Beth while she sucked Bill. I was playing with her tits while Mike had taken a chair just enjoying the show and Pete was still sporting a hard cock waiting his turn.

I lasted longer than the others would have but that tight ass and Beth constantly telling me to fuck her harder and to cum in her ass finally pushed me over the edge. I grabbed her hips and slammed his cock as deep as he could as he shot his cum deep into her ass. Beth stopped sucking Bill's cock as she came also. She was shuddering and collapsed onto the bed and I collapsed on top of her. As I rolled to the side they could see cum dripping out of her pussy and ass now and Pete was anxious to get his turn but Pete had one more ahead of him.

After Beth caught her breath and Bill moved off of the bed, he was ready for his turn. He wasn't ready to waste time he had waited long enough. He rolled Beth onto her back, climbed on top and slid his cock into her slippery wet pussy. He must have been close to cumming from the blowjob he was getting because it wasn't long before he was slamming into her and letting out a groan and added his cum to the mix that was already there.

He slid out of her pussy and was breathing so hard we were momentarily worried something was seriously wrong with him.

Once Bill rolled off of her Beth Pete knew it was finally his turn and he was more than ready. Pete got onto the bed and lay on his back. He told Beth to get on his cock. Having her on top where we can see her tits bounce up and down while he fucked her pussy is my idea of perfection.

Pete really wanted this to last a while but he knew it wouldn't. Pete laid back and told Beth to fuck my cock until he came. She took it as a challenge and wanted to show her audience what she could do. She rode his cock like a bronco. As slick as her pussy was she was squeezing Pete’s cock as she fucked him. Much sooner than he wanted Pete could tell it was almost over.

Instead of just lying there, Pete started bucking back until he felt his balls emptying their load into the hottest pussy ever. Beth leaned back getting me as deep into her as possible as she continued to grind on Pete’s cock until her own climax came. She collapsed on him and they laid there catching their breath.

Beth soon rolled off of Pete and lay on her back, legs spread and cum dripping out of her pussy and ass.

They hadn't noticed but I had brought Pete’s camera into the bedroom and was taking pictures of Beth sprawled out on the bed. She looked so sexy laying there with only her thigh-high stocking on cum dripping out of her. It was an image I will play over in my mind many times.

Our evening ended with Mike and Bill leaving for home and I went off to bed planning to leave the next morning.

Beth and Pete settled into bed after I was in bed and the guys had left and Pete went to sleep almost immediately. Beth said she would get up and fix breakfast for me and me before I left for home. I had planned a half-day off so I could sleep in and the next thing I knew I woke up to the smell of pancakes and bacon cooking in the kitchen.

Beth said Pete was awake and in the shower and that breakfast would be ready soon. As I let myself slowly wake up I realized Beth was wearing another one of my favorites a Sexy See Through Nightgown. It was a red silky nightie with built in bra that very nicely showed of those perfect tits. She seemed especially perky considering how much we had worn her out the night before.

When Pete joined us she served breakfast and we all sat and ate while discussing the highlights of the night before. After the meal I hooked their camera up to my laptop so we could look at the pictures that had been taken. I had only quickly looked at the before and was very happy to see how many had been taken and how incredibly hot they were. I think looking at them was getting us all a little worked up again so Pete suggested that Beth should give me a little going away present before he started that long drive home.

Pete reminded me that I had cum twice once in her mouth and once in her ass so maybe he should complete the trifecta and leave a load in her pussy. Beth was grinning so I could tell she was ready. We didn't even move to the bed. Beth went down on her knees again and started pulling down my pants and started sucking my cock and stroking my as I took a little while to get hard but I did get there.

As soon as I was hard enough she stood up and pulled up her nightie turned to face me and lowered herself onto my cock. Beth had not bothered to wear any panties so she was more than ready to get fucked.

As soon as I was in Beth I started fucking her but she was soon fucking me harder. She was fucking me with the same intensity she had me the night before. Pete just sat back and watched because she looked so hot and so sexy this was what he always fantasized about, watching her make a guy cum. Pete knew I was leaving soon and he knew what he was going to do when I left.

I reached around and slipped the straps of Beth’s top down, bringing her tits out in the open and playing with them a little as Pete watched. He sat in the chair next to us and pulled his sweatpants down and started stroking his cock.

Pete was getting so worked up watching his wife and I fuck, thinking about the four loads of cum Beth already had in her pussy and anxious for me to finish so he could add another of his.

I lasted longer than what I thought would have but eventually she was too much for me and Pete could see he was cumming in his wife. Beth’s fucking built to a climax right after mine and she moaned and Pete could see the release followed by the shuddering as she came as well.

Beth sat there on me for a couple of minutes while she caught her breath but then eventually she stood up and moved over to the chair on the other side of me. I started to pull his pants back up but before I did Beth leaned over and started lightly licking and sucking my cock. She did her usual expert job of cleaning up my cock before she helped me pull my underwear back up.

Beth turned to Pete and asked if he wanted his turn too. He wanted to take his time and give Beth a good sound fucking but he had gotten so worked up watching that he decided he didn't want to wait.

Pete told her to stand up, turn around and bend over the kitchen table. Beth smiled as she did so and said, "Please fuck me good baby."

Pete got behind his wife and slipped his cock into the wettest pussy he had ever felt. Beth was amazing as always but she was so hot from everything we had done and she had Pete so worked up he was nearly pushing her and the table across the room as he fucked her. She was moaning and groaning and was talking to me as Pete fucked his wife. Beth was saying things like, "Was I a good little slut for you baby? Did you like watching me suck all of those cocks? Can we do it again sometime? I'll do anything you want as long as I get fucked like this. Do you want me to fuck more guys next time?"

It was like throwing gasoline on a fire. Pete emptied his balls deep into Beth’s pussy grabbing her hips as he plunged as deep as he could. Beth legs were shaking and she was weak so Pete sat down to catch his breath and Beth was panting and catching her breath but she turned around went down to her knees and started licking and sucking his cock. Beth knows how sensitive a guy is after he cums so she was very gentle and licked and sucked very slowly.

I was still watching and enjoying the show. Once Beth finished and sat back up she straightened up her gown we sat and talked for a while and eventually I headed home leaving them alone.

Pete decided he should take the whole day off and Beth and him went straight to bed but this time to sleep.

Before they fell asleep they talked about how much we all enjoyed what we had done and how hot it was. Beth wanted to make certain Pete was okay with everything she had done and he assured her she was perfect and he couldn't love her more. She made some comment about maybe doing it again next year and Pete laughed and said don't forget the "March Madness" basketball tournament , the Kentucky Derby in early May, the Indy 500 at Memorial Day that would get us to summer. Beth laughed because she thought we was joking.
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