Black Boss

The Beginning

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Michael Washington, the luckiest African American in the Mississippi Delta. Three months ago I was the sole winner of the largest lottery in state history. Prior to that moment in time I worked on the night shift at Panhandle Machinery. It was a small manufacturing plant of about sixty employees; of which all but nine were good old white redneck complete assholes. The racial discrimination was complete and absolute. All the truly miserable, inhuman and completely degrading jobs were assigned to us nine blacks. The white boy rednecks delighted in humiliating us black brothers at every junction.

Since the unemployment rate in our rural county was in excess of forty percent there was literally no place to go; quitting and going on the generous Mississippi unemployment dole of $60.00 for the next thirteen weeks was really no option.

However once I received the first check of the lottery, I walked into the owner's dingy office and fifteen minutes later the plant was now mine. The tired rich old white bastard was gleeful as he exited my plant; a plant owned by an uppity black bastard.

During the next several months I was able to secure nearly five million dollars in federal and state contracts; contracts awarded basically on race.

As the profits rolled into the plant I set my plan in motion. I gave the white boys a simple proposition; if they wanted to remain at my plant they would accept a twenty percent pay cut and the savings would be redistributed to my eight black brothers. Although there was a tremendous amount of grumbling I knew they had no options.

The second part of my realignment plan involved the seduction and ultimate subjugation of the pretty white wives of the mostly young factory staff. By seducing the innocent and helpless wives, I would gain complete domination over the white overlords who ruled my life for the last twenty six years.

While the husbands were toiling in the unbearable Mississippi heat, I started my home visits to the domiciles of my faithful white boy employees. The first three homes (mobile homes) were almost embarrassingly easy. The conquest of white cunt consisted of simply informing the sobbing young white bitches that unless they stripped and sucked my nine inch black cock their husbands would be getting their final pay check this next Friday. As they begged for their husband's pitiful livelihood, I gently placed my hands around their head and pulled their frightened faces towards my hard black cock. After they sucked my black seed down their sweet throats I gave them the schedule of my next visit. I told them that I would be calling them where they were to meet me and also the appropriate attire. They were also grilled about the birth control method they were on and since most could only afford condoms I mocked them that if they satisfied my needs I would use a rubber; if they displeased me I would fuck the little bitches bareback and they could take their chances with my potent black seed.

The master plan of course consisted of impregnating the most desirable of my white boy wives and thus cruelly mock their husbands when their wives produced a bouncing black baby. Using this method it would be only months before I obtained total domination of the dirt poor back water shithole we all called home.

Now that I have outlined the master plan, I will tell you of the fourth visit, I made that hot July afternoon.

Karen Saunders was the most desirable beauty in the entire county. She was only eighteen but had an inner sexual aura that oozed from her every action. Her natural long blonde hair careened over her petite shoulders. Her breasts were small, but firm and topped with rock hard pencil sized nipples and quarter sized pink areola. Her long legs were perfectly tanned and her tight stomach reached down to her lightly covered tight pussy. To entice her hard working husband she had trimmed the soft down to a very a small "V" pointing to the tight and desirable treasure.

Her husband, David, worked all the over time he could in order to provide his beauty with all the small things that he could. However, the long hours and back breaking work caused the young husband to be near exhaustion when he arrived home. For the last several years his ability to sexually satisfy his beautiful wife was constantly in question. Once he lost confidence in his ability to obtain erection of his average size cock, the failures multiplied. With his exhaustion, and the ongoing problem of impotence he shied away when his desirable wife initiated sexual coupling.

I arrived at David & Karen's rusting mobile home at about four in the afternoon. The mobile home was in the middle of the trailer park and my new white Lincoln townhouse made a sharp contrast to the drab and decaying surroundings. As I walked to the door I noticed that the shades of the adjoining windows were taking in every step. Under normal circumstances a black man would not be allowed to call upon a young white married housewife. I smiled as I tapped on the mobile home door; these of course were not normal times. A man with money commands respect, and I was the man with the most money in this town, where time forgot.

The good and proper Mrs. Karen Saunders appeared at the door wearing a white tank top, without benefit of bra and cutoff jeans which defined her long tanned legs. She became startled as she looked down at me standing at her door. Quickly looking around her eyes returned to me and she quietly asked; "Mr. Washington, what brings you to this neighborhood?"

"Hello Karen. May I come in?" I quickly answered. I could sense that the beautiful wife standing before me was searching her mind trying to come up with an excuse to not let me enter. "There are some problems at the plant and I think it would be best if we spoke inside," I calmly stated, looking around the drab mobile home park.

As Karen looked at her neighbors, she decided it would be best if I entered her home; the home that she shared with her outwardly desirable husband of three years. She and Rob had married when she was fifteen and he had taken her precious cherry.

Nervously she stepped aside as I leisurely sauntered into the clean but sparse mobile home. The under powered air conditioner struggled but could not keep up with the late afternoon heat.

I walked over to the sofa and sat down. "I'm thirsty, bring me a lemonade over ice," I commanded.

Somewhat shocked by the cavalier attitude I took, Karen nervously looked around and finally went to the small kitchen and made my lemonade. As she meekly approached I patted the seat next to me on the sofa. "Please join me. I have something that I need to tell you about the plant."

Very hesitantly she slid beside me after handing my lemonade. She kept her long legs tightly together and looked deeply into my eyes without saying anything.

"I'm afraid that the plant will have to lay off nearly fifteen workers. I need to increase the profitability of the plant and discovered that the remaining workers could accomplish the same work if they are motivated a little. I can't think of a better way to motivate them than cut a fourth of the freeloaders," I quietly stated. As I looked into the pretty blonde's blue eyes, I could see the apprehension spread over worried face.

Finally she looked up and asked the obvious question, "What will happen to David?" Her voice was shaking and her red coated lips trembled.

"Well...... I'm afraid... " I start to say, secretly smiling again when I see her face turn to horror.

"But, we just got a another car and we have many bills that we are behind on," she says, tears starting to fill her eyes, she quickly looks away trying to hide her tears, "David said that everything at work was going great and....."

"Well, ....... " I start, my hand taking her trembling hand, I gently caress it, "you know that he doesn't have to be laid off."

Grasping at my latest opening she desperately looks into my dark and forbidding eyes and mutters, "He doesn't have to...... " Rubbing the tears from her eyes she looks back at me.

"No, he doesn't have to. It is of course up to me. I decide who stays..... and who goes." I state, feeling my long black cock start to harden.

"You do?" she questions.

"Yes, you see I have already been to see some of the other wives. And well... lets just say they cooperated. And their husband's will not be laid off. I stopped by and was wondering if you wanted to help your husband retain his job?"

Pleadingly, the beautiful white wife looks into my face. "Well, yes of course, I want to help my husband."

A lewd smile crept over my face as I pulled her beautiful hand down to my crotch. My black dick hardened as the delicate fingers grasped and then abruptly pulled away.

"Oh no; I couldn't be unfaithful to my husband," begs the beautiful Karen.

"Before you say no, I would suggest that you think of your husbands and your future. How long could you survive without your husband's job?" I mocked. As I asked the question, I let my right hand fall to the delightful knee and gently slide my large black hand up the tender and tanned flesh of Karen's inner thigh.

"No, please......." she whimpers.

"OK, fine..... your husband can look for a new job. Ohhh yes, and he can forget about using me as a reference. In fact, he will have a hard time getting another job. I'll make sure of that.

Karen starts to sob as I get up and turn to leave.

"Wai... please wait..." she whimpers.

I turn back, facing her, looking down at her on the couch. "Yes??" I ask.

"Please don't make me do this.... please, oh god please," she sobs.

I turn to leave. "You're wasting my time bitch; I'll find another white bitch wife." I mock as I turn to leave.

"No please... I??" she says hesitating. lowering her head, whimpering "OK."

I smile, stepping back, facing the beautiful vision. I put my hands on my hips, waiting. She hesitates. "Come on Bitch!! I don't have all day!" I yell down at her.

She slides up to the edge of the couch. Her trembling hands slowly reach up. Her fingers grab the zipper of the slacks of my Italian silk suit. I look up, a big leering smiles on my face, as I look around this pitiful broken down mobile home. I smile wider when I hear and feel my zipper being pulled down.

I feel her small hand sliding into my slacks. Her fingers wrapping around my thick black cock, hearing her gasp. She struggles to pull my cock through. I wait patiently, she finally pulls my thick black cock out. I look down and smile, as I see her eyes wider than ever, her mouth handing open, asking "I guess you have never seen a black cock before?" She slowly nods her head.

I smile, "Come on bitch, wrap those red lips around my black cock."

Karen cautiously takes my cock into her wet and warm oral cavity. She licks the large purple head like a lollipop. During her three years of marriage she has not been ******* to anything but the traditional missionary style of intercourse; and very sparingly the last six months. She feels a sticky dew forming in the crotch of her tight cut off jeans. As she becomes comfortable with the thick purple head she struggles but eventually gathers in another three inches of my thick black cock. As she struggles to suck in the rock hard cudgel, I mock the meek white housewife. "I guess with your precious David you don't have such a hard time getting his puny cock in your mouth?"

Her distraught mind reels; thinking about the limp and useless cock of her husband. The long, thick hard black cock is causing her nipples to rub themselves raw against the course tank top. Her white panties are soaked with her woman dew as she struggles to suck in even more of the pleasure producing cock. She cannot fathom the hardness or the size. Her husband's less than ample manhood is all that the near virginal bride has ever experienced and at this point in her life leaves much to desire.

As my cock hardens, I start to thrust my hips, grinding my black cock against the back of Karen's throat. As she starts to gag I feel my nut sack gather their precious discharge. I quickly grab Karen's hands as she struggles with the huge log wedged in her tightly constricting throat. One final quick thrust brings on my explosion of black seed into the wet and tight throat of the precious Mrs. David Saunders. Karen sucks my precious fluid until I let her hands go and she drops to the worn carpet. As her lips disengage from my black cock the sticky discharge drags a line of sperm from my purple head to her chin. Her eyes close and she tries to blot out her distasteful submission.

I step forward and work out the remaining sperm from my now dwindling manhood. It drops to her long tanned legs and her eyes spring open as she feels the warm sticky discharge coat her beautiful legs.

"What birth control do you use?" I question.

Startled, Karen looks up and meekly answers, "the only thing we can afford is condoms."

I straddle the prone housewife and kneewalk until my wet and dripping cock is resting on the still covered precious breasts. I let the still leaking cock coat the tank top bringing the nipples to their second erection of the afternoon. As she stares apprehensively into my dark eyes I shock the young housewife again, "You displeased me by your hesitation. I will call you later this week. Since you are such a cock hungry bitch your stud fee will be fifty dollars."

Karen, started to protest, but then let her comment evaporate. She knew that she had no options open with her husband's black boss straddling her aroused and cum soaked body.

"If you please me I will use a rubber. If you choose to disobey me again our next meeting will leave you with your pussy full of black seed," I sneered.

Rising, I zipped my pants and slowly walked to the door. When I reached the fragile door, I turned to get one more peek at the prone beauty breathing heavily on her elbows. Her face, with my black spunk dripping off her chin was full of anxiety....... and of arousal.

"Yes, I thought..... Mrs. David Saunders will make a very nice plaything for my many planned adventures."

As I exited the faded trailer I smiled as I felt the many eyes scoping my every move. As I drove out the park I knew that David would be the recipient of many questions this hot summer night.
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