Bonnie’s job over the years has essentially devolved into a personal assistant for a real diva-bitch of a boss named Sharon. This woman is selfish, rude, arrogant, and plus she is a real drama queen. If it were not for the fact that she pays so very well, my wife would have left long ago. Yes, there have been times when she did in fact tell her boss to go to hell. Sheryl knows good and well how important my wife is to her, so she always ends up doing something extraordinary to convince her to come back. Usually, she ends up giving my wife something very nice and expensive to smooth things over.

Not too long ago, Bonnie and Sharon had to go out of town to attend a business conference. Sharon was to give an important presentation as the keynote speaker. Since the conference was only 100 miles away, Sharon decided that they should drive in one car. Of course, that meant Bonnie would drive the entire way and listen as Sharon whines to her about how very important it is that everything go well for her presentation at the conference. What that really meant was that my wife would be Sharon’s slave for the next 48 hours.

As expected, things went as my wife had predicted. She was constantly having to fix every little thing for Sharon. Sharon’s toothbrush died, the coffee was not the kind she liked, the AC in the hotel room made too much noise….the bitch is a certifiable diva. On top of that, Sharon was always berating Bonnie, and making her life a living hell.

Everything came to a head right before the bitch’s presentation. Sheryl was having a nervous breakdown for no reason, and she told Bonnie that she was incompetent idiot. To her credit, my wife in turn told the woman to go fuck herself.

She left the conference and immediately called me in tears. I did my best to comfort her over the phone, but it did little good. I suggested that she go back to her hotel room and relax. It was at that point I decided to drive to her hotel and do what I normally do to make her happy.

I was about 45 minutes from the hotel when I called room service and had a bottle of wine sent to my Bonnie’s room. I figured she would be more relaxed after a glass or two. I arrived at the hotel only to see Sharon talking and laughing with her other colleagues in the lobby. Evidently the bitch’s presentation was a great success. She saw me and came running up to me trying to apologize for her behavior. I told her I am not the one you should be apologizing to and that she owed a lot her success to my wife. I told her that if she really wanted to keep her, she was going to have to act quickly. Sharon said she knew it and that she would think of something.

“Well, I would wish you luck, but I don’t think it would help this time.” I responded.

I left Sharon and headed for Bonnie’s room. As I entered, I found her in her robe sitting on the balcony drinking a glass of wine. She saw me, stood up and walked over to me, put her arms around me and told me she loved me. I asked her if she was feeling any better. She said that the wine has done its job. We went back inside and talked. I told her that I ran into her boss downstairs. I told her about our talk and how she was going to have to work quickly to make it up to her.

Bonnie just said “That she could go to hell. There is no way in the world that she was going back to work for that crazy bitch!”

Well at that point I had what I thought was a great idea to make Bonnie feel better. I really wanted to pamper my wife so I decided that she should get a massage. The hotel offered this service to their guests at a premium price. I figured we would charge it to the room and have the “crazy bitch” pay for it.

I called down to the front desk to order a massage as soon as possible. To my surprise the clerk said that one had already been scheduled and would be there in 10 minutes. Then it hit me…Sharon beat me to it. Shit! I was pissed, but what could I do? So, I thought…well what the hell, it will do her a lot of good to relax, and with any luck afterwards, she will be quite ready for a great love making session.

I hung up and told Bonnie that there was a nice surprise coming and that it will make her feel better. A few minutes later my cell phone rang. It was my office. Because I had to leave the office in a hurry to meet my wife, I told them to call me in case of any trouble. Well, it seems that in my haste to leave, I inadvertently grabbed the wrong file. My office needed some information contained in the file. The file was in my car, so I told my wife that I would be back in about 30 minutes and that she should just enjoy herself until I get back.

I left her room and headed for the elevator. As the elevator door opened, a black man carrying a masseuse’s table walked out. This guy looked to be around 25 to 30 years old. He was over 6 ft tall and looked to be in good shape. I was certain that he was the guy that was to give my wife a massage. I thought that it was strange that the hotel would send a man to give a massage to a woman. I told myself that Bonnie would certainly ask the hotel to send a woman instead.

While talking to my office my mind began to wander and I wondered if my wife was able to find a replacement masseuse. After about 35 minutes I was finally able to get off the phone with the office. I headed back to my wife’s room. I made a point to enter the room as quietly as possible.

Upon entering the room, I noticed it smelled of tropical fruits and flowers, no doubt the massage oils used by the masseuse. I could hear some jazz music along with the faint sound of relaxing moans. Good I thought….she is starting to relax. The lights were off except for a single light from the bedroom. Her hotel room was in fact a suite with a living area with a sofa, some chairs and TV. The entrance way to the bedroom was through a double door.

Just as I was about to sit down on the sofa, I heard a voice ask, “How does this feel Bonnie?”

It was a male voice. I turned my head towards the open double bedroom doors and my heart skipped a beat. I saw the same young black man that I had passed at the elevator.

“Mmmmm that feels wonderful Gerald.” my wife replied.

Gerald? Who did this guy think he was? And why was Bonnie allowing him to touch her like that? was in shock. I had to immediately sit down on the sofa. There, I saw my wife lying naked on her stomach with her head turned away from me, and a small towel covering her ass. This GERALD was rubbing oil on my wife’s calves. Neither one of them had realized that I had seen them. I watched as this man firmly massage up and down my wife’s legs each time he would ease closer to the little towel.

I was about to put a stop to this when Bonnie remarked, “Mmmm that feels incredible…I haven’t been this relaxed in weeks.”

The black masseuse smugly replied, “Well Bonnie just close your eyes and enjoy yourself and I promise that when I am done you will never be the same.”

Just then Bonnie turned her head over and saw me. She looked like she was in a daze, no doubt from the wine and Gerald’s handywork.

She smiled at me and mouthed, “thank you” and “I love you.”

Well now I was in a predicament. She was getting what she needed and if I stopped it, she would be upset. I decided that there is no need to create a seen and I would just let her enjoy her massage.

Gerald continued to massage my wife’s legs. He had moved to her upper thighs, getting closer and closer to the edge of the small white towel covering Bonnie’s ass. Gerald walked around to my wife’s other leg. His back was now turned to me, and I still thought he had no idea I was there. Again, he began to rub her thighs spending a lot of time there but with purposeful effect. Bonnie let out several audible moans of pleasure.

Gerald turned and I couldn’t see his hands, but I noticed that his right arm and shoulder turned and lowered a bit as if he were reaching in. I could not quite see what he was doing. Were his hands touching my wife’s pussy? My heart skipped a beat.

I looked at my wife’s face fully expecting her to protest these unwanted touching’s, but in fact she kept her eyes closed and didn’t speak. Her mouth opened and she began biting her lower lip. She ever so slightly raised her hips as if to adjust for something. I would swear that she was adjusting so that the black guy could have full access to her private parts.

Gerald leaned into her and asked, “You like this don’t you?”

To which my wife could only respond with short fast and deliberate exhales. Then It hit me…Oh fuck! This man really does have his fingers in my wife’s pussy!

I was about to put a stop to all of this right then and there, but then I stopped. I saw Bonnie open her eyes and look at me. Our eyes met and I saw a look on her face that I had never seen before. A look of wanton lust. A look of a woman in heat. I froze not knowing what to do.

At that same moment I realized that my cock was now hard as a rock! I sat back down. I was confused, turned on and petrified all at the same time. Gerald was fingering my wife to an orgasm and all I wanted to do was watch and see how far this would go.

To my surprise Gerald stopped his manipulation of Bonnie’s pussy with his massive black fingers and continued with the massage. He moved towards her upper body. He applied some more oil and began to rub the small of her back. His hands moved up her spine and to her shoulders.

“Ohhh that feels so good, Gerald.” my wife replied.

Gerald picked up my wife’s arm and began to rub from Bonnie’s upper arm down to her wrist and hands. His back was still turned to me, and although I couldn’t clearly see from my angle, it appeared to me that he began to rub her upper arm again and in doing so he let her lower arm and hand hang off of the table. Gerald then oddly shifted his stance a little. He turned slightly towards my direction and there was better light. That is when I saw it… Bonnie’s red fingernails on Gerald’s white pants leg. Her hands were between his legs at his crotch, no doubt caressing his big black cock. I adjusted my position on the sofa to get a better angle. Once I got to a better view, I could see my wife’s hand stroking and squeezing Gerald’s crotch.

“And how does that feel Bonnie?” Gerald asked.

“Magnificent.” replied Bonnie.

Gerald grinned and said, “I thought you might like that. It only gets better….and bigger.”

Gerald then stated, “Bonnie, I hope you don’t mind if I get a little more comfortable.”

My wife relied, “Oh not at all…please do”.

With that Gerald took off his shirt, undid his belt and took off his pants. He was now down to only his white boxer briefs. He then switched sides, to my wife’s other arm. When he did, I was clearly able to see what Bonnie was so eagerly rubbing. My wife continued to rub Gerald’s cock, this time only a thin layer of his boxers separated her hand from his big black dick. She could now get a better feel for how big he really was. Even in his boxers you could see how huge he was. The material could barely contain his manhood.

Gerald announced to Bonnie that he was done with her back, and it was time to roll over. Bonnie released the man’s cock from her hands and rolled over on her back. Bonnie’s gorgeous breasts were now fully ******* to Gerald. The small towel that once partially covered my wife’s ass simply fell to the floor.

Gerald looked up and down my wife’s naked body and said, “Bonnie, I must say you are a beautiful woman, and your breasts are fantastic!”

“Thank you, Gerald,” she replied, “they were a gift from my husband to me.”

Gerald looked up over at me, finally acknowledging my presence, He grinned and said, “oh yes, I am a breast man myself. I will take special care of these.”

Gerald reached for his bottle of massage oil and generously poured it on to Bonnie’s chest. He began to spread the oil all over by wife’s breasts and upper body. My wife’s bra size is a 40 D but the almost looked small in Gerald’s hands. His hands moved skillfully over Bonnie’s tits like a baker gently kneading dough, working his magic on my wife. I looked over at her expression on her face. Her eyes were closed and once again she was biting her lower lip.

Gerald moved back down to Bonnie’s legs. Facing her, he took her left leg and rested her calf on his shoulder. He then added more oil to his hands and began to rub up and down her thigh. Once again, he skillfully inserted his big black fingers into my wife’s dripping cunt. Working her pussy with his long fingers he brought her to the brink of orgasm. Gerald continued this same method on Bonnie’s right leg each time bringing her to the edge of relief.

I again looked up at my wife’s expression. She had a look of pure lust over her. This time she was looking at me.

She smiled mischievously looked me dead in the eye and said, “Gerald?”

“Yes, Bonnie what can do for you?” he replied.

She spoke again, “Gerald why is it that I am completely naked, and you are not?”

He replied again, “Hmmm that is a very good question Bonnie…would you prefer me to be naked?”

Here it comes I thought….

“Well, I for one am anxiously awaiting,” my wife replied, “and from the erection in my husband’s pants, he is eager to see as well.”


Gerald looked at Bonnie and then at me. He grinned and reached down and pulled off his underwear. My wife quickly rolled over to see. She didn’t say a word. She looked over at me and slyly smiled. She saw…we both saw Gerald’s cock. It was huge and black…black as coal…and can thick…wine bottle thick!

Bonnie rolled back over, and Gerald continued with his massage. He had oiled down her entire body down to her manicured toes. From the light from the bedroom her body glistened and shined. She looked so fucking hot; it was all I could do to keep from cumming in my pants as I watched her let herself enjoy Gerald’s efforts.

Gerald moved away from the Bonnie’s legs and began working his way back up to her shoulders. He moved around to the top of the table where Bonnie’s head was and began once again to rub down Bonnie’s breasts. As he did Bonnie adjusted herself slightly towards the top of the table. Her head now gently hung down off the end of the massage table. I immediately could tell what she was doing.

She initiated the next move. With her right hand she reached above her head and began to stroking Gerald’s cock. Gerald stood up straight and grabbed his cock out of my wife’s grasp. Without a word from her she tilted her head back a little further. Gerald grabbed his cock and raised it up to Bonnie’s lips. She willingly parted her lips, opened her mouth wide, and greedily accepted the gift of Gerald’s massive black cock.

He slowly fed her mouth his cock inch by inch. I watched in awe as she was able to take in most of his big cock. I swear I could see her throat bulge each time he shoved his cock deep into her mouth. Bonnie had sucked my dick as a regular part of our sex life, but never before had she taken that much cock without gagging. She would later tell me that with her head in that position she could easily take his cock in her throat…how the fuck did she know to do that?

After a few minutes of my wife gorging herself on Gerald’s cock, he withdrew his dick from her mouth and asked “Bonnie did you enjoy sucking my cock?”, wanting to make me hear what I knew Bonnie would say.

“Oh god yes, I loved it. You have such a gorgeous black cock. I would have hoped that I could continue.” She stated enthusiastically

“Well,” Gerald spoke, “you will get your chance later.”

Gerald asked Bonnie, “Baby do you like to have your pussy eaten?”

Bonnie replied, “Yes I do.”

Gerald continued his questions, “Does your husband do a good job?”

“As a matter of fact, he is wonderful at it.” she replied, “He loves going down on me. I usually have to pull him off of me just to get him to fuck me.”

“Good for you Bonnie.” replied Gerald, “That is what I like to hear and who knows, maybe he will get his chance later on.”

He continued, “Bonnie have you ever had a black man eat your pussy?”

Bonnie replied, “No I have not. In fact, Gerald you are the first black man to ever….well that I have um…you know.”

“Really?” Gerald replied inquisitively, “The way you were sucking my big cock I would have thought for sure that you have had plenty of experience sucking black dick…. Does your husband have a big dick?”

“He has a nice dick.” replied Bonnie.

“I asked you if he was big?” Gerald said annoyingly.

“Not anything like you Gerald.” Bonnie replied.

“Hmmm well I guess you were…shall we say motivated. Bonnie, you are going to enjoy this. I can’t think of too many things more that a black man loves to do than eating the pussy of a sexy, married, white woman like you.”

With that Gerald picked my wife off of the massage table and carried her to the bed. He had her get on all fours. Gerald moved behind my wife where he began to eat her pussy from behind.

I got up off of the couch and sat down in the chair next to the bed. I watched as he spread her ass cheeks with his large hands and thrust his tongue deep into her cunt. Bonnie began to moan softly. I could see my wife’s pussy juice begin to run down the inside of her thighs. Gerald’s tongue and chin were soon covered in her juice. He raised his head up and began to lick around my wife’s sweat ass. Gerald then began to tongue fuck Bonnie’s ass which drove her crazy. She began to squirm and shake and soon she collapsed on to the bed. Her moaning grew louder and louder.

Gerald then turned her over, spread her legs wide, and began to gently suck on my wife’s swollen clit. Gerald then stuck three fingers in my wife’s pussy and began to finger fuck her again. When he found her G-spot and this sent her over the edge.

She screamed “Oh fuck, fuck, oh god yes!”.

Her first really good orgasm of the day.

Gerald removed his fingers from her pussy, he looked up at her, and she watched him lick his fingers clean of her cum. Next, he moved between Bonnie’s legs and began to scoop the rest of her cum out with his tongue. Bonnie raised her legs up and wrapped them around Gerald’s head as he finished cleaning her cunt.

Finally, Gerald raised his head from between Bonnie’s legs and said, “Okay baby…now I want you to show me again how much you love sucking on my black dick.”

Gerald got off the bed, grabbed my wife’s hand, and led her around to the front room of where I was sitting. He told my wife to get down on her knees and show me up close how much she loves sucking his cock. Bonnie obediently knelt on the floor. She looked up at Gerald’s dick as it hung just inches from her face.

Gerald spoke “Go ahead baby, show daddy how you love to suck his big black cock.”

With that Bonnie licked her lips and opened her mouth. She lightly swirled her tongue on the tip of his dick tasting his pre-cum and savoring the flavor. She continued sucking the head of his dick, lapping up all of his pre-cum. Gerald was now feeding more of his dick into my wife’s mouth now, which she eagerly accepted and sucked him harder. Gerald’s dick appreciated Bonnie’s work too, as it started to get bigger and bigger.

Gerald chimed in “That’s it baby…you are doing just fine. Mmmmm that feels real good.”

Gerald closed his eyes and tilted his head back. He was thoroughly enjoying the talents that my wife had to offer. I felt a moment of pride knowing that my wife’s oral skills were very pleasing to a man that has probably had his cock sucked by a thousand white wives. Gerald’s engorged cock was now pointing straight out like a giant cannon on a battleship. Bonnie lifted his dick and lowered her head down to Gerald’s massive balls. She slowly licked his nuts, gently sucking each one.

I turned to view this scene from behind. I could see Bonnie’s tongue lapping away on Gerald’s glistening balls. A little drool began to run down her chin as she continued her licking. She was working so hard to bring this man pleasure. She worked her tongue up to the base of his shaft. From there she would trace the length of his cock with the tip of her tongue…back and forth. Bonnie’s tongue was having quiet the effect on Gerald. He started breathing heavier.

His comments got nastier,” Ooh shit! Damn you are one fine ass cock sucking white slut! There ain’t no way in hell that this is your first piece of black meat in your mouth. You suck black dick like a fucking pro.”

He then grabbed her head and drove his cock deep into her mouth, which she willingly accepted. Gerald then began to tease her with his cock. Every time Bonnie would get more than a few inches in her mouth Gerald would grab his dick, pull it out of her mouth and rub his cock back and forth all over her face. Slapping her cheeks with his black dick from side to side.

Bonnie would try to grab at it with her mouth and start sucking some more. Then I watched in amazement as I saw my wife of 13 years do something that I have only seen in a porno. She placed the head of Gerald’s cock into her mouth, lowered her body down and arched her back, she looked up at me and then up at Gerald as if to let him know it was time for him to fuck her face.

On cue, Gerald lowered his cock deeper and deeper, inch by inch into Bonnie’s mouth, going as far as he could before he hit the back of her throat. He then started to fuck her mouth and throat, slowly at first, not wanting her to gag. Holy shit, what an unbelievable sight. My innocent wife was deep throating this hung black stud. Good God could what Gerald said be true? Could my wife, my lover, the mother of our c***dren, the church volunteer, be a long-time black cock sucking slut?

My head was spinning as I watched the two of them. I didn’t know what to think. My dick was rock hard, my stomach was in knots and I was in a daze as I watched as Gerald grab the back of Bonnie’s head, get a handful of hair, and fuck the back of her throat. And when I saw my wife reach up with her hand and begin to brush Gerald’s balls gently with her long red finger nails, I knew firsthand what was about to happen next.

Gerald shouted out “I’m gonna fucking cum you slut. I want you to take my hot cum run down your throat you slut!”

You could literally see his balls contract again and again as he began to dump his load into my wife’s greedy mouth. Bonnie did her best to take all of Gerald’s cum, but Gerald pulled out of her mouth just as the last blast of cum released from his dick covering her chin.

With his fingers, Gerald collected the remaining cum from my wife’s face. Bonnie looked over at me, smiled, and opened her mouth. I could see the remnants of Gerald’s load still in the back of her mouth. She looked up at her black stud, closed her mouth and swallowed. Bonnie then took her bull’s dick into her mouth and proceeded to suck the rest of his dick clean. Gerald then offered up his cum covered fingers to Bonnie to which she thoroughly cleaned with her tongue.

After which Gerald stated, “That’s right baby…a black man’s cum should never go to waste.”

I got up from my chair and walked over to my wife and her stud. Gerald helped Bonnie to her feet. As the two of them were standing there my wife reached down with her hand and started stroking Gerald’s dick. A dick that was still very erect.

I said, “That was so fucking hot baby. How in the world were you able to take him so far down your throat?”

She replied “Honey, Gerald has such a big beautiful cock I just had to do what I could to please him.”

Gerald moved behind my wife and started to caress her shoulders and breasts.

“More massage?” I asked.

“No.” Gerald said.

He put his arm around my wife’s torso and leaned into her and whispered something into her ear. Bonnie smiled and shook her head yes.

Gerald then grabbed Bonnie by her hand and led her over to the chair I was sitting on before. He then had Bonnie sit down in the chair so that her pussy was just on the edge of the cushion. Her stud raised each of her legs and hung them over the arm rest so that I could see hot her dripping wet pussy was. I sat down of the bed not quite sure what was going to happen next. Gerald knelt down in front of my wife. He then stuck 3 fingers in her pussy, as if to check the temperature or something.

“Yeah, you’re ready.” he said. Then he turned to me and said “I just told your beautiful wife that it was time for me to fuck her. I told her I am going to fuck her bareback.”

My mind was spinning. Deep down from the moment this all began I knew that he was going to fuck my wife…deep down I knew that I wanted him to. The question was…is that what she wanted?

I turned to my wife and asked her “Is that what you want? Do you want Gerald to fuck you?”

Gerald turned to my wife and said, “You are one the hottest white wives I have ever met, and I would love to find out how that pussy of yours feels.”

I will never forget what happen next for as long as I live. My wife reached down with her right hand and grabbed Gerald’s dick. With her left hand she reached down to her pussy and with her fingertips she spread her pussy lips open. She slowly brought the tip of his cock up to her pussy. She turned and looked me straight in the eye. Her next words still give me a hard-on when I think about them.

She said, “Gerald, I want to you to fuck me with that gorgeous cock of yours. I want you to make me cum again and again. I want to feel that wonderful black cock deep inside me, and I want to feel you explode inside of me.”

“Ohhh Fuck.” I mumbled.

That was Gerald’s queue; he took Bonnie’s legs in each one of his hands. Slowly Gerald began penetrating my wife’s cunt with his massive cock. Bonnie’s dripping wet pussy lips accepted the first six inches of Gerald’s cock with ease.

He stopped and asked my wife “this is probably about all that you are used to isn’t it?”

Bonnie just moaned in agreement with Gerald.

He then said, “Baby look down at your pussy and see how much more you will get from me.”

Bonnie opened her eyes and looked down to see 3 or 4 more inches of Gerald’s cock. She lightly gasped. “Take my cunt Gerald…fuck my married pussy!”

Now my wife is by no means a wall flower. I have known her to blurt out the occasional dirty expletive. Hell, I have even got her to yell “fuck me” sometimes when we make love, but to hear her use words like pussy and cunt where way out of the ordinary. I soon realized that I was observing a transformation of this woman from a relatively innocent wife and mother to the birth of a hotwife who will now seek out sexual gratification when and where she can get it.

With my wife’s words of encouragement, Gerald began to give her more dick than she has ever had before. Within minutes my wife began having an orgasm. Gerald was thrusting his cock all the way into her now, giving her pleasure that she had never felt before. The look on Bonnie’s face was that of pure ecstasy. Soon she had her second orgasm by way of her new bull’s cock. She looked down and watched Gerald’s black dick thrusting back and forth into her pussy. She could see her cum building up more and more on his dick with each stroke.

Bonnie became more vocal now. “Oh God your cock feels so fucking good. Fuck me, fuck me hard!”

Gerald took Bonnie’s legs and placed them on his shoulders. He rose up to where my wife’s knees were lifted up to her head. The head of his dick was just about to fall out of my wife’s pussy… Gerald paused for a moment, and then slammed his cock balls deep into her waiting cunt. Again Gerald rose up slowly, his dick was now completely covered in my wife’s cum, and he paused again, and then as before hammered his cock deep into Bonnie’s pussy. My wife’s response was to let out a long low guttural moan that sounded like an a****l in heat.

Gerald rose up a third time. Only this time he pulled completely out. He let his cock hang just above Bonnie’s pussy. This time he paused even longer. Bonnie would have none of that. She reached down between her legs with her left hand; wrapped her fingers around the base of Gerald’s cock; (my god her hand looked so small next to his cock) and without hesitation shoved the black man’s dick back into her dripping cunt.

“That’s it baby…feed your pussy what it wants” Gerald encouraged her more. “don’t worry baby, Gerald is gonna give you more black dick than you ever dreamed of.”

‘Dreamed of’? The way my wife was reacting to Gerald’s fucking I began to wonder if maybe she had been dreaming of this for a long time. Did she have some buried burning desire to be ravished by a hung black man? During pillow talk she and I had talked of our fantasies though the one’s I told were tame. My fears of her reactions prevented me from revealing my darker desires. The fantasies she told me always involved just the two of us. Hell, they were as tame as mine. Bonnie and I had both grown up in the south and knew very well the way southern society often reacts to interracial relationships. Sure, we had both had friends from different races, but the relationships had always remained on a cordial level, not at all like this.

Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning! Her boss! The two of them had known each other for years. Their relationship wasn’t always cold. As much time as the spent working together, I can easily imagine that the two of them had engaged in some “girl talk”. Maybe one day after work they went to a bar and after a bottle or two of wine the conversation changed to sex. Was that it? Had my wife revealed a hidden desire to her boss and not to me? Did she fear as I did what my reaction might be to her fantasy? That had to be it, after all her boss did order the massage. The bitch knew she had gone too far pissing my wife off. She knew that it was going to take something huge to bring her back. Fucking aye…huge was right! That manipulative bitch! God damn her sorry ass. I don’t know whether to slap the cunt or thank her for releasing my slut from her shell.

My thoughts were interrupted when Gerald lifted Bonnie from the chair and carried her to the bed. I quickly moved out of their way and back over to the chair. I looked down on the chair cushion to see that a puddle of cum and sweat had been left by the two lovers.

Gerald laid my wife down on the bed. He climbed on the bed and moved into a missionary position. Again, my impatient wife to control of Gerald’s cock and began to rub the tip of his dick back and forth across the opening of her pussy. She teased Gerald for the moment. Having had enough of my wife’s games, Gerald quickly adjusted his body and in one moment drove his massive black pipe deep into Bonnie’s hungry cunt.

Holy shit what a sight! Bonnie arched her back and neck and let out a loud gasp. It was as if Gerald just shifted into high gear. He was now driving full speed into my wife. Bonnie was getting the fucking of her life. Again and again, Gerald pounded my beautiful wife’s pussy. Each time he drove his dick home I could see and hear his massive balls slapping against Bonnie’s ass. I got off the chair and eased down by the bed to get an up-close view of this bull fucking my wife. Gerald lifted Bonnie’s leg to give me a better view of him hammering her cunt. I could see my wife’s well oiled ass shake with every forceful thrust…

“Ahh ahh ahh,” Bonnie began to moan, “Yes… yes…. fuck me. Oh fuck me, fuck me with that big black cock!”

A massive orgasm was building up…ready to explode.

I eased up closer to her and began to offer words of encouragement, “That’s it baby, take that cock. Take his big cock deep inside of you. You love it don’t you? You love that massive black cock fucking your tight white pussy. Cum on his dick baby. Let him feel your pussy quiver on his cock.”


On and on she went. Her hands were practically ripping the sheets to the bed. Her head tossed side to side. She reached up and grabbed Gerald’s body and ****** him down to her. Gerald continued to pound my wife’s pussy. His assault on her cunt was relentless.


I moved around to get a view from the rear. My wife’s cum was beginning to seep out of her pussy. She reached down and grabbed Gerald’s ass pulling him into her as far as he could go. Bonnie’s cum was now pouring out of her cunt like a river. Gerald’s black cock was mostly white now, fully covered by my wife’s cum.

Gerald’s thrusts began to slow. Bonnie was slowly regaining her composure.

I could hear Gerald speak, “Did you enjoy that?”

“Oh my god that was incredible!” she replied.

Gerald spoke up, “Baby now I want you on top of me. I want you to fuck my black cock. I wanna see those big tits bounce up and down as you fuck yourself on my dick.”

With that Gerald pulled out of my wife’s pussy, and traded positions with her on the bed. As Bonnie began to climb upon Gerald’s body, she reached down with her hand and stroked Gerald’ massive dick. She turned to face Gerald and the two of them embraced in a passionate kiss. Without releasing Gerald’s cock from her hand, Bonnie swung her leg over his body. She raised he ass up and eased the tip of his cock into her well fucked pussy.

Gerald told Bonnie to raise her ass up as high as she could and slowly lower herself, inch by inch on to his big black cock.

“Whatever you want baby.” my wife replied.

“Slowly, slowly, Gerald directed, “that’s it baby…feel every inch of my dick... Show your husband how well you can take a black man’s cock into your sweet white pussy.”

My wife began her descent of Gerald’s cock. I could hear her whimper in pleasure as she dropped inch by inch down the shaft of his glorious cock.

As Bonnie lowered herself Gerald asked her, “You love my cock, don’t you?”

“Oh…yes, yes!” Bonnie replied.

“Let me hear you say it!” Gerald demanded.

“I love your cock Gerald” she continued, “I love the way your cock fills me, the way it stretches my pussy, I love the way it feels deep inside of me.”

About half way down onto Gerald’s cock Bonnie paused…her breathing began to become heavier. Then I hear

“Awh,… awh… awh god yes I cumming again.” Bonnie cried.

I move in closer and watch as my wife’s juices flow out of her pussy and down Gerald’s cock. What an amazing site. Gerald’s cock has my wife’s pussy stretched out so far. I simply cannot believe that my wife is able to take this dick. It looks as if it would split her in two. Bonnie then dropped all the way down on to that massive dick.

Gerald yells “that is it Bonnie…fuck yourself on my big black cock. You won’t want to fuck anything else from now on, will you? Tell me baby…tell me how you only want my black dick in your married pussy. Tell me how only my big cock will satisfy you from now on.”

Bonnie spoke up “I only want your cock in my pussy. Only your big beautiful black cock will fuck my white pussy and make me cum”.

Bonnie laid down on top of Gerald she told him he was going to really enjoy this. My wife begins to adjust her position on top of Gerald. She slides her body down his body a few inches, still keeping his stiff dick buried in her pussy. She slides down until she can feel her clit rubbing hard against his dick. She then puts her legs on top of his.

This puts even more pressure on her clit. She tells Gerald to spread his legs out. Gerald complies with her request. Bonnie’s legs lay right on top of his. Damn! This is a position that we discovered on our own. What she will do next to Gerald, she has only done to me. It always worked, and by that, I mean we always came together. It was always a massive orgasm for her and me as well. It was “our position” and now she was going to use it on a stranger.

Bonnie began by slowly but firmly moving her ass from side to side. Then she moves her ass front to back.

“Damn baby…your cunt feels so tight.” Gerald tells her.

She continues this motion as she slides down just a bit further on Gerald’s body, putting even more pressure on her clit and his cock.

“Mmmmm…baby that feels fucking good.” Gerald tells her.

Gerald begins to rub and squeeze Bonnie’s ass. This continues for a few more minutes when I begin to hear moans from the both of them. Here it comes. Bonnie tells Gerald to stick his finger in her ass. There is still so much oil on her body that his finger goes in with ease.

Gerald begins to finger my wife’s ass.

Bonnie speaks up again, “Yeah baby, fuck my ass!”

Gerald’s fingers pick up the pace. He is working her ass over at a furious pace now. And then my wife does what I swear is physically impossible. She begins to wiggle her ass in circles and up and down while still lying down on Gerald’s body. She is able to gyrate her hips and thrust up and down on his cock. The combination of pressure on her clit from his dick and her fucking is too much for her.

She starts off with “OH FUCK…OH FUCK…OH GOD FUCK ME GOOD!”

Well Gerald can’t hold back any more. He quickly grabs on tight to Bonnie’s ass and starts thrusting his cock deep inside of her.

Bonnie starts to encourage Gerald, “Yea baby fuck me hard….fuck my pussy good!”

I watch in awe as these to go at it. The bed is shaking, and the headboard is bouncing off of the wall. God, I hope no one is next door.

I watch as Gerald’s massive balls tighten up.

He shouts, “Awwwwh fuck baby…Take my cum you fucking slut!”


Bonnie collapsed on top of Gerald’s body. Both of them were breathing heavily trying to catch their breath. Unfucking believable! I had never seen anything like that in my life. I was stunned by intensity of my wife’s orgasm. I know that I have never been able to get her off like that, and probably never will. The two lovers embraced in a passionate kiss. My wife finally climbed off of Gerald and sat up facing me. She smiled and said I feel much better now.

“You aren’t upset are you honey? I mean this is what you wanted to happen isn’t it? You were the one who requested Gerald to give me a massage weren’t you?” she asked.

Gerald sat up behind my wife and said “Bonnie, your boss called me. She said that she really pissed you off and needed to make you happy. She asked me to give you a massage and to make you happy”.

“That bitch called you?” Bonnie asked.

“Oh yeah” said Gerald “I have made her happy on many other occasions to.”

Bonnie looked at me in shock, “So you didn’t have anything to do with this? But you sat there and watched us. You didn’t say anything…you …you enjoyed watching me get fucked. I saw you rubbing your cock, it was as hard as I have seen it in years.”

Gerald spoke up, “Don’t be too surprised baby. I have had many white husbands set their wives up with me. They love to watch a big black bull fuck their wives, and the wives…well they,” Gerald wraps his arms around Bonnie’s body and begins to kiss her neck, “they just go crazy when they see my dick”. “But Bonnie I have to say you are the finest piece of white pussy I have ever had. You can suck my cock with the best of them, and I have never had a pussy milk my dick like that before.”

Gerald continued his affections towards my wife. He kissed all the way up to my wife’s ear. He whispered into her ear. I could only make out a few words “you know what else….they like…afterwards…and clean…cum …your.”

“Oh my God…really”? Bonnie said in surprise.

“I am telling you the truth. Trust me,” Gerald replied.

Bonnie turned her head to me again, only this time she looked at me in a strange way. I could tell she was running something around in her head.

“Is it true? Did you like what you saw baby? Did you like watching Gerald’s magnificent black cock pounding your wife’s sweet white pussy? Did you enjoy me taking his cock into my mouth, and down my throat? Hmmm?….Your stiff cock sure looked like you enjoy it. You know baby I have never had a man make me cum as much and as hard as Gerald did. I know you won’t want to deprive me of such pleasure again. I mean I cum when you and I make love, but I am going to need more. You don’t mind do you baby?”

What could I say? I told her that she deserves to be pleasured, and that I want her to be happy.

“I love you so much honey” she said, “For being such a wonderful husband, I want to give you a treat. Do you remember what Gerald said to me as I was swallowing his wonderful cum from his cock?”

“No” I replied.

She replied, “He said that I should never let a black man’s cum go to waste.”

Bonnie leaned back on her elbows. She spread her legs showing me her red cum covered pussy. She stuck two of her fingers into her dripping cunt. Seconds later a torrent of cum gushed from her pussy.

Bonnie looked up at me and said, “Baby come over here and clean my pussy. Don’t let Gerald’s delicious cum go to waste.” I was transfixed on my wife’s cum covered pussy. I stood up and removed all of my clothes. I knelt down on to the bed. My face was inches from her cunt. I could smell their sex. I knew I would not be able to stop. I knew I didn’t want to. Bonnie placed her hand on my head and pushed me on to her pussy.

“That’s it sweetheart. Clean the black man’s cum from your slut wife’s pussy.” she demanded.

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