Test 2731.jpgWhen my wife first met Dr, Sharon C. it was her first day at work. Sharon was an orthopedic surgeon, and my wife was her new assistant. Sharon was your typical doctor... driven, confident, and the boss. My wife was more nurturing and had a better bed side manner. They were opposites but they made it work. They did however share a lot of interests and soon became good friends. We had hung out with Sharon and her husband Jake from time to time and usually had fun. However, Sharon's bitchiness wore on my wife, and Bonnie would constantly say she was going to quit but she didn't because of their friendship.

As life moved on, my wife and I had begun our family and her pregnancy took a toll on her physically and she was ****** to quit her job. Later on, Bonnie just got too busy with life and family that she fell out of touch with Sharon. That was until the rise of social media and Facebook.

Bonnie had found Sharon on Facebook one day and they renewed their friendship…at least online. Sharon had moved her practice to the other side of town, and her and her husband had bought a nice house close by to the practice. While chatting online, Bonnie and Sharon had many times talked about getting together to have lunch or something, but it always seemed that their schedules never would allow it. This went on for a year or so but nonetheless, they were able to become close. As fate would have it, we later moved to the other side of town so that I no longer had a 1 hour commute twice a day. Bonnie and Sharon finally were finally able to get sync their schedules and get together, to go shopping and grab lunch.

Sharon showed up at our house driving her new Jaguar Convertible and sporting some new bigger breasts. Sharon always had a fit and trim body but she was lacking in the bust... .well not anymore... wow they were nice... not excessively large, but fit her body very well. Well Bonnie was more impressed with the Jag than Sharon’s new tits. The two of them jumped in the car and headed out to spend money.

At the stores Sharon showed off a bit and purchased about $1500 dollars in clothes and jewelry which made my wife a little jealous. It seems that Sharon had not changed that much. She was still shallow and materialistic. Sharon was buying items that were sexy and revealing... .stuff that many would consider not age appropriate for a 43 year old woman. Later at lunch, Bonnie asked Sharon what’s with the twenty something clothes. Well, they had already consumed a few glasses of wine and Sharon began to tell my wife that the clothes were for "date night".

Bonnie stated, “I bet Jake loves you wearing those outfits on date night."

Sharon then dropped the bomb on Bonnie and said, "Oh Jake loves me in them, but I am not wearing them for him... I am wearing them for my fuckbuddy."

Bonnie laughed and apologized to Sharon, “That is funny, I thought you said fuckbuddy.”

Sharon looked Bonnie in the eye and state, “That is exactly what I said.”

Bonnie was dumbfounded. She asked her if she was serious to which Sharon replied that she said she wasn't joking and that a couple of times a month she goes out with one of her amazing boyfriends. She said they go out dinner or dancing and then go to his place and he fucks her brains out. Well Bonnie was utterly speechless. She could not believe that her friend was a slut. She asked Sharon about what Jake had to say about all of it.

"Nothing at all sweetie, it was his idea". Sharon proclaimed.

Sharon went on to explain to my wife that Jake came to her a couple of years ago and stated he wanted to watch her have sex with other men. Sharon went on to say that at first, she was adamantly against it. Not because she didn’t like the idea of fucking a hot guy, no she was worried that if word got out that she fooled around, she could lose her practice. Sharon told my wife that Jake was persistent and exclaimed that they would absolutely be discreet. Sharon explained that during one trip that they took to Miami that she got a little ***** and Jake convinced her that no one back home would ever find out. Jake pointed out a 20 something guy and told her go and seduce him... she did... he fucked her like she had never been fucked and she was hooked….and they had been doing it ever since.

Bonnie asked, “Where in the world do you find these guys?”

Sharon explained that her and Jake sometimes go to swinger clubs, and they meet studs there. She says she never fucks them at the clubs, but that she has sucked a few cocks in the parking lot. If they like a guy, they usually schedule a date after the guy got checked out medically.

Bonnie's head was spinning. Never in her life would she had thought her friend could do such a thing. Sharon had said that when she thinks back on it that it does shock her to, but she has a new sexual freedom, and she was enjoying it.

Bonnie asked, “Do your new boobs have anything to do with it?”

Sharon grinned and said, “Of course they do.”

Well, they had finished up lunch and Sharon brought Bonnie home. My wife immediately filled me in on the sordid details. I was blown away as well. Jake never seemed like the type to go for something like that. Bonnie told me that she could never ever do anything like that. I asked if she was going to see her friend again. She said she would have to think about it.

After thinking about it for a few days she decided that Sharon and Jake's lifestyle was between the two of them and that they could still remain friends. Bonnie certainly did not approve of what they were doing but did not want to lose a good friend. Some weeks passed before they would talk again. Sharon asked if my wife was freaked out about everything. Bonnie told her that what she and her husband did was between them, and she was not going to pass judgement. They continued with their friendship as normal.

A month had passed, and Sharon called up Bonnie and told her she was closing the office early and wanted to know if she wanted to grab a drink. Bonnie agreed and they met up at a local watering hole. They talked about shopping, work, family and everyday things but nothing about Sharon’s sexual escapades. After a couple of hours at the bar, a neighbor of Sharon's happened by. The man hugged Sharon and she introduced him to Bonnie as Hank. Hank lived in the same subdivision as Sharon and Jake.

Hank was black man that was a few years older with a shaved head and rugged good looks. My wife would later describe him as very handsome. Hank just said hello and was headed home. Bonnie remarked to Sharon that Hank was good looking guy. Sharon said he was a pilot, that he is divorced and lives with his two teenage k**s a couple of houses down from theirs.

The two talked for a little while longer and then called it a night. Before Bonnie got home Sharon called her to invite us over to their house in two weeks for a bar-b-que. Bonnie accepted and asked if we needed to bring anything. Sharon replied just your bathing suits and some wine.

The bar-b-que was the perfect excuse for my wife to go buy herself a new swimsuit. She really didn't like the ones she had because they never accentuated her boobs good enough. I had gotten Bonnie a boob job a few years ago to give her perfect 38D breasts. She used to have great boobs, but time and children had taken their toll. She had grown to hate how he old boobs no longer accentuated her curves. I agreed but never let her know how I felt. One day she came to me and asked if she good get implants. I was happy to accommodate her request. With her big breasts now, they would tend to fall out with her other swimsuits.

One day after work I came home to see a couple of packages left on the front porch. I brought them in and handed them to my wife. She got very excited and told me it's her new swimsuit and hat. I ask her to try them on and she said no and that I will have to wait until the bbq. Okay fine... I can wait.

Well, the day of the bbq comes and we drive over to Jake and Sharon's house. They live in an upscale neighborhood with manicured yards and 7 figure homes. There were lots of other cars so we parked on the street and went inside. We are greeted at the door by Jake and Sharon. I can’t help but notice that Sharon's tits look good in her tight white two piece.

They ****** us to the back yard and Jake hands me a beer and we head over to their pool. Jake introduces me to his neighbors, including Hank... I had no idea who Hank was because Bonnie did not mention to me how she met him from before. He seemed like a friendly guy... he said he had already met my wife from a couple of weeks ago. Hmmm I thought to myself that was a little unusual that Bonnie forgot to mention Hank. I put the thought aside and met the rest of their guests.

Bonnie asked Sharon to borrow a room to change into her new swimsuit. Up till then I had only seen her big black sun hat and nothing of the suit. Bonnie and Sharon leave and the rest of us are just hanging out enjoying the pool and the food.

They had catered the food and had a massive spread... more food than we could all eat. The girls were gone for a while, and I was wondering what was taking so long. Then in an instant the reason for Bonnie’s delay was revealed. Bonnie comes walking out in her new swimsuit and everyone... men and women turned their heads to see my stunning wife.

Bonnie was wearing this amazing black one-piece swimsuit that had a 50s pinup girl look to it. The swimsuit gave her a sexuality that was incredible….and wow it really showed her curves off. She had also curled up her red hair and wore her big black hat. She added a little more make-up and finished the look with black stiletto sandals. With her sunglasses on she looked like a red headed Marilyn Monroe but with a better body.

Every dick there was hard including mine. She walked up to the bar as if she owned the place and ordered a gin and tonic, and instantly had four bartending neighbors fixing her a drink. I have to tell you I was beaming with pride while most of the women there were suddenly not as friendly as before.

So, we are sitting at one of the half dozen tables eating our lunch. Bonnie and I, Jake and Sharon, two male neighbors minus their wives and Hank. The conversation all seems to focus around the two beautiful women. In fact, it looks as if Jake and I are suddenly invisible. I am fine with that... like I said I was feeling really good about how my wife had attracted all this attention. She was soaking it all up and she deserved it... .and Jake... well I guess he was used to being the odd man out.

Jake asks if I want to see his new wave runner. I said sure and he and I left for his garage. We were gone maybe 15 minutes and as we emerge from the garage, I see that Hank has taken my seat next to my wife. Jake taps me on the shoulder and says let's get another cold beer and let the girls enjoy their fun. We walk over to the bar and grab our beers and people watch. Now the table with our wives is having a good time. From the activity it seems that Hank is dominating the conversation and is focused on the females... more in particular, my wife. They are all laughing and having a good time. At the other table, where the wives of the two husbands who are paying attention to Bonnie and Sharon are seated... I can easily tell they are not having a good time. Jake jokes about it and we both laugh with a touch of pride.

As I watch my wife, I can tell that Hank is really flirting with her, and to somewhat of my surprise she is flirting back. She is quite good at flirting actually with the flick of her red tresses, the sexy laugh, the light touching of Hank's arm and hand. I can see her lean in towards him as she places her hand on his shoulder. I can tell he is getting an eye full of Bonnie's 38D tits. She says something to Hank and then points over to me. She smiles at me and raises her glass as to ask for me to bring her another, I smile and fix her another gin and tonic.

I walk over to the table with her drink... she knows I am standing there and for more than a few seconds she doesn't acknowledge me. Hank doesn't even offer my seat back. Sharon grins at me and tells me to have Jake bring her a refill. I hand Bonnie her drink without even as much of a thank you from her and walk back to the bar and sit down feeling slightly jealous. Jake makes Sharon her drink and walks it over to her. He leans into her, and she is whispering something in his ear. This goes on for a minute or so and then he walks back to the bar. Jake asks if I want to go play some 9-ball on their pool table. So, he and I go inside. A few of the guests leave and Jake and Sharon thank them for coming over.

Jake and I have been playing pool for about 30 minutes or so when the girls walk in. Sharon tells us that a few other guests are leaving, but that there are a few still hanging out and swimming. Bonnie walks over to me and kisses me. I ask her if she is having fun and she says she is having a wonderful time. She apologizes for not paying much attention to me. I tell her don't worry about it and for her to have fun. I tell her she looks like a million dollars, and she grins and says yeah Hank thinks so to.

I tell her that I instantly got hard when I saw her. She smiles and says yes and that she noticed some of the other guys ‘adjusting’ themselves as she sauntered by. She said that it was getting hot outside and that her and Sharon were going to the bar downstairs to have another drink and cool off a bit.

Sharon tells Jake something and turns to go downstairs. She says to Jake "about an hour or so, okay?"

He replies, “That's fine.”

Now this is the point at which I am no longer an observer to the story. The next part of this story was told to me by my wife days after the bbq.

Bonnie and Sharon ventured downstairs to the bar... well it is more like a personal night club including dance floor large sofas and incredible sound system. The room overlooks the entire backyard and pool. Sharon went behind the bar and mixed her and Bonnie another drink... Bonnie had lost track of how many drinks at this point and she was feeling very good. Sharon turns on some dance music and begins to dance by herself on the dance floor. She, like Bonnie, is obviously feeling good.

Sharon is dancing and looking out at the pool. She calls out to Bonnie that she absolutely must come and see what she is looking at.

"What is it"? Bonnie asks.

"Come see for yourself." Sharon replied.

Bonnie walks over to the dance floor and quickly sees what has Sharon's attention. Hank was swimming laps in Sharon's pool, The two of them seemed to be mesmerized by this. When Hank climbed out of the pool Bonnie got an excellent view of his chiseled body, not to mention the bulge in his swim trunks. Bonnie broke from her trance to notice that Sharon was lightly caressing herself.

Bonnie lets out, "Oh my... that is a real man."

Sharon responds with, "You have no idea sweetie."

With that, the two ladies regain their focus and start to dance together again. This goes on for a few minutes when the French doors to the bar open up and Hank walks in. He has this devilish grin on his face... not to mention he is soaking wet. Hank saunters up to Sharon and starts to dance. The song changes and they really start to grind on each other. Bonnie is watching and dancing to. Hank’s hands are rubbing all over Sharon's body Sharon turns around and faces Bonnie. She backs her ass into Hank’s pelvis and reaches back to Hanks hips and pulls him tight... the hole time she has her eyes locked onto my wife.

Hank begins to kiss the back of Sharon's neck. His hands are on her waist. He moves them up and onto Sharon's breasts. He cups her breasts with his big hands and Sharon lets out a soft moan. His hands move underneath the material covering her breasts. At this point he looks up and stairs straight into Bonnie's eyes. He flashes her a wicked smile and then with one of his hands he slowly moves it down Sharon's torso to the top of her bikini bottom, Sharon, in turn, reaches behind her and guides her hand into Hank's swim trunks. She grabs Hanks rock hard cock and begins to tug on it... .all the while the two of them are staring at my wife.

Hank eases his hand into Sharon's bikini bottom. Sharon gives my wife a knowing smile as if to say, ‘you can have this to’. Bonnie is transfixed on the couple fondling each other to music. She can tell that he has a finger or two inside Sharon's pussy. Sharon turns to face Hank, she tells him something. Bonnie can't hear it. Hank kisses Sharon and then he turns towards my wife. This is the moment our lives changed.

He walks over to Bonnie and starts to dance with her. He pulls her close so that she can feel his hard cock next to her body, their bodies grinding hard against each other, She puts her arms around Hank’s neck and tilts her head back. Hank leans in and places a kiss on Bonnie's neck. His tongue follows the contours of my wife's neck moving up to her ear. He whispers in her ear that she is the sexiest woman he has ever seen and that he knew that he was going to fuck her today the moment that she walked out in her swimsuit. Bonnie let out a soft moan.

With his right hand he grabbed my wife's left wrist and pulled it down to his cock, Bonnie didn't hesitate... she grabbed the huge cock firmly in her hand. Her eyes grew huge with shock. Hank pulled back and flashed that wicked grin. He spun her around and backed Bonnie's ass into his crotch, He pulled her body tight to his and held her. Bonnie moved her long raven hair to the side and offered Hank her neck and shoulders. Hank’s left hand was on Bonnie tummy and with his right hand he gently pulled the strap to her swimsuit down over her shoulder. His hand reached down into the top of my wife's swimsuit and ******* her breast. He pealed the top down a little more and ******* her other breast.

Hank looked down on Bonnie's perfect 38D breasts and with both hands he began to cup and caress her. All of Hank's lovers had large breasts. We found out later that he told Sharon that if she wanted to have him continue to fuck her, that she needed to have her breasts enlarged. Hank definitely liked what he saw.

This black stud had my faithful wife on fire. They continued to dirty dance. Feeling up and down each other’s bodies, Hank reached down between my wife's thighs and parted the bottom of the swimsuit so that he had access to her dripping wet cunt. He quickly inserted two fingers in her. She moaned again and turned to kiss him.

Meanwhile Sharon had quickly removed her bikini and rejoined Hank and my wife. She dropped to her knees and told my wife to join her. Bonnie knelt down as well. Sharon told Bonnie to removed Hank’s swim trunks. Bonnie obediently complied. As Bonnie pulled down Hank's trunks his cock sprang out like Jack-in-the-Box. Bonnie gazed upon Hank's massive rigid black cock and slowly reached up to grab it. Her hand could not reach all the way around his massive dick. She could now feel he juices begin to trickle down the inside of her thighs.

Sharon leaned into Bonnie and asked, "Have you ever in your life seen such a beautiful cock?”

Bonnie didn't speak. She just shook her head no. Sharon told Bonnie to take his gorgeous black cock into your mouth and pleasure Hank, and when he is ready, he is going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before.

Hank laid back on one of the large sofas. His cock stood like a flagpole. Bonnie's hands held onto it like it was pure gold.

Hank looked Bonnie into her eyes and said, "Bonnie... you are going to listen to me and do what I say... .you are going to use that sexy mouth of yours and suck my cock... you will lick my balls and get me ready to fuck you... when I am ready, you will climb on top of me, and with one hand you will spread your cunt open for me, with the other hands you will grab my cock and put it inside of you.” He continued, "It will take some time, I know that you are not used to a big cock, but you will ease my cock all the way inside you and once you are ready I will fuck you as I please, you have several orgasms and when I am good and ready, I will pump my black cum inside your pussy." "at that point in time your pussy, your cunt, your sex... will be under my control. You will be faithful to me. You will continue to be with your husband and may continue to have sex with him as long as I say so, but I will always own your married white pussy. In time your husband will understand that you deserve this, and he will be happy to put your needs above his. You need to understand this before we go any further.”

My wife... .who till just a few weeks ago completely disapproved of this type of lifestyle…smiled, turned her head to the side, flicked her long red her back... and eagerly took Hank's cock into her mouth.

Bonnie opened wide to take in the head of Hank's engorged cock. Her deep red lips closed around his cock... she let out a moan of pleasure as she felt the heat of his cock on her tongue. She savored the slightly salty taste of the skin. Bonnie took in as much of the fat cock as she could. She held Hank’s cock deep in her throat as long she could, then slowly raising her head up. Bonnie began to swirl her tongue just beneath the head if the cock causing Hank to let out a long sigh.

"That's it Bonnie"... ."mmmm... you definitely know how to suck cock like a pro.” Hank proclaimed.

Bonnie continues to use her tongue as she traced down the shaft of Hank's cock all the way down to his massive balls. My wife's tongue licked Hank's balls as if they tasted like candy. Taking each one into her mouth she could feel how each one seemed as big as a walnut. Hank was enjoying Bonnie's special attention to his nuts. He spread his legs wide so that she could clean all around his nuts. Bonnie shifted her attention back to the rock-hard black shaft... licking up and down all the while starring Hank directly into his eyes, she wanted Hank to approve of her effort.

Bonnie realized she still had her swimsuit on. She raised up, not taking her eyes off of Hank, and removed the suit ******** her full naked body to her new lover. It occurred to her how much Hank liked big boobs. She lowered her head back down to the huge cock. This time she took both of her gorgeous 38D breasts and wrapped them around Hank's cock. She sucked the head of his cock as she moved her tits up and down on his shaft. Hank was enjoying Bonnie's work, His head tilted back, and he let out a guttural groan of approval. He was ready... he was ready to fuck my wife. To fuck her like never before.

Just as she was told, Bonnie climbed on top of Hank as he lay on the sofa. With her left hand she reached between her legs and with her fingers she spread her cunt open for his big black cock. With her right hand, Bonnie reached for his cock. bringing it closer and closer to her wet pussy.

"That's it Bonnie." Hank said. " You are ready to be fucked aren't you?" asked Hank.

"Yes." said Bonnie.

"Yes what?" asked Hank.

"Oh yes... I am ready to be fucked... fucked like never before... god I want your black cock inside of me." Bonnie begged.

"Okay Bonnie... I am going to give you what you crave.” Hank replied.

Bonnie bit down on her lower lip as she first placed the head of Hank's cock just inside her pussy.

"Easy now... this isn't your husbands little white cock... take it slow and easy." Hank directed Bonnie.

She began to lower herself slowly... .inch by magnificent inch onto Hank's cock, Sharon watched on... she could see the wetness from Bonnie's pussy began to roll down the stud's cock, Bonnie had never felt a cock like this in her before... .not her teenage boyfriends, not her college flings, not even her husband, This cock sent her into her first orgasm of the day. She had only gotten 4 inches in and already she was cuming.

"Oh ffffuck... oh fuck it's so good." she moaned.

"Keep going baby... there is still a much more left to go." Hank said with a chuckle.

Bonnie looked down. Hank was right, my wife looked into Hank's eyes... she grinned... and then... with a single motion she dropped all down the remaining 5 inches. She was instantly met with a jolt of pain. She lost her breath and sat motionless on the big black cock as she collected herself. The heat from the massive cock felt like a hot iron deep inside her. After 10 seconds of heavy breathing Bonnie looked up at Hank and told him

"Please make my pussy yours." Bonnie requested.

And with that Hank rolled Bonnie on her back and sent her to sexual heaven.

Hank started slowly fucking her with short easy strokes. Bam! Bonnie came for the second time. "Oh fuck it's so damn big" she said. Hank grabbed Bonnie's legs by the ankles and spread her legs open wide, His pace picked up as did the length of his stroke in and out of my wife's willing cunt. Bonnie was lost in lust all she wanted at that time was Hank to never stop fucking her.

Orgasm number three for Bonnie was like no other ever before. It started in her thighs and raced up her body. It was a wave of pleasure like nothing else she has ever felt. The wave continued up to her pussy and went deep to her torso and into her chest, She had stopped breathing just as her eyes rolled back into her head.

Bonnie shouted out "oh……….ffffuck!"

She began to cry from the sheer amount of pleasure she was receiving. She reached down to Hank's ass and pulled him into her as tight as she could. He continued to pound into my wife's pussy with relentless force. Each thrust sending spasms of pleasure into my wife.

Hank let Bonnie catch her breath before rolling her over on her hands and knees and moving behind her, He entered her pussy from behind up to his balls with one thrust.

Bonnie surprised Hank by telling him "oh fuck yeah baby... I fucking love it from behind…fuck my married white pussy".

Hank made her happy and grabbed a hold of my wife's hips and just let her have it. He slammed into her pussy again and again

"This pussy is mine now isn't it!" he told her, "I will use it anyway I want!"

Bonnie just moaned "uh-huh."

"Who does this pussy belong to Bonnie?" he asked.

"You!" Bonnie replied.

"Who owns your pussy?" he shouted!


"I am going to cum in you now" Hank told Bonnie.

"Oh god yes Hank... fill my pussy... I need your cum inside me." Bonnie insisted.

And just as she asked for it Hank emptied his huge balls into my wife's stretched pussy. Bonnie later described it as a water hose being bound-up and then all at once released inside her, flooding her sex with a massive amount of cum.

Bonnie began shaking hard as the next orgasm hit her.

“Oh my god…..oh my god….oh fuck I can’t believe this,” she stated.

Bonnie regained her composure and got up onto just her knees. Copious amounts of her black lover’s cum were now streaming down her legs. She turned back towards Hank and embraced him. Hank’s hands grabbed Bonnie's ass and pulled her in tight. They kissed each other deeply for several seconds. Bonnie later told me that a part of her fell in love with Hank at that moment. No other man had ever made her feel that way and she knew she could not give that up.

Sharon helped Bonnie back into her original clothes. The two walked up the stairs, and as they did Hanks cum continued to flow down my wife’s legs.

So, what the hell was I doing during this. During the moaning and groaning and screaming….the taking of my wife’s cunt….I was outside swimming in the pool. Of course, if I had bothered to look into the widows downstairs, I would have seen it all.

As we were leaving Bonnie gave Sharon a big hug and kiss.

She whispered, "thank you... I now know that you had pretty much planned all this... thank you for giving me something I'll remember forever".

I took my wife home without the first clue of what had happened.

For the next week or so Bonnie was walking around on cloud 9. She was loving and attentive and we made love more than usual. I was enjoying this side of her thoroughly... .and then it stopped. No more sex and she wouldn't say why, A week later, on a Friday night, I was pulling into the driveway and getting out of my car. Bonnie walks out of the house dressed like a million dollars. She is working that pinup look and man does she look hot. Tight short skirt, low cut tight top and high heels. I'm thinking great! a night out on the town. Just let me shower and change and we can go.

Bonnie said "sorry sweetheart I have other plans".

WHAT THE HELL? She waved bye as she drove off.

The next seven hours I am left wondering what is going on. She isn't responding to calls or texts. In fact, she had turned off her phone. I try and stay up, but I am exhausted, At 3:30 she walks into our bedroom and wakes me up. She wakes me up, smiles and kisses me. She reached for my dick and gives it a squeeze

"Miss me" she asks?

I noticed she looks a little disheveled. I ask her where the hell has she been?

"I told you sweetheart I had made other plans." she replied.

"Doing what and with who" I asked.

With a smile on her face and rather nonchalantly she replied, "I was with Hank sweetie... he and I had a date".

“What the fuck??? a date??? are you fucking joking?” I shouted.

Bonnie takes off her clothes and walks into the bathroom. I can see that her ass is very red. She turns on the shower as I follow her in waiting for an answer, Bonnie starts to brush her hair.

"Bonnie what the hell is going on?" I ask.

Somewhat annoyed with my tone she turns and asks, "Do you remember me telling you about Sharon and Jake and how Jake lets Sharon date other guys... ..well Hank is her boyfriend... and well now….he is mine to!"

BAM….those words hit me like a ton of bricks.

Bonnie gets into the shower.

"Are you fucking crazy... what are you talking about?" I ask. "You fucked him didn't you?" I asked.

"Oh yes... of course I did." she said.

I'm flipping out now.

She said, “You know how you like the little landing strip down on my pussy?

"Yes" I replied, scared of what she would say next.

"Well Hank prefers me clean shaved" and with that she pulled back the shower curtain and showed me her bald pussy.

I am utterly speechless.

Bonnie cleans up and then steps out of the shower and puts a towel around her. She walks over and looks me in the eye. She knows what just happen has hurt me deeply... she can see it in my eyes. She puts her arms around me and hugs me tightly.

She pulls back a little and says "sweetheart... .you are my true love... I can not even for a moment imagine not being your wife... you are in my heart forever... .but... .you see I have discovered something about myself... I am a very sexy attractive woman and men desire me….I find that a huge turn on... .Hank desires me and well... he is a gifted lover... .he makes me feel incredible he can give me something that you can’t and I simply will not give that up". She can see that her words were another gut shot to me.

"You are confused and hurt right now but I promise you will feel different about this later….you will see that it is what I need and you will understand and approve eventually."

She kissed me goodnight, I asked her if she was going to see Hank again, "Yes he is taking me out again tomorrow night".

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