051_1000a-.jpgOf course, Carrie knew she shouldn’t accept a ride from two strange men. She had known that for all of her thirty-two years. She may be blonde, but she was no ditz. But she didn’t know what else to do. She had just dropped her kids off at her mother’s house for the week and was driving home. The motorway construction was so horrendous on the way there that she decided to try county roads. Then her minivan just quit on a deserted stretch of road. She wasn’t even sure where she was. It was one of the hottest days of the summer, and she wore her pretty blue-patterned loose-fitting summer outfit that showed off her long, slim legs. She had nothing to drink and no shade, and, like a miracle, two men in an old tow truck just happened to cruise by and stop. They were friendly, if a little too friendly. They looked under her hood and, without even asking, started to hook up her minivan to their tow truck. When they were ready, one man got on the driver’s side, and the other one opened the passenger side and motioned for her to get in.

The first thing that made her uncomfortable was that, as she was climbing in the truck, she looked back at the second man, and he appeared to be looking up at her butt. The second thing that made her uncomfortable was that it was very crowded. Carrie was quite slender, slim, and 5 feet 7 inches, but the two men were heavy, muscular, and dirty, like they were covered in oil and grease. These men appeared to be in their forties or early fifties. Carrie could smell their perspiration as they squished her between their shoulders, and both of their thighs pressed against hers.

Carrie’s left knee was practically touching the stick shift, and as the driver shifted, he subtly rested his sleeveless forearm on her bare thigh. The passenger side one, whose shirt said 'Dale' on it, was pressing his shoulder hard into her right breast. Carrie’s breasts are pretty small, B-cups in fact, but it was still uncomfortable having the stranger rub against them. Dale was leering at her with a sloppy grin. There was no air conditioning in the truck, and Carrie’s bare thighs were sticking to the vinyl seat. The truck suspension was awful, and every slight little bump made her breasts jiggle. Carrie’s thighs were pretty firm, but just the vibration of the engine was enough to make the flesh quiver. She looked over at Dale, and he was staring down at her shaking thighs. Carrie suddenly felt quite bare in her loose cotton shorts and top. Dale was rubbing and pressing her breast so much that Carrie leaned forward to escape him, but when Carrie arched her shoulders and he leaned back, her top gaped open, and Dale was practically staring at her small tits. Carrie glanced down to see her white bra, which was obviously plainly visible. Carrie’s bra was also hanging open, and she could see her left breast naked past her tan line, the smoothness of her breast, and her long nipple showing to Dale. Carrie’s little breasts also shook as the truck vibrated. She put her hand up over her chest, feeling her face get flushed.

They cruised down the road, with rarely another vehicle to be seen. The driver, no longer shifting, rested his hand on Carrie’s knee. As soon as he did this, Dale put his left hand on Carrie’s bare right thigh. Carrie’s adrenaline was rushing as she pushed both of their forearms off of her thighs. But all they did was smirk and put their hands on her again. She got the courage to say, “Don’t touch me.” But Dale reached in his pocket and pulled out a long switchblade knife. She almost fainted when it snapped open.

“Just do what we tell ya,” said Dale.

Carrie sat shivering as the driver squeezed the inside of her thigh and slid his hand up over her crotch. He rubbed her mound over her shorts as Dale ran his right hand up her waist and reached inside her top. His dirty hand slid inside her bra, massaged her breast, and pinched her nipple. The driver grabbed Carrie’s knee and lifted it over his, which spread her legs. This afforded him more room to feel Carrie’s pussy, and he slid his hand inside the side of her shorts and into her panties. He played with Carrie’s pubic hair for a moment and then worked his middle finger inside her pussy. To Carrie’s surprise, it wasn’t dry; in fact, it was quite lubricated.

Dale grabbed Carrie’s shoulder-length blonde hair and made her kiss him, forcing his tongue inside her mouth. Then the driver unzipped his pants and pulled his erect penis out. Dale also pulled out his hard penis, and they placed Carrie’s hands on them and told her to stroke them. They continued driving down narrow country roads, with Carrie stroking the men’s penises as Dale kissed her and fondled her breasts, and the driver fingered her pussy. She was whimpering and choking back sobs, but they could barely be heard above the noise of the noisy truck with the windows rolled down.

The driver told Carrie to 'suck on it for a while.' She knew what he meant, and Dale grabbed her neck and pushed her face down onto the driver’s lap. Carrie reluctantly put her lips on his penis head and slowly sank down on his shaft. Carrie’s butt was sticking up in the air slightly, and Dale grabbed the elastic waistband of her shorts. He tugged them down to Carrie’s thighs, along with her panties in one fast motion. Carrie could feel her bottom bare to the wind. When they were all the way off of Carrie’s feet and she was bottomless, Dale reached between her legs and played with her pussy. He worked several fingers in Carrie and squeezed and spanked her bare ass while she sucked the driver. The driver pulled up Carrie’s shirt and yanked up on her bra, and the garments rested under her armpits as he fondled Carrie’s naked breasts. It seemed like Carrie was in this position forever. Then the driver thrust up his hips, and as she tasted his warm sperm shooting into her mouth, Carrie choked and coughed on the first shot, and the rest of his jism shot up at her nose and chin, some hitting her hair.

Dale pulled Carrie’s cum-smeared face up off of the driver’s lap. Then he ordered her to sit on his lap, facing him. Carrie straddled Dale and sat on his bare lap, his pants around his ankles. He lowered her down onto his erect penis, and she whimpered as it slid up into her. Dale grabbed Carrie’s hips, pulled her towards him, and started thrusting in and out of her. He pulled Carrie’s top and bra off fully and sucked on her small breasts as he grabbed her butt with his big, calloused, greasy hands.

While Carrie was being ***** by Dale, the driver pulled into what appeared to be an unused farm and parked the tow truck behind the house. Dale was thrusting hard and furious, and Carrie was whimpering and squealing as he penetrated deep and roughly into her. They were stuck together with sweat, and Carrie’s whole body was darkened with automotive grease or oil from their filthy hands. Despite the pain and humiliation, Carrie inexplicably felt an orgasm coming on! She tried to concentrate hard to keep from having an orgasm with this brute; she could not bear the thought of giving him the satisfaction of knowing he made her cum. She was crying and grunting with every quick thrust when he finally shot his jism into her vagina. Carrie collapsed onto his shoulder, panting and weeping.

The driver then ordered Carrie to sit on his lap, with my back to him and the steering wheel between her knees. He entered her and fucked her cunt hard as he reached around her, fondled her breasts, and pulled on her nipples. Soon Dale got back into the act, playing with Carrie’s thighs and breasts. He diddled his middle finger on her clitoris, just above the penis, sliding in and out of her slit. Carrie couldn’t hold back any more and started thrashing, and, much to her shame and humiliation, she had her own orgasm at the hands of her rapists.

The driver made Carrie get up and put one knee on the seat, the other one resting on the floor, facing Dale, with her butt up in the air. He kneeled behind Carrie on the seat and re-inserted himself into her, screwing her from behind on the seat. This left Carrie’s face in Dale’s lap, and Dale kneeled facing her and thrust his still-erect penis into her face. He grabbed Carrie’s hair and made her suck on his penis, still glazed with both of their juices. The driver thrust hard into Carrie from behind and grabbed her hanging breasts as Carrie bobbed her head up and down on Dale’s cock. Carrie's body was being gyrated in all directions, twisting her like a pig on a spittle. Everything happening was out of her control; her vagina hurt, and her jaw muscles were sore. Yet for some reason, Carrie contracted her vaginal muscles around the driver’s penis and sucked hard and quickly on Dale’s. Carrie again felt herself working towards an orgasm, and this time she didn’t bother fighting it. Carrie shuddered and moaned and had an intense orgasm shortly before the driver came into her vagina and Dale came into her mouth. Carrie collapsed on the seat, crying out of shame.

Dale opened the door and pulled Carrie out of the tow truck, still naked, and she hit the floor in a sweaty heap. The driver lowered her minivan and disconnected it. They left Carrie sitting there completely naked, crying and shaking from her ordeal, but they did throw her purse and keys out the truck window.

Just as they were about to drive away, Dale yelled, “Oh, your van just had a loose wire. It’ll be fine now!”
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