Part 1

So, like the title says this is a TRUE story about my wife (then fiancée) Cheri and the second BIG BLACK COCK she had. Which was ONLY the 3rd man she's had inside her in 46 years. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Cheri and I first met on a hot and humid September morning back in 1990. It was in a little Caribbean country in Central America, and while we were both born there her parents travelled the world since her father was an ambassador and her mother was at the time a stay-at-home mom. I know I know; it sounds made up, but I promise you it's ALL true, my life just happens to be stranger than fiction. So where was I, Aww yes. September. This was of course the first day of high school. Now to understand my psyche a lil better we would have to go back even further. When I was younger around 5-7 being from a broken home, I was constantly bouncing between parents, grandparent,s and other family members. Which would include some distant relatives or, so I was told. They were related to me on my mother's side of the family, however, the only thing I learned was the HARD truth of what happened to children who come from broken homes. One of which was what a 10-inch-THICK Hispanic cock felt like as it ****** its way in your virgin asshole for the first time.

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Now I know you might be thinking, where was your mother and how could she let this happen? As some of you well know being a young single mom is not easy in any era, ergo the bouncing around (NO PUN INTENDED). She worked long hours and even longer days just to keep a roof over our heads and food off the table since my father paid only 100.00 in child support, of course, it didn't help me any that I kind of looked like him and reminded me her of the man she now hates. Anyhow, I remember I had just finished my shower and was getting ready for bed when he walked into the room. He was tall well built with shoulder-length back hair and a long THICK uncut cock that was almost the full length of my forearm. We had this hair product called BABYROOT, It was a 12-inch tall, long-neck clear bottle with a white and black label and the hair cream inside was white. Yes, I remember it well. As he used it to make sure his long THICK Hispanic cock would slide more Easly into my tight lil virgin ass. This was to make sure my asshole wouldn't tear from his size and the MANY MANY nights of pounding and abuse over the years.

What the hell does this have to do with the story at hand you might be wondering, well just stick around, trust me it gets weirder. We'll call my abuser M, M told me it was ok and quite normal to feel confused and even a little scared, as he stroked his cock in front of my face. My heart would be pounding, and fear was seeping out of every portion of my body. I took hold of it and stroked it over and over making it come to life and seemed to grow even more. M waved it back and forth and slapped me in the face with it a few times bringing it to my lips, at first, I refused but with a firm slap across my face, I soon learned that was not an option. That day I learned the proper way to suck and swallow a BIG cock and how to overcome my gag reflex very quickly, to avoid the punishment for not being able to do so. Not to mention showing any displeasure when M was Cumming in either of my holes was NEVER EVER tolerated and was met with hours of harsher treatment that generally meant me eating M's ass for hours and being ROUGHLY fucked for hours as well.

Needless to say, the country in which I was born and raised was and still is HEAVILY influenced by the Catholic religion and the idea of being a homosexual was the equivalent of having leprosy. Children were not believed if they were to ever come forward with an accusation such as this, it was more socially acceptable for men to beat the ever-living shit out of their women than for that culture back then to face such a hard truth. I mean look at incest in the black family structure of today's world, that shit that is NEVER talked about, well maybe these days hardly ever. I met Cheri at one of the local high schools, which was also a Christian school Governed by strict rules and regulations, we wore uniforms and badges and were subject to inspections at random. That should tell you everything you need to know, LOL. The high school was almost like a private school in that it had a lot of rules as I mentioned previously, among those rules was as long as you attended their facility you would not be allowed to attend ANY concerts, dances, or clubs of any kind whatsoever and NO sex of ANY kind. You also had a 9 O'clock curfew, now that's not to say teens back in those days weren't having sex just not as much as the ones of today.

Of course, my idea of what women were like came mainly from a lot of porn. I found out a few things about myself from watching porn, (1.) I prefer white pussy to any other. (2.) I didn't like hair in my food. The last of the two came more so from an older stepsister forcing me to eat her pussy and ass every chance she got. Not that I mind, as a matter of fact, I rather loved the way her pussy smelled always having just the right hint of piss-to-salty taste combination.

Which older stepsister you might ask, Well her name was Anne she was one of the older daughters of the woman my dad left me and my mother for. Anne was about 6 1/2 years older than I was and took every opportunity to remind me of it. She loved it when I came over for the weekend since my father and her mother would often go off with their friends and leave her in charge. Which would mean hours upon hours of her having her way with me. The first time I saw Cheri was on the first day of school when I was dropped off by my stepmother, I was head over heels the moment I saw her, however little did I know she was already dating a senior who incidentally took every chance he got to feel her hair little virgin pussy and her size 24B tits, which was nice for a 14-year-old girl.

As time went on I watched as he graduated and then while chasing one of her friends through the hallways, she yelled out, "HEY I DON'T LIKE HOW YOU ARE CHASING MY FRIEND LIKE THAT."

I paused and replied, "So you like me then?" I'm not saying all that she responded, YEA, I kept on running."

Now. I was kind of the Bart Simpson of my era, and she of course was the valedictorian. Needless to say, this did not sit too well with the principal, Never mind her mother who was my Intro to Biology teacher, and her father an ambassador to the U.N. was okay with it. The principal wasn't having it, no matter what I did this guy did not like me. I guess back then I was more of a cocky little shit than I remember. I can't say I blame him, after all, I spent every other Friday in detention, although to my credit I never got suspended.

As the years went by, we got closer and closer we would hold hands and walk home, or I should say to my house which was A few houses down from the grade school her younger sister attended who in her own right was as tall as her older sister and very attractive she had already matured body wise so her parents would not be going out of their way to pick her up from there.

Our high school had a list of 12 rules that you needed to follow if you wanted to attend their institution of learning, however, when we started dating, he added 13 more rules, trying to do what he could to keep me in my place ESPECIALLY since he didn't approve of someone like me dating someone like her. I would often spend weekends up at their farm getting to know the family and getting to know her a little better, of course at every opportunity that we got we would spend time together making out and getting as close to 3rd base as we possibly could. On one such occasion, she was wearing blue shorts and a sleeveless tank top, I was pushing her in a wheelbarrow, and noticed I could see up the shorts to her beautiful virgin hairy little Pussy, it was at that moment that I realized I wanted to be inside her.
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The following school year as we were walking home, I gave Cheri a promise ring and asked her to marry me, of course, I made sure to tell her I knew we were still in high school but I wanted to be upfront with my intentions. A few months later she was at my home late one evening waiting for her parents to come and pick her up. We had spent the time in my room talking and making out. Screenshot (6344).png.jpg

eventually, I got on top of Cheri spread her legs lifted her pleated brown skirt pulled her cotton white panties to the side, and began to part her Hairy lips with my tongue.
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