I remember her first time. For privacy's sake we’ll call her Katherine and her first BBC Sam. (I will be using some pics from the net and some of her to illustrate my point) We met at OSU in Oklahoma City she was a freshman, and I was a sophomore, I was 5 years older than her; she didn’t seem to mind. We started dating a year after we met, eight months later she asked me to be her first. I was surprised and I asked, "Your first what?"

"I think you know what," she replied.

I had to ask the obvious question, "Why me?"

"I like you and the way you carry yourself. You're not like other college guys, you respect women and you’re not boastful." I told her I would have to think about it. I heard once you take a girl's virginity, she tends to be very attached and right now I was at the tail end of a bad marriage. Yes, I was married, and no I didn’t consider her my side chick. For a month or so, I thought about it. Then I told her I would if she still wanted me to. "Yes, I still want you too, and thanks."

We set the date for the weekend just before spring break, so she would have time to recover if she needed it. I rented one of the honeymoon suites at the renaissance hotel in Oklahoma City. When the big day came, I went to pick her up from her mother's house then made our way to the hotel.

When we arrived at the front desk, the concierge gave us a look that said, she thought Katherine looked waaaay too young to be married. Since she raised both eyebrows judgingly. We made our way to the room and settled in. Katherine and I began to talk trying to ease the tension but to no avail. We were so nervous; Katherine more so than I. Katherine was wearing a black sleeveless shirt with white stripes on the side of it. A pair of blue jeans and black and white Nike.

Katherine was 21 years old, 124 pounds and 5 feet tall. She had green eyes and dark brown hair that sometimes looks almost dark green. Her measurements were 38 double D 26 38 and had an innocent cute look about her. We began making out as she sat on the side of the bed. I took off her black Nike Followed by her blue jeans and her white and black tank top. she was wearing a white bra covering her beautiful 36 double d and white cotton panties. Which was not surprising for a girl so young and innocent. I kissed and sucked on her gumdrop-like nipples in the middle of her LARGE areolas making my way down her flat stomach. All the while sliding my hand down under the elastic waistband of her white cotton panties. Katherine took a quick breath as my fingers touched her hairy pussy for the first time. I slid my fingers down between her wet pussy and I all most didn’t notice how wet her panties were until they touched the back of my hand. I took her panties off and tried to slip a finger or two in her tight little hole, but I couldn’t without hurting her and that was something I wasn’t prepared to Do. I started licking from the bottom to the top of her pink wet pussy lips and began to kiss and suck on her clit, which she naively called her click.


I took off my clothes revealing my 4 and a half-inch little penis that was a little thicker of a highlighter.
I figured for a virgin that would be enough. I got between her thighs as she smiled shyly and played with it for a while. I pushed my little penis between her wet lips at the closed hole of her hairy virgin pussy. She grits her teeth and moaned Ah. I stopped; it was just too tight. We tried again but Katherine was so nervous and so tight I couldn’t get my little penis in. You have to understand, she’s never had ANYTHING inside her, not even a tampon. So, when I say tight you can imagine what I mean. I pushed Katherine legs up to her shoulder as I ate her pussy and slid my tongue in ass repeatedly, I did this for about 50 minutes making her cum over and over. It was the lease I could do, after which we took a bubble.

I took her home and apologize for not being able to get the job done and explain to her with it was all about pleasing her and not causing her pain on her first time. I went back to my house feeling disappointed in myself. Nevertheless, she understood. A few weeks later Katherine came over when my wife was at work, we began to make out and got so excited that I pulled down her pants and panties to her knees. I put her legs on my shoulders, pulled out my little penis, and put it between her wet pussy lips. I pushed, this time she was more relaxed and ready. It SLIPPED right in. I began to stroke her wet TIGHT little pussy as fast as I could. In and out faster and faster but to my shame, I could only last a few minutes. Katherine wasn’t just tight on the outside she was tight on the inside to the very bottom as well. We both came together with a loud Ahhhhhh Ahhhhh.


We continued’ dating’ for another year before I asked Katherine if she would marry me. Much to my dismay, she said I’m sorry but, I don’t want to get married after’ dating’ just one guy. I was heartbroken but it was understandable. We continued dating even though it was awkward. I played the part of a good boyfriend, what else could I do? Then it hit me, we don’t have to stop dating for her to ‘date’ someone else. I told her of my idea, fully expecting her to turn it down, but to my surprise, she said hmmm let me think about it for a while. A week later she came to me and asked how would this all work. So, I told her. She said, OKAY but I have one rule, NO ONE from Oklahoma City. With that in mind, I began looking for someone in Dallas who she would approve of. We search for about 8 1/2 months and all this time we made a deal, NO sex of any kind. ESPECIALLY masturbation since Katherine HATED when I did that, she considered it the same cheating. Needless to say, blue balls was killing me. We found a few candidates but no spark. Then a month and a half later someone caught Katherine's attention, his name was Sam.

Sam was 6 feet tall, slim, with brown eyes 185 pounds of pure muscle, and very handsome. They exchanged nonnude pics and emails back and forth they even started texting when we would ask him about his cock, all he would say is, it’s BIG... After about four months of emails and texting they decided it was time they met. So, we set the date for the following weekend, since we were all available. For those of you keeping count it's been a year and 2 weeks since we had sex of any kind.

That Thursday before we left, I took my soon to be fiancé out shopping for all-new lingerie and had her hair and nails.
done. We also waxed her for the first time. She was given a Brazilian which I heard is ALL her hairs were removed.

1927668.jpgThat morning after our shower I got her ready. I dress her in her new lingerie and put her in a black mini skirt with a cute white tank top, that said sexy on the front. I asked her if We could have a quickie before we leave since it's been about a year and a half, but all she would say is, ‘this was Sam’s pussy now.’ We rented a silver Chevy Cavalier and set out for Dallas. On our way to Dallas Katherine had one leg on the dashboard and the other next to the gear shift. I could smell her perfume and favorite lotion, which was Japanese cherry blossom, so I asked her if she would at least let me see her pussy, but once again all she said was, this is Sam’s pussy now. We arrived at the Crowne Plaza hotel in downtown Dallas, where we check in and made our way to the room. We settled in and began to talk. I asked how are you feeling. Katherine said she was nervous and excited but a little scared. Why I ask her, and she replied I’m worried Sam might not like how tight my little pussy is or he would be upset if I can’t take all his cock. I smiled Knelt in front of her with her legs spread, kissed her feet, and told her, Sam’s gonna love every inch of you. She smiled.

About 25 minutes later there was a knock at the door, I looked at her as I Walked over to the door and open it, she smiled as she saw This tall handsome black man standing there.


Sam said hi and Katherine timidly said hello. He walked over to the bed sat down and began to talk. I watched as my soon-to-be fiancée flirted and laugh with Sam, breaking the ice. Sam leaned over and kissed Katherine, this caught her off guard. She had never kissed any other guy except for me and her high school boyfriend but that was a long long time ago. Sam pulled her closer, Katherine finally relaxed and started to enjoy the kissing. They continued making out as they stood up. She looked so small next to Sam. Katherine sat on the bed in front of Sam, he asked her if she was ready. she bit her lips and quickly looked at me to see if I would object. However, all she saw was a smile and me nodding my head. She smiled again looked up at Sam and said yes, I am.

He told her to have a look, Katherine unbuckle his belt and unzipped his pants. Her eyes opened wide, and her mouth dropped as she saw the thickness, the length, and the sheer size of it all. She also had the startling realization that Sam was going to put ALL of the BBC in her tight little hole that hasn't been touched in the past year and a half, almost two. She took it out and couldn’t wrap her slender fingers around it.

Katherine slowly opened her mouth and Sam slid it between her lips She slowly began to suck. After he was hard, he undressed her down to her sexy lingerie and laid her on her back on the bed. Sam got undressed then got between Katherine's legs and took off her wet panties and her bra. Sam stroked his big cock a few times as the scared look returns to Katherine’s face, he just shushed her and told her everything will be okay. He said I will go as slow as you want me to.

Screenshot (2180).png.jpgKatherine smiled shyly again and relaxed her legs and opened them a little wider. I realized that Katherine’s only had my little penis that went maybe 5 inches deep with thrust and was only a little thicker than a highlighter when it SLIPPED inside her for the first time. However, with the size of Sam’s cock it would be like he was taking her virginity all over again. Who was I kidding, with Sam’s size he was the one who ACTUALLY took her virginity not me. That made me a little jealous. Sam slid his fat mushroom tip up and down between her wet lips then pushed it against her closed little hole. He slowly but forcefully pushed it in her as she gripped the sheets and let out an "AAAAWWWWHHH." Sam hushed her again; it was going to be okay as he ****** another 2 inches in her now swollen pussy that was sucking on to his big cock.

Sam whispered, "Damn Girl you don’t have much room in there do you?" Katherine smiled "I told you I was tight. You're WAAAY BIGGER than he is, he's really tiny compared to you."

"Well, we’re just gonna have to make some room, won’t we?" he pushed another 2 inches in making Katherine let out another MMMMAAAAHHH from behind gritted teeth. Sam whispered again, do you want to take a break, Katherine VIGOUROUSLY shook her head no as she pushed her pussy up towards him. So, Sam ****** another 2 inches in. At this point, Sam was already an inch deeper than I could ever go. Sam kept pushing until he bottomed out at 8 inches, he asked her if she Can take anymore Katherine grit her teeth and told Sam yes. Sam grind and pushed harder and harder until he was all in her making Katherine’s moan come from muffled closed lips. As she tried to hold back the yelling. Katherine instinctively wrapped her legs around Sam as if to say don't you ever leave my pussy without this big cock in it. which is something she NEVER did with me I might add. But then again, how could I blame her. Sam's fingers were the size of my little penis.

Sam began to fuck her again, in and out in and out faster and faster harder and harder. Until he had a steady rhythm going, all the while Katherine's moaning got louder and louder, which eventually turned into yelling. She finally let out an OooWwssss Oooowwwssss as she came from the pleasure as well as the pain. Sam kept up this pace for about 55 minutes (something I was never able to do). Then he slowed down but still FORCING his big cock DEEEEP inside her pussy. The look on her face told me everything I needed to know. For the first time in her life, Katherine was being pleasured in a way she had never felt and ALWAYS wanted. Screenshot (2159).png.jpg

He continued, slowly but forcefully pushing into her with shallow strokes first. Then deeper and deeper harder and harder eventually he stopped. Sam put Katherine’s legs on his shoulders lifting her ass off the bed and giving him unhindered access to her cervix, not like he hadn't already been punching against it with each thrust. He began to fuck her again this time slamming against her cervix and which I could only guess, shifting her womb in the process. I believe they referred to it as being up in her guts. The sounds that were coming from my soon to be fiancée' at this point were indescribable. They fucked until what sounded like someone stirring Mac & Cheese was coming from her pussy every time, he pulled out and popped his cock back in her. This went on for what seemed like hours, then Sam stopped and pulled out his cock all soaking wet and covered with Katherine’s cum. He told Katherine to bend over, and she did.

Katherine put her head down and her ass up, she pulled on the sheets preparing for his cock as Sam took hold of her hips and put one hand just above her ass. Sam took the mushroom tip of his big black cock right up next to her wet pussy and went balls deep in one stroke.

0B81ED7.gifKatherine bit down on the pillow and I could hear the muffled screaming. Sam continued fucking Katherine like this for another 45 to 50 minutes all the while Katherine kept crying out Ahhhaaaaahhhhaaaa, Aaaaahhhhhhaaaaa, AHHHHaaaa until she came again for the third time. Sam finally pulled out of her pussy and said role over baby. Stroking his big black cock, Katherine did as she was told and instinctively spread her legs wide open. Sam's big cock popped back into her swollen pussy as he continued fucking her, going balls-deep on every stroke.

He did this over and over faster and faster, harder and harder then asked her where should I cum? Katherine quickly looked at me again to see if I would be upset with her response but like before all she saw was a smile and a proud look on my face. She looked at Sam and told him wherever you want. Sam smiled, then began to fuck her like he was pissed off until she began to cum and then he emptied his huge balls deep in her pussy.

Sam pulled out slowly as Katherine’s legs continued to shake leaving what looked like several loads of cum quickly rushing out and down the crack of her ass and pooling on the bed. He told her she had an awesome piece of pussy, and she smiled shyly and said thank you, Sam. He got dressed and I walked him to the door with a handshake I thanked him once more for making Katherine a real woman. I asked her how many times did you come, she timidly said I’m not sure, 4 or 5 times maybe. I smiled, it's okay babe, I wanted you to enjoy yourself as much as possible. Katherine smiled and finally admitted she stop counting after the 9th time. I walked over to my bag and took out a small black box.

I knelt in front of her, with her legs still shaking and spread wide open. Then I asked Katherine once more if she would marry me. She looked surprised; you mean you still wanna marry me? Of course, why wouldn’t I, Well I mean, you saw what we just did, so I figured you wouldn’t want me after I let Sam fuck me like that? I laughed, babe I love you and nothing’s gonna change that. She smiled excitedly, as I put the ring on her finger. She laid back on the bed and spread her legs open wide open and this time it was for me. you wanna feel how my pussy feels now? My face lit up, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Of course, I quickly stripped naked and got between her legs, her pussy still swollen, open wide, and filled with Sam’s cum.10708-creampie.jpg

I started eating her pussy sucking on her clit as she came into my mouth Oooooosssooo. I got on my knees and put my little penis at the opening of her well-used pussy only this time, where there was a closed little pussy there was a gaping hole. I pushed, and my little penis fell in. Katherine timidity said I can’t even feel you are you okay with me being like this? I love it, babe. SERIOUSLY? Yes, I love feeling you like this. As I stroke wildly, I could hardly feel anything but a slight touch. which made me cum quickly as Katherine began to laugh. I fell on top of her Mmmmm, "I love you, Katherine."

"I love you too Jaye." We took a shower together, got dressed, and checked out of the hotel. My new fiancé and I smiled at each other and headed back home to OKC. Little did we know that we found out she was bred a few months later.

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