This is the true story of how I was converted to Black Cock. My other story " ***** Bound" is fantasy fiction. This is in essence an autobiography. Please make comments after ,good OR bad as either/or can only help my writing. Thank you and I hope you enjoy!!!!!!​

Saturday morning, 7 am April 2022.

It's a nice day, going to be anyway. Maybe winter is finally over? I am setting in a chair, looking out the bedroom window. I can feel the breeze coming in through the slight opening in the window. I can smell the pollen in the air that will sooner or later make me sneeze. (Note to self, take a Zyrtec!) Scanning the room I see my leather skirt, black bra, sheer black top, black boots, and a black thong laying on the floor... I am gonna have to do laundry, there is a hamper in the corner half full. I see myself in the mirror, naked, hair messy, no makeup, my small breasts still semi-firm, and nice legs. I think overall I look pretty good for 59.

I turn my attention to the bed and see two half-covered naked black men. The space between them is where I was lying before I woke for a pee. Staring at these two men who used me any way they wanted last night and probably will again today I smile and wonder how did I get so lucky? One of the men is my Bull, the man that introduced me to all this. Watching them lay there, breathing deeply, slightly snoring knowing that soon, I will be sucking both their cocks as a wake-up makes me tingle and that brings a smile... well, until then I will relax...

1956508I was born in 1963. Had your average upbringing. brothers, sisters. Loving mom and dad. Childhood was not too spectacular. I Played sports, was a cheerleader, I had my bumps and bruises. I have bad ankles, knees, and hips from it all, but nothing too serious.

As far as BFs, I started giving blow jobs to a boy I liked when I was 17. Lost my virginity to the same boy at 18. He joined the military after H.S., so that was it for my first time.

In college I had 2 men, one was a one-night stand, and the other we went on for a few years. As far as sex, blow jobs, spread legs, maybe doggie, nothing fancy.

I met a new guy shortly before graduating. He just got out of the Navy and was starting a contracting business. This man eventually ended up being my husband and the father of my children. it was a good marriage and a good job, We struggled at the start but ended up making out good. We have great kids, who gave us great-grandkids, I even like my daughter-in-law!! But, even though he was a great dad and a good man work was his great love, so after 25 years (In 2013) we signed the papers and left on good terms, still friends.

About a year later I met a guy, I slept with him one time but he wasn't for me? I Dated another guy, he started talking about marriage so that ended that. At this point I felt disillusioned and Figured alone was best.

Then Covid hit, I Couldn't visit my kids/ grandkids, everything was on lockdown, and I had nothing but work (I am a nurse). I was using the internet like everyone else for stress relief, and online porn as my treatment for the stress during these times. Since I quit the dating scene, I was always watching online stuff but it was only white women with white guys, vanilla large production cookie cutter.

Then I came upon homemade stuff, much better. Then one night I stumbled across this middle-aged Canadian woman that went by the name "Funlady" 11whose moaning, submissiveness, and willingness to please turned me on a great deal. This led me to other mature white women who liked being videoed. Their orgasms seemed deep and genuine. No inhibitions, Multiple men, No holes left untouched sexually. But one thing they all had in common was their partners were younger Black Men!

My orgasms became deeper and more enjoyable. I pretty much only watched homemade interracial stuff from that point on! I sometimes would wake early to get one in BEFORE work, LOL!! Then I thought, I am not getting younger, I haven't had sex in years, I'm still fairly decent looking and I am curious about this now. I not only want, but I need to orgasm like those women in the videos... I deserve it. so why not me?

Well, It had been a long time since I was in the " looking for a man" mindset. The two guys I dated after my divorce I had already known. One guy I knew from work and the other was a friend of a friend so they didn't count as finding a guy.

So the internet?! This is the new way to meet people, especially during a global pandemic. I searched different sites until I found a few that seemed interesting. I signed up here and there and signed out of most of them soon after.

A lot of these sites seem to be filled with either dirty old men, creepy kind of guys, and maybe some teenagers just wanting fun, etc. When a guy did seem interested, he just wanted pictures, some wanted phone numbers and sex that nite, and others would chat and then simply disappear.

Some sites seemed to be more geographically unfriendly, meaning no Black Men in the areas less than 3-4 hours away. Then I started chatting with a guy on one site. His profile said 50's, professional, 25-30 miles away, etc. Chatted online for several weeks until we exchange numbers. We talked, and he told me how he loved white women, He asked me why I had this new interest in Black Men? Eventually, we set up a date. He wanted me to wear a sexy skirt and heels. He was very demanding which seemed to turn me on a bit... Do I like being "ordered" around, I guess?

So I bought a nice skirt, a black top. That night I Put on my makeup (which I rarely do anymore because if I use too much it gives me a rash?) I did what I was told, I showed up and waited for him and waited and waited. I called him, no answer. Eventually, I went home.

When I got online his profile was deleted, asshole! It took a lot for me to work up the nerve to meet a man of a different race at my age and I got stood up, no actually jacked around by an asshole! He told me that I was going to have my first experience that night. My already fragile confidence and self-esteem we're even more shattered.

I signed out of every site and wallowed for a few weeks. Then in the early summer of 2021, I started googling sites and found one that was specifically for interracial sexual relationships, it had a verification process, and it had articles and stories from actual members so I figured it was time to get back out there!"

So there I was looking at this site wondering what to put in my profile. The site looks promising, pretty much mostly white women looking for Black Men for sex. Doesn't seem like a dating site but more of a meet-up and have fun type site? After 25 years of marriage and horrible dating life, I need some sex, and from what I have been watching, I want something new. So I went ahead and filled out the profile. I check every day for activity and only got minimal contact/views? The guys I did chat with were miles away, 75 years old, that kind of thing. I was sending pics, then chats would stop which led me to believe I wasn't appealing enough which again under minded my confidence and self-esteem.

Then I got contacted by a woman who was experienced with Black men, but through my almost daily update posts figured out my frustration and decided to help me with advice on how "online dating" works. When I dated before marriage, there was no internet or cell phones, some of us had "beepers" lol. She coached me on how to use the website. Profile photos, interests, searches all of that, she taught me how to catch the interest of men and figure out who was not serious from the start.

Then I came upon an ad. An Army man returning to the States getting stationed in the area. Was looking for a white female, mature, looking for a new experience to be with while he was here. both my friend and I answered the ad. He sent us a questionnaire type as a reply, 20 or so questions. Some simple stuff like age, location, experience, and then more personal things like what interested me in black men and BBC, and so on? I received a reply asking if I would be willing to meet for a face-to-face "interview" in a public place. My friend got a reply saying she was too experienced?

He said that he had 12 replies but narrowed it down to four and asked all to the interview. He also, stated that he was to be referred to as Sir and I was slut #4 for the moment. After making excuses about why not to, my friend convinced me to reply yes and ask when and where?
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