***** Bound

I don't know how or if our son can finish. Only so much existing debt you can handle let alone future debt. Biden's forgiving $10,000 doesn't even pay for the meal plan, it is about as useless as he is. Looking at the college bills the dilemma is which one of us is going to tell him this may be his last year unless one of us wins the power ball jackpot? Lucky for us we had plenty of time to decide. So for now, life goes on as usual. Work, work, work, then a little work after that. Needless to say, all of this created strife, resentment, arguing, blaming, silent treatment, and sleeping in separate rooms issues in our marriage, all the boxes were checked to indicate trouble in a marriage.

Occasionally we would go to the casino. Not to gamble, but if there is a good band we stood around in groups listening and talking during the live music. One nite, I was going out with the girls to the casino. (When he goes out I say nothing) I hear the "There's no money for the kid but you can gamble" speech. The thing is, I play the penny slots and spend maybe $20. I'm more about the entertainment, getting out, and unwinding, Listening to music, kicking a few drinks back, laughing, and chatting. On this night A group of younger well dressed black men took an interest in us, they kind of meandered their way over, and broke the ice with a simple, "Hello."

When I say younger I'm talking in their 30s, my friends and I are in our 40s, and early 50s. So a little attention from a younger man is nice and appreciated. But when you are mad at hubby, with a few drinks in you, and horny any attention from a good-looking man gets you going. Plus the BBC curiosity is something we had talked about and ALWAYS seemed to be on our minds.

We all chatted and danced they asked what we were talking about it was one of my friends that spoke up, "You know girl stuff, relationships or lack thereof, financial issues, whatever is going on in our lives, and then men we talk about men, the one we have at home if there is one and what is on the menu this evening, just girl stuff."

While dancing, one of the guy's hands wandered a bit I didn't welcome it but didn't stop him. On one of the group visits to the bathroom (As everyone knows women can't go by themselves.) I find out my two GFs were invited upstairs for a drink. They told me it was basically up to me, if I said yes, then we all go, no, we all leave. I said yes, what could happen? We have a few drinks and then go home. We went upstairs to their room. 3 of "them", 3 of us.

To make a long story short, I woke up in bed, alone, with just my panties and bra on, and a hangover. My GFs were on the couches in another room. No clue what happened to me, but later found out I willingly ended up in that bedroom. My clothes and personal belongings were all intact. On the nite stand were a few $100 bills and a note saying thank you for an incredible time, I'll be texting or calling you. Paying me to have a few drinks, maybe a few too many since I **********. I don't remember doing anything else.

A few days later I get this strange text asking me for another "appointment?" I was clueless, I figured it was a wrong number, so I text back "??" and the Response was, "This is Cathy from the casino the other nite?"

"Yes." He thought I was a ********* because sometime during that night I gave him a blow job. That is why he left the $100s. I remembered nothing and denied it. he texted me a picture, and there I was, on my knees, with no shirt, looking up at him with his Black Cock in my mouth!!??

"Fake, photoshopped?! I don't know, but me blowing a black man did NOT happen.

"It doesn't matter if you remember."

"What if I wasn't a *********, what if I deny it?!"

He said, I sucked him like no tomorrow, and he wants another meeting. I said no, 'This isn't real.' He said he'd come over, show that picture to my husband and see what he thinks. I agreed to a meeting, in public.

The next day, we met for coffee. He turned his phone to me and lo and behold, his screen saver was a picture of me on my knees looking up with his cock in my mouth! He went to his photos and there were numerous pictures of me sucking his cock from different angles and views. In some I was fully clothed, some I was topless, and in one I was just in my panties, he even had a short video clip. Some of these had to be taken by someone else. The last few he showed me was his cum on my face with my tongue out licking it from my lips, I felt sick and ran to the bathroom, where I puked.

After a few minutes, I rinsed my face, composed myself, and returned to the table. I told him that blackmail was out of the question since we were in financial distress. "I'm not going to demand money, I have enough, the price is your mouth swallowing my cock weekly." I felt disgusted, I didn't remember doing what I did. I must have been very *****! No way would I Cheat on my husband let alone give blow jobs to a black man. I never found them attractive. I did not know what to say, I just sat there silent. He gave me a timetable to make my decision. He said he would text me in a day or two and tell me where to meet him. I either show up and suck his cock or pics get sent to hubby.

The next thing I knew I was home, I Don't remember anything. I Must've driven home in a fog, Muscle memory I guess? I thought about what happened and started to cry. I either become a black man's blow job ***** or my husband finds out something that will probably end our marriage. Something that honestly I do not remember, yet there is proof.

I didn't know what to do, so I carry on with daily life as much as possible, work, cook, clean, repeat, Sex with my husband was almost impossible, but I faked as much as possible. I got away without sucking him, I said my neck hurt. A cock in my mouth, even my husband's at this time I could not even fathom. The next day, go to work, come home and another day of bills show up, and nothing changes.

But the next day, as soon as I walked in the door, there it was. My phone gave the annoying "You got a text" tone. This time I just knew. And yes, it was him. It said to get some chapstick and show up, I have work to do. He gave an address and a time to be there by. If I'm late, a text message with pics/video goes to my husband. So, I turn around and headed out the door to go to where I can hopefully save my marriage.

I arrive and knock, he answers and tells me to come in and sit on the couch. He makes coffee while explaining to me what my new role is. I'm to give him 2-3 blow jobs a week. I try to say something but he says I'm not there to use my mouth to talk.

He brought coffee over, sat down on the couch next to me, and tells me to take off my shirt. I start to cry, but he says the quicker I follow orders, the quicker I am out of there. So I am told again, to take off my shirt, then my bra, then my pants. I can keep panties on since my mouth is for use. He sips coffee, and tells me to take a drink also "it will calm me." I'm on the verge of tears, he doesn't care. He stands up, pulls his pants and underwear off, and sits down.

He tells me to look at it, he takes my hand, and I kind of pull away a bit. He slaps my face, not hard, but enough to say I either comply or can explain why I have a swollen face. I let him guide my hand. After a minute, he puts his hand behind my head, grabs my hair, "You are going to learn to love this," and proceeds to push my head down.
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