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Demon Seed

Demon Seed
by Don Jetman


A week earlier I couldn't have imagined we'd find ourselves on a flight destined for another of Dave's Halloween parties. L and I were both underwater with work. We had each been traveling on alternate weeks for the past month which had robbed us of time together, and sex had been a smattering of quickies when we could steal a few minutes between business trips. L doesn't spend as much time on the road as I do, so navigating strange cities and the deadlines of travel are more stressful for her. Although I try to imagine her in a new man's hotel bed when she travels, she hadn't played at all. When I asked, she said there were men everywhere she'd fantasized about, but the whirlwind of meetings, busy city traffic, and crowded flights overwhelmed both her free time and desire. Recovering from the stress of travel meant even less time for sex at home - she was constantly exhausted.

As Halloween approached, a mix of infrequent sex and heightened stress spawned our periodic need to play - the kind of play that swept away the stress and demands of our jobs - the kind of play that took all decision making and control from us and placed it in Dave's imaginative hands. L wanted to go - I resisted due to work demands. She contacted him, he arranged the flight, and L got her way.

Once on the plane, I was glad to get away. L knew what we needed despite the blinders I wore as a slave to my job. Ultimately, she knew I hadn't regretted giving in by the way I shifted and squirmed in the narrow seat beside her. My jeans left no room at all for a growing erection as I dozed and imagined what might be in store for us - and for L in particular. L reached over and gave it a quick squeeze now and then. She shot me a wicked smile when I flinched and opened my eyes. She'd stare at me then as though she dared me to ask what she and Dave had planned, but knew I couldn't question her in the crowded cabin. By the time our flight landed, I was ready for just about anything.

The plane had been so full there wasn't overhead space for my only piece of luggage so it had to be checked at the last minute. I envied L, knowing by now Dave would have everything she needed before we arrived - clothes, makeup, bath soap, and shampoo - all ready and waiting beside his things in his master bathroom. As we waited for my bag to appear on the winding snake of luggage that inched by, the simple fact that L no longer brought a thing with her already had me thinking of her and Dave together.

I had watched her dress before we left and knew she was naked under her skintight jeans, silky white blouse, and light nylon jacket. The stilettos from our last trip in July were left behind, but she had bought a pair of lower heels not long after, I assumed for trips like this one. The shoes had small narrow straps that circled her ankles before they fastened, a subtle (or maybe not so subtle) sign that she might be available to anyone who noticed. She hadn't worn them with skirts or dresses, always with jeans. The "fuck me" part of the shoes was hidden as she stood or walked, but now and then she'd sit, cross her legs, the jeans would ride up, and she'd drop a hint for the right guy who happened to walk by us in the airport. It was so obvious, and I loved watching her.

When Dave called L's cell to let us know he was there to pick us up, she told me, "He's coming," and she smiled just enough to be sure I got the double meaning. I didn't need the reminder - I was nearly shaking with anticipation and fighting another erection just watching her stand a few feet away, wondering if any of the men around us could tell that my wife was anxious to take her lover's cock in her mouth. L didn't appear to be looking at anyone in particular, but I was creating a scenario in my head where men were lining up there in the airport, passing her their business cards with hardons with hopes of fucking her in a nearby hotel. She got the usual looks from a few guys, but nothing like my imaginary story predicted.

Dave did his usual thing when he found us, taking L in his arms and kissing her as though he was her husband, anxious to get her into bed after a long absence. It always got to me a little. The kiss was so long and deep that people noticed and stared now and then. There was nothing obscene about it, but the public intimacy still affected me. It was the jarring message, I guess. Minutes before, we appeared to be an ordinary husband and wife. L was loving, bright, and happy, taking my hand as we walked through the airport during our layover just hours before. Suddenly she was on her toes, greedily kissing her lover as though she was completely his. I always knew the change would happen there, but watching them kiss in public, knowing he was hard for her, and she wet for him, and wondering what everyone around us thought about the scene, well, it was always a bit unnerving. It was hot, disturbing, exciting, embarrassing - a sudden sting of possessiveness soaked in the boiling heat of seeing her taken by a lover she desperately wanted. It was a gateway we had passed through many times, but still one of Dave's most effective messages - "You can watch, but she's mine here."


We stopped at a sports bar for lunch. It was crowded and a bit chaotic, not the kind of place Dave tends to take us. I suspected he just wanted to show L off to the young guys with eyes glued to the games on the overhead screens. It took forever to order, and even longer to get our food. Dave wanted to know everything about L's love life - whom she had fucked and how often. This time there wasn't much to tell; although L surprised me with how many times she and her coworker had stayed late and fucked in either her or his office. But I had been on the road a lot and wasn't exactly too surprised to find she had taken advantage of his always-available cock.

While we waited for our food, Dave suggested L take off her jacket, that she would be too warm in the crowded room. He helped her peel it over her shoulders and placed it on the seat between them. Then he suggested she might want to find the lady's room to "freshen up" after our flights. L had worn a silky white blouse that clearly showed the outline of her breasts and nipples as it collapsed over them. It wasn't at all transparent, but without a bra, it wasn't far from slutty. Dave had bought it for her on a previous trip and had probably wanted her to wear it again. The weather was cooler, but I'm sure L wore the jacket mostly to cover herself on the plane.

I watched her make her way between the endless tables of guys - guys much, much younger than L - and many of them stared. She was pretty good at ignoring them as though she didn't notice, but I saw them whispering and joking after she passed by. On her way back, a table of guys stopped her to talk. They seemed well-behaved - just horny and unafraid to hit on a woman they didn't know. L kept shaking her head as they pulled out a chair, inviting her to sit with them, and she was smiling like she was enjoying the attention. I was a little stunned when she joined them, plucking a few fries from a basket in the middle of the table, dunking them in ketchup, and easing each one past her lips like it was a tiny cock. At least that's how I imagined it. She sat and teased them for five minutes, then returned to our table.

"Someone, you know?" Dave asked, smiling.

"No, not at all."

"So, what did they want?" he asked again, glancing over at me as though we all knew the answer. L leaned close to us, peered around us at the table across the room, grinned, and whispered, "They wanted to fuck me. Couldn't you tell?"

When Dave and I didn't answer right away, she told us, "You'd both like that, wouldn't you?"

When I suggested we hadn't come all this way for something she could have at home, Dave agreed. I doubted it was part of the program, other than having her ****** herself in front of them.

"Hmmm - I don't know..." she mused. "All those young guys, wanting me, horny for me - how many were there again?"

She looked back at their table, counting silently.

"Oh - only four..."

I thought back to a time a few years ago when L would never have stood her ground in a conversation like this one. Back then she would have blushed and assured me it was nothing but a few horny guys she couldn't avoid. I almost didn't know her at times like this, but surprising me with the unexpected, even the outrageous, was something I had come to admire in her. She could bring heat to any unrehearsed conversation as easily and freely as discussing the weather. With a look and a few words, she could kick my pulse up a notch, ignite the beginnings of a hardon, then wait quietly with a wicked grin as her words steamed and simmered. Of course, visits with Dave always seemed to encourage her to be more outrageous in public.

Yes, she had always loved teasing me, but she had acquired real power now, enough to shock me and then make me wonder whether any or all of it was true. Honestly, I wasn't quite sure whether she planned to go back to fuck those guys or not. Still, I doubted whether she'd sidetrack a visit with Dave for some questionable cock. It was probably just my imagination working overtime again.

Once back at Dave's home the scene was as it had been on the last few visits, per Dave's orders. L stripped just inside the front door, went to her knees, and sucked him until he came in her mouth. She was more aggressive this time, not stopping to lick his stomach or balls, simply sucking and pumping with both hands until he spewed into her hungry mouth. Again, I was reminded of how easy it had become for her now. She was skilled at getting him off and swallowed every drop of semen without gagging or losing it as she had in the past. She blew me often now as well, in the same way, as though she was proud of emptying me. Sometimes I'd wonder if it was Dave's training, her stable of lovers, or just the challenge of conquering her past dislike of it that had made the difference, arming her with another way of seducing men. In the end, it didn't matter. She was good.


We spent the day helping Dave prepare for the party, a day much like those when we had visited before. It had begun to seem normal watching L constantly naked around his house, teasing me with her sexiest walk, welcoming his hands on her at random times when he paused to fondle her body, and even her surprise blowjobs in the middle of the day when she made sure I knew how much she loved taking his cock in her mouth. It was still amazing to me how easily she swallowed his semen, how she wanted me to see it as though she was so proud she could take all of it.

Dave had done all the shopping, so we only had to do a little decorating, rearrange some furniture to make room for his guests, and bring some booze up from the basement to stock the bar. I unpacked my things in my basement bedroom, wondering what L and I would do for costumes at the party. We hadn't brought any - Dave promised he'd take care of it. I wasn't sure I would like having to wear his idea of what L's cuckold should wear in front of everyone, but knew the plan would likely only work if I played along. And honestly, I was more interested in how he would dress L.

An hour before the guests arrived, Dave presented us with our costumes - simple white Roman tunics and flowered wreaths to wear on our heads. The costumes were identical, I assumed to make sure everyone knew L and I were a couple. I was disappointed though. I wanted to be something scary - a vampire or zombie. No such luck. At least the costume would be comfortable. L went upstairs to try hers on and I went to my basement bedroom to do the same. I was surprised to find how thin the material was - not transparent, but very light and flowing. After fastening the sash, I found the tunic only fell about a foot below my waist. If L's was the same, I knew she'd be showing a lot of leg that night, and probably even more if Dave made her go without panties.

We modeled the costumes for Dave, and he was happy with L's, but not so much with mine. I had assumed I could keep my underwear under the tunic, but he had other plans.

"You both have to be naked under them," he told us. "Lose the briefs, Don."

When I started back down the stairs, he stopped me.

"No need to be modest. You can do it here. I don't think L will mind, will you, L?"

L grinned and said it was fine, so I stripped out of them and tossed them down the stairs. It was then I noticed that in the light I could see through the fabric somewhat and that keeping my dick out of sight would be a problem. I could see through L's as well, just enough to make out the shape of her body and the pink of her nipples beneath the upper part of the tunic. Looking closer, even though he kept her freshly shaved there, I could just make out the slit of her pussy if the light was right.

"I don't know about this," I told him. "How many people will be here tonight?"

"Are you worried about them seeing your dick or L's pussy, Don?"

I lied and told him, I - I guess, both."

It funny how I was used to having L ****** her body to other men at the parties, but ******** myself was more concerning. But L enjoyed doing it, and she knew she'd get laid by any guy she wanted by the end of the night. I'd get nothing from it, except possibly the humiliation of having his guests see my hard-on when L was hit on. Yes, it was a double standard, and as hard as I tried to justify it, I knew it was part of whatever was planned. I supposed I could just hide behind the bar all night if I had to. Then I thought about whether Ping, my exotic Asian beauty would be there to tease me, or even Gail, my past drop-dead gorgeous companion would show up and make me hard just hearing her voice again. Yup - I was pretty much fucked, and not in a good way.


The party was a mix of guests, pretty standard stuff. There were four of the couples we had met there many times, and a few solo men and women to round out the crowd. Dave was Dracula, as usual, and spent the first half-hour introducing L to everyone we didn't already know. There was the usual intimacy between them as he introduced us with his hand on the small of her back or her ass, and L circled her arm around his waist now and then, snuggling him when he made her laugh. He almost always made a special effort to show us off to others as a couple. It used to be embarrassing as they became aware of Dave's intimacy with her, but by this time I was used to it, and if anything, having others know he was fucking my wife was bound to get me hard. I tried my best not to imagine the men we met fucking her, and I was fairly successful at avoiding a raging hard-on.

Later I saw L spending a lot of time with a guy we hadn't met. He kept adjusting her costume, touching her face and neck, and after watching them for a while I could see L was interested. They got plenty of glances from other guests as well - he almost demanded to be noticed. The guy was huge and dressed as Satan, or maybe a Demon. He had fastened small red horns to his shaved head and wore red tights under a matching cape. He towered over L, and I saw her glance constantly at his bare chest, then down over the outline of his cock as they talked. I couldn't remember seeing a guy this big in person, ever, and I imagined L's past fetish for bodybuilders probably had her wet for him.

I watched them for a while from a distance where my growing erection wasn't noticeable. He leaned down, and whispered in her ear for a long time, L nodded, and he lowered her costume off her shoulders just enough to ****** her breasts to him. She was facing him in the far corner of the room where no one else could see, and her back was turned toward me, but I could see the top of her tunic was pushed halfway down her back. She kept staring up at him and nodding as he spoke to her. Then he simply lowered his head and kissed her. The kiss seemed to go on and on, and I was surprised no one else had noticed. He had taken her face in his hands and kissed her harder, and she returned all of it just as passionately. L's arms were limp and lifeless at her side, her body now pressed against him as he pulled her closer. The embrace became an almost violent attack, but she just stood there, still and limp, giving herself up to him. As the kiss ended, he raised his head and looked right at me from across the room, staring for just a few seconds as if he knew I was watching. It was a chilling moment - was he was telling me with a look that L was likely already his for the night?

Before long I saw L approaching me. They drew everyone's attention as they crossed the room, and I wondered what the guests who didn't know us were thinking. It was obvious that L and I were husband and wife, and just as obvious that this giant Demon was hitting on her. There was no doubt about who was the alpha male, and I felt somewhat embarrassed that it was impossible to defend her from his sexual aggression in front of strangers. At least the angst deflated my dick a little. Getting hard because he was taking my wife from me would have been even more humiliating. Not everyone gets what we do.

L introduced him and we shook hands. Damn, this guy was huge, a foot taller, and probably eighty pounds heavier than me. I looked down and saw that he was holding L's hand.

"She's quite a lady, isn't she?" he told me, as though he had known her for years. "There's something about her that's always intrigued me."

"So, you know each other?" I asked, looking over at L.

L glanced at him but didn't answer.

"Not exactly. You might say I'm very familiar with her - her rather 'special' needs."

"So, you've talked to Dave about us?" I asked.

"A bit, but it wasn't necessary."

Another of Dave's scripts, I guessed. Demons can read minds, right?

The guests began to leave as we talked, and soon Dave, L, her Demon, and I were the only ones left.

"There's something you need to know - some things you need to see," the Demon announced to me. He took L's hand, led her downstairs, and motioned to me to follow them. At the end of the hallway, past the guest room I used there, and past the storage room, Dave used for wine and liquor was a second door I had never noticed. Dave opened it and stood by while we entered. It smelled a bit of freshly cut wood, and I guessed he had just recently finished another part of the basement as a second guest room.

I doubted it was just a guest bedroom after looking around. He had hung heavy red draperies along all the walls that matched the blood-red carpet. A large four-poster bed sat in the middle of the room surrounded by a ring of thickly padded chairs, also in matching red. Dave had built a playroom, or maybe a dungeon, most likely for the couples who partied there, but I imagined just maybe at least a part of the incentive was to play with L and me as well.

L and her Demon watched as Dave sat me in one of the chairs and attached my wrists to leather cuffs along each side. L and her Demon stood a few feet in front of me. She seemed to be in some kind of trance, no doubt another part of her planned role for the night. The scene was effective - a bit of incense in the air, and candles flickering here and there at the perimeter of the room. Dave retreated into the background as the Demon shrugged off his cape. Jesus, the guy was shockingly huge, with a massive bare chest and arms. The candles made the contours and size of his cock more startling through the red tights, and I could see it swell slowly until the tip reached the elastic waist of the tights.

I could see what lengths Dave had gone to for the event - it was extravagant beyond any scene he had created for us. And yes, I was excited - excited that this giant would fuck L, that she would love it, and that I would get to watch. And I was a bit relieved the extremes of the past roleplaying hadn't appeared. This was scripted and arranged, and even though it was Halloween, I was free of the angst and uncertainty of some of our past visits, although lingering in the back of my mind was a hint of concern.

Being restrained was something I had been through before. It was one of my fantasies - helplessly ****** to watch a powerful alpha male satisfy L as she eagerly showed me how much she enjoyed him. The chair put me on a much lower level, requiring me to look up at him as he spoke. It made him seem even more monstrous as he loomed over me. Now I was craning my neck, staring up at this giant, black Demon.


He took a step toward me, leaving L standing near the edge of the bed. Now secured to the chair, my eyes were at the level of his cock. Everything worked to make me feel small compared to this Alpha Demon. His astonishing size and build were so impressive that I began to believe his appearance that night could be a supernatural intervention in our marriage. My imagination went with it - what if there were Demons that existed to seduce and fuck unsuspecting husbands' wives? Could they change their appearance at will to become exactly what their victim most desired? Could they make a wife wet with a single intrusion into her mind? Make her desperate to fuck her secret fantasy of the ultimate masculine Alpha, erasing all thoughts of her husband? If any of it might be possible, this was the guy who could make me believe it.

"I told you I'm 'familiar' with your wife. But you have no idea how, or for how long. Think back to when your wife began to fuck other men, years ago. She surprised you, and you took part of the credit. You wanted a hot wife, and there she was, suddenly so curious, so agreeable, almost overnight after years of your fantasies. You were so proud - and yet, it wasn't you at all. You didn't convince her. You didn't find her a man. You didn't free her to take his cock. You had nothing to do with it.

"A wife like yours, a young, pretty wife with so many repressed, obscene fantasies, is a beacon to beings like me, in ways you could never understand. In a way, she called to me, even before she was your wife. From the depths of where I exist, I could smell it on her. She burned with it, craved it. She hungered for cock long before she took one inside her, long before she met you. That's when I found her, smelled her hunger, and inched the first tendrils of my influence into her pretty little head.

"When she was a girl and the boys wanted her, I made her wet for them. But not just wet - I gave her a thirst so extreme she struggled to hide it. But she did hide it, so deeply in her mind that it festered and grew in potency. I loved the way her body responded - such soft and willing flesh at that age. It was tempting to take it then, but I saw more potential in waiting - waiting for her to find a husband who found that same flesh just as irresistible.

"Her acceptance of my corruption came so easily. But you know that now, don't you? That she craved so much college boy cock while she was first with you? That she lied to you about what she couldn't control? If only you could have seen her sweating and panting under them. If only you could have read her mind while they fucked her, how she marveled at how much better their cocks made her feel than your boring, average one. You can't imagine how much of a slut she seemed to them, all those college boys who took turns filling her hungry cunt. I helped her with that. And she couldn't get enough.

"But I'm a patient being. I do enjoy young human flesh, but corrupting a loving wife is so much more satisfying. Playing with her guilt, insecurities, and the intertwined love of her husband is intoxicating. And L had quite a head start. All I had to do was fuck with her mind a bit more - push a few fingers into that pretty little head, stir, and spread my seeds of corruption a bit, giving them more room to grow. And then there were your hotwife fantasies to encourage her. You were the perfect husband. Did I ever thank you for that? No, I suppose not.

"It was never you, Don. You never made her a hotwife by role-playing in your bed. You never convinced her you wanted it. You never knew it wasn't simply chance that she found Dave, her first hotwife fuck, at a party I arranged. I was there. I opened her. I watched as she drooled and gushed between her legs when she first met him. She wanted him right there, on the floor, in front of everyone. Even if it humiliated you. I was there the second it happened. It was never you. It was me. Always me. Slashing her defenses. Enabling the slut in her. Amplifying her thirst for bigger cocks than yours, better men than you to fuck.

"I've been patient, and I've enjoyed the wait. As much as I've wanted her body in the past, watching her corruption has made the wait worthwhile. Now that she's ripe and I can take her from you, the reward is so much sweeter. And now that time has come.

"On the table beside you, you'll find some paper - a contract of sorts. It describes what I'll gain tonight, and what you will lose. And the subject of the document is L's body and soul. Sign it, and I'll own her. And no, I can't and won't force you. It's much better if you do it willingly. It has to be your decision. That's the only way it's valid.

"To that end, I'm going to show you undeniable proof that it's what L craves - that you'd do the right thing by signing it. Hopefully, by the time the night's over, you'll know you have no choice, that it's hopeless to resist surrendering her to me.

"I want you to watch every little detail. How she opens her legs for me, how soaked she is, how she begs for a cock like she's never experienced before, and how, when she looks to see that you're watching, her eyes beg you to sign the contract that will forever give her what she's always needed."

He walked back to L, circled behind her, and stripped the tunic up over her head. The wreath she wore fell to the carpet, and he returned it to me and placed it in my lap.

"She won't need flowers anymore," he told me. "Maybe you'd like them - a few lingering memories of what you imagined her to be."

He went behind her again, circling his arms around her, taking her breasts in his hands. He pulled and rolled her nipples between his fingers, and she gasped. One of his hands appeared between her legs from behind, his two fingers spreading her pussy open, then working in and out of her, saturated with her juices.

"Oh God..." she whimpered.

"I'm the Alpha God," he hissed at her. "Do I hear you calling me, begging me?"

"Yesss," she answered.

"Then tell him - that you're mine now, not his."

"Yesss," she whispered again. She was looking at me, at my erection that had escaped the tunic's hem and was pointing at the ceiling. "Yes - I'm his, not yours." She was defiant and shaking in his arms as his fingers continued to ease in and out of her soaked pussy.

"Then show him," he ordered as he pushed her to her knees. I held my breath as she lowered the top of his tights to reveal the entire length of his cock. She just stared for a while, holding it lightly in both hands, watching it grow even bigger and thicker. She couldn't suck it - just the head stretched her mouth to its limit as she tried to do what he ordered.

I was so hard and would have done anything to have been able to take my dick in my hand. I couldn't imagine what L thought - I had never seen a cock so frighteningly huge. The biggest I'd seen belonged to one of her former lovers, a Navy JAG, but this was now so much more intimidating. Would it even fit inside L, and if it did, would she want anyone's cock besides his again? It was an extreme thought, and one not likely to be true, but I couldn't help thinking it at first - the thing was monstrous.

She licked the length of his cock, up and down, and sucked at the head, but gave up trying to take more of it in her mouth. She spent so much time simply adoring it, staring at it, running her fingers over it, as though it was something supernatural. I watched her cup his balls with both hands and pull them gently forward and up into the light. She just held them there, as though they were tantalizing, rare, and priceless.

"Look at her. She knows. She craves it - the seed that will make your wife mine. Tell him, my little slut. Tell him what you want."

L looked over at me, sober and in heat. It was once again a look I couldn't completely decipher - probably a mix of good acting, a hot script, and a Demon she wanted to submit to more than anything else at that moment.

"I want this - his seed. I want to be his."

He reached down and brought her to her feet, then picked her up and put her on the bed. Then he turned to me and said, "Feast your eyes on what your wife craves."


He stripped off the tights and flung the cape to the ground, standing naked in front of me. It was a moment of distilled belief - that he may have been a Demon, and that he may own L after the night was over. He was all muscle, black, shining, thick layers of it, with a huge cock that jutted upward to his navel. He stood and flexed in front of me, making his flesh expand and swell to even more shocking proportions. It overwhelmed my sense of scripting, role-playing, and L's inner actress playing a part. This was a body unlike any L had likely seen before, even during her time with her two bodybuilder sex machines. She had told me how much she loved being "taken" by them, the mere sight of them, and the solid feel of their bodies as they "handled" her like a small doll. I wondered if she exaggerated when she told me how they fucked for hours, but the thought of it alone made me a believer. I had watched them fuck her as I would here, tied to a chair as they took turns with her. But this was other-worldly - the Demon with her on the bed was immense, arrogant, and rippling with muscle that made him god-like. This was a Demon she would remember and compare to all other men. Even as role play, it was an uncomfortable mix of excitement, angst, and nervous uncertainty.

She spread her legs for him and he mounted her, slowly inching his cock inside. She took all of him easily, almost shockingly so. I had never seen her take her largest cock, the JAG cock she became obsessed with, so I had only imagined how something so thick and long might fill her. L had always seemed tight as a fist to my average dick, so watching how easily she took one so immense, as improbable as it was to me, filled me with disbelief and awe. I imagined her wincing and gasping as such a monstrous thing impaled her, but it slid into her as though she welcomed every inch. I was stunned.

He never pounded her - he just fucked her slowly and evenly ("like a machine", thinking back to L's description of her bodybuilder). She tried pulling him close at times, but he resisted. Her hands roamed over his chest and arms as she told him how good it felt, how full she was, and how she wanted it to go on forever. But he never broke character. He was her possessor, her perfectly embodied master, her ultimate owner - if and when I signed the contract.

"Does my little slut like her new master's cock?"

"Yesss - I love it. I want more..."

"Look upon your husband's pathetic dick - how it twitches and bobs so helplessly. How could you even want that again? Mine is the only cock you'll want now. Tell him."

L turned her face to me and tried to get the words out, but she was shaking so badly that it was as though she was stuttering.

"I - I - only - w-want - his now. It's s-sooo good, Don. S-soo good..."

"That's my slutty little piglet - tell him you'll never want his again. Tell him!"

"I - I d-d-on't want yours. O-only his. O-only - oh my ff-ucking g-god - h-his his h-h-hissss..."

L wasn't usually comfortable with those words, the profanity when acting - only when she was out of control with anger or amazing sex. If she was acting, she could have won an Oscar for it. It broke me a little, urging me toward intermittent but growing suspension of disbelief. Clearly, I was aware that it was another of Dave's orchestrations, but I began to believe L's conviction, her submission, and that the words she used came from a place where L sometimes lived, sometimes fantasized, and sometimes nourished her private orgasms with the very desires she was now living. I wondered what monstrous sex machines lurked in her most powerful fantasies. How deeply buried where the extremes of her ultimate surrender to such monsters? Could she be made to choose her monster over me, and how high was the cliff she'd have to jump from? To be honest, the scene was a bit over-the-top, but those thoughts came to me as I watched him take her. He was that good, that commanding, that Alpha-God-like. It was, looking back, one of Dave's best works. Fucking amazing.

I love to watch L's face in scenarios like this. Yes, her body still excites me, and how the guy takes her does as well. But her eyes really are the windows to her soul. There are times when she'll keep them closed, concentrating on her own pleasure, and finally her orgasm. And there are times when she can't keep them off the guy as he fucks her. I know that's something special, a connection, chemistry, or sometimes just her fascination with his body. And sometimes, like this time, she keeps her eyes locked on his, in a palpable confession of awe and adoration. It's rare and triggers the most intense angst in me. It floats questions to the surface, creates a bit of mystery, a reminder that L no doubt continues to harbor deeper secret fantasies, ones that I might find not only erotic, but frightening as well. How she stares at him opens a tiny slit in my armor against jealousy and possessiveness. Is her adoration a sign of the sex, how much he satisfies her or is it more personal, an emotional bond that's more threatening? Not that all this consumes me like a tidal wave as I watch, but it's delivered in tiny pinpricks of angst, the confounding mix of eroticism and anxiety that rise briefly in my gut and vanish just as quickly. Because it's rare, it's more potent and makes the occasion more memorable. The awareness creates sparkles and stings, erupting through the complacency of hundreds of past encounters. Not that watching a guy fuck L is ever tame or mundane, but now and then, and I'm sure L loves providing it, a wake-up call reminds me that she hasn't shown me the last of the perverse fantasies that she's kept hidden for so many years.

The Demon never slowed, never stopped, and never reacted to her moans and pleadings for him to continue. He moved in and out of L like a black, shining piston as she explored thick plates and ropes of muscle over his chest and arms. Eventually, she tired and went limp under him, but still gazed steadily into his eyes. Now and then tiny spasms shook her for a few seconds after she begged him to fuck her harder. She raised her hips when he partially withdrew, hoping for even more of his cock when he entered her again. But he never relented, always filling her with his thick meat at the same speed and rhythm. He left her panting and weak, arms finally limp at her sides, her eyes flickering, begging for her orgasm. And even then, he wouldn't stop or give her what she wanted - those faster, deeper strokes that would make her come.

It seemed to be a final act of desperation that made her turn her head to the side and look over at me. I hoped for that hint of sympathy she often gave me, a weak smile at the corners of her mouth, anything that might show concern for me, or where the play was headed. Instead, she begged me.

"Please - please give me to him. Just give me to him. I want this. I need this. Please."

Seconds later I heard the Demon groan and freeze over her. He began thrusting as he came - pulling out and spurting over L's belly. There was so much semen - it spewed over her body as he pumped it from his cock with his fist, jetting from the immense tip up over her breasts and face. L looked shocked as she squinted and turned her head, trying to avoid the semen that landed on her cheek and hair. Had I missed her orgasm? Were the tiny spasms that repeatedly shook her body a chain of orgasms so unbroken that I hadn't recognized them? Or had he lost control before he could give it to her?


He lifted L off the bed, stood in front of her, and began spreading his cum over her body. There was something else though - he was doing something with his hands between them that I couldn't see. As he worked, there was a flicker of a smile from L I'm sure I wasn't supposed to see.

Finally, he turned her, grabbed her by the hair at the back of her head, and walked her to me. He stopped two feet in front of me, and I could see she was soaked with semen - far too much to have come from the Demon. It covered her from neck to crotch in a thick, continuous layer as though ten men had come on her. As realistic as it looked, I knew it was a trick rooted in Dave's imagination. Looking over at the bed, I saw a plastic container on the floor containing what appeared to be the last remnants of "Demon cum". I was sure I had seen him come on her on the bed, so this must have been the extra Demon cum she wore, now mixed with his. Nice effect, if only he had hidden the container.

"It's time you see the effect I have on your wife," he began. "My seed is soaking through her skin, entering every pore of her body, igniting her desire for me. She will be forever changed, just like the change I made in her years ago. Now, instead of craving every man she sees, she will only crave my cock. The question remains, will you deprive her of it? And will she hate you for it?"

L began to beg me again.

"Please - I need him - I need his cock. Don't take it from me - I couldn't stand it. Please give me to him - pleeease..."

The Demon called Dave to unfasten my wrists. Should I get up, or stay seated? What role was I supposed to play now?

The Demon pushed L closer, within arm's reach.

"Feel the power of my seed," the Demon ordered. "Spread it over her. Infuse her body with it. Use your hands to make her mine. Do it! Now!"

It was sticky and thick and could have passed for real semen. I pushed my hands into it and began to spread it carefully up and down her belly. L was taking deep breaths and smiling, her head arched back a bit as though she was intoxicated by it. As I came closer to her groin and pussy, he stopped me.

"Not there! Her pussy is mine to fill with seed! Do her tits! Her face! Everything else!"

She inhaled sharply as I massaged the goo into her breasts and nipples, and finally let out a quiet, "Yessss! I can feel it. In me. Everywhere."

She let me spread it over her neck and face, simply staring at me while I worked. The stuff was even stringy like semen, and I wondered how much of the sticky mixture between my fingers was his. There were already a few dabs of his cum on her cheek and at the corner of her mouth, and I tried to wipe it away from her eyes into the goo. When I had made her face shiny with it, she asked me, "Are you going to feed me his seed? I want to taste it - to swallow it and have it deep inside me. Please? Feed Me?"

"You heard her," he said. "She'll get her fill later, but she needs a taste now. Do it!"

I placed a fingertip between her lips and she sucked it.

"More..." she told me.

I drew two fingers across her breasts and fed her a double portion. And she smiled.

"Oh God, it's so delicious! If you'd just give me to him..."

I wasn't sure what to do next, so I just stood there, staring down at her naked body, my erection bobbing between us.

The Demon took her by the hair again and pushed her slowly to her knees beside him.

"You can feel my seed's effect already, I'm sure, flowing through your hands, into your blood, then deep inside you as well. In the time it will shrivel your cock and shrink your balls. You'll never satisfy her again. But sign the contract, and I'll let you keep her for me, like a caretaker. You've always been her caretaker, giving her to other men, cleaning up their messes, getting off on how they use her. I think you know that now, don't you?"

L was by his side, on her knees, running her hands up and down his enormous thigh. She was looking up at me, pleading with her eyes, her hand wandering up his inner thigh to gently cup his balls.

"Please - listen to him - give me what I want. Let him have me. I have to have this..."

Her hand moved to his cock, reverently fingering the length of it as it began to swell again. The scene was so fucking hot I wanted to jerk off right there. I supposed I could, but imagined the answer they wanted from me was the next act in the play. So instead, that's what I did.

"I give up," I told the Demon. "I can feel your seed controlling me, overwhelming me. My wife wants you, to own her, to fuck her, to do anything you want with her. I can't deny her that. She's yours. I'll sign the contract."


It had been on the table beside me the entire time, but I hadn't been able to read a word. The Demon walked me over to it, handed me the paper and a pen, and waited for me to sign. L stood beside him, draping her body over his, her eyes hopeful and burning with excitement. She was trance-like, her nipples hard, her pussy swollen and red. She kept staring at the contract, and the only thing I now saw on her face was impatience.

I took the contract from him and read it:

In the presence of clear and undeniable evidence, I agree and give full consent to every item and word of this agreement. I understand there will be no negotiation or future objections, and that implication of the content goes far beyond the specifics stated here. This surrender of all rights is irrevocable, as is the promise of my cooperation and willingness to support and even encourage the consequences of my decision. I agree to the following in the total absence of duress or coercion, and promise to faithfully uphold both the letter and spirit of the following:

1. I surrender the body of L, my wife, completely and without reservation, to be used as you wish under all circumstances. I understand this includes the whole of her body without and within - every strand of hair, every inch of delicate skin over lips, nipples and cunt, including all entrances into the flesh of her body. I surrender sole ownership of all this to you for any act you may desire.

2. In accordance with L's wishes and desires, clearly evidenced by her physical and mental surrender, I recognize and accept her total and complete submission to you. I understand and accept her all-encompassing desire to become your property, to be used as you wish in any and all acts and circumstances, and will not object or interfere, even in the most extreme circumstances. I understand she willingly looks to you and you alone to satisfy her needs, desires, fetishes, and obsessions, and that I am removed from her association with all things sensual or erotic.

3. Even as L's erotic mental state remains willingly bound to you alone, her physical presence is mine to care for during your absence. Conventional appearances such as social functions, career, and all public perceptions of her past life as my wife are to be maintained and supported. In cases of uncertainty, L will have full control of our activities and actions as she sees fit, overriding all decisions and wishes of my own.

4. I will see that L is available to you as often and as long as you wish. I agree to deliver her to you when you wish and recover her after you've used her. I promise not to inquire about her time with you, or ever react negatively to your use of her in your or her presence. Should she mention any act or detail that transpires during her time with you, I will act appropriately and positively, always supporting her decision to become your exclusive property.

5. Although L is your property, I accept that you may allow others to use her, or that she may make that decision on her own. I understand that I have no right to know how or when others have her, whether your decision or hers. I have no right ask or know how often her mouth, pussy, or ass is taken by others, nor will I comment on any evidence of such when she's returned to me.

I,__________________, willingly agree to all of the above. My wife, __Lxxxxx_Jetman__, her body, and soul is now your exclusive property, according to her wishes. I understand that failure to comply with the above will result in the most extreme physical and mental punishment possible by natural and supernatural means. My wife is your property and I am her dutiful keeper upon my signing.

There wasn't much in it that I didn't expect. I wasn't so completely taken in by it that it disturbed me. I mean, in real life, losing L to anyone or anything would have been unthinkable. But I had built this fantasy over so many years, and both L and Dave knew all the details after one of our many talks about potential role-playing ideas based on our fantasies. And I knew it fit L's fantasy of being taken by a huge, powerful man - and an all-powerful "Demon" with this guy's body probably took that fantasy to new heights for her. Still, it did work at a level where I was willing to immerse myself. I could imagine the Demon, L's submission to him, and mine as well, just to bring my fantasy to life for a few hours. Everything I saw and heard gave me an insistent hard-on, but the anchor of reality kept me from freaking out this time. Credit goes to Dave for all the melodrama, but I was having a great time wallowing in it, and I knew L was deeply swallowed up in its depths.

I put the contract on the table and signed it, then handed it back to him.

"There was never any question that you'd sign it," he said to me. "I've been the source of everything you and your wife are - her sluttiness, and your fascination with it. But you had to witness her surrender to me. You had to feel it in your bones. And she had to be free to show you how she craves my cock. And now, it is done."

L's attention went to his cock again, kneeling before him, milking it with her hands, making it come back to life. Her trance never faded, and her eyes were fixed adoringly on his engorged cock. The image will stay with me forever - her body glistening with semen, kneeling beside him so obediently - his dark, heavily muscled body towering over her as though he was flaunting his prize in front of me.

There were so many contrasts that made the scene surreal. A few of the candles had gone out, and the flickering light from those remaining cast a warm glow over L's body that revealed then hid the crevice between her legs. I kept squinting to find her clit in the shadows, and now and then it was shown, the small nub thrust out between her labia, wet, juicy, and red. Then it would hide again, and I'd have to try to remember the few seconds I had seen it. The same light made the Demon harder to make out, his ebony skin reflecting less of the light. The candle nearest him threatened to go out any second, but its dancing flame managed to highlight the rise of muscle over his chest and thighs, throwing deep valleys between the thick bands of flesh into total darkness. He appeared much more indistinct than L despite his size. The light darted over him and retreated, an instant there, an instant gone, making him seem slightly out of focus as if slipping back and forth between our world and his unearthly one.

"Now that she's mine, I'll take everything she is tonight. Every bit of flesh, all the capacity for the pleasure she has ever had. Look at how she grovels and lusts for me. Your wife is mine now - she will never be the same woman you knew. Now, leave us, so I can reap the reward for my patience and consume the body of your woman."


Dave led me out of the room and the door slammed shut behind us. I followed him upstairs and welcomed the scotch he poured for us. He asked if the night fit my fantasy, and I agreed it was more than I could have hoped for. But now what? Could I watch it throughout the night? Was L to spend the entire night in the Demon's bed? And if so, what was I to do - just sleep all of it away?

"Do you think a Demon would allow you to watch? I mean, from what you saw of him?" he asked.

I told him supposed not, but it was more than just a little frustrating that I was left out. I wanted to see L come with him, and I wasn't sure I had - at least not the thrashing, moaning orgasm I expected. I could have watched him fuck her all night long - his massive body using her like a small toy and she loved it.

"Don't you think this is what L might have wanted? For her to have him to herself without you ogling them, salivating over her "performance"? Don't lose track of the idea that this isn't all about you - in fact, maybe the rest of the night isn't about you at all. You had your fantasy - now let L have hers."

"It's just that there's the history..." I interrupted.

"Yes, yes - I know. The JAG's big cock. Her obsession with him. But remember that wasn't just his cock. She thought she was falling in love with him. This isn't that. But I think you know that. I think you're intimidated by his cock. Are you?"

"I dunno - maybe. I mean, if a cock that huge feels so great to her, why would she be satisfied with mine from now on? No - that isn't what I believe. But I can't help thinking about it. I know sex is more than that, and that L loves me, but Jesus..."

"And that's the 'you' I know, Don - the rational you. Do you think I would have created such an intimidating scene for you if I thought you couldn't enjoy it without the baggage? I enjoy giving L and you what you both want, even if sometimes I only get vicarious pleasure from it. The connection to the JAG was unintentional, and I'm sorry for that. But you have to face the fact that L sometimes needs to be dominated by very large, powerful men, and some will have big dicks. Again, I think you know all this - I think your insecurity is just temporary angst from what you just watched. Am I wrong?"

I had to admit he was right. I wanted L to enjoy her fantasies, and this one was built on top of mine, so I owed her that. We had two more scotches, and I went to bed. I tiptoed down the hall to the Demon's bedroom door twice that night, but couldn't make out a thing. I'd have to use my imagination for what he might be doing to L, and the pleasure she might be getting from him. Finally, I was fine, masturbated thinking of his giant body on top of her, and slept.


I didn't quite know what to say to anyone the next morning. L and Dave had been up long before me and were sitting in his kitchen talking. The Demon was gone - I checked the bedroom down the hall from mine before I showered, hoping to find evidence or even just a small reminder of the night before. The bed was still damp near the center, surrounded by crusty remains of Demon seed. I could still smell the burnt candles, and the shimmering liquid wax had shrunk to solid puddles that had overflowed the brass holders onto the tables and shelves under them. The room looked, well, lifeless and vacant, as though the Demon had sucked the life from it after finishing with L. I sat on the edge of the bed, running my palm over the stained sheet, trying to recall as many memories as I could, afraid they too might be sucked away. Despite the sterile aftermath, I still imagined him owning L, inseminating her with obedience and lust for him that might forever change her. The power of the night's scene was lasting - invading my perception even in the cold, rational light of day. Of course, L wasn't his, but the Demon had been damned convincing - and his cock was so huge...

As I climbed the stairs from the basement, I heard L across the room in the kitchen.

"Well, I think he got more than he bargained for - I guess I did too..."

A few seconds later they both saw me approaching and grinned at me. L hopped up to make me breakfast and I sat across from Dave, curious about how the conversation might go. L was naked and fresh, with no sign of Demon seed or exhaustion from the monster's night-long fucking.

I've always loved watching her in Dave's kitchen, stretching on tip-toe to reach a pan or bowl, her breasts buoyed upward, defying gravity, her bare calves straining into the slim sculptures that make me want her instantly. Here she was naked and his, a convention we all had agreed to long ago. It was that she was so free around him, so willing to spend the time with him, naked and shaved like a newborn, that made my pulse beat just a bit faster. Yes, I wanted her, but it was something more - I wanted him to have her, to have his way with my wife's flesh whenever he wished. I loved seeing his hands on her in the light of day, her sly grin when it happened, and her hand went to his cock when he kissed her without a moment's notice. It was how easily she gave herself to him in front of me in that moment that moved me. Not scripted or planned - it was simply her thoughtless submission to his random affection. Here's where I just pause and sigh, remembering...

Dave watched me for a while, then asked, "Are we good this morning?"

"I'm fine. That was something last night. The new room - everything..."

"Did we leave anything out? About your fantasy?"

"I guess I'm a little stunned. No - no - I think it was amazing." I paused for a few seconds. "The Demon was a nice touch."

"Ah - your interest in Argento, Lovecraft, Clive Barker - I thought a Demon would do it for you. Besides, the possibilities are endless when we involve the supernatural. Where could we find a more powerful Dom? You may not be a true believer, but L is. And making it real for her was the key."

"Well, it certainly looked real - I mean, for L," I said.

She looked over from where she was making me eggs and sausage.

"It could have been real. His body was supernatural - I'm sure you noticed."

She grinned at me, and I got the reference to the Demon's cock.

"Yeah, I know which part of his body you thought was supernatural," I told her, grinning back.

She laughed, and then went sober again, thinking.

"If only all you men had those supernatural parts between your legs..."

"Touche‚," I said. "if only..."


I expected the rest of the day to be a letdown after such an intense night. The drama was absent, but in a way, reality affected me just as deeply, if not more so. It was a day spent watching L naked in his home, watching him fondle and kiss her now and then, and her reverently on her knees licking and sucking his erection at random times, seemingly when the mood struck her.

Our time in public was less erotic - a stroll on the beach and time wandering in and out of shops almost empty of tourists now that the weather had turned cooler. There was lunch at a new oyster bar and dinner at the restaurant where Dave had taken us many times before to show off L in a more formal setting. He dressed L in conventional clothes, but as usual, if men looked long enough and closely enough, they could see she wore nothing under them. The knit burgundy dress she wore that evening clung to her like a second skin, rising up along her thighs as she sat at our table. It wasn't at all transparent, but as I followed her and Dave to our table I noticed more than one man take a second look. She did look delicious, in an "I'm taken, but you just might have a chance with me" way. And there was the familiar moment when I knew any man she wanted there might actually have a chance.

I still love the feeling that she's someone else's in public, and that she could, at any moment, on a whim, decide she belongs to no one and fuck a total stranger. It's something I still don't completely understand - why does it get me so hard? Why should seeing the love of my life flaunt her infidelity in front of me and everyone around us excite me? I should be embarrassed that others can see my wife flirt and seduce other men as though I'm not there at all. I should boil with jealousy when Dave escorts her through a crowded restaurant with his hand on her ass, or holds her hand and stops to kiss her when the three of us venture out in public. The loss of L would devastate me, but the excitement I get from her erotic physical encounters, and even the moments of angst during a passionate kiss between L and another man, bait me to chase even more intense fantasies.

There is the pride I feel that L has conquered the sexual inhibitions she carried when we met. Watching her wear her sexuality like an invincible aura, seducing, and even manipulating men around her to get what she wants, is extraordinarily satisfying. And it's not that the vulnerability that makes her so easy to love is gone, or even overshadowed, but that she's now so comfortable as both siren and wife. In a way, she's outpaced me, or at least exceeded any expectations I had when we first began hotwifing. She plays with the idea that sex with another man is more exciting or satisfying, watching for my reaction, then adds a wink or grin that hints she just might be teasing. L was always a tease, but now we're both more comfortable and more excited by the implications.

Our last night was punctuated by Dave's remaining coda. I watched him fuck L on the sofa just a few feet from where I sat. It was prolonged and filled with intimacy. They kissed and clutched each other as L told him how much she wanted him. He told her how much he loved fucking her and asked if her body belonged to him there. She claimed she was all his, every part of her. She told him she wanted her husband to watch him fuck her, to show him she was his. She rode him, on his lap, taking his cock as quickly as she could manage to get it inside her. I had never seen them fuck this long - it went on and on, with L cumming once, then again later when they came together.

I watched a while longer as L collapsed over him, clutching him, drenched in sweat, resting with her arms around him, her little butt still wriggling against him now and then. When she finally looked over at me, I could see the light go out of her eyes, her mouth opens just a bit and tremble, then a faint smile that both flaunted her satisfaction and thanked me for it. She was completely exhausted. "Put out" (to borrow the perfect expression from a good friend here) was the only possible way to describe her.

When they finally untangled themselves and stood, Dave took her hand as though he would take her upstairs to his bedroom for the night as he always did. Instead, he took an unexpected detour.

"You spend a lot of nights here by yourself, Don. I know you volunteer for this, and that you get what you want when the two of you go home, but I think you've more than earned a night together here for a change. So, enjoy."

He offered me L's hand, I took it, and we went to my guest bedroom together. It was the first time he had given her to me there, and my mind went in circles wondering why. Eventually, I concluded that he was too spent to fuck her, and also that he wanted me to be able to have her next to me in bed after she was so completely used.


It was good to be close to L after craving her for days. She let me explore her body, even between her legs where she was slowly leaking the semen he had left in her. I had been nervous about them breaking our condom rule on our last visit, and now it looked like they had abandoned it for good. We had discussed it at the time, both with Dave and after we returned home. It was something L wanted - she wasn't able to tell me exactly why. She just did. But it was only to be with Dave, and he assured me he and L had taken all precautions against my worst fears. But it was still strange to me and a bit worrisome as I felt the sticky pool on her inner thigh, then pushed a finger inside her. It made their decision and my final acceptance of it real for the first time. Still, the angst was slithering around in my gut, knowing he had given her to me for this exact purpose - to see and touch his semen as it flowed from her. He wanted, or they wanted my final blessing. I was sure I'd get over it, in time.

"Are you okay with it?" L asked, sheepishly. "With him not using condoms anymore?"

"I guess we should trust him if you want it this much," I told her. "But is it him or you that really wants it?"

"It's both of us, Don. We've talked about this, a lot. We both want this - it's just time - time to do it. It's just with him, Don. You and he are the only ones - I promise."

She pulled me on top of her and guided my dick into her. I had never been inside her after she had taken so much semen - she felt cavernous, and I missed the tight fist of her pussy clamping down on me, urging me to come. Stroking left me with little sensation, and she stopped me right after I started.

"Don't - just stay inside me - don't move - I just want you in me for a while."

"So, I'm not allowed to come," I asked. "Is that his rule tonight?"

"My rules tonight, Don. And I do want you to come - I want both my men's cum inside me tonight - but just not yet."

I struggled there on top of her, inside her, trying not to move, and having her gently stop me when I couldn't help myself. I could feel his semen drip from her now and then and wondered if it would ever stop. It seemed as though a reservoir deep inside her belly was constantly oozing just enough to tease me, to remind me of what she had said, that she'd now allow "both her men" to fill it.

"Did you like watching him fuck me?"

I wasn't sure at first which "him" she meant.

"You mean Dave, tonight?"

I started to move inside her and she put her hands on my hips to stop me again.

"Um-hmm. Tonight. Could you tell I came twice?"

"I could. It must have been good for you. It looked pretty intense."

"It was good, Don. It always is with Dave. But I did it for you too this time - well, mostly for you. I wanted to remind you what he does to me, how I come with him. You haven't seen that very often lately. Not like that, anyway. So, you liked watching us, didn't you?"

I told her she was amazing, that she always is, and how much I loved her for it.

"I knew you would. He makes me come so hard, Don. Something about the way he fucks me - I melt when he's inside me. He makes me so wet, even when he just touches me in front of you here in the house. I spend every minute here thinking about him fucking me. And that you like it - that you want me to do it. You do, don't you, Don? You want us to fuck as much as we want? Because you know I can't get enough of him..."

She put the string of images in my head, images of them drowning in orgasms, in his bed, on the sofa in front of me, even at times when I might not be aware of it - when they fuck in the mornings before I'm awake, or in his shower as they masturbate each other under the hot water, slippery and lathered with soap. How many orgasms has she had here? Deep, long, pussy-grasping orgasms, an unending supply of them as long as she's with him.

It was too much for me. I could feel her grasp my dick with the tight fist of her pussy I knew all too well. Grasp and release. Grasp and release. "I can't get enough of him, Don" - "You want him to fuck me, Don" - grasp and release - grasp and release - "I come when he touches me, Don" - grasp and release - "fucking me every minute, every minute" - "tell me you want that too" - "tell me" - "tell me" -

It was more of a hiss than an admission when I came. A "yesssss" that merged into a groan that merged into, well, something I don't remember. I hadn't moved - I was still buried in her when it happened. I remember her clutching me, keeping me from thrusting, milking me as I teetered on the edge for so long, then falling off the precipice and drowning in my orgasm. The images kept streaming, rapid-fire scenes of L collapsing on Dave's cock, spreading her legs for the Demon, kneeling by him as she worshiped his huge, ebony phallus, that same thick meat slowly entering her and retreating, owning her body and the orgasm he'd eventually give her. It was as close to losing consciousness as I'd ever come during an orgasm. Hell, maybe I did for a few seconds. Only L would know as I spewed into her, she holding me patiently through it and welcoming what I gave up to her.

I remember her telling me she wanted me inside her too, that now both Dave and I were in her, that it's what she wanted. "Both my men. I want both my men in me."

For the first time, it just seemed right. Right that Dave should come in her just as I could. Right that the three of us now shared a more common, intimate bond. Right that despite thinking of L as "owned" there, she had her two men to satisfy her, dress her, groom her, compliment her, and ultimately show anyone and everyone that Dave and I were "hers". So often I had assumed when we were out in public together that others must think L "belongs" with either Dave or me, and that the only unknown is which one of us is assumed to be fucking the delicious woman with us. I knew people looked and wondered, especially if L was dressed to seduce, and she was arm-in-arm between us. With just a few words, L had turned all that upside-down. We were her men. She had felt that way from the very beginning, proud that she had two men on her arm, two men to pamper her, and two men to fuck. The idea was a bit jarring at first, and there was the possibility I wasn't thinking clearly amid a visit with Dave. L set me straight later when we returned home to our bed where confessions and epiphanies wind their way under the covers in the dark of night.


It was a long flight home with a three-hour layover that became four hours after the weather delayed our final segment. We were exhausted and sexually spent, so we crashed early and spent the following day looking back on our visit. It was the kind of "daylight debriefing" we often did, especially when there were circumstances that didn't allow time for honest responses in the heat of Dave's role-playing. I wanted L's gut-level reactions to what happened over the past few days, and some clarity about some of the things she had said. Years ago, it seemed L had more issues during our talks. She was more reluctant to reveal her concerns, hiding them beneath a thin veneer of awkwardness and embarrassment. As time passed, I became more likely to dig into my uncertainties, while L is almost always completely comfortable in her own skin. She's told me on occasion that I see drama where she sees none. Our talks can be enlightening, and even exciting to me. L lets me in, as though nothing is too threatening or taboo to bring into the light. Her ability to get me hard without any hint of intent astonishes me. And it's my favorite part of our talks.

Me: So, we're 'your men' now? You've never said that before. I guess I never thought of it that way. You've always implied you go there to be 'owned'.

L: I can't believe you never thought about it that way. I mean, I thought it was pretty obvious I love getting attention, especially in public. I like Dave a lot, and I like that you're OK with the things he and I do together. I'll probably never understand why you love seeing him and me have sex, but we've been doing it a long time, and we both enjoy it, so I don't need to understand all of it. It makes me happy, and it makes you happy, and I like that.

But you should know that there's also something exciting about fucking him while you watch. I mean, I know it's what you like, but over time it's become more than that. We've talked about this before. I get this perverse satisfaction from knowing it gets to you, that I might be able to make you a little jealous or shock you if I do or say certain things. I know you think my being naked and affectionate with him in his home is teasing, but I do a lot of that because "getting to you" excites me. You're still "my two men" while we're there - he's the Dom and you're the submissive there, and the two of you fit together like two puzzle pieces. When I play with the pieces and fit them together perfectly, well, I just love that. You have no idea how wet I get making both of you hard at the same time, for completely different reasons.

Me: So, has something changed between you and Dave? I mean, your relationship? Something I didn't pick up on?

L: No, I mean, maybe, over time. I think you mean letting him come in me, right?

Me: I guess that's part of it, but you've never mentioned that we're "your two men" before.

L: But you are. You're the two men I'm most comfortable around, and the two men I most like having sex with. There's no other competition. Dave's an exceptional person. Yes, he's good-looking, but you know I like smart, imaginative guys with a sense of humor if I'm going to spend any time with them. All that's more important to me than looks.

Me: Or a big dick?

L: Well, his isn't that big, Don. Look - Dave and I are very close, intimate friends. It's different than being married to you, in a lot of ways. It isn't all about sex, Don. You should know that. If you want to make it about that, I'll tell you. You know when we go on vacation, eat lots of great food in expensive restaurants, stay at amazing places, and can forget about work for a while? When we come home, our life isn't somehow less satisfying than it was before. We still enjoy our life together, and it's more comfortable back here in our bed. Sex with Dave is the spicy food on vacation, the luxury of thick towels and room service in the best hotels, the time we need away from reality to refresh and recharge so we can enjoy reality again. Dave is my vacation - you're my reality. Our reality's good - I'd never want to lose it. It, and you, are my life.

Me: I was thinking more about the Demon's big dick. Would you want to do him again?

L: I'm pretty sure you aren't sensitive about the size of yours, so I'll be honest. It was great sex. And in a way, size does matter, but it's not something I need for great sex. I'll admit it's fascinating to see and hold a large penis. It's the thing women talk about and wish for, right? At least that's what you guys think. But if our time with Dave is like a vacation, the guy's big cock was like a one-time, delicious dessert - just one part of a great meal. I wouldn't go back and buy the restaurant because of it. And having it every day, just the big cock without guys like you or Dave attached to it, well, that would get old, really fast. I'm not just some "thing" that needs another "thing" to fill me up. If the guy hasn't already made me wet, the biggest cock in the world is useless. I'd probably never come."

Me: I get all that. But there was a time when a big cock meant a lot to you, remember?

L: I knew you had that on your mind. But it was so long ago - I was so new to this, and it wasn't just his cock. There was real chemistry there, and I was infatuated with his rank and position. It all went to my head, and I'm still sorry I lost control. But again, his dick was just a part of it. The sex was great, but I liked the guy.

Me: So, back to the Demon - do you think big cocks matter now? Is sex with a smaller one less physically satisfying? I mean, setting all emotion and chemistry with the guy aside. Would you want to fuck the Demon again? What do you think about it?

L: You're not going to let this go, are you? You men and your "cock size". I told you the sex was great. It was great because he knew what he was doing. He took his time, made sure I was wet and used it to bring me along with what was in my head. He knew what I wanted somehow, to ease in and pull out without hurting me, to let me have just enough time to breathe, and then to want him back in. He wasn't a battering ram - God, why do some guys do that? Do they think they impress us with those vacant, "I'm somewhere else" looks while they jerk off inside us? Fucking a thousand strokes a minute doesn't make you an athlete. Geesh.

Honestly, I loved being filled - it's very different than a smaller penis. It rubs and pulls my clitoris in a different way that's unusual and exciting. There's a feeling of surrender to him, a sense of his power and potency, and a sense of fullness, as though he's taken as much of me, inside me, as anyone could ever take. After a while, it became raw and primitive, a huge, powerful man who wanted me and took me. He used his cock like an animal in the wild, to tempt me, fuck me, and mate with me. He made me believe we were animals. So honestly, nothing else mattered after that - except how he was "taking" me, and how good his cock felt.

But it isn't that simple. I mean, the big cock thing is more than just the actual sex. It's very, very erotic to touch and play with. It was like his promise to satisfy me, a sign that he was horny and potent and equipped to fuck me the way I needed to be fucked. I needed to submit to him, and his cock reminded me of the weapon he'd use to take me - hard and thick and long, oozing precum like it was hungry for me. Again, it made me feel like we were animals ready to mate, and that I was powerless to refuse - he was so much bigger and stronger than me, and the sight of his body, well, I wanted him so much I didn't want to escape. I was so paralyzed with a hunger for him I began to wonder if there was something supernatural happening. And later, when I was kneeling beside him, playing with his cock, it was like worshiping a real god who could keep me in heat for his warped fascination.

So yes, it was very, very good. But it was the play, and the guy, and the cock that did it for me. Would I do it again? Absolutely. Do you need to worry? Not. Now, I see you're hard. Do you want to go to bed and fuck?

Me: Absolutely.

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