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Surrendering Sarah

Surrendering Sarah
by Night Writer

This one was written by Don Jetman under a former nym back when ASSTR was flourishing. (Credit to Toxis for his input and editing skills)

Chapter 1

It was an accident. I just brushed his Harley when we pulled out of the parking space at the mall. He must have seen it happen. I sure didn't see him. Until it was too late.

Now he was standing in our home, tattoos and all, mad as hell. He wanted compensation. When I opened the checkbook, he just laughed. I was ready to call the police, when I heard the roar of bikes outside. He just smiled.

He said they'd kill us, at night as we slept. He promised we'd suffer first, then die slowly. They'd take their time though; he'd give us a few days, weeks, or months to think about the details of his revenge.

When he walked toward me, I prepared myself for a lot of pain. He stuffed a note into my shirt pocket.

"Bring her to that address, tonight, at 10:00. Maybe we can work something out."

He grinned at my wife. She was shaking, wide-eyed and terrified. He turned toward the door, then stopped and looked back over his shoulder.

"Fix her up, real pretty, ok?"

When I didn't answer, he turned toward me. His face reddened. His eyes bulged. I noticed the flesh over his jaw harden.

A thin whisper was all I could manage.

He glanced at her a second time. The menacing grin was back.

"Oh, one more thing. Shave her cunt and bring her naked."

"But, how-"

I shouldn't have protested. He took me by the throat, lifting me just enough to stop me from breathing.

"I don't give a shit how. Just have her at my front door, shaved and naked, understand?"

I nodded my head the best I could. He let me go and walked out the door. The roar was deafening as they rode away.


I heard the shower running at 8:00. Her hands shook violently as she did her hair and makeup. Shaving was even harder. I offered to help. She shook her head and did it herself. I couldn't watch.

By 9:30, she was ready. She wouldn't speak, or even look at me. I couldn't help noticing how different she looked without pubic hair. The slit between her legs seemed much longer, running an extra inch up the front of her belly. It was so pink, and seemed to stand open more than I remembered.

We drove in silence. She slid down in the front seat, trying to hide from passing cars. It took a while for the heater to warm us. The night air made her shiver. An occasional streetlight made her white body glow for a second or two in the car's dark interior. Her eyes stared wildly as she covered her breasts with both arms, trying to shelter the small, stiff nipples from the biting cold. As we arrived, her look begged me to rescue her. It quickly turned to one of resignation.

He left us in the cold for five minutes after we knocked. He opened the door, stepped out and took her by the hand, grinned at me, and pulled her inside. I waited in the car.

Fifteen minutes later, he opened the door a second time and waved me inside.

"Your wife sucks cock like a pro."

I studied her face. She stared at her feet. A small white pearl of cum clung to a loose strand of hair near her right cheek.

"She's an obedient little thing. You know, I think she gets a kick out of it."

He grabbed a handful of hair at the back of her head and pulled, forcing her to look at him.

"You get your secret wish now, Sarah. We'll even let your husband watch."

She whimpered and tried to shake her head. He jerked harder, arching her neck back further. I was afraid it might snap if he pulled again.

"Please, no, don't make him watch, please!"

He studied her for a few seconds, then shot his familiar grin at me.

"OK, it looks like she wants me all to herself. Maybe she'll let you watch next time, hubby. Have a seat. We won't be long."

I sat. He dragged her to the closest bedroom, left the door open, and ordered her to strip him. I tried not to listen, but the endless creaking of the bed put pictures in my head that I didn't want to see.

Twenty minutes later it was over. She returned to me, alone and naked. Her belly and inner thighs were slick with his cum.

"He said we can go," she told me, with a dazed look.

I opened the door and put my jacket around her shoulders.

"No, I have to stay naked until we get home. He wants me back tomorrow, at the same time. I'm supposed to drive myself."

We drove home in silence, his cum soaking onto the fabric of the seat as it oozed from the swollen, wet opening between her shaking thighs.
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We're a couple that loves role play, both hotwife and cuckold themed, for over 10 years now. We still spend time with L's very first lover, an accomplished Dom with an active imagination who has orchestrated some exciting and challenging scenarios for us. We do mostly hotwifing, but venture into the cuck theme when our needs lead us there.


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