Erica House Wife to *****, Part 3

Erica and her mom Rebeca were shopping. Since the black men had been to Rebeca’s house and used the pool the man who had been forcing them to serve the Black men (the Manager) had instructed them to buy more bikinis so they would have sexy things for them to wear for the men.

Neither of them thought they had the bodies for bikinis but they had to do as they were instructed or else (for the reasons why, refer to the previous two stories). Erica had been at her job but had taken some time away and had changed her clothes at her mom’s house. She wore a short skirt and I tank top with no bra and her mother wore a house dress and she also wore nothing under it. They both had grown to like the feeling of being free of underwear and the Black men they had both been seeing much preferred them that way also so they had gladly complied.

They looked over the bikini selection and even though they thought all of them were much too brief and showed so much there was little need to wear anything at all they both picked up a few and planned to try them on in the changing room before buying them. As they shopped they talked about the night before. Rebeca had a date with a nice Black man and she loved the way he had taken her and brought her to several orgasms. Erica was enjoying hearing about it and imagining how it must have been.

They decided it was time to try on the suits and found the changing room. As they stood outside of them Rebeca admitted that she was still very turned on by the night before and was enjoying reliving it with Erica. She even admitted that if there was a Black man around she was so horny she might attack him. Nearby a Black man about Rebeca’s age was wandering up and down the aisles and when Rebeca saw him she decided instantly she wanted him. She caught the man’s attention and motioned him over to where the two of them were standing. Rebeca asked the man if he would give his opinion on how she looked in the new suits to help her decide which one or which ones to buy. The man started to decline and said his wife was somewhere nearby but Rebeca didn’t wait to hear about any of that. She grabbed the man’s hand and with the other opened the changing room door and pulled the man in with her. The door closed and Erica could hear the man trying to make excuses but then it got quiet.

She stood there trying to look innocent and to cover the doorway to the changing room since there was a space under the door where someone could conceivably see two sets of feet in the room. Erica couldn’t help but wonder what her mom and the man were doing so she gently opened the door and she found herself looking at the man’s face with a scared expression on it. Her mother was naked and kneeling between the man’s legs and as she watched her mom opened the man’s pants and took the man’s cock into her mouth. The man’s expression instantly changed to one of pleasure and Erica closed the door. She couldn’t keep watching as she was starting to get turned on herself and she knew she had to leave the man with her mother.

Erica continued to try to look like she was innocently waiting for someone when she saw a Black woman coming down one of the aisles. She looked like she was looking for someone much like the man had a few moments earlier and Erica suspected this was the wife of the man her mom was now having sex with in the changing room. Before the woman got as far as to where Erica was standing another man turned and was coming down the aisle behind the woman. This man was also Black, but he was wearing a uniform and looked to be the store security guard. He stopped and talked to the woman briefly and the woman turned and went up a different aisle and the Security man continued towards where Erica was standing.

Erica had the feeling the security man was coming to her and she was right. He approached her and asked if she was having problems? Erica told the security man she was waiting for her mother to finish trying things on and at that moment there was a pleasurable groan from inside the room. The man looked questionably at Erica and asked if something was going on here? He then asked Erica for some identification which she provided and the guard scanned with something he had been carrying on his belt. As he handed the identification back to her another groan came from inside the changing room. He asked Erica to please step aside so he could open the door but she decided it was time to do all she could to prevent that.

Erica told the Guard that she had been there because she had been hoping some nice big Man would come by because she needed some attention. This was not what the security man had expected and as he pondered that for a moment, Erica’s hand went to the hem of her skirt and began to raise it. The man saw her hand go down and followed it and a moment later he was looking at Erica’s white thighs and her brown bush. He looked up from her bushy pussy and she was licking her lips with the most seductive smile on her face. “Mama, I can’t do this, I am on duty and it is my job to stop things like this from happening.”

Erica ignored the comment and reached for the man’s hand and did the same thing her mom had done earlier with the other Black man, she pulled the guard into the dressing room with her. He tried to stop the door from closing but when he reached for it, she reached for his pants and began frantically trying to open them. Between that and the fact she was now on her knees in front of the door, he couldn’t open it. His pants were open a moment later and his cock disappeared into Erica’s mouth.

She swallowed as much as she could and the security guy was no longer resisting. He was holding Erica’s head as he pumped his cock into her mouth and down into her throat. She loved it and she had her hand between her legs rubbing her pussy frantically. He saw this and pulled his cock out of her mouth and lifted her so she was standing. He turned her around so she was facing the wall and then used his foot to make her spread her legs wider. He lifted the hem of her short skirt again and stepped forward placing his now hard cock between Erica’s legs. The first time he pushed his cock forward it only grazed her pussy, the second time it found home and sunk deep into Erica’s wet cunt!

Erica moaned with pleasure and pushed back against the security guard trying to get every inch of his cock into her that she possibly could. She wanted it that badly! She was trying to be as quiet as she could but it felt so good it was hard. Just the sounds of their bodies slapping together were making a lot of noise and Erica was rapidly beyond caring who heard them. And the security guard was rapidly joining her in not caring as even he moaned as he pounded into her. He held onto her hips and drove forward and even the changing room wall seemed to give with his force.

A couple more strokes and the guard drove into her and stopped. His cock was jerking and pulsating as it pumped load after a load of cum deep inside of her. She stifled a scream as she also came with such intensity she shook from head to toe. She was once again in heaven and didn’t want it to stop but as the guard slowly began to withdraw his cock from her, she knew it had to end. The guard pulled his cock out and wiped it off Erica’s skirt. Erica was now able to turn and look at the guard and saw he was smiling.

“I think it is time you better take your merchandise and pay for it and go before any more of this happens.” Erica sheepishly nodded her head in agreement as the guard closed his pants and zipped up. He opened the door to find Rebeca standing outside the door with a grin on her face as well. “Are you two related?” he asked. “I told the other one it is time to check out and go before we have any trouble with this, OK?” Rebeca stifled a smile and nodded in agreement as the door opened and Erica now with her clothes back in the correct places stepped out of the changing room.

Erica wanted to say something to the guard but before he had taken two steps away he turned and told her, he would see her again and then he called her by name. She was taken back for a moment and then realized he had probably scanned her Identification and now had her address and everything. He then turned and walked away.

On the way to the checkouts Rebeca and Erica saw the woman and the man Rebeca had been with in the changing room. The man saw the two of them and smiled and winked, the woman was wearing a scorn on her face and the two of them ducked away before she saw them. They hadn’t intended to buy all the bikinis they had in their cart but once at the checkout they just paid for them all and left. Once outside the store, they looked at each other and started laughing. They were both a sight, both of them had cum running down their legs and their clothes were all wrinkled and it sure looked like they had slept in them. Or had sex in them!!

They hopped in Rebeca’s car and started for her house. As they drove they joked about the mess in her car from all of the cum that was leaking from the two of them and who was going to have to clean it all up? As they approached Rebeca’s house they saw Erica’s husband Jim’s car in the driveway. Jim thought Erica was at work but they quickly came up with a story about them going shopping still Jim couldn’t see Erica in what she was wearing as she had promised him she was done with Black men after the baby was born.

Rebeca pulled into the driveway off to one side and bailed out to intercept Jim before he would see Erica. She entered the house and caught Jim before he could look and Erica slipped in through the other door and immediately went to her old room where she had a spare set of work clothes. She quickly changed clothes and then slipped back into the part of the house where Jim was, greeting him with a kiss as if she had just come from work. They talked for a while and then Erica decided she should take the baby home and do some cleaning and such. Rebeca asked Jim to stay as she had a couple of things she wanted him to do. Jim was glad to help. He liked his mother-in-law and was always willing to help her with anything.

Erica left with the baby and things were quiet again at Rebeca’s house. She and Jim were sitting talking and then she got an idea. She had noticed many times that Jim had been watching her as she did things around the house and she often wondered just how far Jim would go. This hadn’t been what Rebeca had kept Jim at her house for but since he was there, why not?

Rebeca got up and told Jim she had just remembered something she had to do and she would be right back. She went into her bedroom and opened her closet door just right and then got down on the floor on her hands and knees with her head under the edge of the bed. She looked back and in the mirror on the closet door, she could see almost the entire room including herself partially under the bed. She adjusted her dress so much of her ass was now visible and she called to Jim for him to come so he might help her. Rebeca had noticed many times in the past that Jim had been watching her and specifically her ass and she had even noticed more than once that Jim seemed to get an erection while Rebeca had been flirting with him and showing her ass. She was going to see if it was her imagination or did Jim had an attraction to her and her (what she thought was too big) ass.

Jim heard Rebeca call and immediately followed her voice to her bedroom. When he entered the doorway to her room he stopped short! He was standing in the doorway looking almost directly at his mother-in-law as she most covered mostly under her bed and sticking out for his perfect view was her lovely ass. He had been attracted to her for a LONG time but since she was his mother-in-law he always had held back and tried not to let it be obvious. Now he stood there marveling at her nice round ass and he wanted more than anything to walk in and rub it, feel it, he wanted it and her plain and simple. But she was still his mother-in-law and since his wife was again not seeing Black men he felt he should not do something he shouldn’t either.

Rebeca was talking to him but he was so enthralled with her ass that he was hardly hearing what she had said. He shook his head and asked what she had said. She said she was looking for a very expensive diamond earring that her husband (who had died some time ago) had given her and she didn’t want to lose it. She wiggled her ass and her dress rode up even higher showing more of her ass and he drew a quick breath. His desire was growing and tried to fight it off.

She was smiling from under the bed. She could see his reflection in the mirror and see his reaction to everything she was doing. She couldn’t decide how much of this to do. Finally, she asked if he was enjoying the view.

“Wha…. Ah…. I am SO sorry, I didn’t mean to come in on you like this.” Jim stuttered.

“I am like this because I wanted to see what you would do, and I wondered if you would take advantage of the situation. So are you?” Rebeca asked.

Jim was dumbfounded. He didn’t know what to say or to do. He stood there as Rebeca backed out from under the bed and wiggled her ass at him.

“Come here and make love to my ass, you know you have wanted to for how long now? Ever since before you and Erica got married! I saw you checking out my ass, you didn’t fool me.”

Jim didn’t need to be told twice, he had his face between Rebeca’s ass cheeks before she finished saying it. He buried his face as deep as he could and immediately stuck his tongue in her puckered hole which brought a short quick breath from Rebeca and then a moan of pleasure. She pushed back to get more and Jim did his best to do the same from his side. He had dreamed of doing this ever since he had first met his mother-in-law only she wasn’t his mother-in-law yet at that time. Rebeca was moaning a lot now and this only made Jim try harder. He was fucking her hole with his tongue and a moment later her hand came down and joined the effort playing with her pussy at the same time. She began moaning loud and Jim could feel her sphincter muscle spasming as she orgasmed on his tongue in her ass. She collapsed on the floor and Jim followed her there but had to back off.

He had to stop, his jaw ached and his tongue was so stiff and sore he could go on no longer. Rebeca lay on the floor breathing heavily. As she recovered she rolled over and smiled at Jim. “Erica has been keeping you a secret! She should be a good daughter and share you with her mom and sisters! If only we had known about your talents!” Jim could only smile, what was he supposed to say to such a thing as that?

Rebeca then decided that Jim should get some reward for what he had just done with her. After all, his tongue had felt mighty good in her ass. She turned and reached for Jim’s pants. She hadn’t seen much reaction from him but she thought surely he had to be hard after all this. She unzipped his pants and reached in around his undershorts and found a bit of hardness there. She pulled it out and was shocked to see how small Jim was. No wonder Erica had never really talked about Jim whenever the subject of sex came up!

Maybe he wasn’t hard yet she thought, so she jacked his cock and it did get a slight bit harder. Jim was looking towards the ceiling and had a very pleasurable look on his face which gave Rebeca the idea she was doing the right thing. She jacked him another time and then once more and she felt him Jerk. His whole body jerked and he moaned and as she looked at her hand she saw a small blob of cum dribble out of Jim’s penis and run down over her knuckles. She couldn’t believe it, he had cum already and such a tiny amount! She looked at Jim and he looked like he had just had the orgasm of the month or something! She shook her head and didn’t say anything as she jacked him one last time but only a tiny bit more cum dribbled out.

“You maybe should clean up and get headed home before Erica wonders what happened to you.” Rebeca finally said. His cumming so quickly and so little had bummed her out and she was pretty much done with him now. “We need to keep this between the two of us, don’t you think? I liked you doing my ass and if you want to do that again, we have to keep this just between the two of us.” Jim nodded in agreement. He had liked her ass and had fantasized about doing exactly what he had just done for years and he desperately wanted to do it again!

“I won’t tell a soul and anytime you want me to .. Well, just let me know, ok? Jim was almost begging for a return trip, he wanted her that badly. Rebeca shooed him into the bathroom to clean up and then out the door to go home. Once he was gone Rebeca returned to the bathroom and began filling the tube with hot water. She wanted to relax and think about what a wonderful day it had been. So much pleasure and she knew there was more to come!
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