Erica housewife to *****

Episode 2

Foreword: In the previous episode Erica was the main character but now that more of her family is becoming involved I think I better introduce everyone so we are all on the same page. Erica is the youngest girl in the family of four and is 42 years old. She is 5’6” and 110 pounds with shoulder-length blonde hair and brown eyes. She has 32A breasts (or had those before the baby was born from the last story) and a fat ass. She was a cheerleader in high school and college and is now a manager of a steak house. She is married to Jim, who is 55 years old, 5’7” and 165 pounds. He has a bald head, a gray beard, a pot belly, and a tiny dick. He always thought he was fair in bed as Erica would always lie to him telling him she had cum before he did! He had a vasectomy after they were married so he can’t father children and Erica because of that had never needed birth control.

Erica’s family is a Christian family, very conservative and quite racist and even though she is conservative she likes to smoke and likes a little pot too from time to time. Her mother Rebeca is retired, and her father passed away about two years before the first story. Erica’s oldest sister Rachel is a nurse and is single. Elizabeth is the next oldest and is an accountant that works from home. She is married to John who is a chef and they have two daughters together. Sharon is the closest sister to Erica, she was in the army and now works as a waitress, is a single mom with a daughter.

Ok, on with the story!

Erica was screaming and bucking her hips against the Black man who was between her legs with his 9” cock pounding into her with an enthusiasm that Erica had missed! It had been three months since she had delivered the baby and this was the first sex she had since. She had promised her husband Jim that she was done cheating on him but at this moment he was home babysitting while she was having the best sex she had since being bred months ago. The Black man whose name didn’t matter drove into her hard and groaned as he pumped his substantial load of cum deep into Erica’s womb. Only this time she didn’t have to worry, she was sure she was on birth control this time! She had missed this and had missed it a lot! She lay there basking in the after-orgasm glow as she used her pussy muscles to milk the cock which was still deep in her. And her effort wasn’t missed by this Black man as he complimented her on her abilities. He complimented her and told her how glad he was she was back in business.

Yes, it was almost a business. It had started as blackmail but then Erica started enjoying it so much the Manager didn’t have to force her to have sex with whomever he designated, she did it willingly. Or at least she had until she had become pregnant and, well that was the previous story. Now she was back and after the orgasm, she had just had, she hadn’t lost anything, she wanted MORE! And the fact she was lying to her husband, oh well. What he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him any.

It was time Erica needed to be back at work so she climbed off the bed and used a towel from the bathroom to clean up a little before putting her clothes back on. She looked at her watch and decided she needed to hurry up since the room they were in was supposed to be booked. The man that had been there with Erica was already going out the door when Erica heard a familiar voice.

“Hi, Sis,” it was Sharon, Erica’s sister. Sharon had been blackmailed from the same bridal party that Erica had but Erica hadn’t known about Sharon, Sharon had known about Erica since the time Erica had thought about refusing to do something the Manager had told her to do. When Erica had become pregnant all that had come out and now the two knew everything about the other.

“Good Sex today?” Sharon asked Erica and she simply gave her sister a dreamy look. “It was SO good, I am so happy to finally be back!”

“Does Jim know now?” Sharon asked and Erica laughed. “No, I promised him I was done, but you know just like I do, this is something we will never be able to stop! It is too powerful; I need what I get here just like you do, don’t you?” Now it was Sharon who was laughing. “Very True!”

Erica said her goodbyes and went out the door leaving Sharon and a large Black man that Erica recognized but hadn’t been with in some time. To herself, she hoped she would be with him soon as she knew he was hung and Sharon was in for a good time!

Erica drove back to work and was immediately involved with a problem that took all her attention. Meanwhile, at home, Jim had been watching the baby but had an issue he had to take care of too so he called Rebeca (Erica’s mom) and had her come right over so he could leave for a while. Rebeca is in her 60s and is a touch taller than Erica at 5’7”, a little heavier at 150 pounds with bigger tits and a few wrinkles and stretch marks along the way. She was more than just a bit disappointed with Erica when she became pregnant, especially from a Black man! Black’s had always been one of her and her husband’s dislikes and the girls all knew that growing up. But once the baby had been born, he was so cute and after all, it was now a grandbaby and what mom or grandma can refuse a grandbaby? She loved it even if it was half Black.

The baby was napping and Jim was in such a hurry he went out the door almost as fast as Rebeca came in. He made a few apologies and was gone about that fast. Rebeca stuck her head in the bedroom and checked on the baby and everything was fine. She lingered a moment looking over the baby as any grandmother would and then returned to the living room just as the doorbell rang. She was not thinking as she opened the door and there stood three Black men. Instantly she was a bit scared and intimidated as the three Black men were all much larger than she was and she stepped back and tried to close the door but couldn’t because the first man’s foot was in the way.

“Wha... What do you want?” Rebeca stammered but managed to get out of her mouth.

“We are here for the baby! These two men are possible fathers and they want custody and we have papers giving us the right to pick up the kid!” The frontman stated.

“Who… Who are you? You can’t just stop here and take a baby away from its mother! It is not going to happen! Not now or any day!” She tried to sound firm and protective, but compared to these three she was NO match!

“Lady, let me lay this out for you so even you can understand it, we are leaving here with the kid or we will have to work out some sort of deal. And it will have to be a damn sweet deal for us or it is the kid is with us and we’re gone! Got it Bitch?”

Rebeca was back on her heels, she had to think of something and fast. She couldn’t let these men take the baby! Not her grandbaby! No matter what kinds of papers they said they had she had to find a way to end this. She decided to hopefully appeal to their sympathetic side. “Please, you can’t take my grandbaby away! I will do anything you want me to just please don’t take the baby!”

“You don’t have anything we want, so get the kid for us and we’ll be out of here!” the lead man said. Just then one of the other two men stepped up behind him and said something quietly into the man’s ear. The lead man’s expression changed a bit but he stood still. He reached into his pocket and fumbled with something and then he spoke again. “What did you just say? You would do what?”

“I will do anything, anything you want just please don’t take the baby!” Rebeca knew she shouldn’t have said it but she had and she knew she would regret it but if it kept the baby here and safe, she would do it.

“Just to confirm what you said, you will do anything, is that correct?”

“Yes!” Rebeca was crying now, she knew she had gone too far but the baby, he would be safe.

The leading man now introduced himself. “I am the man they call the Manager. You will follow my orders from this moment on without question. And to remind you, you said ANYTHING! And this contract has no ending period. You made your deal, and you better stick to it or else! If you ever think about trying to break this deal, ask your daughter about how that works!”

Rebeca now knew who she was dealing with. Erica had told her a little about the Manager and his iron fist when it came to doing what she was told. She was still crying but had settled down some.

The Manager was quieter and firm when he told her: “Strip your clothes off, all of them, NOW!”

Rebeca hadn’t dreamt it would be so sudden or so quickly. There was no way to back out now. Nothing she could do, but to do as she was told. She reached up and started to unbutton her shirt. Once it was unbuttoned she shrugged it off her shoulders and dropped it to the floor, she then reached behind her and unhooked her bra. She shrugged it off as well and when she dropped it to the floor she saw an appreciated look from the two men standing behind the Manager. She felt almost sick, she had disliked Black people for so many years and now she was taking her clothes off for three of them. She unsnapped her pants and hooked her thumbs over the waist and pushed them down over her hips. She had forgotten about her shoes but those only took a moment and then her pants joined her shirt and bra on the floor as well.

Standing there still in the open doorway in only her panties, she realized where she was and what she was doing. “Oh My God, someone is going to see me!” she exclaimed. She started to cover her breasts with one arm while covering the crotch of her panties with her other hand when the Manager told her sternly, “Get those fucking clothes off or we’ll fuck you right here in the open door, Bitch!”

She bowed her head and pushed her panties down with one hand, letting them fall to the floor and revealing herself, completely naked in the doorway of her daughter’s and her daughter’s husband’s house. “Please” she begged, “Take me in the bedroom, and don’t make me do this right here in front of everyone!”

The Manager smiled and waved the two Black men behind him to go into the house, “You heard the slut, she wants to be fucked in the bedroom and we don’t want to disappoint her!” The two guys rushed Rebeca into the house and she led the way past the baby’s room to the master bedroom. The two Black men had already begun removing their clothes by the time they got there and one was already directing her onto the bed so he could get his cock in her mouth! Rebeca was on her hands and knees on the bed, a position she had always told her daughters was for sluts, and here she was being one!

She barely had the one’s cock in her mouth when she felt something hard pushing against her pussy. Rebeca was humiliated and wanted to just about die, but strangely turned on also. It had been a little over two years since her husband had passed away and she hadn’t had sex with anyone since then so this wasn’t something she was prepared for. She could feel the cock stretching her as it slowly slipped deeper and deeper into her strangely wet pussy. She shouldn’t have been turned on but she was.

She was savoring the feeling of the cock entering her pussy as the man feeding her mouth suddenly pushed her mouth down on his cock forcing more of it into and down her throat. She gagged and tried to breathe which wasn’t easy. The man pushing his cock into her pussy gave a shove and the pain fired through Rebeca like a lightning bolt. The man’s cock was deeper than any had ever been inside of her and it hurt like hell. Rebeca tried to scream but there was no way, she was penetrated from the front and back she was like a rag doll in the middle.

The two Black men were now fucking Rebeca for all she was worth and she was helpless to do anything but the longer they did it the better it began to feel. The stretched areas were loosening up and it began to feel good and she began to respond to their actions. Rebeca was surprising herself, she had despised Black people for so long and now she was beginning to respond to them. In a few minutes she was fucking back and she could feel a feeling she hadn’t felt in a long time. She had an orgasm building inside of her!

Once she felt the orgasm starting to build and it accelerated rapidly, she found herself wanting it to the point she was begging the two Black men to fuck her harder and faster and... and... OHHHHHH. The orgasm exploded inside of her and she was thrashing around on the bed which triggered the two men to cum also. They pumped cum in her mouth and pussy as she shook almost as if she were having a seizure. She would have been screaming but with the cock in her mouth it came out more like an excited mumble. The orgasm kept her going for what seemed like a long time and finally tapered off. As came down from her high she relaxed and almost collapsed the two Black men held her up long enough to withdraw their cocks and then they let her fall to the bed almost in exhaustion. The guys wiped their cocks off on the bed sheets and then got dressed.

The Manager had been standing in the doorway the entire time and told the two men it was time to go. “Rebeca”, He said calling her by name and she was suddenly awake and aware. “We are true to our word. The kid stays here, BUT you have made a commitment to us and we expect you to uphold your end. You will be at our beck and call. If you don’t answer the calls or texts, we will take the kid, and not only that, but all your racist friends will see what you have been doing here today!”

“What, I thought this was a one-time thing. If I cooperated you would leave us alone!” Rebeca was almost begging now.

“HA HA HA”, the Manager laughed. “Not a chance in hell! As I said, you will now follow our orders; you will do as you are told to do, when you are told to do it, NO MATTER WHAT IT IS!! Understand?”

Rebeca didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t even think at the moment, “Ok” was all she could muster.

By the time she turned her head to see if he agreed, they were gone. All of them. She lay there on the bed completely naked and cum leaked out of her. She thought about everything for a few moments and then panicked! Was the baby alright? She was naked and had just had sex! She had to get cleaned up before Jim returned. She certainly couldn’t be caught in her present condition!

She checked the baby as she headed toward the bathroom. The baby was fine and still sleeping. She grabbed a washcloth and wiped some of the cum that was leaking out of her and threw it on the counter. Then she remembered her clothes were all right by the front door so she sprinted there. She scooped up her clothes and stood as she realized the door was still wide open and Jim was driving into the driveway!

She turned and sprinted back to the bathroom and closed the door. She frantically tried to get all her clothes on and hopefully in the correct order. She heard Jim come in the door and as he called out to her she replied she was in the bathroom and would be right out. She got all her clothes on and checked herself. Then she turned to the door and opened it and greeted Jim as he was checking in the baby’s doorway.

“How have things been since I left? Any problems?” Jim asked.

“Oh, No, nothing at all, been quiet the entire time. Nothing out of the ordinary.” Rebeca lied!

Jim smiled and led the way back to the living room. He was just about to start a conversation when Rebeca decided she had better get going, she could feel something leaking and there was no way to keep it hidden so she made some excuses and darted out the door and into her car and away. All the way home as she drove she thought about what had happened. The part she couldn’t get out of her mind was the sex! It had been so good, so much better than Rebeca had all her married life. And it had been with men of a race she had always disliked, despised, maybe even hated. But now, she was so confused she couldn’t even think straight.

Erica arrived home from work and Jim was sitting on the floor playing with the baby. As she walked in she greeted Jim and asked how his day was. He answered it was great, well, except he had to run into take care of some urgent business and he had gotten Erica’s mom to come over and watch the baby while he was gone. “What did she know?” Erica asked but Jim said she didn’t talk much and had to leave suddenly when he got back. She just shrugged it off and went to the bedroom to change clothes and start supper. The moment she walked in she recognized that smell. What had happened in there today?

Had Jim been in there jacking off? No, he would do that in the bathroom. Then what?? She looked around a bit and found the stains on the bed sheets without looking hard. Someone had sex on that bed and it was only hours old as it wasn’t completely dry yet. But whom? The only person according to Jim was her mom, and who had she had sex with? As far as Erica knew, her mom wasn’t even dating anyone seriously. She went into the bathroom to wash up and was greeted by the smell even stronger there. The washcloth next to the sink was the obvious culprit, with a very strong smell of cum and it was still wet too.

Erica asked Jim again during supper and he said the same thing he had earlier about Erica’s mom being the only one he knew had been there all afternoon. Erica was puzzled and decided later she would call her sister Sharon and see what she knew about their mom dating anyone. And while she had Sharon on the phone they also shared their latest encounters with the various Black men they had seen. Neither one of them would have guessed that now it was their mom who might be having some dates like theirs!

The next morning, Rebeca got up and was having coffee when her phone buzzed. It was a message from that “Manager”. She hadn’t expected anything so soon, but she picked it up immediately to see what it said. The Manager told her he was going to call and that she better answer. Moments later her phone rang and she answered as instructed.

“Hello,” Rebeca answered her phone.

The Manager didn’t acknowledge her greeting but immediately began telling Rebeca what he had for her to do. “You will have a date this afternoon. He will arrive at about 3 pm. Do you have a bikini? If not you better go buy one this morning. He is expecting a good time so you know what you must do and that includes ANYTHING he wants! Do you understand?”

“Does that mean Sex?” Rebeca didn’t need to ask but she was trying to be difficult and the Manager didn’t care a bit for her humor.

“Don’t act smart Bitch. You have been warned and you know what will happen if you don’t follow orders.”

“Yes, Sir” was her response to her being reprimanded! She left it at that! “So the man coming here knows where to come to? I didn’t know you knew my address?”

“Of course, we know your address!” and the Manager proceeded to not only tell Rebeca where she lived but who her neighbors were, what flowers were planned where, and the size and shape of her pool!

Rebeca was aghast! How did he, how did they know? She had hoped that maybe she could avoid them and get out of their agreement somehow but it was not looking positive for that anymore. And now she had a Black man coming that afternoon and there was NO way out of it. Then her mind wandered back to the day before and the sex she had at Erica’s. God, it was so good, no it hadn’t been good it had been fantastic. She began thinking of it being that way again and if that meant it had to be with a Black man, no one would know anyway so why not?

She went to the rooms that her daughters used when they stayed with her and began searching for a bikini that might have been left there by one of them. If they had, it would never fit but at least she could try before she made a rush trip to buy something she would likely never wear again. She hadn’t worn a bikini in years and had resigned herself to nothing but one-piece swimsuits years ago. She finally found one but she thought there was no way she would fit into it. She took it to her room and stripped off her clothes and tried to put the bikini on. The bottoms were tight and so small that when she finally got them on the back which was supposed to cover her butt disappeared in between her butt cheeks. And the top, had been small, to begin with, but on Rebeca, it looked like two small triangles covering mainly her nipples. She wondered how long she would have it on anyway, and if she was going to be naked that quickly, it would be good enough.

At 2:55 Rebeca was dressed in the bikini, what little of it there was, and was waiting almost anxiously by the front door of her house. She was so anxious she was shaking. She had so many mixed feelings she didn’t know what to do. She had been so racist for so many years with her husband and girls and now from sex just one time with one of those Black N*****S and she was ready to give herself to them, Heck, it wasn’t giving herself, she had to have it! HAD TO!

She saw the car drive up. She was so anxious, scared, and sexually turned on she was physically shaking. She didn’t want to do this but at the same time, she wanted this more than anything. It didn’t make sense and she didn’t understand it but she felt it! She watched as the tall well-built Black man got out of his car and walked towards the house. She was trying to breathe normally but she found that impossible. Seeing him walk towards the house and getting closer was making her crazy and at the same time, she hoped the neighbors wouldn’t see him. What would they think???

The Black man was almost to the door and Rebeca swung the door wide open even before he got to it, revealing herself and welcoming him. She tried to hurry him inside in the hopes no one would see him but as much as she was hurrying him he took his time.

As he stepped in and greeted Rebeca, he also looked at her up and down, smiling as he did so. “Very Nice” was his remark. Rebeca blushed, a mature woman like her dressed in this tiny bikini which was much too small for her, she didn’t think she looked “very nice”. Instead, she hoped he would be turned on at least enough to fuck her, she wanted that in the worst way! But she need not worry as he stepped forward and took her in his arms and kissed her. And as the kiss continued she felt his hands drop down across her back and then a hand on each of her butt cheeks, he squeezed them.

She knew her juices were flowing by now and she wanted to jump on him right there in the doorway. When the kiss broke she whispered for him “Please fuck me!” which brought another smile to his face and he picked her up and carried her through the house.

He seemed to know where he was going as he walked directly through the house to the pool and stepped out still carrying Rebeca. He set her down near one of the lounge chairs and then pulled the string that held her top. The top fell loose and another string and it was lying on the cement at her feet. Her naked nipples were hard and erect begging for attention. The Black man who Rebeca still had no idea what his name was, reached for the string holding her bottom on and pulled it. The brief part of the suit that went between her legs stayed in place but her bush was now completely visible. His hand which had pulled the string at her hip now went between her legs and pushed the suit loose while slipping two fingers into a now dripping wet pussy.

Rebeca moaned as she felt his fingers enter her hungry pussy. Her hips pushed forward wanting more of his fingers but he pulled his hand back and instead began to strip off the clothes he had on. It wasn’t but a moment and he was standing there naked too and his cock was standing proud. “Suck it bitch” he said and she dropped to her knees quickly to do exactly that. As she took his cock in her mouth, she savored the taste and tried to take as much of it as deep into her mouth and throat as she could. He moaned now and she has happy because that meant she was doing a good job.

It dawned on her briefly what was happening here. Her she was a formally racist mother of four girls who were now totally naked and sucking the cock of a Black man she didn’t know. For all she knew, he might have been the one who impregnated her daughter and made the baby that Rebeca had done all this to protect. It didn’t matter anymore, she loved the cock in her mouth and she was hoping that she would soon have a mouthful of cum to prove she had done a good job sucking. But the man had a different idea.

He reached down and pulled her face away from his cock and then he moved over to one lounge chair and lay down on it. She thought he looked like a Black god, sitting there with all his muscles and most of all his big hard cock which was now pointing at the sky. He pointed at his cock with his finger and said: “Come ride it bitch! And do it well!” This was like a message from heaven; she wanted that more than anything so she quickly moved to the chair. She straddled the chair and moved forward till she was directly over his cock and then squatted down till she felt the head of his cock touch her hungry pussy lips.

She reached between her legs and grasped his cock and fed it right where she wanted it and then sank to take more and more of it with every second. She threw her head back looking at the sky as the wonderful feelings of the man’s cock stretched her as she sank on it. She couldn’t imagine anything in the world feeling any better than this was at this moment. Down she sank until she was sitting on his thighs and then she began to rock back and forth riding his cock and trying to work more of it deeper into her.

She had her eyes closed as she enjoyed the feelings of such a big cock so deep and a moment later the man pinched her nipples and it was like a spike which only added to make it better. She was moving faster and faster, bouncing up and down and rocking back and forth as the orgasm kept building. It was like she was being driven insane as the intensity of the orgasm continued to grow. She found herself moaning out loud and almost screaming but she didn’t care who heard her. She was rapidly losing control and she was feeling like she was going to explode.

When the orgasm broke Rebeca was shaking violently and was totally out of control. She was screaming with pleasure and was still moving up and down on the Black cock so fast she was almost a blur. Her eyes were tightly closed and her face looked like she was in great pain but it was intense pleasure! The orgasm continued to wash over her and it just kept going and going until she collapsed on top of the Black man she was riding.

She lay there on top of the Black man’s chest and was breathing heavily trying to catch her breath. It had been such an intense orgasm she was almost completely oblivious to anything that was happening around her and all she wanted was more of the man’s wonderful body!

“Mom!” was what she heard next! Rebeca suddenly had her eyes open and she jerked upright to look almost directly at her daughter Erica!

Erica was standing 4 feet away, completely naked and she had a Black man on each of her arms. “Hello Mom, was it as good as it looked like it was? The Manager suggested I bring some backups and it looks like you, or we can use them! She smiled widely as she said it. Rebeca was at a loss of what to say or do, it was obvious she had enjoyed what had just happened immensely.
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