Hi. I guess I'm going to tell a story. It's about how I ended up being a Daddy. It's kinda weird how things went down, but I figure some of you might enjoy this.

It was around the time I turned 30. I was working for this construction company building towers. My job caused me to have to travel a lot. Being a single man, you can imagine the fun I had running the country.

One night I was staying in this little town in Texas. The hotel was this sleazy little rat dump right out by the hwy. I was off for the next two days so I decided I would go out and grab a few drinks and chase some tail. There was this little bar about ten min from where I was staying.

Walking in I could see the pickings were a little slim. So I ordered a couple shots and a beer and sat down at this little table in the back. I hadn't been sitting long when this lady comes up and asks if she could join me. She was cute, big tits, nice ass, brown curly hair about shoulder length. Of course I was totally willing to have such a woman sit with me, but looking at her hand I could see the wedding band. "What about your husband" I said nodding my head at her hand.

A slight grin came across her lips as she said "He's ok. I left him home tonight".

It was quite obvious that she was on the prowl that night. "Fuck it, if he gonna let you go out looking like that, he sure isn't man enough to keep a woman like you home". I don't know where it came from. I had never spoken to a woman like that.

She laughed out loud, "No, he is definitely not man enough for me. He had such a small dick. Sometimes I just want someone to take me like a woman should be taken. Ya know?" She placed one hand on my knee and gave me a little squeeze. "Maybe a man who could put my husband in his place." She looked at me and started sliding her hand up my leg to my already stiffening cock. When her hand grabbed my manhood her eyes went wide, "Yea, you are definitely man enough to show him what a fat cock can do to a woman."

Again, I had never spoken to a woman like this, and have no idea where it came from, "If he needs a man to fuck his bitch, maybe Daddy needs to be the one to show him."

A grin spread across her face. "You got a car?" she asked as she stood up.

"Got a truck outside"

She took my hand and pulled me up. "Come on. You can take me home tonight". She led me outside and we got in the truck. We took off for her house which happened to only be a min from the hotel I was staying at. Before we got to the house she had me pull over in a small opening on the side of the road.

Reaching over she started to take my cock out. Now I'm not gonna lie, I'm not John Holmes or nothing but I have a nice size cock. This woman took the whole thing like a champ. Bobbing up and down and stroking my shaft each time it wasn't long before I was thrusting upwards in and out of her hungry mouth. I started to cum and she just kept sucking holding it in her mouth. She kept sucking up and down my cum mixed with her spit slick on my cock. When she finished cleaning me up with her mouth she told me how to get to her house.

We pulled up to this nice house tucked back in the woods by itself. The lights were on and the front door was unlocked when we walked in.

Now I've had some fun in my life, but what I saw next was a first. Her husband, about 5'6", maybe a 100 lbs if that, a small little fella, was standing in the living room in a French maid outfit. He had on a blonde wig and was totally made up to look like a pretty little girl. His hands were cuffed above his head forcing him to stand there for us to look at. His little dick barely making a bulge in his panties.

"This is Tina. She use to pretend to be a man, but now she knows what she is. Don't you my little *****?" She reached over and grabed his dick and squeezed it. You could see the pain come over his face.

"Yes ma'am" Tina said.

"This is her little clitty. It's as useless as she is."

I was standing there a little shocked. But I figured I had already come this far, and honestly I wanted to see where this went, so I walked over and went behind Tina. I reached down and grabbed her ass. She tensed up as I gave it a good squeeze and slipped my fingers inside her panties. Pushing against her little brown hole I said "This must be her tight little pussy then."

"And it's a virgin pussy for real cock. I've made her take my rubber a few times but I think it's time she got to taste her first real one.

The fear in Tina's eyes was all to obvious, but I figured this is what they wanted so I was going to have fun. I had always had a fantasy about fucking a dude, so why not.

I reached around and grabbed her clit. She wasn't playing, it was a tiny little thing. Already hard it wasn't but about three inches long, and thin. I stroked it a few times causing her hips to jerk in response to the pleasure. I laughed as I smacked her across the ass. The sudden change from pleasure to pain made her gasp.

Her wife laughed as she saw Tina struggling to get free. "I'm going to get undressed. If you want to let her free, the key is on the table. You can have fun just wait for me. I want to watch" and with that she left us alone.

I went and got the key, standing in front of her, I decided to not let her out yet. I walked around her, slowly taking the site in. Dressed In her little french maid outfit, she looked just like a girl. Only thing I could see different was the little bulge in front of her. I started rubbing her ass and taking my foot I spread her legs apart so I could reach under and grab her little treasure. Going inside her panties I reached from behind and grasped her tiny little toy and traced my hand back until I had my fingers stroking her pussy lips. Leaning her head back she closed her eyes and started moaning. About that time her wife (to make it easy I'll call her Jane) came back in the living room dressed in little more than nothing. Everything was out for me to see. I walked over to her and making sure Tina was watching I started rubbing my hand between her legs. Her pussy already moist from earlier. Feeling a little over dressed I started to strip. Jane help me get my pants off and when she pulled my underwear down my already hard member hit her in the face.

Taking a hand and grasping the bottom of the shaft she turned and looked at Tina watching us. "This is what a cock is supposed to look like. You see why I can't ever get off on your little clit." Taking my cock in her mouth she started sucking it right in from of her cuckold sissy of a husband.

"So, you wanna watch me have a little fun with her before I fuck you good" I asked as she pulled my cock out her mouth. Tears In her eyes from gagging herself, she nodded her head yes.

I went and stood in front of Tina. I had always wanted to try this so I got on my knees and pulled her little clit out. Holding her cute little balls in my hand I started sucking her clit. Cupping her ass in my hands I started pulling her forward. Her tiny little clit head sliding across my lips, I could taste her precum on my tongue. Turning her around I spread her ass cheeks to ****** her cute pussy. Licking it first I started eating her out. Moaning and pushing back she helped me push my tongue deep inside her. When I had my fill of her pussy I spun her back around and took her clit into my mouth. While fingering her pussy and stroking her balls I sucked and stroked her clit. All the sudden she tensed up and hot thick salty cum hit my mouth. Now I never been gay, but it wasn't that bad. I swallowed it down.

Looking over at Jane I could see she was loving every second of this. Taking the key I unlocked Tina and pushed her to her knees. My already rock hard cock in front of her. You could see how scared she was, so I took my hand and placed it on her head. Gently, but with authority, I pushed my cock into her mouth. Like a virgin, she started to gently suck it. Shaking my head no at her I grasped the sides of her head and started to slide it deeper until she started gagging. Pulling my cock out I grasped her chin and gave her a light slap across the face. "None of that. You open your throat for daddy" and I pushed my cock back in until her chin was pressed against my balls. Gagging she tried to back off but I held her there until she looked at me. "You breathe when I say so" I told her before pulling my slick cock out. Standing there in front of Tina with my cock staring straight at her I motioned for Jane to joined in.

She walked behind her husband and grabbed his head and pushed her mouth back on my cock. "This bitch is gonna learn how to take a cock in her mouth today, then she can watch as you fuck me like a man is supposed to fuck a woman."

Forcing her to take my cock in and out of her mouth she basically had me stand there while she ****** Tina to face fuck my cock. Laughing she pulled her off and pushed her back into the floor. Taking my hand she led me to the couch and had me sit. Straddling me she told Tina to put my cock in her pussy. On her knees between my legs, Tina took my cock and spit on it, rubbing it against her wife's cunt, she helped guide me right inside Jane. Grabbing her hair, she ****** Tina's face against my thighs so she could see my cock sliding in and out her wife's pussy. "Lick my ass" she said and Tina happily obliged by shoving her face in her crack. With her hand Tina rubbed my thighs and balls while her wife bounced up and down on me. With a scream that I'm sure the neighbors heard down the street, she came. Her juices flowing over my cock and onto my balls. Sliding off she took Tina and shoved her face back into my hard member. Slick from her wife's pussy, she sucked and swallowed everything while trying to coax me to cum. With a grunt I grabbed her head and pushed myself in her mouth. My seed filling the inside of her cheeks till it started to flow out her mouth. With an eagerness I didn't expect, she used her mouth to clean me up.

With all of us satisfied except Tina having a raging three inch boner, we decided to get cleaned up and take it to the bedroom. Turns out they had this huge walk in shower that we all fit in with ease. We had fun washing and playing with Tina's little clit.

After we were all cleaned up and Tina was dressed back in a different outfit, I liked this one that ******* her ass and clit for us to play with and make fun of, we went into the bedroom. I climbed up and stretched out, my big cock semi hard thinking of what was happening. Jane sat on the edge of the bed and had Tina start eating her pussy. Leaning back she took my cock in her mouth and started giving me one hell of a blowjob. Watching Tina suck my cock must have sputed her on cause she was going at it like she owed me money or something. When I was good and hard and anxious for some pussy, she put her face in the pillow and jacked her ass up. Sliding my cock in from behind I started fucking her with all I had. Pounding deep as I could get my cock in her. Tina's eyes glued to my member sliding in and out. She got behind me and slid under us so she could see it from there then she started sucking my balls and licking us from my shaft to Janes clit over and over. Jane started to push back, her orgasm building ever so hard. Suddenly she screamed and tossed her head back. Jamming my cock in and out as hard as I could she came all over me for the second time.

I pulled my cock out. It was time, I grabbed Tina's hips and pulled her over to me. Pushing her on her back I used her wife's cum to lube her pussy and pushed my stiff dick in with no mercy. She cried out as the pain and shock of a mans cock opening her up. I pushed in till my ball were resting against her cheeks. Her little clit stiff and looking at me with it's little purple head. Jane sat up and put her pussy over Tina's face, telling her to lick. I kept stroking my cock in and out of her pussy. Grabbing her clit I started stroking it to the rhythm of my movement. Her hips thrusting against me I pushed deep inside her and spilled my seed. Her little clit jumping and shooting her on cum on her chest. Jane got off and started scooping it up and putting it in her mouth. She sucked it eagerly off Tina's fingers while I continued to pump my cock in and out of her pussy enjoying to feel of my cum making it extra slick. The excitement and the pleasure from her cunt was so good, my cock never got soft. Flipping her over on her stomach I went back to fucking Tina like the little ***** she was. Her wife, having gotten her fill from everything, sat back and watched as I pounded Tina's cunt over and over. Pulling her up and laying her across the bed on her back I started sucking her little clit, licking the shaft and head with the tip of my tongue. Watching it grow, she reached her three inches and begged me to keep going.

Having gotten the rush of it out the way earlier, I decided to take my time and enjoy sucking her off this time. Turning my body into the 69 position so she could take my cock in her mouth I kept playing. Letting her climb on top of me she started to fuck my mouth with her little thing. The excitement causing her to Bob up and down on my cock, her juices still on it, taking me over and over into her throat. I could feel the pressure building from the excitement of her clit in my mouth. Never had I wanted to do this so badly. I wanted it all. Sucking all of her into my mouth I slipped my fingers in her pussy and started urging her to give me her cum. Within a few moments I felt her clit jump and hot cum flooded my mouth for the second time that day. Drinking it down I kept going, pushing myself to climax as I cum again, the pleasure causing me to enjoy the clit inside my mouth so much that i kept sucking and licking her shaft and balls even as it shrunk to a little more than nothing.

We all ********** right there. I woke up the next morning and not gonna lie. I was a little out of sorts. I had never done nothing like that before. Jane was up and rolled over to me. Laying her head in my chest, she started rubbing my stomach. Tina rolled over and played her head on the other side of my chest. I put my arms around them. Two little bitches. Yeah, I think I'm gonna like being a Daddy.

If you like this, let me know. I enjoy telling about things that have happened to me, and about fantasies that I have. Send me a friend request if your looking for a Daddy.
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