It was a long day at work. You arrive home to find your wife sitting on the sofa with a man you have never seen before. "Who is this?" you ask.

"Oh, you don't recognize your Daddy?" your wife says with a grin in her face.

You realize what she meant and your face starts to turn red. She found out about you wanting to be a cuck. "I I I I I" you stammer as they stare at you. Both of them smiling.

"I think she is a little surprised. I told you Daddy was gonna breed his little girl." You hear Daddy say.

Your wife gets up and walks over to you. "Come on, I got a surprise for you."

You follow her into the bedroom to find a sexy outfit that looks like it fits you. She takes you into the bathroom and tells you to strip. She has never been this forceful with you, you could feel your little clit start to swell at what is happening. You take off all your clothes and stand there naked in front of her. She tells you to get in the tub. Once she has you all soapy and wet she takes out a razor and starts to shave your legs. She doesn't stop there. She shaves you all over. Chest back legs and your little pussy and clit. After you're all clean she takes you back into the bedroom and tells you to get dressed.

You start to get dressed. When you pick up the clothes you notice a wig. A brown curly haired one. Once you were dressed she started to put makeup on you to make you look like a little school girl. When she finished she tells you to follow her into the living room. She walks in and sits next to Daddy.

"Stand there and let Daddy see you." she says.

You stand there completely dressed up like a little school girl with this man and your wife looking at you. You could see his big hard cock swelling in his pants. Your wife notices you looking. "You like that baby"? She asks.

Daddy stands up and walks over to you. "I think we gonna call her Cindy tonight." He reaches over and grabs your little clit and squeezes it just enough to hurt a little. "You wanted to be a little girl so much, get in your knees and take out Daddy's cock." he says as he pushes down on your shoulder.

You fall to your knees in front of him. His bulging cock pushing against his pants begging to be freed. Your hands are shaking at the thought of what your about to do as you take his massive piece of meat out. When free you understand why he kept calling your little thing a clit. Your wife walks up to the side of you reaches out and grabs his Semi erect shaft. Placing one hand on the back of your head she pushes you closer. You open your mouth and she puts his cock inside. For the first time your fantasy has happened, you got to taste his manhood.

Pushing your head down, you could tell she expected you to take it all. As you slide his thick dick in your mouth you could taste his precum in the inside of your mouth. When you get to the middle of it, you start to gag, Daddy reaches out and grabs your head in both his big hands. He then starts to push his big cock deeper in your throat. He starts to moan as his cock swells bigger and bigger in your mouth. You could feel his excitement as he started pushing harder and faster his cock pushing it's way down into your throat. Suddenly he starts to stiffen. A hot splash of his cum hits the back of your mouth. Hot and salty you could feel it coming out the sides of your mouth. As he releases his load, he goes limp and slides his still erect manhood out of your mouth. "See, I told you she would be a good little cock sucker" he says as you turn and look at your wife.

She reaches down and wipes the hot thick cum off your face. With her fingers she pushes it in your mouth. "Suck it off. All of it" she says pushing her fingers into your mouth.

When you finish Daddy tell you to come stand beside him as he sits down in your favorite chair. Standing there, your clit still rock hard, he starts to rub your pussy with his big fingers. Your wife come over and starts to take her clothes off. Her pussy glistening with juice from watching you suck off another man like a little slut. Daddy reached over and pulled your wife's pretty little pussy to him. Spreading her legs with his face he starts eating your wife's pussy. As you stand there watching she starts to scream about how good it felt. You could smell her cum as he eagerly drank her juices. You could see his lips on her clit as she cried out in ecstacy.

Pulling you by the hand Daddy puts you in your knees in front of him. "Suck it till it's hard again." he says.

Sliding it into your mouth again, you could taste the left over cum that was still on his shaft as you start to suck. It gets so big as you grab it with your little hands, you think to yourself. When it was good and hard, he pushes you off and laughs as you watch your wife climb on top of him and sits down on his cock. You could see as his big hard cock started to spread her little lips. "It's so big!" she says as he grabs her hips. She cries out a little in pain as his thick shaft stretches her tiny pussy. "Oh my god, this feels so good. Your so much bigger than Cindy's little clit."

Driving herself harder and harder she rode his cock. Daddy looks over at you watching him fuck your wife, "Come here." he says.

You stand up and he pats the couch beside him. "Sit here".

You sit beside him and he grabs your little clit. It's so small in his hands. Stroking it up and down you could feel yourself wanting to release. "Come her and let Daddy eat your pussy."

He pushes you over the arm of the couch, your ass in the air like a bitch and starts to run his hand over your little ass and around your clit. Grabbing it from under your legs he leans over and starts to eat your pussy. Pulling your clit till it was hanging behind you he started sucking it. You cried out from how good it felt to be used like a girl. Your wife slides off his cock and sits in front of you on the couch.

"Come eat my pussy bitch!" she says and forces your face into her just fucked pussy. "Clean it good Cindy, or I'll make you sleep with a rubber duck in your ass tonight". You put your all into it as you suck her cum off her cunt.

Then you feel Daddy grab your hips. You turn and look as he slides up behind you. Pushing you down into the couch he slides his lubed up meat into your waiting pussy. His cock stretching you lips till you think they will tear. Then you could feel his cock pushing into you. Forcing your virgin pussy to open and take him. With a wild abandonment he fucks you hard and with no mercy. Your wife pulls out a camera and takes pictures of you getting fucked like a girl. Daddy pulls his meat out of your used pussy and tells you to turn over. Grabbing your legs, he spread you wide. Your little clit hard and pulsing from the abuse, he starts to slide into you again. Your wife takes you little clit and starts jerking you off and Daddy pounds your pussy. Suddenly he starts to stiffen again. You could feel his hot cum hitting the inside of your pussy. The feel of it making his cock slide in and out feel even better. You little clit starts to pulse and you cried out as you came all over your chest. Even as your little clit pulsates pushing your cum out, your wife is bringing it to your mouth for you to swallow.

You lay on your back with your legs spread like a little girl sucking your cum from your wife's fingers while Daddy slides his spent cock in and out of your sore pussy. Daddy walks up to your face, his big soft cock dangling in front of you. "I think Cindy would like to taste her pussy." He grabs you by you head and pushes his cock in your waiting mouth. The mixed taste of his cum and your pussy still on it as you proceed to clean his big cock with your mouth. Your wife then tells you to go get cleaned up, and to make a pallet in the floor by the bed. Daddy was staying the night and she wanted to keep Cindy good and close in case Daddy wanted to dump more of his cum into her. Getting up you turn and walk to the bathroom as you see your wife climb into Daddy's lap and kiss him. Even then you could feel your little clit swell. Maybe if you're a good girl, Daddy will fuck you again.
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