Gill and I had been married a few years, at 24 years old we both had good jobs and were yet to start a family. The upside of living with our parents had allowed us to save the money for a deposit on our first house, the downside was trying to find time for our sex life without being heard.

We finally found a house we fell in love with and made the step to become homeowners. The property was on a nice quiet cul-de-sac and we were by far the youngest couple living there.

Moving day finally came, as we weren't moving much as all the furniture was new we managed to get everything into our cars and make and cover it in a few trips back and forth.

On the first drop off we were greeted by our new neighbor from the attached house, an older gentleman of 65 years old going by the name of Tony. He introduced himself and explained how he had lived with his wife in his house for 40 years and that she had passed away suddenly over a year ago.

He offered to help with moving boxes from the cars to the house, for his age Tony was in great shape and was glad for something to do having retired 6 months ago.

We were glad for the help and I agreed to drive between properties and pick up the boxes and Tony would help Gill move everything into the property.

On my last trip back I walked into the living room with two boxes of videos. Tony and Gill were sitting on the couch and Gill was blushing slightly.

I placed one box down holding on to the other which Tony offered to take from me. 'It ok' I said 'these go upstairs' It was my turn to blush as Tony gave a knowing smile then turned to Gill and raised an eyebrow.

Tony said he would leave us to settle in and hopefully catch up with us soon. That evening we were sitting on the couch finally enjoying a drink and some alone time. I had Gill lying between my legs with her back against my chest. We had both showered so we're now in comfy shorts and a t-shirt, Gill in a vest top.

I took a chance and started to lightly circle one of her nipples through the fabric with my fingers. she sighed and leaned further into my chest giving me the green light to pull off her vest and cup her breasts, fondling them both together. 'So' I said 'what had you embarrassed enough to blush this afternoon?' I asked.

She blushed again, was this from me playing with her tight nipples, or was it from whatever happened this afternoon? 'Nothing really' she said catching her breath as I continued to play, now pinching her nipples 'Tony was just saying how pretty I was and said how much better it would be for us to be able to have sex undisturbed'

I laughed 'dirty old bastard'.

Gill flipped herself over and pulled my shorts down, 'he's right though' she smiled taking my cock deep into her mouth and sucking me with a freedom we normally only had from a sneaky weekend away. My head fell back as she continued her incredible cock sucking, using her tongue expertly around the tip, pulling all the way up before taking me back into her throat.

After 5 minutes I was ready to burst. 'Not yet' she said, 'it's my turn. Gill pulled off her shorts and lay back on the couch, opening her pussy with her fingers, displaying herself to me, her juices glistening as she dipped two fingers into her tight hole, removing them she offered them to my mouth 'Eat me now' she commanded.

I took my place between her legs and ran my tongue over her soft, wet pussy folds, her body writhing as she pulled my head closer to her. I felt her juices building, flowing from her, the sweetness driving me wild as I flicked my tongue over her clit before pushing it deep into her. I could feel her building up to her first orgasm, her moans growing louder. I pushed two fingers into her, hitting her g-spot with a come hither motion I know she loves and tipping her over the edge. She screamed as he cum flooded my mouth, wave after wave hitting my tongue as I drank it down.

I moved into position to push my raging hard cock into her soaking pussy, her cum still dripping from my face. I push hard and deep, fucking banging her before her orgasm had finished. She continued to cum moaning and shouting at me to fuck her harder, faster, deeper as she rolled from one huge cum to another.

I felt my balls tighten, 'where do you want it'? I asked. 'Fill me, cum in my pussy' she screamed at the top of her voice. That was it I burst, flooding her with rope after rope of my cum. Once finished, we sat back as we both caught our breath, I couldn't take my eyes off my cum leaking from her well fucked pussy. 'Happy moving day' she smiled 'Can you pass me some tissues please'? I smiled and shook my head, her puzzled look changing to a lustful smile as I knelt in front of her and cleaned her cum soaked pussy with my tongue.
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