Randy and Candy Rockford approached the desk clerk at a posh Miami hotel wanting to know the cost of their honeymoon suite for one night. Jerome Smith never saw a cuter pair of newlyweds, as cute as their names. Neither of them looked over eighteen. They looked shy, nervous, broke, lost, and Jerome would bet a month's salary that the innocent-looking bride had never been touched. He didn't want to scare them into a motel they could afford, so rather than discuss the three-day minimum at $235/day; he offered to show them one of the available suites. He led; they followed.

They made small talk on the way. The small talk revealed what he suspected - married that morning in a Deep South church, arrived hours ago in Miami on a tight budget. Had not had a chance to do the dirty deed, wanting to make the first time special in a real honeymoon suite. Randy looked raring to go, like he had been randy for years. Candy still looked dandy, but nervous, yet excited about seeing a real honeymoon suite in a fancy hotel with fifty-four floors when the tallest building in Somethingburg, Alabama was four stories.

A bright and lovely girl, Candy could easily pass for sixteen at a distance or at first glance, but she recently graduated high school one year after Randy. He waited for her, and he waited for her pussy for years. They first started going steady when Candy was a freshman, decided to get married when she was a junior, and married in June a few days after graduation.

Jerome fell madly in-lust with Candy on a two-minute elevator ride. She looked absolutely edible from pert nose to tiny toes, even her elbows. She looked soft as a bunny and showed no sign of a tan, or remnant of a tan. Her shimmering, waist-length, brunette hair was all over with most stuffed under a broad straw hat. She wore a light summer skirt with elastic waist with a crop-top that revealed the powder-blue bra beneath. Her bare midriff revealed a waist he could almost close both hands around and the cutest innie belly button that the head of his dick could reach through her pussy, turning her innie into an outie. She had bare legs of flawless perfection and bare feet in sandals, showing red nails that matched the fingernails and lipstick. She wore the hat to shield her virgin skin from the Miami sun and dark sunglasses to hide where she rested her eyes, probably their first purchase. Miami was full of good crotches to watch, and Jerome knew a compulsive crotch watcher when he studied one.

Candy blushed at every sexual innuendo, every hint of the dirty deed they were about to do, Jerome's off-color humor, and the hugs he kept giving her because she was so adorable and blushed so cute. He had to feel her and gauge her response to forwardness, over familiarity, and conduct unbecoming a desk clerk. Her lack of response was very encouraging - no stiffness, no pulling back, no indignation, no anger, just blushes that showed so well on her pearly-white skin. Randy was no hero and didn't know what to say or do - even better. This would be like taking candy from a baby.

Jerome touched much of Candy before reaching the halfway point to the fifty-second floor, but from twenty-six on, his hands never left her sweet body. At floor thirty-two, he drew her in close to his side, and there she remained a captive to his unique charm, personality, and wit. Jerome felt all the bare skin he could reach, plus the side of one breast (tight, firm), both ass cheeks (supple, no tension), thighs (front, back, and sides - great tone), lower abdomen (drum tight, prominent pubic mound).

Randy had been squeezed out but figured they could get a great deal on the room with this friendly, touchy-feely guy. Randy hoped Candy would keep on humoring him. They might get the room for half off. As they walked down the long hallway to the room, Randy drifted back a bit to see if Jerome actually had his hand where it looked like he had it. That was where it was, dead square on her ass, squeezing, and his one hand could squeeze her entire ass. Randy wanted a cheap room, not a free room, but big discount did seem in the offing. He and Candy seemed to be thinking on the same wavelength: These rooms gotta be expensive; let the guy feel whatever he wants to feel.

Jerome led them into the bridal suite and guided Candy straight to the heart-shaped bed while Randy looked out the window and said, "Wow, what a view!" then stepped out on the balcony. When he stepped, Jerome put his ass groping hand low in the center, turned her shocked face to his, and kissed her passionately while digging into her crotch from the rear with his fingers massaging a plumped-up pussy in slick silk or satin panties. She stiffened very stiff at first, but relaxed and went with the kiss after his tongue became very familiar with the inside of her mouth and went halfway down her throat. She did not fight the groping, even as the other hand went on a free roaming range beneath the clothing.

Candy did no fighting, but did offer resistance in the form of pushing hands flattened against his chest. As she surrendered to the kiss, that push became more of a caressing stroking of his manly chest. She allowed her right hand to be placed on his throbbing erection. When she felt that impressive lump she had crotch-watched, she squeezed. She brought her left hand down to feel the balls. She squeezed and fondled his cock and balls all through a lengthy mutual groping kiss that only ended when Randy stopped oohing and aweing the Miami scenery, coughed several times to alert them of his impeding return, then returned after giving Candy three minutes to get a good price out of the guy.

They came away just in time - almost - leaving a very red and flustered bride who faced away to wipe her mouth, but forgot to pull the bunched skirt material out of the crack of her ass. After she turned her back on her new hubby, Randy also saw her panties tucked neatly inside the puffy labia lips, giving him his first look at any part of her pussy. He had felt her pussy over panties, but he never saw anything like a lip hanging out, especially not two. The powder-blue panties completely disappeared from view along one inch of the pussy crack, right about where the hole should be. Letting a guy cop a feel was one thing, but she was making out with the fucker and was reluctant to turn loose of his cock and balls.

Candy wasn't sure how much Randy saw, but she knew she screwed up when she turned back to face Randy and saw where his astonished eyes had been looking. She reached back and felt what he saw. She had a blush that was three degrees redder than he ever saw. She looked embarrassed and guilty. She was busted, caught in the act. She had to dig satin out of her pussy, then pull her skirt out of her butt crack, then tug the skirt in place, all under Randy's betrayed, accusing, hurt eyes. Candy got his dirty look, but Jerome got his angry look.

Jerome acted as though nothing were wrong or out of the norm. He asked Randy how he liked the view. "Good." he said with a firm set to his jaw. Jerome then said the view was much better inside if Candy was inside. That was uncalled for, but Candy liked it, thanked him, and said he was sweet. Jerome said she was very sweet. Randy didn't like all this sweet talk. He came and stood possessively beside Candy, taking her by the hand to repossess her while wanting to know how much.

Jerome said, "Before we discuss price, let's discuss our honeymooner's package and features. We offer a full range of support to our honeymooning couples. Will this be the first time you two kids got it on?"

Randy said that was none of his business, but Candy said it would be, that they had never had sexual intercourse of any kind, and that was why they wanted their first time to be very special.

Jerome said, "The first time must be very special, especially for the bride. A bad or blas first experience in sex sets the tone for the whole marriage. The first time should be great and can only be great with an experienced lover. Two virgins rarely enjoy their first sex no matter where they have it."

Randy was quick to say, "We know what we're doing. How much for one night?"

Candy said, "Randy, let him finish. Jerome is a professional, and we do not either know what we're doing. You better not know."

Randy didn't contradict her, so she looked back to Jerome, smiled, and said, "You were saying."

"My advice is to take this slow and get to know one another better sexually before you rush into screwing. Rushing to screw is always the biggest mistake. You have your lifetime to screw. The honeymoon is for laying the foundation of a full, complete, and rewarding sex life that will reward you both in huge dividends for the rest of your marriage."

Candy turned to Randy and said, "See, that does make sense. He does know what he's doing, and we should be taking notes. You just want to throw me down and screw me."

"Like he doesn't! If I waited one more minute, he'd be done screwing you by now."

Embarrassed, Candy sternly to Randy only, "We will discuss this when we are alone. Don't be rude."

Randy, however, wanted to be heard when he said, "ME BE RUDE! Excuse me! Didn't I give you enough time to get his cock out? Was that rude of me to barge in on you like that?"


"Don't Randy me. You have been checking out his equipment since he stepped out from behind the counter, and I ruined it for you just when you were about to get it out and get a good look at it. How thoughtless of me."

"Randy, I said we will discuss this matter when we are alone. [turning to Jerome] I'm sorry. My husband can be such a child sometimes. Please understand, he has waited a long time for this day, but it won't hurt to wait a little longer. Anything you can do to slow him down will be greatly appreciated by a wife who doesn't want to rush through this thing. I have waited a long time, too, and this day is just as important to me. Please accept my apology. You were saying."

"I understand completely. The groom is always overeager; the bride always wants a full, lasting, and rewarding first experience. We're here to help. I am the honeymoon guy. I have been the honeymoon guy for twelve years, now. I will not leave you two alone until you are both ready to be alone. With your permission, of course."

"You have my permission, and my gratitude. Don't even ask him. I know what he'll say. Leave us alone so I can rip off her clothes, throw her down and screw her silly."

"Fine. Did you bring along any marital aids?"


"No, dildos, vibrators, ben wa balls, massage oils, that sort of thing."

Randy stood with his mouth open. Candy just shook her head. Jerome said, "We provide you with everything you need. What type of pussy do you have?"

Randy's eyes went wide. So did Candy's, but she wasn't speechless and said, "What type? What types are there?"

"Pussies come in a wide range of types and forms. Hasn't anyone commented on what type you have using terms like, peach, clam, mousy, maw, long-lip, short-lip, up-front, tucked, low-slung, flat-flounder, quarter-pounder, single-lipped, double-lipped, slender-slitted, taco, gutsy...any of those terms sound familiar to you?"

"No, no one ever saw mine...except a doctor. He just called it a vagina. You didn't even mention any of the other terms I've heard it go by...you know, pussy, snatch, beaver, cunt, and Randy's favorite, twat."

"Well, those are all slang terms for the vagina, but I need to know your type. I don't need to see it. I can tell the type by feel."

Randy said, "Then what type is it. You had to feel it when you stuffed her panties in her twat."

Candy cried, "Randy! My vagina is not a twat. Stop being rude!"

Jerome calmly said, "Yes, I did feel her pussy, but I'll need a better feel to determine the type. I only know she has one that can close over a pair of satin panties. She does have a good set of lips on her."

With that, he did get a good feel by reaching under her skirt while she went stiff as a board on tip toes and reached for a two-handed brace on his shoulders. Randy simply could not believe this shit. Jerome got his hand inside her panties and full in the crotch. He felt thoroughly while looking like a blind man reading a waffle iron, looking off in space, feeling, feeling, poking, stroking, feeling, fondling, then finally saying, "Ah, we have us a virgin, hymen still intact."

Relaxing and settling back to her heels, she said, "Yes...What type of pussy do I have...besides virgin pussy?"

"A very juicy type for one thing. You lubricate well. That's good. You want a pussy that gets slick and stays slick. There's nothing wrong with your sexual plumbing. Yes, this is one slick and slippery, tight, virgin pussy. It's days like this that make me love my job."

Randy stood in wonder as he saw Candy stand unassisted and let that man play with her slick and slippery, tight, virgin pussy. She not only let him, she widened her stance and pulled the front of her skirt up so that she could see. That revealed her panties down at mid thigh. That also revealed exactly what Jerome was doing with that hand. He fucked her with two middle fingers with pauses to spread the wetness over her standing clit and fleshy inner lips. Having never seen her pussy before, Randy was not inclined to stop this exhibition and thought she had the up-front, single-lipped, clam type pussy. He should have known beforehand, but Candy had a bad case of vaginal shyness that Jerome was helping her with in expert fashion. If nothing else, that was worth staying out of this molesting of a bride.

Jerome said, "Since you don't seem to be the bashful type, let's get a better look at this pussy. Ease back to the bed and sit at the edge. There you go...that's it...Randy, do me a favor and remove her panties so we can get her legs apart."

That sounded like a good idea, so when Candy settled and lifted her feet, Randy knelt and worked her panties down and off. He stayed right there for the view when her legs fell open on their own revealing the most beautiful sight Randy ever saw - pussy - wide open pussy - Candy Cavinaugh's - oops, Candy Rockford's pussy - Mrs. Robert Rockford Jrs.' pussy - yeah, man, what a juicy twat!

Jerome now worked that pussy with both hands while Candy, up on her elbows took a keen interest in the way a honeymoon specialist masturbated a bride. He did seem like a real pro at this. The man knew his pussy, and because he did know pussy so well, Candy lost her vaginal shyness, though Randy staring at it still bothered her some. Jerome staring didn't bother her in the least. He was sorta like a doctor. She wanted him to see more, so she drew her legs in further and tried to lay them out flatter, yawning her cunt for him to expertly apply his talented hands and manly fingers that felt so different from her own or Randy's over panties. Large, manly fingers on bare flesh were much better.

Jerome said, "So, you saved your virginity for your wedding night."

"We both did. At least, I think he did. With guys, you can never tell. You just have to trust them. If there is one thing I know about guys, you can never trust them...present company excepted, of course."

"I am a professional, but I am still a guy, Candy."

"Well, you are a professional guy, and I trust you, and there are professional guys I don't trust. My doctor for one."

"You have a good firm hymen, never been dented."

"Yeah, well my doctor wanted to put a few dents in it - dent it right out of there with his special hymen denter outer that he carried around in his pants. I wasn't born yesterday, and he should know. He delivered me."

"I don't find many intact hymens on brides these days. You are a very rare and special bride."

"Thank you. It's not easy these days, but I wanted to be a true virgin for my husband. That's a gift you can only give once, and most can't give that gift even once. I'm not sure Randy appreciates what a girl gives up to be able to give that once in a lifetime special gift. You don't just give up guys, you can't do yourself very deep with anything...you know...like with those marital aid things you mentioned."

"You can't fuck yourself."

She blushed, smiled, and said, "Not very well. Not like I'd like to."

Jerome said, "Randy should have been jacking off with only half of his dick. Then, he would appreciate what you sacrificed."

She smiled and said, "Yes, exactly, except I do most of his jacking off for him. I have been jacking him off for more than four years, now, helping him wait. If I could only jack half, I could only use two fingers and a thumb."

Randy cried, "CANDY!"

"You know you're little. I'm sure he can tell. [looking to Jerome] We talk about that a lot. I have to keep reassuring him that his dick isn't too small, but what concerns me is his nuts are so tiny."

"CANDY, Please!" He whined as though she had his tiny nuts in a tiny nut grinder.

"Randy, Jerome is an expert. He's like a doctor. Damnit, you do have a little dick. It's not your fault, and it doesn't matter, but you do have tiny nuts to go with your little dick, and that might be a problem that he might know something about. I should think you would be as interested as I am. They are your nuts. [looking to Jerome] Anyway, he doesn't make much sperm, and I worry that we may have trouble making babies when we are ready to make babies. We don't want any for a few years, but I do want a big family some day. Will that be a problem?"

"Could be. Sperm count is crucial."

"I know. Now you know why I was so impressed by your big balls. Actually, big balls impress me more than big dicks do, not that big dicks don't. I think every girl looks at crotches the way guys look at chests. I look, but I look for signs of big balls. I love seeing big balls on a man. You have a very nice dick, but your balls are really something."

"Thank you. I pride myself in my balls."

"You should. Big balls are a sign of virility. There's a guy in my senior class, Roger Sweeney. He has balls like yours. I know a lot of girls who did it with Roger. They say he cums and cums until you feel like cum will come pouring out of your ears. You must cum a lot when you cum. Do you? If it's not too personal...you know, to ask a question like that."

"Ask any question you like. All the good questions are personal, but my job is personal, and my services are very personal. I take my job very personally and put my all into my job. The only dumb question is the one you are too dumb or too shy to ask. You, Candy, are neither shy nor dumb."

She beamed a big smile that went well with a bigger beaver as she said, "You are so sweet. Thank you. I think you'll find that I am not at all shy, and I'm not afraid to ask a dumb question, or ask it twice if I didn't get an answer the first time. Do you cum a lot?"

He gave her a warm smile and said, "A lot is relative, but big balls will cum a lot more than small nuts. Sperm count is never a problem with me."

"Roger either. He knocks up a lot of chicks, even married chicks....This feels really good. I'm very impressed, Jerome. You certainly do know your brides. Do you do this a lot with new brides?"

"You mean help break them in?"


"Oh yeah. Breaking in new pussy is one of the perks of this job. I must say, I have seen my share, but I have never seen finer pussy than between your fair and sexy legs."

"Really! You know, I have always been terribly shy about showing my pussy. In fact, this is the first time Randy has seen my pussy. I'm all over that, now?"

"You seem to be, and that is the first step."

"Well, check off step one, because I am no longer shy about showing my pussy."

"Would you like me to get my hands out of the way so that you can properly show him your pussy?"

"Well...okay, but I want them back."

"Say when."

Jerome drew his hands away as Randy inched closer, watching as Candy lined fingertips along both puffy clam lips and turned her pussy into a yawning cunt of coral-pink perfection, now as proud as a peacock. Yes, this was worth it. Candy said, "You should thank Jerome for this, Randy. It would have been years if ever before you saw my pussy like this, and you know it."

Without taking his eyes from the vaginal vision, Randy said, "She's right. I owe you. She had it bad. Now, she has it good, real good. Thanks, I mean, really."

Candy said, "Now apologize for being rude. What we did while you were out on the balcony made me want to show him my pussy this way. He started doing his job right away, and he made me this way. If you like me this way, what you owe him is an apology for being rude."

That was a tough one, but Randy swallowed his pride and apologized to Jerome for being rude. He also apologized to Candy for giving her dirty looks and for making her feel guilty for what she did. That apology surprised her and made her smile warmly. She wanted a kiss, so he came up and kissed her, then went down and kissed her pussy - all over - and wouldn't stop until Jerome eased him back.

Candy smiled to Jerome as he returned to playing with her pussy. She watched for a while, then said, "What type is it, besides very slippery and very virgin?"

"I'd say this was a single-lipped, gutsy, peach, perched high, full lipped, in full bloom. I love the coloring and the light, straight, super fine pubic hair, but you should shave the lips. Your labia lips are full and puffy. You want to highlight those."

"I thought about shaving but wasn't sure if Randy liked hair or not. Should I shave all the hair off my pussy? Would that look even better?"

"Personally, I prefer a totally shaved pussy."

"I'll shave it all off, then."

Randy said, "Isn't anyone going to ask me what I prefer? This IS my wife's pussy. Let's not forget that."

Candy said, "This is not your pussy, Randy. I gave my hand in marriage, not my pussy. The ring is on my finger, not through my clit or my nose. If I want to shave all the hair off my pussy, I'll shave all the hair off."

Jerome said, "Randy, my boy, never tell a woman what to do with her genitals. If you do, she will do the opposite. That's in their nature."

Candy said, "Listen to him. Jerome knows pussy and he knows women. I hope you are paying close attention, because he is using his fingers exactly the way I like it done."

Randy said, "I have been paying close attention. I can do it like that."

"Maybe so, but keep watching him until you have it down pat. Like he said, we should be in no hurry. I want my pussy broken in right by a professional."

Jerome said, "Randy, I do know women, and the one thing you must learn is if you ever tell a woman that she can't fuck around, she'll fuck every guy you know just to spite you. On the other hand, if you give a woman the freedom to fuck around, she will. You're fucked either way. The best course is to just stay quiet on the subject and pray for the best. If you want faithful, get a dog. The worst thing you could do is marry a girl as attractive and desirable as Candy is, one that every swinging dick in town is dying to fuck."

Candy said, "Amen! You are so right-on, Jerome. Listen to him, Randy."

Jerome said to Randy, "Women are funny creatures, Randy. Most girls never give cheating a thought until they are ****** to take a vow not to. Right after that, cheating stays on their mind. They are never easier than when on their honeymoon, and the day they take their vows they are the easiest. Most return from the honeymoon and go looking for all those guys who they know want to screw them. They flirt, get a nibble, then take the poor bastard. Newlywed pussy is the easiest pussy you'll ever score on."

Candy declared, "I don't believe this! I thought I was losing my fucking mind. That is exactly what happened to me, exactly. Roger Sweeney has been hounding me for pussy for the whole time Randy and I have been seeing each other. I would not give him the time of day. Right after I say, I do, when they all kiss the bride, Roger lays one on me, and I lay it right back, just like I did with you. After the kiss, he whispered that he wanted to meet me right after I get back from our honeymoon, and I made a date to meet him at our favorite burger hang-out. He took that to mean I would let him fuck me. I know he took it that way, because he told me not to bother wearing panties. I said I wouldn't."

Randy sat back on his heels in stunned disbelief, then said, "You made a date with Roger...this morning? You made a date to screw Roger Sweeney right after you said your vows? Candy, you gotta be shittin' me! Are you serious? Is this a real date to fuck?"

"Well...yes, but don't you see...that goes to show how right Jerome is about the nature of women. That was why I made out with Jerome as soon as your back was turned. That's why I wanted to lie down like this and spread my legs like this. That's why I wanted to show Jerome my pussy, and show all of it, especially the part the dick goes in. I want to show Roger my pussy just like this. I will keep that date, and I will let Roger fuck me. I as mush as promised him a fuck, and he'll get a fuck. At least I know I'm not crazy. That is just the nature of women after taking the vow. Don't you see?"

"Yeah, I see. I see a cheating slut."

That hurt the slut. Jerome intervened, "Hold on, Randy. That was uncalled for. Candy is just being open and honest. She doesn't want to cheat. Cheating is not in a woman's nature. They do not like to cheat. They do value openness and honesty in a marriage. If she tells you everything, she doesn't feel like she is cheating. She doesn't want to go behind your back, lie, sneak, play games. That is not in women's nature, and that is especially true in Candy's case. Am I right, Candy?"

"Yes, you are very right. [looking to Randy with eyes that still hurt] I don't want to go behind your back. I can't lie to you. I refuse to cheat, but the truth is, I will be fucking other guys, Roger especially. A lot of guys want to fuck me. Now, I want to fuck them as badly as they have always wanted to fuck me. Jerome is right. If you want faithful, or want to think you have a faithful wife, you should have married a dog or a bitch who is good at cheating and not getting caught. I'm no bitch, and I don't cheat. We are getting good professional advice, here, Mr. Rockford. I, for one, am amazed at his insights and knowledge of women. He knows me better than I know myself. He knows me better than my mom knows me. And he...and he..."

While she said that, the professional freed his rampant cock and began using that to massage her vaginal guts. She wasn't expecting that, and Randy shot to his feet, saying, "HEY, what do you think you're doing?"

Jerome said, "Relax, kid, just watch."

Randy watched and Candy watched Jerome center his cock at her hole and push in. Candy groaned, but Randy shouted, "HEY!"

Jerome said, "Don't worry. This is all part of the breaking in process." Looking to Candy while getting a grip on both hips, Jerome said, "Can you feel me up against your hymen?"


"Watch out for that spider."


While she frantically looked all about for a spider, he pulled, tore through her hymen, and sank three more of his nine inches into snug virgin pussy. That hurt, but not nearly as much as it would have had she been looking at her stretched pussy with worry lines on her sweating brow. Now, it was all over. She could see that. Randy could see that. Randy was pissed and said, "You fucker, you took her cherry!"

"That's the perk I was telling you about, breaking in new pussy. I thought you understood."

"You asshole! I'm reporting you for this! You can't get away with this."

"Look, kid, she wanted me to break her pussy in. If I misunderstood her, I'm sorry."

Candy looked to Randy and said, "Look, there's no use crying over spilt milk, Randy."

"SPILT MILK! We are talking about your virginity, Candy, the virginity you saved for me, your husband. Remember me, the guy at the altar with you, the one you vowed never to cheat on."

"I never said that."

"That's what the marriage vow is, Candy."

"How can I be cheating when I did it right in front of you?"

Jerome used this time to work the rest of his cock in. Randy's eyes never left that scene. Now Candy's eyes were on it, amazed that all that cock was fully inside her body. Jerome looked to her and said, "How do you feel?"

"Stuffed to the gills, but I feel fine. That hardly hurt at all. There wasn't any spider, was there?"

"No, that was the old spider diversion."

"Works great. You're good. You sure feel good. I can feel your heartbeat, and look what you did to my belly button. The best part is feeling your big hairy balls pressed against my ass. You really do have a great pair of balls."

Randy cried out at Jerome, "I'll say he has big balls. Hey, remember me! You did your thing. You got your perk, now get your balls off her ass and pull your damn dick out of my wife."

"If that's your wish, but that would be a big mistake."


"Her first time should be full and complete with orgasm, multiple if possible. The more the better. Pulling out now is the worst thing I could do."

Candy said, "Listen to him, Randy. What's done is done, and I did ask him to break me in. I didn't realize what that meant, but since we have gone this far, I want him to finish."

Randy reluctantly mulled this over, then said, "All right, but have him put a condom on. That's what we bought them for."

Candy said, "He's right. I'll be ovulating in a few days. This is my danger zone. We have some in our bags down in your lobby. Randy can go down and get us one. Could you hold off till he gets back?"

Jerome said, "You shouldn't cheat yourself of the full experience. The dick going off inside your pussy is the best part of fucking and usually triggers your orgasm; besides, I won't wear the damn things. I don't take showers with a raincoat on, either."

Randy now watched Jerome take long strokes at a slow pace and said, "Yeah, well I don't want your bastard in my wife, so take your dick out."

Candy said, "Randy, this is my decision. I'm willing to risk it. He's right. I want to know what that feels like, at least once. After this, we'll be using condoms."

Now watching a man fuck his wife at a moderate pace, Randy said, "Experience it once with me, then."

Jerome interjected, "This may be a bad time to bring this subject up, Randy, but you need to know this. Women love guys like you - sweet, sensitive, thoughtful, loving. They marry guys like you, and they are happy in marriages to guys like you, but they look to other types for kid making. Women are driven by a primal drive to seek the very best genetic mate they can get when they produce offspring - the alpha male - leader of the pack - the lead bull. They look for the signs of virility - build, muscles, and a cock and balls that reflect virility. Ten to one this Roger Sweeney is the alpha male of her senior class."

"He thinks he is."

Candy said, "He is and Randy knows it. You are right-on again, Jerome. I want to hear more."

"I predict, and I am rarely wrong - endowed as you are, Randy, she will keep you in rubbers while Roger fathers all of your kids, Roger or some other alpha male."

Candy slapped the mattress and cried out, "This is un-fucking-real! I don't believe this shit! You not only know women, and know me, you know my fucking fantasies."

"It's no trick or trade secret, Candy, and you fit the mold of a single-lipped, gutsy peach married to a tiny-nutted sweet guy."

The tiny-nutted sweet guy said, "Thanks a lot, big dick."

Candy said, "Oh, stop it, Randy. You are a tiny-nutted sweet guy, and your little dick belongs in a rubber. I'm sorry if that hurts, but you should not be allowed to pass on tiny-nutted genes."

Jerome said, "She's right about that. If we were living in a state of nature, you would never get any pussy. Today, we have rubbers so guys like you can get some pussy. Be thankful for that instead of cursing guys with big dicks."

Candy said, "Yes, be thankful for your rubbers, but understand this. No way will I ever put a rubber on Roger's cock. If he has one on, I'll remove it. If he tries to put one on, I'll stop him. [looking to Jerome] In my fantasies, I always beg for Roger's cum. I plan to beg when I get back."

Randy said, "Candy, make Jerome put on a condom. We'll talk about Roger later, but Jerome is about to fuck-up our lives righ now. If you have to know what it feels like to have a dick cum inside your pussy, I'll show you. I don't care what he says, I am the only man who has the right to cum inside your pussy. As your husband, I make all of your babies. No man should have to raise some other man's bastard."

Candy spoke while watching herself get fucked at a moderate pace, saying, "No. He won't wear them; you will. I have the right to decide who cums in my pussy and who makes babies in my womb. You have the right to raise whatever comes out or get a divorce. If you stay with me, I guarantee that Roger Sweeney's bastards will come out of this pussy and they will all call you, Daddy. Now, Jerome and I are going to do this the right way and go all the way. If you don't want to see this, go out on the balcony and enjoy the view. I'll tell you when it's all over. If you want to watch, just watch. I am going to let Jerome fuck me and cum inside my pussy. That's all there is to it. So stop interrupting."

Randy folded his arms and stood staring in silence. Jerome caught Candy's eye and said, "A deflowered virgin always gets a kiss. Do you want yours?"

Candy struggled to her stiff arms saying, "Yes, I want my kiss."

Jerome took her in his arms and gave her a passionate kiss which she eagerly responded to with passion of her own while he slowly sawed the log and her legs wrapped around his ass. That kiss went on and on and was harder for Randy to take than watching them fuck. That kiss really showed how much Candy liked him. That was a kiss of infatuation, lust, and longing, the kind he wanted from her instead of her I-love-you kisses, which were nice and sweet but lacked lust and passion which looked really neat. Randy didn't know what he envied more, the fucking, the kissing, or the cock. That was a tough cock to compete with both in length, thickness, form, and function. That really was a great dick. Randy could hardly blame Candy for wanting it so much.

Randy couldn't blame Jerome for wanting Candy so much. What was not to want. He had to hand it to the guy. He was smooth, bold, cunning, slick, and he was hard not to like. He was easy to admire once Randy got over the shock of what he did and was doing. Watching them fuck and make-out like that was pretty neat in a kinky sort of way. Here he was the husband ****** to watch another man make love to his bride of just a few hours and he hadn't even had her yet. Not only that, Jerome and all other alpha males would get to cum in her pussy while the husband had to wear condoms. For some reason, that made his dick hard, and now Jerome was taking off her clothing and she was helping.

Now, Randy would get to see her tits. He had felt them and had peered inside the cups in dim light. Now, not only would he see them in good light, he'd see her totally naked. They got the skirt and top off. Only the bra remained, but Candy quickly shed that, then got back on her stiff arms to proudly offer Jerome her bare chest, which he took in both hands, then sucked on those tits. He licked and sucked all over her chest while she offered one breast then the other. She was rightly proud of those tits and thrilled with the way Jerome went after them. Randy hadn't even sucked on those tits that she so freely surrendered to Jerome.

She offered him pussy the same way, once again giving him the widest spread she could make. His thrusts now jarred her body and big, hairy balls banging against her ass brought on her first orgasm, making her fall back and grip her inner thighs. When her orgasm hit full force, she flailed her head and cried out in passion, "Yes, fuck me, Jerome, fuck me! Oh god, yes! Cum in my pussy! Cum in my cunt. Fill me with cum!"

He didn't look like he had an orgasm. After hers died down, he laid over her and they kissed with great passion as she wrapped her legs around him and clung tightly, grinding her loins against his loins. Randy had to reach inside his pants and rub his aching dick. They would never notice. He didn't exist. They didn't care what he did or what he saw. Candy held nothing back because her husband was there, right there, overlooking everything she did with that man. Randy would not have expected that from Candy in a million years, not as much as they loved each other. Now, it looked like it was all over between them, over before it even got started. How was that possible? How can anybody switch that easily?

When the kiss ended and Jerome stood up straight on his knees, Candy got up on her elbows to look into her crotch, watching him fuck slow and deep in a very sloppy twat. She said, "Did you cum? I didn't feel anything."

"No, not yet. When I cum, you'll feel it. I just had an idea. You agree to let me break you in, right."


"I was thinking. We should do it in two stages. We could go to my place and do this right - silk sheets, marital aids, get naked and fuck properly. I have a great condo down on the beach. I live alone and my place is free. This room costs seven-hundred. There is a three day minimum."

"Sounds great!"

Randy figured this was it, bye bye Candy, so long Randy, but Jerome looked to him and said, "You are more than welcome to come along, Randy. Come and stay as long as you like. Me casa es su casa, buddy."

Candy eagerly said, "Let's do, Randy! Please! Pretty please."

Randy didn't want to appear too eager but was greatly relieved that their marriage wasn't over. The decision was his. If the marriage was over, there would be no decision except what flight to take back with his tail between his legs. Buddy. He called me a buddy. Randy thought then said, "I suppose so."

Jerome said, "Great. I'm off duty, now. We can all go in my car. [to Candy] I'm ready when you are."

"Don't you want to cum?"

"Not if that ends my break-in period."

Candy looked to Randy, and said, "Would that end it?"

Randy thought then said, "Yes. He can't keep on cumming in you, Candy, or you will get pregnant. Remember, he won't use condoms. He shouldn't even get a break, but I'll go along with that. I'll do that for a buddy."

Candy looked to Jerome and said, "I guess I'm ready, then, but I sure am going to miss your dick in my pussy. You really do have a great dick, Jerome. I suppose you hear that a lot."

"Not enough. I'm glad you like it. My dick sure loves being in your pussy, and you have a great set of tits on you, girl."

"Really, I was hoping you'd like them. They are kinda small, though, don't you think?"

"They are perfect for your build, and they are beautiful."

"Thanks. I love the way you suck on them. Would you like to suck on them some more before we go?"

Randy interjected, "I would."

Candy ignored Randy and fed her tits to Jerome one after the other until he had his fill and eased his cock out. When Jerome gave way, Randy went in for a suck but wiped the slobber off first. That upset Candy who brushed him away just before he got to the nipple saying, "If your buddy's slobber isn't good enough for you, wait until after I shower. What did you do with my panties?"

* * *

Jerome lived in a high-rise condo on the twenty-fifth floor. Before they entered, he addressed Randy, saying, "Let's get one thing straight so there are no misunderstandings between us. You are entering my home as my guest. If you object to anything you see or hear, keep it to yourself. While we are on my turf, your wife is my girl. You don't touch my girl; you don't kiss my girl; and I don't want to see any lovie dovie shit going on between you. Make yourself at home. Watch anything. Jackoff if you like, but Candy is mine while you stay here, and you two can stay as long as you like under those terms, no charge. You don't need to decide now, but as long as you stay, those are the rules, understood?"

Candy agreed; Randy nodded; they entered.

Jerome went to the fridge to get everyone a beer while telling Randy to strip his wife. Candy thought that was cool, telling her husband to strip her for him. Randy did too, but acted put out while he set about that pleasant chore. Jerome returned with beer as Randy was slipping panties down Candy's legs, the last item. Jerome leaned down and sucked a tittie while Candy stood giggling at the situation, then saying, "I can't believe this is my wedding day, and I already have a date to fuck my dream cock and a grown man lover with my husband taking off my panties for him."

While working the panties off her foot, Randy said, "You can't believe it! I'm the one on my knees taking my wife's panties off for another guy."

"While you're down there, you should kiss my pussy before the other guy cums in it."

After making her naked for Jerome, he kissed her pussy to make her fantasy wedding day complete, then went out on another balcony for another view, a beach view as the sun was setting. Inside, Jerome took her in a one-armed embrace, kissed her, then said, "So, you like a hubby who serves your alpha male lover, do you?"

"Yes, and he didn't even whimper."

"I've got a better one for you."


"If you end up staying for the duration of your honeymoon, I'll get you pregnant, and your husband will watch me do it while he jacks off."

"Ohhh, that is wicked."

"Don't you like being wicked?"

"Having a lover on my honeymoon is neat. Having my husband watch me love on my lover is neat. Giving my lover all the pussy he wants while my husband gets none is neat. Not even letting him suck on a nipple when I knew he was dying to was neat. I can't wait for you to cum in my pussy. That will be really neat because he knows he can't. If all that is wicked, I must like being wicked. I have to be honest, though. I won't give Randy any bastards if I know I am carrying a bastard. I'll get an abortion. He is sure I would never get an abortion because I am opposed to abortion. I am also opposed to alcohol, but hand me a beer and see what I do."

"You get off on tormenting him. What gives?"

"I love watching him sweat and seeing how much he loves me. He must love it. I have been torturing him for four years. You saw how he is. He never once threatened divorce. I love him, Jerome, I really do love him, but I love seeing proof of how much he loves and wants me. I'm wicked that way. I would have fucked him a long time ago, but I liked making him wait while jacking him off better. Giving you my cherry and letting you fuck me without a condom, you have no idea what that did to him. I didn't think I could be that cruel and heartless, but I fucking loved it. I can't wait to do the second half. You haven't seen cruel and heartless yet, but don't ever think I don't love him or he doesn't love me. We have a perfect love, and we understand it perfectly."

"Then let's make a baby together."

"I'll stay until he makes me leave, and I'll be pissed if he makes me leave. If I'm pissed, he won't get any pussy, not even a nipple to suck on all through the honeymoon. He is getting nothing no matter what he does, so he may as well stay here and get used to watching me and my lover make a baby. Is that wicked enough for you?"

"You just made my dick hard."

"Let me see. Show me and I'll suck it for you."

As he freed his dick, she dropped to her knees. Randy re-entered and moved to the side for the view of his wife sucking another man's cock when he was sure she never sucked a cock in her life. That was wicked and made his dick hard. For a beginner, she was damn good. She certainly loved sucking cock with a husband watching.

She sucked for a while, then licked all over and kissed the balls. She licked her way back up, but before she took him in her mouth again, she looked to Randy and said, "Do you like my lover's cock and balls, Randy? I sure do. This is a great cock for a wife on her wedding day, and look at these big balls. These balls are just full of potent sperm for your wife's pussy. My lover can cum inside my pussy all he wants to. I want your sperm inside a rubber, which you will drop into the toilet and flush. Now, watch me suck this gorgeous, yummy cock."

That sounded mean and cruel, but Randy got a charge out of Candy talking to him that way. He could never explain that but knew she still loved him, wanted to be with him, and said those things to turn her lover on. Jerome did like being treated like the alpha male and was a lot like Sweeney in that regard. Sweeney's big thing was making lesser males suck his cock to keep him from going after their girls. Randy could tell Candy exactly how much cum came out of Sweeney's balls - a lot. He could but never did, and was thankful that Sweeney didn't want anyone to know that he let lesser males suck him off. Word surely would have gotten back to her by now, and he certainly would have heard from her. He could show her a thing or two about sucking big dicks. You gotta relax the throat to get over the gag reflex, or it'll never go down so you can press your lips to the groin and lick the balls.

Randy had the strongest impulse to tap Candy and go, "Here, let me show you how to suck an alpha male."

There must have been something in the way Randy looked at that half-assed blowjob that tipped Jerome off, because Jerome said, "Let hubby have a go at it."

Candy came off the dick wearing a wicked smile, stood, still holding the dick, and addressed Randy, saying, "Kneel and suck my lover's cock for him, and suck his cock like a queer would."

Randy went to his knees and opened his mouth to let Candy put the dick in, but couldn't decide whether to show his amazing skill. While debating, he sucked with Candy jacking, so excited that Randy would actually put another man's cock in his mouth, much less suck on it. Jerome ended the debate by taking Randy by the head and pulling gently. The dick slid easily into his throat and lips pushed Candy's fingers out of the way as she watched in amazement. Candy dropped to her knees to watch the lips go into the pubic hair. She almost pissed herself when she saw his tongue come out and lick at the balls. She cried, "OH FUCK!"

Oh fuck was an understatement. Jerome took his hands away and Randy stayed down there until he had to come up for air, then went right back down again. Candy just could not believe her eyes. Jerome had been deep-throat cock sucked before. He just smiled at her awed expression. Nothing in her life prepared her for this sight. She didn't know what to say or do except watch - and play with her pussy.

Jerome had to stop Randy after five minutes, that or cum in his gullet, but that load was for his wife. He pushed Randy's head gently off, thanked him, then took Candy by the hand, pulling her to her feet and leading her toward the bedroom while she kept looking back at her kneeling spouse to make sure that was really him. It looked like him.

Jerome threw off the bedding to ****** the black satin sheet, then laid Candy out on it and took off his clothes. She got up on her elbows to watch and said, "How'd he do that?"

Randy entered the room and heard that question. He stood near Jerome, waiting to be told where he could stand or sit, also waiting to hear Jerome's answer, which was, "He opened his mouth and I shoved my cock down his throat - that's how."

"Why didn't you shove your cock down my throat?"

"You're my lady. That's no way to treat a lady, but that is how an alpha male treats a hubby. Any objection?"

That was a good answer. Now Randy wanted to hear Candy's response. She looked to Randy, smiled big at Jerome, and said, "No, none. Treat him any way you want to. You're the alpha male. This is your turf. I am your lady, and we are staying on your turf until we have to board a plane. If you'll see us off, Randy won't touch me until we are airborne, not even when you are at work. He won't lay a finger on your lady. I swear he won't. If he does, I'll tell. You'll probably fuck him in the ass, wouldn't you?"

"No, but my neighbor across the hall would love to. Carlos is a jet black Cuban who calls me, Shrimp. There is nothing he likes more than fucking a southern white boy in the ass and making him squeal like a pig."

"Wow, he calls you, shrimp. He must have really big balls."

"Put your two fists together...now put an inch gap between them...okay, those are the balls of Carlos if you can picture them black. His dick makes his balls look small."

"Oh wow...Randy, don't touch me."

"Don't worry. You just stay away from me. No accidents."

Jerome said, "Pull up a chair, Randy. Make yourself comfortable, and don't worry about accidents. You know what I mean about not touching her. I think we have a clear understanding. You know whose woman she is, don't you?"

"Yes, she's your woman."

"That's right, and I'll have you clean my woman with your tongue. You will be touching her, but only at my direction. Understood?"

"Yes, I understand."

"Good, then we'll get along just fine. Just don't ever forget your place, and when I tell you to lick my balls, you know how I want that done, don't you?"

"Yes, with your cock down my throat."

"But from now on, you shove your throat down on my cock, and you do the same for Carlos. You better make that nigger cum or you may get that cock up your ass. If you need a better reason, you get his cum in you or his cum may wind up in your wife's womb. Carlos can have any woman I've got. I work days; he works nights. When I leave for work, I am handing her over to Carlos. You had better turn flaming faggot in the daytime, unless you want a little nigger baby calling you, Daddy."

Randy was white as a sheet with his mouth agape, and Candy wasn't much darker with a mouth less open. Recall, these kids are from Alabama with a banjo on their knees. Jerome crawled onto the bed and parted Candy's knees, then parted her pussy lips with his cock, then sank in to press his balls to her ass. That got her mind off being a black man's ***** during the day. Then she remembered how big Carlos' balls were and wondered how balls that big would feel against her lilly-white ass. She wondered how much hell she would endure to experience that ecstasy. Years of prejudice dissolved in minutes.

After a few minutes of pleasant fucking, Candy said, "When you hand me over to Carlos, will I be naked, and will you tell him he can fuck me if he wants to?"

Jerome held in the smile and said, "Yes, you'll be naked with a shaved pussy. No, I will not tell him he can fuck you. Carlos is an alpha alpha male who fucks who and when he wants to fuck. Don't you even think about telling Carlos what he can or cannot fuck, or what he can or cannot cum in. He will be very slow and gentle with you unless you piss him off. You be just as sweet as you can be to Carlos. When his balls get close to your ass, you pucker-up your asshole and you kiss those balls. Do you hear me?"

"Yes, I'll be as sweet as I can be. I'll make you proud of me, Jerome. I'll be a ***** for him. I'm serious, just like a ***** if that's what you want me to be."

"Just see that Carlos is happy. That will make me proud. That will also keep hubby from getting hurt. If Carlos has a sweet thing like you being sweet to him, he won't want to be fucking no white boy's ass."

"I'll save him. I don't want him hurt, either, but I wouldn't mind seeing him suck a nigger if he can suck Carlos like he sucks you."

"Carlos will do anything that pleases you, sweetheart, so just tell him what you'd like to see. He'll have your hubby nursing on a nigger all day long when he's not fucking you, and if hubby thinks I make a mess in a wife, he hasn't seen a mess. Carlos can flat make a mess."

"Ummm, yes, and I can't wait to see hubby clean it all up. You two alpha studs will keep him full of cum, won't you?"

"Say the word and that's all he'll get to eat, and he'll put on weight over his two-week honeymoon."

"I'm saying the word, then. Fatten him up for me. While you're at it, fatten me up for him."

"Odds are, that bastard will come out black."

"I don't care what color it is, as long as it is an alpha bastard."

Jerome hauled off and pumped that excited little bitch full of cum, made her cum, then made Randy eat it, which made her cum twice more, which made Randy cum in his pants, which made them laugh at his little wet spot. Candy made him show his little weenie and his pathetic little nuts, which made them laugh and made his weenie get hard. She made him jackoff and they laughed at him doing that, which made him cum, so she had him eat it to help fatten him up. After that, things got progressively worse.

Carlos made things much worse and was twice the mass of Jerome. Candy went through pure hell to achieve ecstasy. Her ecstasy was Randy's agony. He had to eat it. He ate like he wanted to keep her from getting pregnant. Damned if he didn't put on weight.

At the airport, Randy felt bloated and Candy sucked air when she walked. As honeymoons go, this one really sucked, but they saved a bundle, more than enough to cover an abortion. Randy's first solid food in two weeks was airline food, but he loved it and ate what she didn't eat of hers. After he finished off everything, Candy took his arm and hugged it, rested her head on his shoulder, and said, "Thank you, Randy. I needed that. I can be a faithful wife, now. I'll cancel that date with Roger if you want me to."

He thought for a moment, then said, "No, you made him a promise. If you welch on your promise, he'll take it out on my ass. You give Roger anything he wants. If you have to make him more promises, I'll raise whatever comes out - on one condition."

She looked to him, smiling, and said, "What's that?"

"Abort whatever it is you are carrying."

"You gotta deal - on one condition."

"What's that?"

"You clean up the messes and don't whine about wearing rubbers."

"Honey, I can't fuck that tunnel of love you call a pussy."

"Okay, then don't whine about that."

"Fair enough....So, what did you think of Miami?"

"I can't say much for their hospitality, but the food was good, don't you think."

He smiled, rubbed his belly, and said, "Yes, but it sure is rich."

She placed her hand on his belly and said, "Yes, that Cuban food is what put the pounds on you. I need to put you on a strict Sweeney diet."

"The Sweeney weenie diet?"

She laughed and said, "Yes, you need lots of lean white meat, good hubby food."

He hugged her. They were still a cute couple.

The End