Tracy sat across the dinner table from her husband of three months, leaking another man's semen from her pussy, still not believing she had alien sperm in her body, nor that she was still leaking three hours after insemination. Her employer, she mused, must have pumped a copious load directly into her fertile womb to cause that much post-sex discharge. Jimmy, her hubby, never caused post-sex leakage. With Jimmy, a few minutes sitting on the toilet, a good wipe, and that was the end of it. The boss was a different matter altogether. With Mr. Jerome (JJ) Jefferson, several lengthy toilet sittings, numerous wipes, three changes of panties, and sperm still oozed out. She could feel the seepage. Christ!

"Tracy, what's wrong?"


"Something is wrong, Tracy. You're off in space again. What is it?"

"Nothing - just thinking about work - know...thinking."

"Are you thinking of quitting?"

"I was under the impression I couldn't."

"We can always move back in with your folks. Is it that bad?"

"Well, no."

"Is JJ a slave driver?"




"Does he harass you sexually?"

"No," she lied.

"Then try to hang in until I graduate. Eight months, Tracy, that's all I need - eight more months."

"I'm doing my best, Jimmy. You haven't said a word about the meal. I always get a compliment unless there's something you don't like."

What can one say about a TV dinner, but that did change the subject. The truth was, her boss was an abusive slave driver but he had not been a fucker until that afternoon. God, could that boss-man sexually harass a young newlywed wife/office temp on probationary hire.

Tracy still couldn't believe that he did what he did or that she went along without struggle or protest. Nothing in her life prepared her for an approach like that, or a situation like that, or that being taken that way would prove to be such a huge sexual thrill. No one ever screwed Tracy without plenty of foreplay bordering on begging. No one ever fucked Tracy McArthur, now Tracy Rogers, not even Jimmy Rogers. Some lucky stiffs got to make love to her, but many more only made it to third base.

Tracy felt as though she experienced fucking for the first time though she had been having sex since junior high school. At age twenty, Tracy could count nine different lovers, but no one ever bent her over anything, dragged her panties down, and fucked the stuffings out of her. No one ever dared cum in her without asking permission. JJ did, and JJ didn't care if she was fertile or not, protected or not, willing or not. JJ just fucks a girl and fucks for keeps, fucks for real, fucks a girl for procreation not just recreation. What results is her problem and Tracy had a big problem.

She was, in fact, fertile at the time. Tracy was unprotected, happened to be ovulating, couldn't wait to rush home and tell Jimmy that the time was right, but now had a big problem because the time had been right for someone else, first. It wasn't supposed to be this way; at least a good wife shouldn't be in a quandary as to what to do. A good wife would file sexual harassment charges, sue the prick, at least quit her job. She wouldn't serve as a cum dump, then pull her panties up, keep her mouth shut, and leak at the dinner table in silence while the egg underwent cell division on the way to being a bastard and a real problem child. JJ and Jimmy looked nothing alike. For one, Jimmy was white.

JJ wasn't exactly a Negro, but he wasn't exactly white, either. He had a little bit of everything, but quite a bit was Negro. His bastard would be a dark-complected, kinky-headed something or other, but a real problem for two snow-white, blonde parents like Tracy and Jimmy Rogers living in a conservative part of the deep south which they both called home sweet home as did all of their snow-white Dixie kinfolk.

So, what was there to think about. A good wife fesses up to a weakness for authoritative men, aborts the off-white bastard, and tries again with the proper seed. A good Dixie wife would be in no quandary, but Tracy sat there thinking about not being a good wife, which gave her that far-off, spaced-out look from time to time.

Furthermore, Tracy was never more conscious of her pussy now that it was an adulterous pussy and filled with near-black seed that would, if left alone, make her the black sheep of two families and a pariah in the community. Why that thought made her clittie tingle was a mystery, but it did.

What made Tracy's clittie tingle most of all was the thought of intentionally getting pregnant with JJ, concealing that fact from Jimmy, and surprising him in the delivery room. The image of that baby's dark noggin prying its way through her alabaster pussy lips and the look on Jimmy's face as it did had her wanting to play with her adulterous pussy at the dinner table. She eventually brought one hand into her lap and did, getting a finger in under the leg band and massaging the sensitive nub, which gave her an even better far-off look.

Jimmy noted this new look, a familiar look, set his fork down, and said, "Tracy, what are you doing?"


"It looks like you're masturbating."

"Don't be silly."

"Let me smell your fingers."


"Tracy, I know damn well you were playing with your pussy, and now the fact is written all over your bright-red face. Why? What happened today? What the hell were you thinking about?"

Tracy knew her blush gave her away, so she said, "All right, I was touching myself but I was not masturbating. My pussy itches. I think I have a yeast infection."

He wasn't buying that. He thought for a moment, then said, "How did you get a yeast infection; Do you masturbate with bread sticks?"

"Very funny."

"Well, how do you get a yeast infection?"

"Probably from you not washing your hands. You can forget about sex until this clears up. Maybe next time you want to play, you'll do a better job of washing."

Jimmy knew arousal when he saw arousal, and though she'd been busted, Tracy was still aroused and still had a finger working in her slit, ostensibly scratching an itch.

Something wasn't right, but Tracy wasn't willing to say what that something was. Jimmy suspected that something had to do with her new job, if not JJ, then one of his sales associates. Jimmy knew they'd be all over themselves trying to score with a looker like Tracy. He figured JJ would knock off a piece one way or the other. He was smooth, slick, sly, and cunning with a widespread reputation for nailing every chick he went after. Jimmy guessed that JJ nailed Tracy through cunning, deception, pressure, or force, and guessed that she liked being nailed by a tall dark man with a big dick. Jimmy always figured that what Tracy needed was to be bent over something and fucked silly by a big man with a big dick. JJ certainly fit that bill, and JJ would do it.

Jimmy expected this day to arrive, but did not expect to be cut off at this critical period of her fertility cycle while she gave JJ all the pussy he wanted. This would be so unlike Tracy, but it sure looked that way now that she was masturbating and not just scratching an itch. The change occurred when she sent her hand inside her panties from the top, settled low in her chair, and let her legs fall out. She appeared self-conscious but unable to stop herself. Jimmy would have bet a hundred bucks that she had sperm in her pussy. There was something in the look she had, like she had been very naughty and had another man's sperm in her pussy. He had to know.

Jimmy said, "If I did give you a yeast infection, let me ease your suffering. Let me lick it for you."

Tracy held her lower lip in pearly-white teeth while contemplating that unexpected offer. She did have one big weakness, one that usually led to sex, but the thought of engaging in that very pleasant act at this time made her feel terribly wicked for even thinking about it. She couldn't help thinking about it, and was still thinking about it as he went under the table and took hold of her panties. Now, all she had to do was lift her ass. Then what. He'd push her legs apart. He'd lick the slit. He'd taste semen, but would he know what he was tasting. Then again, how would he know. Maybe he'd think it was yeast. She mulled, then lifted. He freed her of her panties then laid her open. She pulled her skirt high into her lap so that she could see, too.

Jimmy looked at a pussy that wasn't too messy but did look too fucked. A big something fucked it and left it raw, swollen, and slack in the hole. Cum wasn't pouring out but she was oozing fuck. Her asshole was sopping wet and there was a large wet area on the skirt that her ass rested on. He didn't need to taste that pussy to know it had been fucked recently, but he tasted it anyway to confirm his diagnosis. Yes, Jimmy knew the taste.

Tracy watched her husband lick another man's discharge from her pussy and never felt so deliciously wicked in her life. Tracy was sure that no wife had ever been that bad, but he licked so well she was certain he had no idea what he was licking. From her angle, her pussy didn't look fucked, just swollen and raw, like a sick pussy might look. Jimmy looked like a concerned hubby trying to make a sick pussy feel better. Tracy made him a better spread by placing her heels at the corners of her chair and laying her knees out and down. She then pulled her own lips apart, giving him easier access to the hole JJ fucked. Now, her pussy looked fucked but Jimmy didn't seem aware.

She now felt as wicked as a wife gets, but watching Jimmy trying to lick JJ's semen right from the mouth of her womb gave Tracy an evil thought: why wipe after JJ if Jimmy will take care of the mess. The thought almost made her cum.

Jimmy sensed what she was thinking. He gave her cervix a few more licks then fastened on her clit and made her pop. He was good at that, and this was the best ever for her. He had to hold her tightly to keep a good mouth-lock while his tongue did its magic.

Jimmy wasted Tracy. She sat in a post-orgasmic slump watching him lazily lick at her slit, awed by the sight, absolutely certain that he had no idea what he was eating. As she watched, she grew determined to bring Jimmy a fresh load if she had to sit on JJ's lap right at quitting time and suck his balls dry then plug her adulterous cunt with something. Tracy wanted to deliver a heavy load, a JJ load. The idea of feeding her husband the product of her infidelity while giving him no pussy was enough to make her start massaging her clit again. Jimmy had to lick around her fingers while holding back a knowing smile.

Jimmy wasn't sure why he had a smile to knowingly hold in except that seeing her so turned on turned him on. He didn't know why the thought of JJ or his sales force nailing his lovely wife turned him on, either, but that thought did turn him on from her first day on the job, ten working days back. He wasn't sure how long it would take but was sure someone would score and that someone would likely be JJ. He never dreamed that Tracy would be willing to risk pregnancy with a guy like JJ, but was now turned on by the fact that she was and seemed intent on shutting him out of the baby making competition. Would she bear the off-white bastard; that was the big question. He could not look that deeply into her soul, but the idea did make his dick hard. He couldn't figure that out, either. Such a thing would be a disaster, humiliating beyond measure, but as much for her as for him.

This time, Tracy brought herself to orgasm while Jimmy kept licking. That was good, but not as good as the first one. After this one, she dropped her legs and pushed his head out, saying, "Enough." She then added, "I want you to know, that's all you'll be getting until this infection clears up."

Jimmy said, "If I must, I must. How long do these things take to clear up?"

"It just started and it'll get worse. Figure two weeks."

Jimmy emerged from under the table and retook his seat. He looked to her and said, "Oh well, we'll try to make a baby on the next go around."

Tracy sat up, smiled, and said, "I must say, you're taking this well."

"Sweetheart, eating your pussy, even when it's sick, is no chore. The discharge isn't distasteful and I can see it gives you pleasure. Did the itch go away?"

She smiled warmly and said, "Yes, it did. That was exactly what I needed. You know, Jimmy, it looked to me like you actually liked the taste. Did you?"

"Actually, it wasn't bad at all."

"Was it yummy?"

"I wouldn't say yummy. I thought it might taste like dough, but it was more like - I don't know - it's hard to describe. I have never tasted a taste like that before."

Tracy smiled knowingly and said, "Well, at least you don't find it distasteful."

* * *

Tracy went to work the following day knowing she'd get fucked. Each day brought new insults to her modesty and the sexual harassment kept escalating, so now that actual fucking had taken place, she knew more was a given if she returned to the work place.

Tracy worked as an office assistant to the secretary. In that capacity she did whatever was needed to facilitate recreational vehicle sales, to include cleaning and vacuuming. She kept the coffee fresh and brought drinks to potential buyers. She also ran errands and had six bosses if all the salesmen were included, seven including Ruth, JJ's personal secretary. Ruth wasn't too demanding, but many of the salesmen were as bad as JJ when it came to sexually harassing a girl. Some were good at it and would make her blush but two were awful and only made her angry. JJ was the best, the coolest, the smartest, and he was the big boss, the one she had to impress to retain her job after the probationary period was over. JJ got away with shit no other man ever had. Then again, this was her first real job, her first real boss.

As boss, JJ was ideal for the part. He was "the man." JJ was in charge, and JJ was a sexy man who wore his success in gold with an open collar. He dressed sharp, looked sharp, and acted sharp. JJ was sharp and could easily make a girl blush by coming up behind her, taking her firmly by the hips, and telling her in a soft sexy voice whispered directly into her ear exactly what he'd like to do to her. He could say "fuck" and make a girl feel like a big dick were prying its way into her body. She knew he had a big dick because he pressed it into her ass enough times. She figured ten inches but was off by one inch. When he had it all in her she guessed right at eleven.

When JJ finally did stop fucking around, when he called her into his office, faced her toward his desk, pushed her over it, folded her skirt onto her back, and dragged her panties down, she was ready for it. She gripped the desk and waited. She was slippery but very tight. She had to grip tight but the slippery pussy gave way to the mighty cudgel, inch by inch until she could feel his wiry pubic hairs mashed to the lips of her pussy. She felt like a Christmas goose, but he told her she would. He didn't tell her how great that would feel after her pussy made the adjustment or how she'd feel about being used that way.

She had no idea she would want him to cum in her pussy though she knew his semen would likely get her pregnant. She wanted every drop injected deep, then wanted him to stay put while it all soaked in. She didn't ask him to stay, but he did anyway, as though he were trying to get her pregnant. Like two dogs after a street fuck, they remained hung-up for almost five minutes. That was strange but very exciting and he had no idea she was ovulating - unless Ruth told him.

Oddly, Tracy didn't think about that until she drove onto the lot and saw Ruth getting out of her car. She did tell Ruth over lunch the previous day. A few hours later, Tracy was called in and bred to the boss. This realization froze Tracy. She sat and pondered. Were they all in on this? Were they all playing roles, softening her up, greasing the skids for JJ. Had they done this sort of thing before? Was there really a permanent job being offered or was she just another dumb bride from the temp agency, another dumb bitch to pass around, knock up, and discard? If so, what would be in store for her today, tomorrow, and the next? Would they all get a shot at her egg?

Anger and resentment welled but so did undeniable excitement and arousal. If, indeed, these people were breeding her like a bitch just for kicks, how utterly shocking and wicked that was. How awful for the poor husband. Tracy could not help but admire wickedness of this magnitude. If it was true, if that was what they were up to, they were very good at it. They may have already accomplished what they set out to do. The rest would just be icing on the cake. They had her fucking and taking semen inside the pussy. For a fertile bride, that was no small accomplishment. In fact, that feat was quite impressive. Tracy never would have thought that was possible, and JJ had her wanting it and wanting to soak in it for as long as he was willing to stand there with his softening dick plugging her adulterous pussy. She never felt as wicked as she did while holding for that seminal soak job like a woman offering herself up for breeding purposes. She pictured JJ bragging about that and pictured them all laughing.

Tracy felt used, degraded, humiliated, and thrilled at the same time. She was red from embarrassment and from arousal. She felt like going home, never to show her face anywhere near Sunrise RVs again, and she felt like going in to face whatever was in store. After all, the harm was done. She probably was already pregnant, and the damage to her ego, her pride, her self image, and her reputation was also done. How could it get worse except by degree. Was adultery with many that much worse than adultery with one. What were the others like. If she left she'd never know and always wonder. If she remained on, what would that be like. If she left, she'd never know and always wonder about that, too. After ten minutes of pondering, Tracy emerged from the car and went in, determined to ride this pony until it dropped, mostly because she didn't want to go home to Jimmy, unemployed with a clean pussy.

Ruth greeted Tracy with a knowing smile bordering on a smirk as though saying, "Back for more, slut?" Tracy fought back the urge to call Ruth on the betrayal. It was enough to know that Ruth was one of them and not to be trusted. They exchanged morning pleasantries, then Tracy went about setting up the coffee. JJ was in his office, but none of the salesmen had arrived. That was typical. JJ was first in and last out. He liked his coffee hot, strong, black, and delivered first thing.

Tracy brought his coffee in, set it on his desk beside papers he studied intently, then stayed, waiting for him to look up. She wasn't sure what she'd say when he did, and hoped he'd have something to say to her that would give her an opening, something to react to, at least a clue as to how things were going to be now that she was a cum dump. That was how she felt, like something soft and warm to pump semen into, the office fuck, the *****, the sexy slut. She wore no panties to convey that she understood and accepted her place. His actions had put her in her place and she could think of no better way of showing that she got the message loud and clear short of coming right out and telling him that he was free to put all the cum he wanted into her pussy, that what she had between her legs was not a vagina but a neatly shaved cum dump, a sperm bank, a community cock warmer, She didn't quite know how to convey that except by making it look nice and accessible.

Tracy waited but he would not look up or acknowledge her. He was reading but finally said without looking away from the papers, "What is it, Tracy?"

"I thought we should talk."

Still without looking up, he said, "About what."

"You know...about yesterday."

"Are you wearing panties?"

This surprised her, although he did look over and note that she wore a short skirt over bare legs when she usually wore panty hose under a modest skirt. She wanted to look sexy and available and evidently conveyed that look, or it was a lucky guess. The panties and panty hose had posed a problem that kept her from getting her legs as far apart as she would have liked. He may have assumed she would solve that problem if she returned to work. Still, his intuitive response surprised her. She said, "No, I'm not. I assumed you would want it that way."

He now sat back and fixed his eyes on her, saying, "You assumed right, now lose the bra and keep your pussy wet and receptive. Oh, and you do not say no on this lot. Is that understood?"

Tracy's pussy became immediately wet and receptive as her face took on a deep blush. She said, "Yes, I understand."


"Well what?"

"Lose the bra."

"Here? Now?"

"Yes, here and now. Drop it in the trash."

Tracy was now burning as she untucked her blouse and began undoing buttons. He had not yet seen her tits though he felt them up real good while making her soak in sperm. Tracy had a great set of 36 DD's with gorgeous nipples, long suckable nipples that were her pride and joy. She could tell that he was eager to see them as were the others. When she peeled the cups away, he broke a smile. She posed topless with her chest out, clearly hoping to start something. He said, "Show me your pussy."

Tracy lifted her skirt and moved her feet apart, revealing a pussy she had denuded of hair except for a tiny patch on the mound. He had been treated to a good look at it from the rear when it needed a shave. Now, that soft pussy needed nothing except a stiff dick and needed that badly as evidenced by the way she showed it, tilted up to show all and opened with index fingers to show pink as though she had been told to show her fuck hole.

JJ casually reached in and fingered pink meat before rimming the hole and sending the finger in, saying, "Ruth tells me you and hubby are trying to make a baby. Is that true?"


"Well, we're going to help."

"I gathered that."

"Does hubby know we're helping?"


"You are a lot looser than you were yesterday. He didn't notice that?"

"If he did, he didn't say anything. Then again, he didn't fuck it. He ate it."

"Didn't it taste funny?"

"I'm sure it did, but he thinks I have a yeast infection. He won't be fucking this pussy until the infection clears, so he'll be no help."

JJ beamed a big smile and said, "We don't really need his help. With six of us on the job, I think we can get this pussy good and pregnant."

"If you can't, I'll be terribly disappointed."

"Lie down on my desk, sugarpuss. On your back, legs wide. We wouldn't want to disappoint you."

Tracy assumed the position and was not disappointed. Nine months later, a doctor peered up her twat and took Jimmy out into the hall. The nurse took a look while they were out. She then looked to Tracy, smiled, and said, "We've been a naughty girl, haven't we?"

Tracy smiled and said, "A little bit."

The End
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