"HOW WIFE-WATCHING HAPPENS" (voyeur and more)
by tonytony3@juno.com
(archived by Don Jetman)

This is a rewrite, perhaps an improvement, of "Sue in Baton Rouge", posted in Feb., 1997.

Sue, my wife, joins me a few times a year when I travel on business. I think she's beautiful, as one would expect from a Boston aristocratic family. We are still in love, but at the time of this story, a bit bored.

I'd finished a seminar in New Orleans, and my next appointment was scheduled in Austin in 4 days. Sue was along for the ride. We decided a slow trip along the Gulf Coast would be a good way to unwind, and we hoped, to rekindle some of the love/lust our marriage used to have.

The French Quarter in New Orleans offered great music, but the blatant sex was not quite to our taste. Still, the room we had at the Royal Orleans gave us an opportunity for some uninhibited sex: a good start!

The next night found us near Baton Rouge, at a Quality Suites Hotel, just off I 10.

The door to our suite opened to a living room, then to the bedroom - king size, non-smoking - and then, still ahead, was the bathroom door. A large mirror was above a sink and counter in the bedroom, ideal for Sue and her makeup. (The chem lab, I called it.) Not the Royal Orleans, but not too bad, we thought.

I lay on the bed, and saw that the mirror was a little too high to provide views of people laying on the bed, from the bed. Too bad. There are times when I get too obsessed with sex, and watching in the mirror might make the sex a little less boring.

Beside the bed was a drape, which hid a 4 foot deep by 8 foot wide balcony, sort of recessed into the building. One wall was formed by the bathroom of our suite, and the other, probably, the bathroom of the neighboring room. It overlooked a parking lot, and then a woodlands.

Sue joined me on the balcony. It was dimly lit, and quiet.

"Get the light, honey."

I reached into the light fixture, and loosened the bulb, so whatever little light there was gone. Now we had complete darkness and privacy. I took Sue into my arms, knowing in a little while we'd go to bed and unwind with lovemaking. Too bad the mirror was too high.

Sue pushed me away. "Look at that." She was looking at a 6 inch gap between the drape and the wall. It ******* the mirror, and a reflection of the bed. "What a place for a voyeur!"

"Who would want to watch us, except me?"

Sue said "Not us. Me. When I joked about seducing someone last night while we were in bed, you told me to do it if you could watch. You got pretty horny. Well, this could be the place!"

"That was only playing, and you got excited, too."

"Well, maybe this would be a good place to play for real."

I get stupid when I'm horny. Blood rushes from my brain to my cock. I said "I don't think you have the nerve, but you're right: the idea of watching you seduce someone does make me lose whatever sense I have."

"Keep that in mind", she said. We went into the room, stripped, and began making love. Then, the lovemaking turned to lust, to sheer sensuality. At one point I was lying on my back, and Sue squatted over my cock, and slowly lowered herself onto it. She saw me turn my head, and look into the mirror, and at the reflection of the dark gap between the drape and the wall. "I know what you're thinking," she said, as she rode my cock. "Wouldn't you like to see me do this to someone while you were out there, watching? Look at my headlights" - her name for her erect nipples - "They're on high beam!" My mouth started to say "No" but by then my cock was telling the truth as I started to come in her. At the same time she shut her eyes, and the "MMM, mmmmmm" noise she makes with an orgasm started.

"Honey," she said afterwards, "that was the best sex we've had in months. If just talking about me playing around with another guy makes us come, what will happen if I do it?"

"What's got into you, Sue?"

"Honey, our sex hasn't been great. I see you looking at attractive women, and I think I know what you're thinking. I've even looked at some hunky men, and day dreamed. But I don't want to screw up our marriage - I want it to be exciting, again, for both of us. You did say we should try for excitement last night, and be uninhibited on this trip. I'm trying - is that OK?"

As we lay beside each other, we talked some more. "Just what would you do?" I asked. "Well, if I really did something, I guess I'd try to find someone nice and sexy, either act single or tell him my husband isn't going to be back for a few hours, and let him pick me up. A place like this would be great, with that balcony for watching, and we'll never be back.

"Go out there, and look in."

I went out, wearing only a robe.

"I can't see you at all" Sue said. Can you see me?"

"I can see almost all of the bed!. Let me move closer. . ." now my face was almost at the gap ". . .can you see me now?"

"Just barely. . ."

She pulled the sheet from her body, rolled onto her back, her feet toward the mirror, stretched - what a sexy sight - lifted one leg up, giving me a wonderful view of her pubic hair. Her hand went to her face, her fingers to her mouth. . .

"How does that look to you?"

But I was already in the room, already erect, and in a moment, in her!!!

It was over soon. Premature ejaculation, and we had sex just minutes earlier!

A bit later, the talking began again.

"It was fun to tease you when you were on the balcony. Do you like the idea of me being so uninhibited here?"

"You bet!"

"Do you think you'd like me to put on a sex show for you, with someone else? I know it's fun to talk about, but do you think we'd be OK if we did it? Do you want me to, now that you're not horny?"

"God, it would give us something to remember, wouldn't it?" I said. "After all, it's not like we are cheating, is it?"

Sue looked at me in the dark room. "No, it wouldn't be cheating, if it happened. It's a lot of other stuff - perverted, sick, but not cheating."

Later, she asked "Exactly what would you like me to do if I really did it?"

My cock, like before, was in the driver's seat. "I guess maybe I'd like you to be a wife on the prowl, so whoever you're talking with knows this isn't a fall-in-love deal, I couldn't handle that. Tease him. Take your time, make it last. Maybe strip for him. Lots of touching. Or, maybe be like when we were first dating, you could just masturbate each other. You wouldn't even be undressed. What about you? What would you like?"

"Well, the idea of playing around, knowing you were watching, really gets me hot. I've been true to you since I've known you, but I have to admit sometimes I like to pretend you're someone else. If it was OK with you I'd like to have a guy kiss me like I was a real woman, instead of his sister, and maybe I'd let him touch my breasts or something. And if was OK with you, maybe I'd get a chance to do some touching, too. If I really did something like that, would you be mad at me?" I looked at her, nude, next to me, and about another man seeing her like she was right now, and touching her. I answered by rolling back on her, erect again.

We slept, and, no surprise, decided to stay an extra day. Saying there was sexual tension is an understatement. We made love, had breakfast, had sex, went to a movie, did some shopping, and came back for more sex. Early that evening we went to dinner at a Cajun restaurant down the road. The spicy food did nothing to satisfy our horny feelings. We behaved like newlyweds all day, maybe hoping to take the edge off our idea for that night. It didn't work. The sensuality, the excitement, and the risks were almost overpowering, and compelling.

We returned to find the lounge at the hotel pretty active, even though it was only 7:30. The hotel serves complimentary cocktails, and guests seemed to be taking advantage of them. We went to the room. "Well, it's time to decide. Do I go downstairs, or should we go to bed and pretend?" she asked.

"I'm scared" I said. "But God, I'm so turned on it hurts. So I'm saying - do it. I promise, no crap from me, no matter what happens."

"OK, no more fooling around", she said. "My courage is up, I think I'm game for this. Let's straighten out the bed, it looks like there was a war in it. I'm going try to bring someone back here and maybe put on a sexy show for you. Like, kissing and hugging and touching and stuff. Let's see who says `uncle' first. Take the cellular phone, so I can call you, or if you see something happening that you don't like, just call the room and say you'll be right up."

"You've been thinking about this, haven't you?"

"Yep. All day. Let's get your stuff picked up. I'm going from respectable married woman to maybe a tramp, in one night."

She changed into a pretty printed full cotton skirt, a loose blouse, a flimsy strapless bra, high cut panties, no stockings. She looked HOT, and her "headlights" were on high beam, showing through the material of the bra, and poking at her blouse. "I feel so sexy and horny, I don't know if I should stay here right now with you, or really go down to the lounge," she said.

"Go down to the lounge", I replied, but there was a quiver in my voice. In spite of all the stories about things like this, this was scary stuff for both of us.

"Go out on the balcony and get ready, or even better come on down in a while", she said, "but leave me alone. You get to watch, only." She put a green scarf around her neck. "If I find someone I want to seduce, I'll take this scarf off. Then, you had better either come and rescue me, or get up to the balcony - Mr. Voyeur".

She stoked my cock - I was painfully erect - and said "I guess that means you like the idea".

I had to masturbate to control my excitement, then went down 15 minutes later. Sue was at the bar, talking with a well dressed, dark haired, dark skinned man. He might have been 40, well built, and, damn it, handsome. Sue's 5-10, this guy was maybe an inch taller than she was. I went to the bar next to him, showed my room key card, and got a drink, and eavesdropped a bit. "Well, Tom", I heard my wife say, "he won't be back for a few hours, and he told me to enjoy myself until then.". I know she was talking a little louder than she had to, so I could hear. I could also see she was aroused - at least her nipples were making their presence known.

He took her to a sofa in the lounge. It was dimly lit, but not so dark that I couldn't see. Then, I saw her neck extend, as she reached toward him. He turned, and leaned over to kiss her. My cock began throbbing as I saw their lips meet. I saw her hand on his thigh as they kissed. This looked promising!

They went on for a few minutes. Sue saw me over Tom's shoulder, winked at me, then kissed his ear. I was horny - again.

A very black man, sitting a few seats away moved next to me when he saw me watching the action in the bar mirror. He said "That guy's my law partner and buddy, and that woman with him is not his wife. He's been divorced for a year, and really doesn't trust women, but she's been all over him. That woman's looking for some action, and my buddy's the guy." "Maybe," I said. "She does look good, doesn't she?" "Very fuckable" was the reply. That comment made me excited and angry at the same time. Never the less, I said "Let's drink to his good luck", and signaled the barman for another round. Tom came back to the bar to pick up a couple of drinks - I knew Sue gets very passionate with only two cocktails - and I heard him tell his partner that he'd meet him in their room later - he hoped a lot later.

Tom went back to Sue, gave her the drink, offered a toast, and kissed her again. I saw Sue, as their lips met, open her mouth to meet his. After a few more minutes, I couldn't stand it. I wasn't ready to see her enjoy his company so much while I watched, and besides, I had enough sexual release already.

I got up from the bar, and began walking towards her, intending to take her to the room. She saw me coming, and when I was about 3 paces away reached up, and deliberately took off her scarf. I stopped, feeling as though the wind was knocked out of me. She told me, later, that the expression on my face made me look like someone just kicked me in the groin.

She smiled at me over his shoulder, kissed him again, and handed him the scarf. My cock won over my good sense, and I left the lounge, went to the room. I programmed the cellular phone so I could direct dial ("If you know the guest's room number, press 7, then the room number", the damned computer said) by pressing redial. I thought about taking the cam-corder I use to record lectures, but decided that wouldn't be fair. I went onto the balcony, full of lust, guilt, excitement, fear. And with an erection.

30 minutes went by. I was angry - did she go to his room? Then, the lights came on in the suite. Sue came into the bedroom, looked around, went to the drapes, looked at me and grinned. She opened the balcony door a little, then held it in that position with the rod in the door track that the hotel provided. She whispered "I want you to hear and see everything. I love you, and now I'm going to show you how much." She called out "I'll let you in, Tom. He's not in here."

I heard the door open, then close. Tom came in, carrying two more cocktails. That would be overkill! Sue took one, drank must most of it, and said "Hmm. Liquid courage. Have some, Tom. I like this. It's a lot more private than downstairs. Now I can kiss you properly."

She put the glass down, stood next to him, raised her lips, and kissed him - mouth open, while her hand glided over the erection pushing against his pants. His hands were all over her back, rubbing from neck to ass. She began moving her pelvis against him. Hugging, kissing, touching - it was exciting all three of us. She was being as uninhibited as she promised.

Then, Tom stopped. "Are you serious about what your husband said? What if he walks in?"

"No one can walk in, I set the deadbolt. When he left, I teased him, and told him that maybe I'd fool around a little bit tonight and have a good story to tell him when he gets back. He really got turned on." Sue stopped talking by kissing Tom's neck, and sliding her hands under his coat.

"Gonna help me make up a good story?" she muttered as I saw her tongue reach his ear as her arms went around his body.

"You mean he wants you to get it on with someone?"

"At least a little." By now he had his hands on her buttocks, and held her against him as he kissed her. I loved it. He picked her up, and carried her to the bed, put her down, and kissed her again. I saw him kiss her lips, then her neck, then move down over her blouse to her breast.

After a few minutes of that, Sue pushed him away. "I'd better call my husband to be sure of his schedule. You can get a LITTLE more comfortable."

She went into the living room. I watched Tom take off his jacket, shoes, tie, and lay back on the bed, looking around the room, and stroking his cock through his pants. At the same time, the cellular phone in my pocket vibrated. I took it out, pressed "send", and whispered "Hello". The voice in my ear said "Honey, are you going to rescue me, or do you want to see the next act?" I whispered "Tom's on the bed, playing with himself. I'm out on the balcony, playing with myself. We both need relief. Do it."

"OK," she said, "I didn't want to stop now. Kissing a strange man with you watching is a real turn on. Just call when you've seen enough."

"Enjoy yourself, but no matter what, you're getting fucked by your husband tonight."

"I hope so. Enjoy the show," came back.

She came out of the living room. "I got him on the car phone. He'll be here in an hour and a half, at 10PM. I told him I was working on a good story for later, and he said I should have a reasonably good time. Are we going to be reasonably good, Tom?"

"Let's see how reasonable," he said. Let me make a call.

He reached for the phone. Called his own room. "I'll be there at 10," he said. "Yes, I think I got lucky."

I saw him call again. "Will you make a wakeup call to this room at 9:30 tonight?"

"You sure cover all the bases, don't you?" Sue asked.

"Yep. We have only a little time, let's make the most of it", he said, reaching for her. Sue moved next to him on the bed. He sat at its foot, and she kicked off her shoes, and sat beside him. She had thought through how to best ****** what was going on. I watched their reflections as they kissed. He tried to force her back, but she wasn't ready for that. Sue's hand went to his leg, then moved up, until she was stroking his cock through his slacks, almost as if she was taking its measure. He kissed her throat, and she extended her neck, making it easier for him. His hand went to the buttons on her blouse. Tom said something I couldn't hear. Sue laughed, said "OK," and stood beside the bed, in front of him. That gave me a side view of both of them. She turned, letting her skirt swing, flashing bare legs. She put her hands to her neck, and while he watched, unbuttoned her blouse most of the way down. Since it was still tucked into her skirt, only cleavage and part of her bra was visible. The bra fastened in front. I saw her hands go to the clasp, and release it. I loved it! Her hands crossed in front of her, under her blouse, to her breasts. She slid the bra up and off them, and then pulled it from under her blouse. Now the sides of her breasts were visible, and when she turned, they were pretty *******, and moved freely under the loose, opened blouse. I knew Sue was very uncomfortable when men looked at her body, and I could see that her face now was totally flushed with either excitement, embarrassment, or lust. But, her "headlights" were very visibly poking through the blouse. She started back on the bed, but Tom said "Oh, don't stop now." "Yeah," I thought, "take more off!"

"Well, maybe a little more," she said.

She bent over, and ran her hands down her skirt along her hips, then thighs, until they were touching her legs a few inches below her knees. She stood up straight, running her hands up along her legs, to her hips, ******** a lot of leg, even though her hands were concealed by her skirt. I knew what was happening, she'd done the same thing for me years ago! There was some motion, then her hands began sliding down again, still concealed. When they emerged, her nylon panties came with them.

She stepped out of them.

"I hope you like to be teased," she said, as she sat on the bed, and handed them to him.

He brought them to his nose, said "They smell good. I'll bet you do, too. And, Sue, they're a little wet. I'll keep them," as they went into his pants pocket. This time when he kissed her, she let herself be ****** back, onto her back. She took his hand and guided it under her blouse, to her breast. After some of that, his head moved down, between her breasts. His head turned a little, brushing her blouse away with his mouth, until it found one of her nipples.

"I like that", she said. I liked watching it, too.

He played with her nipple for a few minutes, until she pushed him backward on the bed, pulled the blouse back over her breast, and lay side by side with him with her back towards me. More hugging kissing, and stroking! "Mmmmm, this is very nice," I heard her say, as her leg, covered by the skirt, reached over his.

His hand, on the middle of her back, crept downwards towards her ass.

"Stop, Tom", I heard, as she repositioned his hand higher. Good! I wanted this to stop! His hand crept down again, she reached back, and moved it up again. I was getting upset: he was pressing her, and she wanted him to stop. He had already sucked on her - my wife's - breast, damn it.

Then, she said "Don't be grabbing, I'll help".

Her hand went to her own thigh, and I saw her pulling at the skirt hem. Finally, the lower portion came free, and she folded it back over her hip, while still kissing him, so that her leg, and ass, were uncovered. I could see ass and cunt. She didn't make him stop! But my own cock was throbbing again, too.

A moment later, she took his hand that had been on her back, and moved it so it was touching her leg beside her knee - on skin!

"You're full of surprises," he said as he stroked her leg, while she still held his wrist. I saw my wife thrust her hips almost automatically, she was so aroused.

She took his hand and led it along her outer thigh, to about her naked hip.

She stopped kissing him, pulled her head away from his, and I could see her watching him, as she guided his hand down over her hip, over her ass, toward her vagina. As his fingers got closer, she moved her top leg even more over him, effectively spreading her legs for him, and making access for his hand, and my view, all the better.

Then, his fingers found her cunt! "Oh, that's nice, Tom!" "Sue, you are soaking wet! I'll bet you come easily." I saw something most men never do - their wife with someone else's fingers in her cunt. He was stroking her! Her hips were moving, his fingers were deep, moving from front to back. I saw her hand come back, and cover his!

She was guiding his hand to maximize her pleasure. "Just like that, Tom, please, oh yes," she said, as he stroked her, and kissed at her ear.

That went on for what seemed like an hour, but couldn't have been more than a few minutes. I heard her moan "MMMM mmmm" and saw her body spasm as she came.

Her body relaxed. In a moment, so did his, as he rolled onto his back. I sat on one of the chairs on the balcony, realizing that I had ejaculated too, just watching. I wanted him to leave, so I could enjoy my wife, and her body.

I waited, saw Sue move a bit. "Tom, that was wonderful. Let me do you." Her hands went to his slacks, loosened his belt, then slid into his pants, as she kissed him. I was willing to wait a bit, I liked this part.

"Does that feel good?" she asked, after a minute.

He took her arm, and pulled her hand out. "Not like that," he said. I wondered what was the matter with that man.

He got up from the bed, and pulled her up, too, He reached for the clasp on her skirt, but she took that hand, and stopped it. I knew he wanted her nude and spread out on the bed, but that wasn't going to happen. Sue began unbuttoning his shirt. Soon, she peeled it off. I saw he had a horseshoe shaped scar on his chest, then recognized it as the Greek letter omega. I've a black buddy whose fraternity branded its pledges that way.

She kissed the scar while sliding her hand into the waistband of his pants, towards his cock. He stopped her again, saying "Wait". He finished opening his slacks, and slid them and his shorts downwards. Tom's partly erect cock came free. He bent down, pulling his slacks and socks off, then stood in front of my wife.

Sue stepped away, and looked at what even I would call a nice body, smooth, slender hips, strong looking legs, and a now very respectable erect cock bobbing at Sue. "I haven't looked at a man in that state, except my husband, for a lot of years, Tom," came from Sue. He seemed to enjoy being looked at. Then, he pulled my wife nearer, took her left hand, and guided it to his cock. He looked at her hand, saying "now". I could see her wedding ring on her finger, and her hand gripping his cock, stroking it, forcing his foreskin over its head, then back again. Seeing her ring on that finger, on that hand, stroking that erection, excited me even more - she was right, this isn't cheating, but some kind of perversion. I didn't care! His naked body was now hard against her, his cock, with her hand guiding it, was pressing into her skirt.

It was too one-sided, though. Tom pushed her away.

"What's wrong, don't you like it?"

He said "Not like that. Stay there," and sat down, legs spread. "Do you like what you see?" I don't think she could help it, her eyes dropped to his cock. (So did mine, for that matter.)

"Yes, Tom."

He said "I want to see, too."

Sue later said she was in conflict. She wanted to just masturbate him, but that body and that cock was looking inviting. Sue's face was flushed, her "headlights" were on high beam, pushing at her blouse.

"Turn around".

She did, slowly.

"Show me your body."

Her face was bright red, now. She looked at Tom, sitting there, stroking himself, and her head moved side to side. "Are you just a tease?"


I heard him say "I want to see every bit of you".

Sue replied "I don't think I can do that."

I thought, too bad. He responded, with some anger, "Bitch! I'd better leave before I do something stupid."

I heard my wife say "Wait."

"Sue, I'm not just going to sit here with my cock in my hand. We used to call women like you white cunt cock-teasers. You've got the story you wanted to tell your husband. I'm going."

She said " No! I want you to . . . help me. I'll be good."

He stood, cock at attention, and stepped to her. "I don't want you to be good," he responded: "Good wouldn't be here wia buck naked black man".

Shy smile. "OK. I'll be a little more bad".

He put his hands on her shoulders, and turned her, somewhat roughly, so that she squarely faced him. She stepped closer and stood on her toes to kiss him, her open mouth meeting his, hands reaching for his cock. "That's better." As their mouths met, he began lifting the back of her skirt. I saw her hands reach to his, and stop them.



Her own hands found the back of her skirt, lifted it, until it was above her ass. His hands, dark against her skin, found her buttocks, grabbed them, pulled her hard toward him. Her arms went back to his cock, and his hands pulled at her, spreading her cheeks.

I saw Sue bend her lower body away from him a little, I thought to make it easier for him to grab at her ass. Wrong! One hand held his cock, and the other began pulling up the front of her skirt so his cock could finally touch her body, not through her clothing. Then, she moved closer again, and both her hands went to his neck. She was facing away from me, I could see her legs, slightly parted, and his cock between them!!!

She stood there with his hands on her ass under her skirt, the skirt was ass high in back, draped down over her hips, then bunched up again above his cock. His hands cupped her ass and he pulled her closer, and up higher.

"That's better," he said. Sue later told me his cock, between her legs, was across her cunt's lips, getting wet. She said she could feel its heat, and how wet she was. At that moment her inhibitions began losing to lust.

After the kiss - it was long - she said "I'll do what you want, and . . . show you," as she backed away.

"Not good enough. You have to do what you want."

Sue told me she never felt as though she had to confront just what she was doing as vividly as she did at that moment.

"OK. I want to."

He sat on the bed, cock in hand. She stood facing him, so I saw mostly her back. Her hands went to the clasp of her skirt, and released it. She let it fall, over her hips, and along her long legs, to the floor. Her blouse, with the lower buttons still fastened, covered most of her ass and crotch. It hung from her shoulders, barely covering her breasts, to just below her cunt.

"That's a good start, Sue. Now show me why I should stay."

"Tom, I've never felt like a ********** before," she said, but lifted her arms, which lifted the blouse, turned around, and I saw the blouse flair a little, and show pubic hair, lots of hip, some ass, breast. "Right now I like the feeling."

I had often wondered what it would be like to have a women I hardly knew strip in front of me, knowing it would end in sex. Now I was watching it happen to another man, with my wife. My emotions were all over the place, I knew I could stop this with a simple phone call. My finger went to "redial", but then I put the phone down. This was too erotic to stop.

Her face was red, and her breathing fast. She looked like she wanted to be provocative for this stranger, while her husband watched. She turned her back to him, facing the mirror. She looked in the mirror, at herself, at him, and then, at the gap between the drape and the wall. I moved a little so I could see only her - then he couldn't see me, and closer, so my face was partly lit from the lights inside. Her eyes met mine. I nodded. I saw her reach up, take the blouse's collars, and spread them, ******** her breasts to me. The blouse still had a bottom button or two fastened.

Still with her back to him, so that she was facing me in the mirror, she smiled, crossed her arms and moved the blouse to her shoulders. A shrug, and it fell down her arms. She held it there with her arms still crossed.

It fell midway down her back, and looped around to about her knees, for a moment. Tom could see her back and legs, but I saw flushed face, breasts and cunt. They looked wonderful. She told me she thought that maybe she should stop right there; that she kind of hoped I'd call and rescue her; that she didn't want to be rescued; that she wanted to show off in front of this man while I watched, and make both of us come. She knew that if she straightened her arms and let the blouse fall she'd be totally ******* to a stranger who wanted sex, that she'd probably at least technically commit adultery, while her husband watched. She knew she'd violate her Proper Bostonian image of herself. She looked again at him in the mirror. Looked again to the side, saw my face. Saw me nod, again. Seeing that, and hoping/knowing that I wanted her to continue - she was right about that - she dropped her arms to her sides, and the blouse floated down her arms and to the floor. She told me later that she knew at that moment she wanted to be completely uninhibited. She felt sexy, and with me nearby, safe, too.

Her arms went behind her back, making her breasts jut forward, pubic hair and cunt on display, nipples standing out. "Is this what you want?" she asked, looking first at me, my reflection, (asking me, too?) then turning, stepping over the blouse, and standing with feet a little apart, pelvis tilted up. My lovely wife was standing naked, showing another man her body - posing proudly - and obviously available. She was as excited as I'd ever seen her. "Do you like it? Is there maybe something here you want to stay for?"

Tom looked at her breasts, her pubic mound, as he stoked his cock. Sue blushed even more.

"Are you done being coy?"


"No more teasing?"

"No more teasing."

"Do you want to fuck me?"

Pause. Small voice. "yes".

"I'm a lawyer, Sue. I need to hear the words."

"Yes, I want to fuck you, Tom."

"Good. Come here".

She moved between his legs. Now I saw mostly her back while she stood between his legs. Tom had the best view. It looked like she was standing there with her pelvis tilted up to him, totally open to whatever he wanted. He grabbed her ass with both hands - he seemed to like grabbing my wife's ass - and I heard her "OOh" as he sucked a nipple into his mouth.

The hands on her ass dropped a little to her upper legs, and I guess he pulled at them, because her knees parted a little. His right hand reached between her legs, and I watched it as he extended two fingers, and pushed them into her. My wife was acting like a *****, and I loved it. She spread her legs a little more so he could get his fingers, already wet, in deeper. She held his head to her breast and leaned away from him, pelvis forward, offering a completely available vagina.

He brought his other hand around, and I saw his four fingers trace over her hip, down her back, then move lower, until they were in the crack between her ass cheeks. Her pelvic motion, which up to now had been forward, stopped, and she was tilting her ass up and back, to receive his fingers. I heard a sharp breath as the fingers passed over her anus. "Oh, you liked that," he said. "Yeah," came out of her mouth, but she was breathing fast, in time with the fingers pushing into her vagina. The middle finger of the hand that stroked her ass was stroking her cunt, until it was wet. It moved back to her anus. There was another sigh from Sue. She moved as though she were going to sit on a high stool, with her ass tilted up a little.

He turned her a little sideways. His finger pushed at her anus. "Is this what you want?"


He pushed hard, and I saw it penetrate her ass. I thought she'd scream. She was being expertly sexually man-handled, and enjoying every minute of it. He was being rough: each time he drove his fingers up into her cunt and ass I saw his biceps flex - he was lifting her onto her toes with each push. I got worried. I didn't what her hurt, but then I heard her say

"That.....feels......so..... good"

in time with each push.

I stopped worrying.

He wasn't gentle as he bit at her nipple, either. The bruise I saw later proved that. But she was moaning, her hips were driving at him, and she started her "MMMM mmm noises again. Then finally, she sagged against him, exhausted, and spent.

"Wonderful", she said, with her head against his shoulders. "You made me feel wonderful. I want to make you feel good, too."


His hands went to her shoulders, and he pressed her downwards, to her knees. He leaned back on the bed, supported by his elbows. "Help me make up a good story for my friends, Sue." She looked up at him, and down at his cock.

"I want to tell them about a going to a white woman's room while her husband was away."

"Yes, you did that."

"And how she stripped for me."

"I did do that."

"And how I finger fucked her cunt and her ass, and how much she liked it, and how she came while I did it."

"You did do that, and I did like it, and I did come."

"And how she went down on me until I came!"


I saw her kneel upright, bend at the waist, wrap her arms around his legs, which were still little over the edge of the bed.

"Will you tell them I did this?"

Her head bend over, hair falling forward, and she went down, slowly. I had no doubt about what was happening, and my erection began growing, again.

"Sue", I heard. "Mmmm" was the reply. "I want to watch you suck me."

"Oh. OK."

She knelt upright again, put a hand on each of his knees, and moved his legs apart. I saw her sort of walk ahead on her knees, then settle back, so her ass was on her heels. Her head was much lower, now.

He sat up, while she turned her head, her mouth on his inner thigh, moved her hair over her shoulder so he could see her face, and, tongue lapping, moved forward. I watched as she lifted his balls, moved her mouth behind/under them, then took him in her mouth. Now her head was moving in and out, instead of up and down, and I could see my wife looking up at him while he watched his cock slide in, then out. She told me later she took as much of him into her mouth as she could. She licked his shaft, his balls, everything, and it had her almost have an orgasm again.

I didn't see it, but Sue told me he reached down and began masturbating while he was in her mouth.

She said, "Wait, Tom. Don't come that way."

She stood, naked, not nude, in front of him. Her cheeks were wet with saliva, and so was his cock.

She took his hand, and moved him on the bed so he was on his back, head toward the mirror. She got over him, straddling him, facing him, and the mirror. She bent over and kissed him, then sat back in a squat, and positioned herself over his erection. She looked into the mirror, saw me - I had moved closer, knowing she could see me..

I saw my wife take his cock in her hand, guide it to her cunt, then slowly lower herself onto it. He put his hands behind his head, she was doing all the work.

My own erection was throbbing as I saw his cock, at least as long as mine, push at her, bending a little, then her lips parted, the head disappeared, entered her. "That way," she said. She leaned way back so her cunt, with his cock in it, was easy to see. "Watch me!", she said, pretty loudly, to both of us. She was wanton, totally on display, so different from the woman I knew. His hands went to her breasts, pinched at her nipples, and moved up and down as she rode him. I moved even closer to the gap in the drapes so she could see me watching. She looked at me in the mirror, as I saw his cock glistening with her juices, being ****** to bend a little because of the way she was leaning back. She put one of his hands to her mouth, and was licking at his fingers. She watched me looking at her and at his cock in her as she rode him. She came again! So did I. Tom didn't, yet.

She sagged down on him, kissing his chest. "I want more," he said, and took her waist with both hands and just lifted her off him. He turned her on her back, so that her head was toward the mirror. I could see along her body. Tom sat up, He rolled onto her, and one at a time, took her arms and moved them above her head. Holding her by the wrists, he suspended himself in a classic pushup position over her. I could see his penis, stiff, and pointing.

She looked down along his body, his legs outside of hers. I saw her left leg move, nudging him. He rolled to the side, a little, and she was able to move her leg from between his, to outside of his.

She moved her other leg, he rolled to the other side, and suddenly she was spread out, him between her legs, his cock, already wet, pointing at her cunt, wanting to go in there, again.

Sue moved her knees apart and up, spreading her legs, and giving herself some mobility. She looked at his penis, tilted her pelvis, and lifted her hips, moving, I was sure, to help his penis - this stranger's penis - find its way into her - my wife's - cunt.

I was shocked at how much I wanted to see this continue. Had I been in the room, I probably would have guided it into her myself!

He let his weight down on her. I had a wonderful view down between their bodies, saw his cock brush her pelvis, saw her adjust her position, saw it move down some more, and then, his erection disappeared into her. His hips began flexing, driving into her. Sue looked up at him, watching him, and matching him, thrust for thrust.

I watched him pounded into her, legs flexing, with his hips and pelvis slapping into her. They were both grunting in time with each stroke.

She was every bit acting like an expensive ****** who loved her work, and who knew her job, now, was to satisfy him. She pulled her hands loose, and held his hips. I saw her help him drive into her.

"I want you to tell me when you start to come" she hissed, between his thrusts.

In a moment he said "Now!!!"

Her hips raised to meet his thrust - then she pulled away, her hands on his hips holding him in position, his cock ******* and wet and bobbing, with a first white spurt reaching her pubic hair.

She pulled at his hips, pulling him forward. He moved up on her on his knees, ejaculating on her belly, a little more on her breast, then on her cheek, before her mouth got around him. Sue's hands left his hips, wrapped around, hugging his ass, as she pulled his pelvis to her face, his cock into her mouth. How could he have held his erection so long?

I heard her mutter "Is this the story you want to tell your buddies?"

"God", I heard him say, "you are fantastic", as he finally rolled beside her. But Sue rolled with him, arms still wrapped around his hips, mouth still at his crotch.

Finally, with him on his back, my lovely wife's head came out of his lap, and she moved beside him. I saw him stoking her face, then realized he was spreading his own cum on her. When his fingers would move close to her mouth, she licked them. I was exhausted too, and I was just watching.

A few minutes later the phone rang.

She said "That's your wake up call. You'd better think about going. I have a horny husband who will be here soon, and I want to get ready for that."

"Does he mind you doing this?"

"I don't think so, so long as I tell him all about it. I'll tell him you were pretty good," she said, then kissed his cock. It began responding right away. "Don't let's waste that" she said. She pulled him near. He went willingly, although he said "I don't think I have anything left."

Sue knew better. She lay beside him, and began stoking his cock while kissing him. I saw him get harder, then his cock began pulsing, and he was treated to a final small orgasm. Later, I reminded Sue that's all we used to do when we were first dating, except she'd be mostly dressed!

I sagged onto a chair on the balcony, also totally spent. In a couple of minutes I heard Sue talking. "Well, you came. Now you gotta go, Tom. I got a good story to tell, and so did you. My husband will enjoy every word." Sue pulled on a robe. "Can we meet again tomorrow? Can I have your phone number?" he asked. "Sorry, Tom, no phone numbers. This was supposed to be a one time deal - but it was a good time for me."

"Will you really tell your husband about this?" "You have no idea how much he'll know - every detail", Sue said. "Weird" he said, as he kissed her, his hand groping under her robe a final time. "If you're here tomorrow night, I'll help you get an even better story."

"What would be better than this?"

"Well, my partner could come, too."

"Uh, Tom, you'd better go."

He dressed, then left.

As soon as she locked the door, Sue ran to the balcony door, and rushed into my arms. "Was I good? Are you mad at me?"

I said "I must have come 5 times, although at the end I was shooting blanks. I'm not mad, I am turned on, you were wonderful."

"So you did you like the show?"

"Oh yes - let me fuck you."

"I've never been such a slut. I felt so naked as when I was riding him. I don't want to do that again anytime soon, but what a turn on. I saw you watching!"

"Get in bed, Sue. I want to feel what it's like to fuck you while you are still full of Tom. God, he could keep it up a long time!"

Sue laughed. "No he couldn't. He had to run to the men's room when we were in the lounge so he wouldn't stain himself. That's why it took so long for us to come up. And he came when he was fucking me, didn't you see that? And a little just before he left. He couldn't keep it up, but he sure got it up often enough."

We pulled the bed cover off - it was a mess. It was strange, feeling my well masturbated cock moving in my wife's well fucked cunt. The excitement was intense, the sex wonderful. We switched from making love, to having sex, to loving, again and again that night.

Then she asked "Honey, would you like to stay here another night?"
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