This is inspired by the account of ukfilipinacpl here Asian Wife's First Time

It's true with minor changes to preserve anonymity.

Like the husband in that true story, I was working overseas for months at a time. I had introduced my desire for my wife to fuck another man to her, but she had been rejecting them for years. We did talk about it and I got her to tell me about the men who flirted and propositioned her at work and elsewhere. We also played a "game" a few times where we would go into a singles' bar or club separately and I would watch as she was approached by and danced with other men.

At this time she was in her early 50s but still in good shape and sexy in a mature MILF type of way. Light brown skin and very curvy.

It was only when I went away for months that she took steps to do anything. I guess she got horny and the phone calls and streaming videos we did just moved her along. I was sending her stories about Indian wives cucking their husbands. She began to tell me about how she was flirting with her boss and dressing sexy at work. She sent me pictures of how she was dressing, sexy low-cut dresses.

We always had a power struggle in the marriage, she wanted to be dominant and call the shots with regard to money etc. I sent her articles about female-led relationships and told her how cucking me would make me her slave. I often chatted in the old Yahoo Messenger cuck chatrooms, and had long conversations with an intelligent "Dom" who explained a lot to me about the psychology of cucking and how it worked for him and the wives he fucked. I introduced him to my wife, and they began to chat with each other. He didn't live near my wife, he was in another part of the country about 1000 miles away. My wife wasn't willing to give up her anonymity or meet him anyways, but they did chat for a few months. From the little she told me about their chats (she did not share them or invite me to participate) he explained to her the benefits of cucking for her being able to control me.

By this time we were talking about her fucking another man all the time. While she flirted with her younger boss, he never took the bait, but other opportunities presented themselves. She had a younger co-worker who was leaving the company and moving to another state. She had told me for years how he would compliment her on her dress and body and openly express his desire and proposition her, even though he was 23 years younger than her. He was one of those guys who had experience with older women at a young age and it became a preference. He was Latino.

He had asked for and she had promised a good-bye dinner for him. I told her to go for it, let things happen. As their date approached, we kept chatting and I kept encouraging her.

On the day of the date, she sent me pictures of how she was dressing, outside and underwear.

I had to wait for two days to get what happened out of her. Finally she told me. They went out to dinner, had a couple drinks and then he invited her back to his place. He worked heavily on complimenting her, telling her how much he desired her and how much he loved older mature women. He's about 30, she's 53 at the time. She made the decision to commit and went to his place. He offered her some pot and put on smooth jazz. He's seducing her by the numbers, not giving her much chance to back out even though she's still conflicted. He's also leaning on my absence and telling her it's wrong for me to be leaving her alone. Of course he does not know that I know they're having a date and I want her to fuck him. The pot took away any doubts, soon they were slow dancing and he's got his hands on her ass and kissing her.

Then she told me they moved to the couch and he's soon got her tits out and is sucking them, which she said was her "weakness." They're both pretty high by this time, so there's some awkward fumbling, but they went from him going down on her, getting her completely naked, and then her sucking his cock (!) which surprised me. She said he had a thick cock which was rock hard, not surprising with such a young guy. "Then he penetrated me." It didn't take long for him to come, but she had already come a few times from him going down on her.

She spent the night because she was too high to drive. Not the best sex, and she didn't do it again with him, as she felt guilty, but it had opened her legs to other men. This led to her having a long-term lover who she was much less inhibited with.
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