The longer I was working overseas, it became more apparent from my phone calls back home that she was missing the physical side of the relationship. She would hint that she needed a toy or joke that the hot guy at the gym was going to get lucky. The hot guy at the gym had come up even when I was working closer to home. She admitted she enjoyed the fact that her gym schedule seemed to coincide with that of the well-built younger man. Her eyes often wandered over his toned chest and arms, and the distinct bulge in his shorts had not escaped her attention. He was, she suspected, in her late 20s, and she was a fit, young-looking 42-year-old mother of one daughter.

The phone calls home would mostly be a laundry list of the day’s activities, but occasionally, like this particular call, she was clearly a little horny. I asked whether her mood had been fueled by the hot guy at the gym, and she laughed. “He smiled and talked to me today,” she said. He went on to tell me that he was a little flirty and complimented her on her work ethic at the gym. She noticed after he had been looking over during the session, and she was clearly flattered. I had always told her that it turned me on when guys, especially younger guys, checked her out. So I asked her if she wanted a hall pass. She laughed. I said I was serious. Did she want to play with permission? She cooed that it would be fun but then snapped back to reality and said she couldn’t see that working and that it was a nice little fantasy.

The phone call finished and over the next couple of weeks, the hot guy got a few mentions once in a while but I didn’t bring up the hall pass anymore. One weekend, she called me to say she was heading into town with her girlfriend for a few drinks, and she would speak to me in the morning. I took this opportunity to remind her she still had an unused hall pass, and she laughed. The next morning I was going to call later as I thought she may have had a later night. But I didn’t have to, as she called me. She sounded a little hesitant, and I was about to ask if everything was okay, and she blurted out that she used the hall pass. I asked her to repeat, and she sounded kind of defensive. I told her it was fine, but I just wanted her to explain.

She nervously told me that at the bar she bumped into the hot guy from the gym. His name was David, and he bought her a drink and chatted with her and her friend. At some point, her pal headed off home, and she hung around. She admitted she loved the attention she was getting and was a little tipsy too. Towards the end of the evening, she told him she was going to get a cab home, and he asked if she could drop him off at his apartment on the way. At some point, she decided to get out of his apartment. She tentatively started to explain what happened and was checking on me on the other end of the phone. I don’t think I said anything for a few minutes. I assured her I was fine. My heart was beating out of my chest.

She told me that as soon as they got into his apartment, he poured her a glass of wine, but that she doubted she actually tasted it as his mouth locked into hers and they kissed. They continued kissing, and they moved into his living room, where he laid her on the sofa. My head was swirling at this point, and she once again asked me if I was okay with all this. I must have made some noises that told her to go on. She pulled his t-shirt up, and he took it off. He unbuttoned her blouse, and they started to kiss again as he massaged her breasts. She told me she could feel him hard against her, and she told me she reached down and felt his cock through his jeans. I wanted to ask if he was as big as she imagined when she saw him in his tight shorts. I didn’t get the chance, however. It’s like she knew I would be curious and said, 'He was a big boy. Thick’.

By this time, my heart was still beating fast, and my cock was now very hard. I was listening to my wife tell me how she was rubbing this younger man’s thick cock. She stopped and said, “It all happened very quickly, and before I could even think, he was pushing his cock inside me. We didn’t use protection.” She sounded apologetic, and I asked her how it felt. She told me he was definitely the thickest cock she had felt. She had six guys before we started dating. She said she felt very naughty, guilty, and incredibly horny all at once as this younger man pushed his thick cock harder inside her. She said they changed positions, and she got on top of him and rode him hard as he sucked her nipples and massaged her little breasts. “It was all very frantic, and then he told me he was cumming, and I let him shoot inside me.” She said it wasn’t the smartest thing, but she was 'in the moment’.

She answered some of the 27000 questions I wanted to ask as I stammered at the end of the phone, sitting in an office thousands of miles away. My head is spinning. We had more to discuss, but I had a meeting to go to. I asked whether it was something she would want to do again before I had to leave. She asked me if that was okay with me. I told her it was, and she said she just might...
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