It had been three months since that amazing time at the stables, with Alexander. True to her word Judy wanted more of him and she regularly fucked her new stud. She let him breed her as often as she could but it had to be times when the stable staff weren’t there. Although Alexander didn’t care who saw, he tried multiple times to take her while others were around. There was also the issue of how much her pussy could take being fucked by him. Regardless she was getting bred and loved every second of it. I would watch on many occasions, still in amazement it was happening, and either get an amazing blow job from my well-used wife or, this occurred more than the other, I would deposit my seed in her ass as his seed poured from her womb.

Our sex life was on fire. Judy was more insatiable than ever. She couldn’t fuck enough to satisfy the heat that had been unleashed in her, and having crossed such a taboo line as she crossed with Alexander just threw gas onto that fire. It was unfortunate that Emily and Christopher divorced in some respects because, while she was pushing her sexual envelope his was still the only cock, other than mine, she had willingly taken since we had been married. The gang bang was still not discussed, it was almost as if she just wanted to forget it happened. I guess I understood why, after all, she was ******, gang banged and while she came multiple times, even begged for my buddies to keep ravaging her, it was not her choice. That being said she had become a full bisexual slut greedily licking Emily’s pussy whenever she could begging me to fuck her pussy and ass while she did it. She also would moan and scream as Emily ate her pussy like a starving member of the Donner party. It was spectacular watching the two of them make love and also fuck each other, and those are not the same thing, often without the need for my involvement at all. Unbeknownst to them I had two hidden cams recording and had developed an amazing library of lesbian and FMF porn that could rival Vivid video.

Now, I cannot complain about the total bi-slut Judy had become. We had a wonderful relationship with Emily that allowed me to fuck and get my cock sucked by another woman while my wife watched and helped. That being said she still wasn’t a true hotwife and that was my ultimate goal. Starting from the force gang bang, that amazing Christmas, to fucking her stud it was all, at the end of the day, to get her to willingly be shared, spit-roasted, DP’d, gang bang the works. I wanted her to be more than a hotwife I wanted her to be an insatiable ***** that craved as many cocks and pussies as she could get but she just wasn’t getting there, or so I thought. What I didn’t know was that Judy had been giving a great deal of thought about taking other cocks and her stance on the matter was about to change dramatically.

We had been working pretty hard building a new business and needed a break. We decided to head to Dallas Texas. We enjoy Dallas, the restaurants, shopping, entertainment, etc., etc. Our favorite hotel to stay at is The Adolphus. It’s a classic hotel downtown that has been around for nearly 100 years. It has the old-world charm with modern amenities including a great bar, fireplace, and plenty of space around both to sit, relax, talk and people watch. We always get upgraded and have a big suite with plenty of room to suck and fuck. I have tied Judy more than once to either the bed, couch, or post in the middle of the living room and had my way with her leaving her a sweaty, cum soaked, dripping exhausted but satisfied mess.

We arrived on Thursday and planned for a long weekend heading back home the following Monday. The first night is always a stay-in casual evening when we unpack, wind down, order food to the room, have a couple of cocktails from the bar, and have room service bring up a nice bottle of wine to have with our meal. The evening almost always ended with us making love. That was typically the last love-making session we would have on these getaways, the rest of the time was pure fucking. That Thursday was no different. We checked in, and as usual, were upgraded to one of the suites and went up to the room to get settled in. Judy was feeling Thai and there is a great Thai restaurant so we called and had it door dashed to the room. While Judy got unpacked, which included some fun sex toys, and we waited on the food I went down to the bar to get our first round of cocktails.

As I exited the elevator and walked to the bar I noticed it was louder and more crowded than usual, especially for a Thursday evening. Fridays and Saturdays would get busy, crowded, and loud, which made it perfect for people watching but Thursday tended to be the quiet before the storm. I made my way to the bar to order Judy’s Bombay sapphire martini-dry and my Woodford Manhattan. I had to wait for a spot to open up at the bar due to the crowd. As I waited to order it became clear why it was so crowded. There were seven 20-something guys, clearly together having a hell of a time. It was clear they were not on their first round. I ease dropped on their banter as I waited for our drinks. They were in town for a bachelor party and were talking about which strip club to hit and which one of them was going to get laid that weekend. I chuckled to myself remembering my bachelor party a few weeks before Judy and I got married. If they had half the fun me and my buddies had, they were in for one hell of a weekend.

When I got back to the room Judy was relaxing in a bubble bath. I gave her her martini and left her alone in the tub to relax. I sipped my Manhattan and flipped through the TV and settled on an episode of Shark Tank. The food came, I opened the wine and Judy padded into the living area in nothing but a robe that was not tied shut. Her body glistened with the bath water that clung to her still-fit 53-year-old body. She was a Pilates fanatic and went twice a week and every other Saturday. I would go once a week with her and let me tell you this is not yoga! Pilates will kick your ass and it did mine on more than one occasion. Judy loved it and her body proved that and its positive effects. It took only a few seconds for me to get hard. We ate our food, drank our wine, and flirted about what we were going to do over the weekend.

True to form we ended the night making love. It was loving, romantic, and tender. We reveled in each other and our bodies as we melded into one sensual being enveloping ourselves in the other. Regardless of our adventures and how out of the norm or deviant they had become I loved this woman desperately.

When we had finished, we laid there holding each other gently, lovingly. It started as small what seemed like hiccups a couple at first and then grew in frequency as well as intensity until Judy was fully weeping. I held her close and tried to break whatever was happening by joking that I can do better next time if she just gave me a chance.

“Oh lover it’s not you” she stammered “It's me, I don’t deserve you, you are too good to me.”

“What in the world are you talking about my love,” I asked, “You are the perfect woman in every way, I love you more than I can say or possibly show.”

At that, she was in full meltdown. Weeping uncontrollably and trying to wrestle herself away from my grip, but I was not letting go.

“Please I-I-I c, c, can’t do this anymore.” I sat straight up in bed pulling Judy up with me. Took her by the shoulders, a shock of fear going through me.

“Can’t do what my love? If it’s our sex life we can fix it. I thought you enjoyed Emily joining us and your riding time with Alexander.”

“Oh I do and I wouldn’t change that for anything…that is unless you asked and then, of course, I would stop immediately.”

“Not on your life!” I exclaimed. “I Love your newfound sexuality and as long as you are enjoying it, I’m all in.”

She started to cry again.

“See you are too good to me but I have been lying to you…for so long I have been lying….” She trailed off.

I took her face in my hands gently cupping her beautiful tear-streaked cheeks and looked deeply into her gorgeous eyes

“My love there is nothing you could have lied about that will change how I love you but you need to get something off your chest. So, talk to me.” I insisted

She looked deeply into my eyes searching for any sign that I was not being sincere to see something that told her it was ok, this was safe and she could unburden herself. She took a deep breath and said…

“Do you remember four years ago when I house-sat for Emily” she started

“yessss….?” I questioned.

“Well, something…happened, something bad but incredible…in a way…but also something I am ashamed of…”

For the next two hours, my wife told me everything, moment by moment about her side of the gang bang I had set up for her with my construction buddies. She talked about how she’d got on her nighty for the evening and was sitting down to her second glass of wine to watch a show before going to bed. The sound of the break-in, her fear as the three men approached her and each thrust of their cocks as they violated her over and over filling each of her holes simultaneously. She told me how her body betrayed her, gave in, and came over and over. She cried as she admitted her will was broken and she began to crave the ****** fucking she was receiving. She loved the black cock that dumped a huge load of thick hot cum into her tummy and still was able to pound her pussy until she was wild with lust for it and wanted, “oh so much more”.

“Perhaps that’s why I love being fucked by Alexander so much.” She queried.

“No my queen there is more to that than just wanting a massive cock but that’s another discussion” I answered.

“You know Steve, I think I knew them, at least two of them” Judy stated.

My heart skipped a beat!

“You do, how, who, I’ll kill them!” I exclaimed.

I hoped I put sufficient force behind that all the while my mind was racing with how to fix this now. What if she wanted me to go after they confront them or worse arrest them, “SHIT,” I thought this is bad, bad, bad

“No lover I don’t want you to do anything. I loved it, yes, they took me and violated me against my will…at first but in the end, I didn’t want it to end. I wanted them to keep fucking me, using me as their *****. When they left, I longed for them to return. No, they gave me something I didn’t know I craved or needed I can’t send them to jail for that” she stated.

“So, who do you think they were,” I asked.

“I am certain that one was your contractor friend Dan. And the huge black cock that kept pounding my pussy had to have been Jason.”

(holy fuuuuuck) I thought. She had ID’d them both.

“Are you sure honey? That’s a serious accusation and those guys have been in our home since that evening doing work for us. You even specifically suggested we use them.” I spoke

“I know, I wanted them to work on our home to BE certain. To either confirm or dispel my suspicions. I knew within 15 minutes of them being there it was them I could tell by the way they looked at me, watching me. The little smiles and smirks they gave to each other, Jason adjusting his huge cock in his pants from the erection he had from remembering what, they did to me. Oh, it's them lover it is them” she insisted.

I sat there for a minute trying to think of what to say, what to DO now. I had waited for years for her to tell me about what happened and now she had but I never thought she would have figured out who it was. This was something I didn’t truly plan for.

Judy broke the silence

“Are you mad at me, disappointed in me because I loved it? Please tell me we are going to be ok. That you still want me, still want to be married to me”. Judy whimpered.

This snapped me out of my train of thought, my panic frankly.

“Whatever do you mean?!” I asked. “mad at you? Disappointed in you? You’re kidding, right? My queen you are fully bi-sexual, plus you allow your horse to breed you and I love it! How in the world do you think this would make me do anything but desire you more?”

Judy threw herself at me! Wrapped her arms around my head and passionately kissed me. She began to kiss my ear sliding her tongue into my ear as far as it would go. As she worked her way down my neck she purred

“Fuck me, lover. I want you to take me as Dan and Jason did. Did you bring ALL the toys” she continued.

OK at this point I was instantly hard.

“You bet I did!” I said gleefully.

“Good I want you to use all of them on me. Fill all my holes at once, fuck me like they did, like a gang bang *****. Drill me until I pass out”. She begged.

And that is exactly what I did!

Judy woke the next morning with a huge smile and a bounce in her step. I hadn’t realized until that moment that she truly had been carrying a weight around with her. The ”lie” of not telling me about the ****** gangbang had restricted her in some weird way, despite her rapidly expanding sexual appetite. She took a hot bubble bath to allow her body to recover from the prior nights drilling while I sipped coffee and chatted with her from the other room. We got dressed and went out for the day. We decide to have lunch at one of our favorite places in Dallas, Eataly. We both love Italian food and they had some of the best. Plus, it was also an Italian market and wine shop of sorts. Great place. As we ate lunch we chatted about plans for the weekend, the prior night's activities, etc. We eventually went back to the gang bang. She was more open about talking about it now, her feelings of fear as it started, and how that transcended into carnal lust and desire.

“So let me ask you. Do you want to be gang-banged like that again” I asked

“Well not be them!” She exclaimed. “They had me once, by force they don’t get to have me again” she stated firmly.

I had to chuckle at this, tough luck guys.

“In fact,” she continued “I don’t want you to ever use them again. What they did was wrong. I’m not going to have them arrested but they don’t get rewarded for it, beyond forcing climax after climax out of me of course.” There was no room for discussion in her tone.

“I think that is more than fair but…” I trailed off and almost held my breath as I waited for her response.

“So, you're asking me if I would allow myself or even want to be ganged again,” she asked

“Well, I guess…yes that is exactly what I am asking,” I replied.

“To be honest, if you are ok with it…yes, yes, I would very much like to have it happen again. Steve, I do hope that doesn’t make you angry. I’ll push the very thought of it out of my mind if it does. It’s just….it’s just that I have never felt so FULL. So overwhelmed, so out of control. I was their fuck doll and there was nothing I could do about it but eventually relax, take it, and enjoy it. It was exhilarating and so freeing. Yes, I want to feel that way again…if that’s fine with you” she added.

I once again cupped my wife’s face in my hands and stared into those chestnut eyes “Not only is it ok, I WANT you to do it.”

The rest of the day was glorious. We did some shopping and then went to the botanical gardens. Judy was glowing, smiling more than I had ever seen her smile and she practically bounced as we walked the gardens. We made our way, unknowingly, to an area that had few visitors. I received a call that I had to take. As I was on the phone she pulled me into the shrubbery, took my pants down, and began to suck me hard. I quickly got off the call, pushed her to her hands and knees, and took her doggy style right then and there. It was incredible. Judy has always liked sex in public places where there is a risk of getting caught it made her incredibly wet and hot. This was no different and she came so loud there is no way NO ONE heard, but I didn’t care.

We eventually made it back to the hotel for cocktail hour. We did what we usually do on our second night and started by the fireplace with our cocktails. The bachelor party showed up and the “boys” were getting ready for another night on the town. As they were joking and carrying on, I noticed Judy watching them intently and I felt my cock twitch.

“I wonder,” I thought to myself

When the group was joined by a 6’4 muscled, handsome black stud Judy visibly bit her lower lip.

“You ok their sexy,” I asked.

Judy blinked twice and turned to me “Oh yes lover of course. I was just thinking”

"What about?” I pressed

Her face lit up with another smile “How much and how well do you love me” she smiled.

Chuckling “Well I try. Looks like we could use another round, more of the same” I asked

“Oh yes please” she started then said “No you sit. You need your rest. I’ll get them

“.She winked and pranced off to the bar. I was not sure but there seemed to be a touch more sway in her hips.

I saw her sashay in between the black stud and one of his buddies as she nudged her way to the bar. I could see her mouth excuse me as she pushed past. Their eyes scanned her up and down as they parted to let her through staring at her ass once she was at the bar.

The black stud looked at his pal and seemed to mouth “sexy MILF”.

He started to strike up a conversation with Judy as she waited for the drinks. She giggled and then blushed and smiled. He was complimenting her as she looked up into his eyes and momentarily glanced at his crotch. I was loving what I was seeing. She was getting all the attention she could handle and was loving it. She nodded toward me and the three of them looked over. The black stud nodded at me, almost respectfully. She had been clear she was mine and he paid due deference. I appreciated that.

The following day, Saturday, was more of the same except we were having dinner with some friends we knew in Dallas. We got back to the hotel late, about 10 PM. The guys from the bachelor party were in the bar area again. I found it weird they were in so early but dismissed it. We walked into the bar and found a place to sit. Judy quickly said

“I’ll get our drinks” and darted off to the bar.

The black stud, Brain I found out was his name, greeted her with a huge smile. I could tell he said hello and Judy responded in kind. He turned to his friends and said something and they all turned to address my wife. Soon they had encircled her and were trying to convince her of…something. She blushed, sheepishly shook her head recovered our drinks, and came over to where I was sitting. They all watched her and her spectacular ass as she walked away. Brian and I caught each other’s eye and this time he raised his glass in a toast. I returned the salute.

“Let’s go, upstairs lover. I need to taste that yummy cum of yours” she proclaimed.

I think I’ve said this before but it bears repeating, Judy was a pro at sucking cock. She truly is. She loved, absolutely loved it and her skills were unparallel so I wasn’t going to say no.

I sipped my cocktail on the couch while I watched her kneel in front of me and start to suck on my cock. I am a decent size just a hair below a real 8 inches and she can deep throat me while licking my balls with ease. I LOVE it when she does that moaning as she does it. She would pause long enough to take a sip of her cocktail, chased by water, nothing stings worse than gin in your pee hole let me tell you! I asked her as she suck and licked my cock what the guys were saying or asking her. As she stopped to sip, she said

“Oh, they were just being scoundrels you know how young men get during a bachelor weekend,” she said.

“It’s been a long time so enlighten me” as she took me deep again.

“mmmmmmmmmmmm” she groaned as she pulled my cock first out of her throat and then her mouth, “They told me they are having a slumber party in their suite and they want me to be the party favor” she purred.

my cock twitched…hard

“Oh, you like the idea, don’t you? You like your queen being ravaged and fucked by seven cocks all at once” she asked.

“Ohhhh god” I moaned as she continued to suck. “It is a hot idea truth be told.”

Judy look up at me as she was licking my cock. “Do you think I can handle all eight at once?”

“You took on three and wanted more” I countered

“True” was all she said

Soon I was close and she could sense it. She started to bob furiously on my cock. As the first precum started to drip she moaned loudly then she felt my balls tighten, my cock engorge as the stream of man seed started to work its way up my hardened shaft. At the very last moment, she deep-throated me taking all of me in and forcing my cock down her throat. I shot rope and rope of hot, think sticky gizz straight down her throat into her waiting tummy. She moaned, groaned, and kept sucking my cock and I kept squirting until there was no more to give her.

I laid out on the couch spent. She had swallowed a massive load, looked up at me wiped the corners of her lips, and smiled

“mmmmmmmm just love how you taste” she purred

“I’m so glad” I muttered as I closed my eyes and laid back.

“Our cocktails are finished; would you like another” Judy asked.

“Well sure, let me get dressed and I’ll run down and get them” I started to get up.

“NO lover you rest, I’m happy to run down to the bar and get our drinks. I’ll be right back” Judy said in a tone that ended the discussion.

I laid back on the couch and closed my eyes. I figured it would take her about 20 minutes to get the drinks and come back, the perfect amount of time for a catnap, then round two but this time I was planning to cum in her ass.

I awoke with a start over an hour and a half later. I got up and looked around, calling out for Judy but she was not in the room. It couldn’t have possibly taken this long for cocktails; My first thought was to call her but her phone just rang and rang until it went to voice mail. I tried again and then again but it still went to voice mail. I didn’t hear it ringing in the room so I knew she had it with her. I started to put on clothes, intent to go downstairs and see if she was ok. That is when I saw my Manhattan. It was sitting on the credenza by the front door of the room. I walked over and saw, laying next to the drink another room key and a note from Judy. It said:

“Join the party lover room 1915 xoxo” the note stated

“What the hell is going on,” I thought. I was still hazy from the blowjob and catnap not to mention the adrenalin rush of not knowing if my wife was ok. “Join the party,” I said to myself.

"What party,,” I said aloud. We didn’t have any friends staying at the hotel.

“Well only one way to find out,” I said as I grabbed my drink and headed to room 1915.

The room was one floor below us so it didn’t take long to get to the room. As I came closer, I could start to hear sounds coming from the room. It was faint and hard to recognize at first but got louder as I got closer to Room 1915. As I stood at the door it hit me, these are the sounds of sex, loud, raucous sex and there was more than one voice making noises. I silently opened the door and moved into the suite. The sounds were clear now, there was a gang bang going on in the bedroom. That is when I heard Judy.

“Oh gawd, oh gawd, ohhhhhhhh yes yes yes fuck me oh shit fuck me harder. Give me all.. mmmphhhhhh mmmmm” Clearly someone had just stuffed at least one cock in her mouth. I gingerly and as silently as I could walked into the bedroom and came face to face with what I had been working towards and hoping for years.

Judy was in the center of the bed laying face up on one of the bachelors, his cock was balls deep in her ass. Brian the black stud was on top. He had Judy by the ankles and had spread her legs wide, far wider than I thought she could do, and bent at the knee. He was slamming her pussy with a massive black piston of a cock. She had a cock in each hand and was getting face fucked by a fifth cock. Two more guys were kneeling on the bed stroking their cocks while grabbing and pinching Judy’s full tits and bullet-like nipples.

I went instantly erect.

She hadn’t noticed me yet because her head was turned away and towards the cock furiously being shoved down her throat.

“Hey, man my turn. I want those slut lips around my cock” One of the strokers said. He not so gently turned Judy’s head towards him, popping his friend's cock out of her mouth with a sloppy POP! As he was inserting his cock into her mouth Judy saw me and we locked eyes. Her eyes grew wide almost as if she was surprised to see me, then she saw the bulge in my pants, smiled, as best she could with a cock in her mouth, and went back to getting fucked, hard.

The guy with his cock in her ass was the first to announce he was about to explode.

“fuck, oh fuck I can’t hold it. Her ass is so tight…holy fuck she’s flexing it. The slut is milking my cock with her ass” he exclaimed.

“Hold on brother I’m almost there we’ll fill this MILF at the same time” Brian stated as he began to furiously pound Judy’s cunt.

Uh…uhh…fuck your pussy is so hot so…uhhhh wet…oh yeh…oh yeh you ready baby? Ready for by black seed?” Brian huffed.

“MMMMPPPH” Judy pops the cock out of her mouth “Yes baby oh god yes give me that black seed, fill me up put a black baby inside me!” Judy moaned. She’s fixed so she wasn’t going to get pregnant, but he didn’t need to know that.

“Fuck Brian I can’t hold it….I’m…I’m gonna, I’m gonna…….” The cock underneath Judy arched his back and grunted. “C, C, C, CUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMM UUUUUUUHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGG!!!!!”

Brian’s movements went from fluid to jerky “Oh yeh, oh yeh it coming baby it's coming…here it comes!!!” Brian gasped “uh, uhh, uhhhhhhh ohhhhh fuuuuuuuuuck”

Judy was bucking for all she was worth trying to get as much cock in her as she could as she was about to hit another explosive orgasm.

“ohhhh gaw, ohhh gawd, ohhhhhhhgaaawwwddd yes, yes, yes, fuck, fuck oh gawd please fuck meeeee. I feel you….feel you both….ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh sooooooo much cum..sooooo much cuuuuuummmmmmmmm ahhhhhheeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!” with that Judy exploded in a furious orgasm that ****** her pussy to squirt a river.

“It’s my turn with this slut” the next cock asserted as he laid down on the bed next to Judy “Roll her over on top of me,” Brian pulled out of my wife, grabbed her by the thighs, and flipped Judy over so she was laying onto the top of the dude next to her. She was still woozy from the massive orgasm she had just had and her head was not clear, so Brian positioned her, lifting her up and onto his buddy’s cock.

Judy’s eyes rolled back as she slid down easily onto the second cock her pussy had so far that night lubricated by the massive load Brian had dumped into her just moments before.

“oooooohhhhhhhh, mmmmmmm” she moaned.

I saw Brian’s cum splurt out of her soaking cunt as the new cock slid in. Cum was also seeping from her ass. Which was good as another cock lined up behind my wife and plunged his cock balls deep into her with one thrust

Judy inhaled sharply and deeply as she started to receive another double-penetration drilling

“Huuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh” she gasped.

Brian turns to me “Your wife is amazing, a real fuck doll. How long has she been a hotwife?”

“How long have you guys been fucking her” I answered. He looked at me inquisitively. “Well, that’s how long she’s been a hotwife” I chuckled

“No fucking way this is her first gang bang?” he asked

“First willing one it is,”

Brian’s eyebrow furrowed deeper

“Long story tell you some other time."

The latest DP had hit a perfect rhythm as the two cocks were pistoning in and out of Judy’s cunt and ass in perfect time, one in one out over and over. Judy has moaning and groaning as she was clearly building up to another orgasm

“uh, uh, uh, uh oh gawd, oh fuck oh yes uh, uh don…don’t…please…don’t stop”. She huffed.

I suddenly realized that I had my cock out and was stroking as I was casually talking to Brian and watching Judy get used like a true fuck toy. That’s when I decided to get in on the action myself, after all, one hole was still free. I slipped out of my shorts, climbed on the bed, and moved in front of her.

“I (huff) was wondering (puff) when…ohhhhhh fuck, when, when you would… oh fuuuuck yes, join in lover” Judy gasped as her orgasm continued to build.

The cocks fucking her had picked up the pace and were now double-timing the DP as they too were getting close to exploding” I knew it wouldn’t take me long to cum in this situation. I reached behind Judy’s head, grabbed a fistful of her beautiful silver hair, and pulled her head back causing her mouth to open wide. I immediately shoved my fully erect dick down her throat

“MMMMMMMMMPPPPPHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” was all that escaped her mouth as she relaxed her throat to take all of my cock. I quickly fell into the rhythm the other two had created and soon the three of us were fucking my wife in perfect harmony.

Judy started to cum but I refused to take my cock out of her mouth.

“mmmmm, uhhhhhhhhh, MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, MMMM, MMMM, MMMMMMPPPHHH!!!!!” Judy’s orgasm just kept going as she tried to moan and scream around my cock.

The one in her pussy shot first. “FUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!! Her pussy’s squeezing my cock,uhhhhhhhhh ohhhh shit yes you slut oh fuck yes can’t hooooold it…… ahhhhhhhggggggggg yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!” with that and a thrust up into her Judy took her second load of seed into her womb for the night.

Ass Bachelor was right behind, figuratively and literally!

“Her ass…so tight….shit baby! Her ass is clinching my….UUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGG shiiiiittttttttt ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” he shouted as he dumped his balls into her bowels.

Judy squirmed wiggled and bucked as her orgasm was still going. That was all I needed. I popped my cock out of her mouth. Judy instantly moaned and screamed

“Oh fuck yes oh gawd so much….cum…still…cumming…can’t stop ohhhhhhhhhhh”

It took just a couple of strokes and I exploded all over Judy’s beautiful reddened face covering her mouth, chin, and nose with a massive load. As she started to finish her orgasm, I watched my cum drip from her chin and right onto the face of the bachelor underneath her. I expected him to revolt and get pissed but instead, he wiped it off with his finger and then sucked his finger clean. I looked at Judy in surprise and she winked back…so I stuck my cock in his mouth and told him to suck me clean which he greedily did.

“Hoooolly shit” came from Brian. “Darrin likes to suck cock who would have thunk it?!”

That was the first time a guy ever sucked my cock. He was no Judy but it was not the first cock he had sucked.

This went on for another three hours. Eventually, every cock had dumped a load of man juice in at least two of Judy’s holes. She was drenched, her hair matted with a combination of cum and sweat. The several loads of cum shot on her face caused her gorgeous alabaster skin to glisten. At this point, most of the guys were well-spent and **********. Judy was on top of another stud who was pumping his hips up and into her good-use cunt. Judy’s forehead rested on his chest, her body having little tremors as her pussy got another pounding. She was exhausted and I’m not completely sure aware of the cock ramming into her. It seemed the evening, now early morning and the activities were coming, with this final fucking of her pussy, to an end, but there was one more fucking she was going to get, one more cock that had not been in her ass and that was Brian. Her ass was well-lubed and gaping at this point and that is when Brian decided to slide his huge black cock up her ass, in one violent thrust his balls slapping hard against her swollen lips.

I have never heard her scream so loud. There is no way she was not heard down the hall, hell maybe even on the other floors. It was a primal, animalistic scream as her ass was stretched beyond her prior limits. It was a touch of pain but also raw intense desire. She wanted his black cock up her ass, she needed it up her ass and now she was getting all she could handle. It didn’t take long for him to cum and fill her bowels with yet another load. Judy came with her new black lover and with her orgasm came another stream of her juice squirting out like a firehose covering Brian’s cock, legs, and the bed.


A damn inside her broke releasing a torrent of fluid that was a combination of her juice and six loads of cum that had been pumped into her cunt. It squirted out and around the cock that was still in her cunt. As she came, Judy collapsed, she could take no more she was completely spent.

P, P, P, PLEASE no more. I can’t take anymore. Too much cum, so much cock … can’t…OOHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUCK” she exhaled as Brian pulled his now softening cock out of her ass. Cum poured out of her ass effortlessly. Judy bucked once, then again, and then a third time as her eyes rolled completely into the back of her head, her legs shaking uncontrollably.

“I think she is cumming again brother,” Brian said.

“Oh, there is no doubt she is,” I spoke.

We watched in rapt amazement as Judy convulsed through her final orgasm of the evening’s events.

“Well,” started Brian “she is sure a hotwife now that’s for damn sure.”

Judy collapsed on the guy underneath her who had cum once Judy started to orgasm filling her pussy with yet another load of young stud seed. She lay there for a minute or two, panting then rolled off him onto her back, one leg still draped over him. Another stud laid next to her and fell asleep, her tit in his hand. Two guys were asleep on the ground and another was ********** on the couch. I surveyed the scene and marveled. My once conservative, prim, and proper wife had just taken on seven young men and fucked them all until they were **********. Sure, she was too but she wasn’t fast to go down.

The only one not ********** was Brian. He had put on a pair of gym shorts and a T-shirt and was sitting in the living room of the suite. I went to join him.

“That is one fine woman you’ve got there Steve,” Brian said. “I have had my share of women, of all shapes and colors. A lot of white women but damn I’ve never had one that could take a fucking like that and keep coming back for more.” Brian said.

“Literally, as well as figuratively, you mean” I chuckled.

“HA fuck yeh literally for sure. I mean damn she still has cum pouring out of her.” He said.

Which was certainly true. As Judy laid there cum was still oozing out of her gaping ass and pussy. Her hair was matted with a combination of sweat and cum and her face was glazed from the loads spewed on it. She had never looked more beautiful, or sexier in her life.

Brian and I sat and chatted as we watched the sun slowly start to illuminate the room as it rose which suddenly struck me. We had been so busy fucking Judy over and over that we completely lost track of time. We had been going at it turning my wife into a cock ***** for over six hours! I always knew she had an insatiable appetite but this was beyond anything I could have possibly imagined. At some point, we heard the shower turn on. A few minutes later Judy slightly staggered into the room. She was still damp from the shower and her hair was wet she had washed the man's spunk out of her hair.

She saw Brian and smiled an almost loving smile. Saw me and grinned.

“Lover, I think it’s time we take our leave,” Judy said. “I need a long hot bath and then some rest. I may sleep all day”

“You have had quite the night,” I said “I’m sure you are exhausted”

“Night and morning it would seem,” she said “and yes I am SO tired…” she turned, smiled, and winked at Brian “but in a good way”.

She walked over to Brian leaned over and gave him a deep, long passionate French kiss which he happily returned.

“Thank you for talking to me in the bar. I would have never experienced this if you hadn’t. Can I see you again” she asked. Then turned to me quickly “That is if you are ok with-it lover”.

“I would be a very bad husband if I denied you that black cock in the future my love,” I responded.

Judy returned a brilliant smile, spun around, and once again kissed Brian passionately and deeply. She reached down and grabbed his cock and started to caress and stroke it.

“Do you….want to see me again?” Judy asked.

“Oh yes ma’am I sure do and if you keep stroking me like that, I’ll have to fuck you again right here right and now” Brian stated.

Judy closed her eyes remembering the look size and feel of Brian’s black mamba of a cock.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” Judy purred. “soon, very soon but I need to recover”.

We exchanged contact info and promised to communicate about the future and Brian’s role in this new chapter in Judy’s new hotwife life. She was still dripping cum and as we rode the elevator small little droplets of white, hot semen hit the elevator floor. It started to get me hard knowing there was so much cum that was not mine that she had inside her pussy, ass, and tummy.

When we got to the room, I poured Judy a hot, steaming bubble bath, lit some candles, and let her soak the soreness in her pussy and ass away, as much as that was possible. She had been pounded relentlessly for hours never stopping but just taking cock after cock and load after load. I had lost count of how many times the guys had seeded her and how many times she had cum but it was magnificent. As she soaked, I wondered where this new chapter in our marriage would lead. Judy was now a full-fledged hotwife slut. I would have to think long and hard about how to push her sexual envelope further but it was going to be fun to figure it out and try.

But that is another story.
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