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Dear Momma,

Something happened last night that has changed everything momma. Bill and Alex came by with flowers and wine so I invited them to dinner. Bill ended up staying the night and it was a wonderful night of sex, but I may have hurt Stan way more than I should have. He looked so nervous being introduced to the two men he knew had fucked me, but they were so sweet to him. I think they made him feel a little better, they kept telling him what a lucky guy he is. I was looking at them together and I just knew I had to get Stan involved with this somehow, just like you and daddy.

I left them alone to fix dinner, and it was only like 10 minutes or so later that Bill came in. I was bent over getting a dish, and he came up behind me. I wasn't wearing panties because I get so wet anymore, so when he lifted up my dress he saw my wet pussy. I swear I started to get wetter as soon as they got here, and seeing them with Stan only made it worse. He ran his fingers over my pussy, and then I heard a zipper.

I felt the head of his cock play with my pussy lips, and then I could feel his cock opening me up as he went inside of me. He did it so slowly and it felt so good, I almost wet myself. I felt him touch places in me that had never been touched momma, you would love his cock so much. He was all the way in me and I could feel his stomach muscles on my butt cheeks, but instead of fucking me like I wanted, he just left it in, filling me up. My tight pussy was full of cock, and I couldn't help the way it was twitching around him. He said I was so tight and he asked if Stan had any cock at all. I told him that Stan's cock was just fine, but not as big as his. I told him about my special exercise that keeps me tight, but not that it was you who taught it to me though. He liked it a lot.

My pussy really started to get itchy horny and I wanted to be fucked so badly. I asked him to fuck me and he told me that his cock needed warming up first. He stayed in me a little longer and then I squeezed his cock with my pussy muscles and I heard him moan. He picked me up and put me on the kitchen counter and that's where he fucked me. He was making me crazy how slow he was fucking me. I felt like he was trying to torture me or something. He said he liked me all hot and horny and screaming for more and then I knew Stan could hear us. It made it seem even better thinking about how Stan might feel hearing us. I started to moan and beg louder for his cock and he finally started to fuck me faster. He fucked me and fucked me and I bet Stan could hear the wet slapping sound we were making. Then I got real wet and my pussy started to come all over his magnificent black cock.

When he pulled it out of me, part of me wanted him to leave it in me forever. He helped me down and I sat down on the kitchen chair. His cock was right in front of my face, so I took it in my hands and put him in my mouth and I sucked off all my juices. Then I sucked his cock because I wanted to get his fuck juice to come out. He said I was the sexiest white chick has ever been with and he slid his cock down my throat. He never rushed me or anything mom, and that made it so much nicer. He just let me suck his cock the way I wanted, and pretty soon he was coming in my mouth. And just like the other day, he likes to watch me swallow his sperm.

He looked down at me and after I swallowed his come, he asked Stan would like to kiss me now. The thought excited me so much that I got up and went out and gave Stan a deep extra wet kiss. He knew I just got fucked, and he looked so hurt. I was hurting my husband deeply, but at that moment I didn't care. He was tasting my lover's sperm in my mouth and I was going to be fucked with him there. I knew he would feel so bad about all this, but right then I wanted it to be like you and daddy.

I finished making dinner and while we ate, the boys kept playing with my legs under the table. Stan ate a little bit and just looked down at his plate. After dinner Alex helped me clean up while Bill spent time with Stan. Alex kept touching me and sliding his cock in and then pulling it all the way out. It took a while to put everything away, and my legs were so weak. I could barely walk so Alex carried me out and sat me beside Bill on the couch. Alex sat down on the other side me and I was so crazy horny that I really did giggle as they took off my dress. They opened me up right in front of Stan and I looked at him as they played with my pussy and sucked on my nipples. He looked so pitiful sitting there watching them touch me everywhere.

I was just about to come when the guys stopped and stood up. They took off their cloths and they stood right next to me with their long cocks hanging down. I took one in each hand and kissed the heads and I told Stan to take off his cloths. Stan has a nice cock, but it was small compared to Bill and Alex. I was so crazy horny that I didn't care if I hurt my poor Stan right then, so I took Bill in my mouth and sucked him for a couple of minutes, then I did the same to Alex. I looked at Stan and told him these were real cocks before I really started to suck them in front of him.

They told Stan how good of a cocksucker I was and I knew Stan would get upset. I never sucked him like the way I was sucking them right then. If he would fuck me a little more like Bill or Alex, then I'd suck his cock until his balls were empty. Bur right then though, I was having fun with these two black monsters in front of Stan. My mouth got them hard and then Bill pulled my ass up and began to fuck my wet pussy as I sucked on Alex's cock. With a cock like that in my cunt, and another in my mouth, my stomach was doing loop-d-loops coming so much. I was coming when Alex shot his come in my mouth, and I was still coming when Bill emptied his balls in my pussy. I sat back down on the couch like a very satisfied woman.

I relaxed on the couch with my legs spread and I told the guys what Stan did the other day. I told them all about how he licked up all their sperm out of my pussy. Well they wanted to see that so they talked him into doing it right there in front of them. Before he bent down to lick my pussy I kissed so could taste some of Alex first. It felt so good having Stan kiss me, sharing sperm with him, and his mouth on my pussy so soon after being well fucked. He made me have an orgasm like you described and it was so special. I praised Stan on how good he was eating me, and so did Bill and Alex.

While Stan was down there licking me to heaven, Bill's cell phone rang. I think it was his girlfriend because he went over to the chair and talked soft. I came for my Stan again and then Alex's phone rang. Since they were both busy, I sat Stan on the couch and sat on his lap. I hugged him and I told him that I loved him so much. I kissed him and I said I would make all of this up to him later. This was all so exciting and I tried to explain, but all I wanted to do was kiss him. Part of me wanted Bill and Alex gone so Stan could make love to me.

I turned to look for the guys and they were standing in front of us. I turned around on Stan's lap and I grabbed a cock in each hand and I started sucking them. I could still feel Stan holding me as I sucked those cocks right in front of him, I felt so sexy doing that. The guys were saying how good I was at sucking big black cocks and I stopped and looked back at Stan. I told him to come closer and he put his chin on my shoulder. I kissed him real sexy like and rubbed Bill's cock over his cheek. I looked at him and kiss him and told him to open up real wide.

I was right there watching so close when I put Bill's cock in Stan's mouth. I kept kissing Alex's cock so he wouldn't get jealous, but watching Stan was incredible. When his lips touched Bill's cock my heart opened even more for Stan. Each time I called him my cocksucker I fell in love with him even more.

How can you not love a man who will suck your lover's cock for you? And Stan is a man, a real man mamma. Bill and Alex know they can't say anything bad around Stan. They both think I'm a crazy, but they know Stan is my man, and only I can do that.

When those two boys were finally hard enough, I led them to our bedroom. Poor Stan just sat there watching me with my two black sexy men, I loved everything about it. Bill laid me down between him and Alex and the next thing I knew I was being fucked by both of them, but not at the same time. Bill was in front of me and Alex was behind me. They lifted my leg up and they took turns fucking me. Bill would fuck me until Alex said something, then Bill would pull out and Alex would fuck me from behind. They took turns like this and the different feeling of each cock as they fucked me was making me crazy horny again. I looked at Stan and he was watching those cocks fuck me and fuck me as I kept coming.

Bill saw me looking at Stan and he told him that I was coming on his cock. He said he could feel me squeeze his cock. I was coming so much on his cock momma and then he was gone and Alex was fucking me. Alex said something to Stan, but I don't what it was. I finally felt like for the first time in my life, my pussy was being treated the way it should be treated. The way they were fucking me made them last so long. I was giggling and laughing coming on them, and I told Stan that I never came like this before.

Those big beautiful black cocks just kept fucking me, and I came all over them. When Bill got to fucking me faster, I knew he was close to filling me with his come. I held Bill close and loved him as he put his come into me and I told Stan then we making him a special treat. As soon as Bill took his spent cock from my pussy, I told Stan to be a good husband and clean up poor Bill's cock. Alex then rolled me on my back and we fucked like those bunnies we saw momma. I wrapped myself all around him and we just fucked. Right then everything was so perfect. I was coming on a big cock and watching my very true love sucking another one. My pussy started freaking out and squeezing Alex's cock and then he yelled something and then he added his sperm to Bill's.

He pulled his cock from me and I put my hand down there real fast. I didn't want any of Stan's special treat to drip out. I watched Stan sucking Bill limp cock and Bill was milking those last drops of sperm from his balls. I took hold of Stan's hand and held it while Alex milked his cock in my mouth. I should have thought something was wrong when he didn't hold my hand back, but I guess I was too horny to think right. All I wanted was my Stan and his mouth and I kissed him. We were sharing cock juice and I thought it was so romantic. I was kissing the mouth of my cocksucking husband and it was making my pussy add more juice to his treat. I stopped kissing him and I told him I loved him and I wanted to eat his special treat.

It was late when we all woke up that night, and then Alex said he had to go. I asked Bill to fuck me real real slow because I wanted to watch Alex come in Stan's mouth. I put Stan on his back and Alex turned Stan's head and fucked his mouth nice. He didn't hurt him at all, he gave Stan a sweet mouth fucking. I was on my hands and knees and Bill fucked me as I watched Alex take Stan's head in his big hands and fucked him so nicely. His cock looked like a big chocolate bar going in and out. I couldn't wait for all the sticky hot cream to shoot inside Stan's mouth. My eyes never left Stan's mouth being fucked by Alex's cock. Alex and Bill lasted a long time, and the comes I had watching, were so wet. Bill always told Stan every time I came over his cock.

Alex said he was getting close to coming, so he rolled rover on his back with his cock in Stan's mouth. I grabbed that big black cock and started to pump him. I told Stan that when Alex comes he would have to swallow it all for me. Then I got to feel a cock shooting sperm into Stan's mouth, and I went crazy again. I said so many things to Stan. I know I called him our cocksucking bitch once. It was so weird how much I liked pumping Alex's cock and feeling him coming in Stan's mouth. I liked watching Stan try to breathe as Alex fucked his mouth. I reached out and touched Stan's throat and felt him gulping all that come into his tummy. We were all coming except Stan and he must have felt so unloved and humiliated and I enjoyed every second of it, I just never realized how much it hurt him. I pulled Alex's cock from Stan's mouth and kissed it goodnight.

For the rest of the night, Bill fucked me and Stan watched and did everything I told him to do. I loved having his face right where Bill was fucking me. Licking my clit as I was being fucked. I bet he felt so bad watching his wife getting fucked by that big black cock. I had to jack Stan off once because I could tell his balls were hurting him. I teased him and said bad things about him, I was a fucking cold bitch to my own husband, but I got so turned on doing it.

This morning I woke up with Bill asleep behind me. I felt so sexually satisfied and cuddled up with him, and then all at once I thought of Stan. I got up real fast and looked for him. I panicked when I couldn't find him and I screamed for Bill. That's when Stan came out of the guest bathroom. I ran to him and hugged him and kissed him, but he said he was really tired and laid on the guestroom bed. Bill came in and said he needed a shower and had to go. I kissed Stan on the head and told him that I was going to fuck Bill before he had to go and I would be right back.

We took our shower and God his cock felt so good this morning. We fucked louder and louder and when I came, I knew the neighbors must have heard. When I kissed him goodbye, he said he had a great time, but I had better make it right with Stan. I better tell him what kind of crazy white bitch he's married to or I may loose him.

Right after I shut the door, I ran to Stan. I wanted to make love to him for days and let him know how much that meant to me. But as soon as got to the doorway I stopped. Stan was lying on his back looking up at the ceiling and there were tears all over his face. You never told me about this momma, you never said it would hurt him like this. I stood there for a minute and I started to cry. I went to the kitchen and made a noise and when I came in, he was wiping his face. I laid next to him and tried to hold him, but he turned away from me.

I asked him if he wanted some breakfast and he said he wasn't hungry. I even asked him if I could wash him in the shower, but he said he already took a shower.

He said he took a sleeping pill because he didn't sleep well last night and I asked him why. He looked at me with so much hurt in his eyes and he said he wasn't use to sleeping after watching his wife ruin his life. He then just rolled over. I felt so terrible momma, why didn't you say something? I let him sleep and picked up the house and when I went into the guest bathroom, I found 3 wet towels and water everywhere. It looked like he took 100 showers. He must have felt so dirty.

I went to the living room and thought about what happened and I cried. I think maybe I went too far momma. If the greatest night I ever had in bed means that I lost Stan, it will be the worse. How can I show the man I love and adore that he means the world to me? I just went to look at him and he was sleeping so sweetly, but I saw that his cheeks were wet. He is so hurt and I don't like this at all. What about you and Daddy, did you hurt him like this? You've got to help me make it up to him momma, you've just got to. I couldn't take it if he left me.

When he wakes up, I will try to get him to eat something and maybe take a bath with him. I will suck him and fuck him, I'll even let him fuck my asshole if he wants. I'll do anything to make it up to him. I promised myself I will not call Bill or Alex until Stan is happy again. Bill and Alex are very nice and so wonderful in bed, but I love Stan. Please write soon momma, I really need your advice.

Your loving daughter,

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