****My Birthday Present****

by DonW38

Since I can never tell whether stories I read online are real or fiction, let me begin by telling you that the following is true -- if you want to credit it to anyone's imagination, my wife gets the credit!

On Friday, the day before my birthday, my wife handed me a card, one of those gag-greetings. On the outside it said, I want to tell you about the great birthday present I thought of for you.

On the inside it continued... I might as well tell you about it, since I didn't actually get it!

Below that, she wrote: For your birthday, I'm not giving you anything. However, I am giving something very special to Jay. I have invited him to come over today, and to spend 48 hours with me. I will play with him, have sex with him, and sleep with him all weekend. And, you will get to fulfill your fantasy: you will watch me have sex with another man. The only requirement is that you agree, absolutely and completely, to do anything that he or I ask of you. If you do not, or if you argue, we will lock you out of the house for the remainder of the weekend, and you will see nothing. If you agree, then go to the phone and invite Jay to come over. He is waiting for your call. Happy birthday!

I couldn't believe what I had read. For a few years, Hilary had been having occasional "flings" with guys, and she would always come home and tell me about them afterward. But I had never seen it happen, and she was right -- it was a great turn-on. I agreed immediately, and picked up the phone to call Jay.

Now, our long-time friend Jay refers to himself as a "quadrisexual -- I'll do anything with anyone for a quarter." He actually doesn't mean that, but I could see why Hilary picked him; he's a good looking guy, and the chances of his saying no were very small!

"What do I say to him?" I asked, as I held the phone in my hand. "Beats me," she answered. Taking a deep breath, I dialed. When I heard my friend's voice, I swallowed and said, "I'd be very happy if you'd come over and spend a couple of days with my wife." "I bet you would," he answered, "So listen -- I'm only going to ask this once: Do you really want me to do this? I want to be friends when this is over, and Hilary said I should be pretty tough on you." I didn't exactly know what that meant, but I croaked out that it was just fine with me. "OK, then do you understand the rules?" I said I did. "Good, then I want you to get her all ready for me. I want her clean, and dressed nicely. Got it?" Again, I said I did. "Oh, and one more thing. I want you to take out the dictionary, look up the word 'cuckold,' and write the definition on a large piece of oaktag. See you in an hour." And he hung up.

When I got off the phone, Hilary grinned and handed me a piece of yellow oaktag. So, I made this sign, in my best handwriting (given that my hands wouldn't stop shaking):

CUCKOLD: (n) A man with an unfaithful wife.

As I wrote, Hilary looked over my shoulder. When I finished, I looked up at her and asked, "Well, are you going to be?" "What, unfaithful? If you're asking whether I'll still love you, of course I will. But if you're asking whether he'll turn me on, and whether I'll kick you out of our bed and invite him in for a few days, you'd better believe it!" she laughed.

I was starting to understand what Jay meant by being pretty tough on me.

So we got undressed, and got in the shower. As I washed her, per Jay's directions, she kept teasing me about how hard I was, and about how wasted my erection would be. At one point, my cock brushed against her -- mostly by accident. She glared at me, and said (much more seriously than I expected) that if "it" touched her again, she would get ready alone. I didn't detect any joking in her voice, so from then on I did everything short of gymnastics to keep "it" away from her body.

We finished in the shower, and she told me to choose her clothes. The blouse and slacks weren't too difficult, but I nearly exploded as I sifted through her underwear, choosing the "right ones" for her date. Guys, if you've ever thought about this happening with your wife, imagine what it's like to choose which bra she will wear, which panties she will wear, as she meets the guy who will take them off her -- I couldn't breathe. I chose matching, light blue silk panties and bra, and laid them out before her.

"Nice choice. I think he'll like these," she grinned. "I'll be sure to tell him you chose them."

When she was dressed, she told me to go downstairs and wait for Jay. He arrived 20 minutes later -- the longest 20 minutes I've ever lived. When he came in, we said hi, then he saw the oaktag sign. "I'm not going to keep her, you know. I'm just going to have fun with her for a few days, then you can have her back. But in those few days, I'm going to do everything I can to make sure that sign is about you. So, where's my woman?"

I went upstairs, and told Hilary that he had arrived. I guess she had been thinking about him, too, because she looked... well, she looked *ready.* A thought struck me, and I asked her how long they had been planning this little surprise. "About a month," she said. "At first, we called back and forth to make all the arrangements. Then, we realized that we had finished all the arrangements, and we were really just calling to talk dirty to each other!" I hesitated, then asked if they had actually done anything before this. "Nope," she smiled. "we waited for you." With this, she went down the stairs ahead of me, and they locked in an embrace which surprised me for its passion -- clearly, they HAD been waiting for this a long time.

We ate dinner together. Actually, not together: the two of them virtually ignored me, and acted like newlyweds. They kept kissing, touching, caressing, and whispering in each other's ear, as I sat and watched. After dinner, we watched an X-rated movie, which only increased their passion and their displays of affection. Yet, while Jay would stroke her breasts through her blouse, and she would do the same to his trousers, they didn't unbutton or take off anything. Personally, I was horny enough to burst, but they kept up a good 2 hours of gentle foreplay.

When the second movie finally ended, Jay looked at Hilary and asked her if she was ready for bed. "For bed, yes -- but I'm sure not ready to sleep!" she answered. He smiled, and the two of them turned to me (really for the first time that evening); they looked like the cat that ate the canary. Hilary said, softly but deliberately, "Don, go upstairs and get a pillow, a blanket, and anything you'll need for tonight, and make your bed in the living room."

"WHAT??" I shouted. "I'm sleeping down here? You said I would be able to watch you!" I was mad, and frustrated -- I didn't give a damn about my agreement to do what they told me!

"Aah, read the card, dear. It says you will watch me, and you will. But it doesn't say you'll watch EVERY TIME, and tonight is just for my lover and me. You are to stay downstairs, and if you so much as set a foot on the stairs, you're out of here. But if you're a good boy, and do as we say, we'll leave the door open so you can hear us. So, run along and make your bed, so I can take Jay into ours."

Dammit, she was right. It did say that, and obviously, they had planned this all along. So, I got a pillow and a blanket, plus a large jar of Vaseline, and sat down in the living room. They walked together to the stairs, and just as they were about to go up, Jay broke away from her. He walked across the room, and pointed at the sign. "Read it to me," he commanded.

I looked at him, saw the bulge sticking out through his pants, and said, "Cuckold: A man with an unfaithful wife."

He smiled a tremendous smile, turned back to Hilary, and as they started up the stairs together he said, "Good night, cuckold."

It was quiet for about 5 minutes, as I wondered if I would hear anything at all that night. From where I sat on the couch, I could see about halfway up the stairs; I had no idea if sound would carry that far. Suddenly, like a fluttering leaf, Hilary's blouse came floating down the stairs. I stared at it, in utter disbelief: in the most discreet way, they were taunting me -- Hilary was up there with Jay, and she was not wearing her blouse!

Just about the time I thought I had accepted this thought, and I had stripped off my own pants and underwear, a louder thud signaled the arrival of her slacks. I went over to them and picked them up, then decided to lay them out on the floor; by seeing what she *wasn't* wearing, I got a good idea of what she must look like to him. Next to arrive was Jay's shirt, which I dutifully placed next to hers; I realized that pretty soon, I'd have two complete sets of clothing -- and they would have each other.

Jay's pants were followed by Hilary's bra -- that light blue bra I chose for her this afternoon. As I placed it neatly on top of her blouse, I knew that Jay could see, and feel my wife's breasts; nothing shielded them from him anymore. I waited, almost without breathing, for the next arrival, wondering whose underwear would come first. I waited and waited, wondering if they had given up on throwing stuff down to me, when a small ball of fabric plopped onto the bottom step. It was Hilary's panties -- tied together around the lower front of Jay's underwear. I picked the ball up and understood the clear message: Hilary's legs were going to be wrapped around Jay's cock. I looked at the light blue silk panties wrapped around the black cotton Jockeys, and I came.

After I came, I slumped down to sit against the wall. I surveyed their clothing spread out in front of me, the interlaced ball of underwear in my hand, and my cum all over my legs and the floor. I guess I sat there for 10 minutes or so, but I could not say exactly. Then, I heard -- or thought I heard -- a soft sound, "Ohhhhh."

I listened carefully: had I heard it, or imagined it? A minute went by, then more clearly, "Ohhhh, god." I smiled; I knew that sound. Hilary moaned softly once again, then very clearly I heard, "Ohhh, god, that's good. Lick me, please, lick my clit. Please don't stop, Jay."

And then it hit me, like a hard blow to my stomach. Of course I knew that sound -- it was the sound my wife makes when we make love. Her most private, intimate sound... only, I wasn't in the room with her; Jay was. For all the times she had told me about fucking another guy, I had never heard it happen; I had never heard him pleasing her. But clearly, Jay was pleasing her. "OHHHHH! God! Don't stop, Jay, I'm..... cumming!

I couldn't resist smiling; I was glad she was having fun, and I was hard again, so obviously, it was all right with me, too. Besides, I knew he would fuck her now; she liked to cum once before fucking, so it wouldn't be long now. I waited to hear the next step...

But what I heard, I wasn't ready for: she came again, and it was obviously from his tongue once again. She NEVER did that; once I licked her to an orgasm, she wanted nothing but to fuck. What was going on here? I thought about it only until I heard her cum once again, followed by her begging him to fuck her.

Guys, I ask you to imagine this, because I can't find the words to describe how I felt. I heard my wife, in her deepest, horniest voice, BEGGING Jay to "fuck me, please fuck me, please stick your cock in me, god I've got to have it now, PLEASE!" She wanted him -- not me, him -- and it was obvious she wanted him a lot. And then, "Ohhh, yes, baby, yes. Ohhh, all the way, please, yes, all the.... ohhhh, godddddd!" My friend, Jay, had just slid his penis into my wife, and made her cum. Almost against my will, I looked at the sign:

CUCKOLD: (n) A man with an unfaithful wife.

and I remembered Jay's promise: "I'm going to do everything I can to make sure that sign is about you."

Yes, he did.

The rest of their lovemaking is a complete blur to me; I can't tell you how many times my wife cried out that she was cumming; I only know it was far more than she ever came with me. The sounds of one orgasm blended into the next, and in fact, she told me days later that she reached a point at which she just kept cumming. What jolted me out of my haze was a new sound, one I had never heard. There was a deep moan; far deeper than her voice could be. "Uuuunnngggh." With each repetition, the sound remained the same, only louder. I understood, then, that while we had known Jay for a long time, we had never heard him cum -- until now. Hilary and I were both about to hear him cum: me, at the bottom of the stairs, and she, wrapped in his arms, with his penis wrapped in the folds of her vagina.

As his groans grew toward a climax, she was silent. He reached a point at which his "uuuunnngggh" changed pitch, and as it did, Hilary let out a single, piercing scream; a sound I had never, ever heard from my wife. As the two sounds mixed together, they filled me with lust, with envy, with jealousy and with fear, and I came harder than I ever had in my life.

I must have fallen asleep right there on the floor, because the next thing I knew, Jay was telling me to wake up. I opened my eyes, and saw that it was morning -- and, that Jay was standing in front of me, naked. I looked for the first time at the penis which had done that to my wife; I didn't say anything, but evidently, I didn't have to. "I kept my promise," he said, "but obviously, you know that. Your wife is a great lay, and I'm looking forward to the rest of this weekend. It's going to be a while before she's faithful to you again." As he spoke, his semi-limp cock bounced in front of my face, like a conductor's baton. "Now, here are your instructions: First, clean up this place, clean up yourself, and bring breakfast to us in our bed. Second, we decided that we worked really hard last night, and we deserve recognition for our effort, so from now on, your official name is 'cuckold.' And third.... happy birthday."

That morning held yet one additional shock for me. After Jay went back upstairs, I showered quickly, dressed, and prepared breakfast for all three of us, as he had instructed. When it was ready, I took it up to the bedroom. The door was closed, so I politely knocked. When the door opened, I nearly dropped the tray: there, in front of me, stood my wife -- MY wife -- completely naked.

Now, I had seen her clothing come down the stairs; I had heard all the sounds which emanated from her, and from him, the previous night. But suddenly, I was staring my naked wife in the face (among other things), with Jay lying in bed behind her, smiling from ear to ear. The picture of her standing there: her skin, her nipples, her belly, her bush all *******, will stay with me to the day I die. My wife and her lover were naked, in our bedroom, and I was standing there with a breakfast tray! She took the tray from me without saying a word, turned her (naked) back, and closed the door. As I made my way shakily down the stairs, she called out, "We'll be down in a while, cuckold."

For years I had been thinking about her and her "dates"; I thought I had imagined everything there was to imagine. But I was wrong. Guys, there is NOTHING which can prepare you for seeing your wife naked with another man! So, I sat in the living room, hard as a rock, replaying what I had just seen for less than a minute -- and which Jay had seen, and felt, all night long. Then it struck me: I just brought breakfast into my own bedroom, for my wife and her lover. The sign was right: my wife had been unfaithful to me, and I was her cuckold.

After a while they came downstairs, ready for the day. They sat down opposite me in the living room, their hands and arms falling naturally on each other. Hilary said, "Well, today's the day. You WILL get to watch us today, no tricks or surprises. But, we have an offer to make you; it's completely up to you if you accept it or not.

"Tonight, we're going to have sex, and you are welcome to watch. After we fuck, we plan to send you out of the room, and we'll spend the rest of tonight and all of tomorrow together, without you; once is all you were promised.. But, we realized last night that it's *so* messy when we fuck, that we really needed a 'clean-up man.' So, if you WANT to be our clean-up man, you'll be welcome to watch whatever we do, for the rest of the weekend."

I was pretty sure I knew the answer, but I asked anyway: "What do I have to clean up?"

"Well," she smiled, "I told Jay how you like to lick my lovers' cum out of my pussy after I get fucked, and he said he'd really like to see that happen. But HE was messy, too -- so you would have to lick him clean before I let you touch me.

"Besides," she continued, "it's really the least you could do for him. He made me feel so good last night, and I know you want to thank him. Don't you?"

Now, I had never -- NEVER -- touched a guy's cock. I hadn't even seen one up close, until Jay waved his in my face that morning. As much as I was into this, I really, really could not imagine myself doing what they asked. But.... the sight of my wife naked with him was still haunting me, and I knew I wanted to see more -- much more. Almost without thinking, I mumbled, "OK."

We went out driving, ending up at a mall far from our home; this gave them the opportunity to "play" all day, without fear of anyone recognizing us. Of course, I drove and the two of them sat in back, playing games with each other the whole way. Now, my favorite kind of cake has always been (honestly) Boston Cream Pie. I won't describe the numerous jokes on this which I heard the whole day, but Hilary did say she sure as hell wasn't going to put candles on it!

In the mall, they walked around like lovers: holding hands, arms around each other's waist, stopping from time to time to kiss. Jay, especially, did his best to call me "cuckold" as people walked past; usually they didn't notice, but some would stop and look with curiosity. I was learning that not everyone knows the meaning of the word -- a fact which made things at least moderately easier.

As we ate lunch, Hilary said, rather matter-of-factly, that she was really going to concentrate on keeping Jay excited all day; that way, he would cum as much as possible when they fucked, and I would have that much more to lick up. Jay looked at her as she spoke, and added, "Well, then I guess when I cum in you, I shouldn't pull out right away. If I wait until my cock gets soft, then the walls of your pussy won't wipe all the cum off me as I pull out." They spoke about this as if they were planning a picnic or an evening at the movies, and I -- in excitement, fear and embarrassment -- listened silently.

This went on all day. We played in Victoria's Secret, where I ended up paying for a new bra and panties set which Jay picked out for Hilary, and which he made as public as possible that HE was picking it out, and I was paying. We stopped at a restroom, so she could change into her new "outfit," then went out to dinner. I didn't even try to eat; it would have been impossible. They spoke to each other, from casual conversation to intimate sex talk, ignoring me completely, for what seemed like hours. Finally, Jay turned to me and said, "Come on, cuckold, it's time for you to watch me fuck your wife."

We drove home in silence. I knew this was what I wanted, but so many emotions were racing through me that I didn't know which one was "me." I was excited -- very, very excited. The past 24 hours had raised me to a level which was far beyond horny. They say the most erotic organ in the body is the brain, and Jay and Hilary had been playing with my brain nonstop. I was also embarrassed. There was no way for me to hide how excited I was about this, and even if I could, they were making such an issue of cuckolding me that I couldn't avoid it. I can't tell you how many times they said it that day, and I don't know which was more intense: having Jay tell me what he was going to do to my wife, or having my wife tell me how much she wanted it. So, fantasy and reality were about to collide in front of me, ready or not.

We arrived home, and Jay told me to bring a dining room chair into the bedroom. I did, and the two of them followed me. When I put the chair down, Jay said, "Now strip." I did, but as I removed my underwear, I realized I was much more self-conscious than I expected. Of course, the two of them would get undressed, too, but I felt like an outsider; I felt as if I had just undressed in public, or in front of another couple. Another couple -- my wife and Jay!

After they made the obvious comments about what a waste it was that I had an erection, since no one was going to do anything with it, Jay told me to sit down and get comfortable. With that, he pulled out a roll of duct tape! As he taped my wrists to the arms of the chair, he explained, "We don't want you interfering with your cuckolding." When I promised I wouldn't interfere, but I wanted to be able to jerk off while I watched, he laughed. "You don't understand, do you? We're not doing this FOR you, we're doing it TO you. Your job is to sit there and watch me fuck your wife." Then, for good measure, he taped my ankles to the chair legs. Honestly, I felt like I was in the electric chair; not only the position I was in, but the feeling that something was going to happen to me. It's amazing how much you can shake while your hands and feet are strapped down!

Then, before my eyes, my friend and my wife had sex.

They stood right in front of me and kissed each other deeply; even as I say it, a chill just ran down my spine. They didn't stop; as they kissed, their hands wandered over each other's clothing: his hands running over her breasts, between her legs, caressing her ass; hers spending most of their time rubbing the bulge in his pants. Finally, he began to unbutton her blouse; as he did, he whispered something in her ear. She smiled, and looked right at me the whole time he was unbuttoning and removing her blouse; the unspoken message was, "Look what he is doing to me." As her skin was *******, I felt like... like the expression "fucking with your brain" was really happening; it was as if I was having sex, but untouched.

Jay spent some time playing with Hilary's nipples through her bra -- the bra I had just bought for her. Her nipples grew so hard, and, standing sideways to me, they pointed at him as the tent in his pants pointed to her. Then, with another whisper in her ear, he unbuttoned and unzipped her slacks; as he lowered them down her legs, she again looked directly at me. They didn't make a sound, and I watched in amazement as my wife stood, clothed only in her underwear, in front of another man.

Jay began to run his fingers between her legs, never going inside her panties. She responded by moving in rhythm with his strokes; gently at first, then harder. I recognized the movement, and as I realized it, she came; a gentle sigh of an orgasm, and fell into his arms. Guys, believe me: if it is your fantasy to watch your wife do this, the first moment her lover makes her cum is one you will never forget. Up to that point, she maintained her cool; after that, she was, unquestionably, his. He made her cum, he saw and felt her at her most private, personal moment, that which I had only felt when she was in my arms. But now she was in Jay's arms, and she kissed him the way lovers kiss after cumming. I was SO excited; my cock was so hard, it felt like it wanted to jump off me and join them. I couldn't even touch it; my hands were bound, and it stuck up too far for my legs to be able to rub against it. But they didn't stop.

By now, Hilary had the idea: every time Jay took off something she was wearing, she looked at me. And so it was as he reached behind her, unhooked her bra, and gently slid it off each shoulder. He paused for just a moment before ******** her nipples; we both understood what it meant. As he uncovered them, he looked at my wife's naked bosom; she looked at me, and I looked at the two of them. Jay took her right breast -- the one closest to me -- in his hand, and began feeling her and then rubbing her nipple. It seemed to grow even harder in response to his touch, as did I. Then he knelt in front of her, took her entire areola in his mouth, and began sucking; at the same time, his hand returned to the space between her legs, and the dance started once again. Hilary looked down, watching him intently, until she came loudly, beginning with small gasps and growing into loud cries of "Aaauuuugggh!" as her body shook. I was out of my mind with excitement, and yes, with jealousy: he was doing a good job on her.

After her spasms subsided, Hilary had one more opportunity to look at me, as Jay lowered her panties down her legs, and she lifted each foot for him to slip them off. Now she was naked; and to my surprise, she walked the two steps over to me and stood in front of me. For a full minute she stood there, not saying anything; it was torture of the ultimate degree, as I kept looking at her nude body inches from me, but completely untouchable. Then she spoke, so softly I had to strain to hear her.

"Now I'm going to fuck Jay, right in front of you, and there's not a thing you can do about it. You can't stop it, and you can't jerk off. Just sit and watch: I am going to cuckold you right in front of your eyes."

With that, she turned back to Jay. Where he had removed her clothes slowly, tenderly, she basically ripped his off him. She pulled his shirt over his head, opened his pants button and zipper with a single motion, and slowed down only long enough to drag his pants off his legs. With one more wave of her hands, his underwear was on the floor, too, and she -- and I -- stared directly at his erect penis. I had seen his organ once before, early that morning, but then it was somewhat soft. Now it stood straight out, curving up toward Hilary's chin. He was about the same size as me, but where the crown of my cock is almost the same width as the shaft, his had a mushroom-cap head. I stared in awe: that penis was going to penetrate my wife's body, and at the end, it was going to ejaculate in her. I pictured his semen flowing through that hose, filling her up; then without wanting to, I thought about my promise to lick it clean when they were done. I honestly can't tell you if that thought made me excited, or if I was just too excited by the whole thing to care anymore.

I continued to stare, as Hilary knelt and took that mushroom-cap into her mouth. She licked and sucked him, first concentrating on the tip, then licking down the shaft, and finally taking most of him into her mouth. Jay loved it, that much was clear; he began shaking, his muscles contracting in his legs and arms, as he did his best to keep from cumming. Hilary has gone down on me many times, but watching her lips spread to their widest to take in another man's organ was breathtaking. I knew I couldn't hold out much longer; I realized that I was actually moaning softly along with Jay. It was as if I could feel each lick -- after all, I knew exactly how she was making him feel. But every second, I was reminded by the scene in front of me that she was making HIM feel it, not me.

Finally, he lifted her by her arms and kissed her. Then he laid her back on the bed. She moved up to rest her head on the pillow, and as he climbed onto the bed she spread her legs for him.

Jay knelt over her, his cock inches from her pussy, and he paused. He turned to me and said, "You know, I realized something while I was fucking Hilary last night. I realized that if my job is to help her cuckold her husband, then the missionary position is definitely called for. Look at your wife: tits pointing up at me, belly heaving up and down with her excitement, and her beautiful legs spread wide. So, what was that definition again?"

I thought it was a rhetorical question, but he waited for me to answer. I tried, but at first my voice just would not work. I tried again, and barely squeaked out, "Cuckold: a man with an unfaithful wife."

"Right! So, I ask you: does your wife look like she's being faithful to you? Look at her -- really LOOK at her. Does she?"

Hilary was lying naked on our bed, arms around Jay's neck, legs splayed to the sides, panting for him to fuck her. "No," I said quietly.

With that, he turned to Hilary. "What do you want?" he asked.

Without a second's hesitation, she fired back, "I want you to fuck me."

"Not good enough," he responded.

Hilary was moving her hips like a wild woman, trying to "snag" his cock with her pussy, but he kept it away from her. "PLEASE fuck me, Jay! Please, I want you to fuck me NOW!" she screamed, her face flushed and her breath coming in short gasps.

"Sorry, not good enough," he replied softly.

Then she got it.

She looked directly at me -- at ME! -- and said, "I don't want you. I want Jay."

That was the magic phrase. As she finished the words, before she could even turn her head back to look at him, he slid his penis into her. With one slow, gentle stroke, he buried his whole cock in my wife's pussy. As he entered, her legs flew up into the air, then locked themselves around his back. A sound came from her lips, but not from her lips: it was from as deep inside her as the place his penis found, as she raised up then collapsed under him in the most massive orgasm I have ever seen, anywhere. And as my friend slid his penis into my wife's body, right in front of my eyes, I came. No one touched me, no one looked at me, but my body shook so hard I nearly broke both arms, since I was attached to the chair at my wrists. Usually, when I cum, the semen drips down around my cock; this time, without any help, it shot halfway across the room.

I have no idea what I sounded like to them, but as Hilary "came down" from her orgasm, Jay said to her, "I think your husband approves of your choice."

I had barely begun to breathe again, when Jay began fucking Hilary. It was everything I had ever imagined, and then some. He began slowly, pulling his cock nearly all the way out, then smoothly slipping it all the way in. It was so exciting to see his cock each time, as if he was showing me what was going inside her. Hilary loved it, too -- she came, and came, and came. She came softly, then loudly, then with a combination of moans, gasps and whimpers, and one orgasm led into the next. I watched this man fuck my wife -- I get hard just writing that, as I remember the scene -- and I watched her respond in the most awesome way. She shook, grunted, jerked, spasmed... And I realized why my imagination never came close to the reality: In my imagination, her sex was always "neat and clean," sort of "well-behaved," like a formal dance. In real life, it was nothing like that at all. My wife, lying splayed in front of me, resembled an animal: no dignity, no manners, no thoughts of anything except the cock stuffed into her pussy. The noises were, honestly, inhuman; her body looked like a dog's, bucking and rutting to get his cock further into her.

As I listened to her grunt, and watched her jerk, I asked myself if this was what really what I wanted. The answer came instantly: yes! Never in my life had I been so turned on, so completely aroused, as I was watching my wife get laid. Again, without ever touching myself, I was completely erect; I felt my cock vibrate with each sound, with each shudder. Nothing in my whole fucking life could come close to this day!

Jay, too, was obviously having a grand old time. I could see his ass cheeks contract as he tried to push even deeper into her, and every time he rested, his balls laid against the crack of her ass. I began to prepare myself for what lay ahead, when he emptied his balls into her, and "clean-up time" began. I hoped he would fuck her a while longer, if only to delay that time!

Then, with his cock all the way inside her, he whispered something in her ear. "Oh, God, not now!" she said, panting as she spoke, but he insisted. "All right, dammit." she answered, and turned to look at me.

Hilary began to speak to me, though this was not easy; Jay kept moving his cock in and out, slowly and gently, as she spoke. As close as I can remember, it sounded like this: "Cuckold, we decided that the uuunngggh most special thing we could give you for your birthday uuunngggh was to tell you how good OOOOOHHHH it felt to be fucking each other. We figured you'd never for--oooohhhhh--forget the time I talked with you, with another man's aaaauuuuggghh penis in me, and when my lover talked to you while he was fucking me OHHHHGODIMCUMMING! (She bucked and groaned for a full minute at this point, but never took her eyes off me. Even when her eyes rolled back in her head as she came, she did her best to return her gaze to me as she came down from her orgasm. Then, she continued...) It feels soooo good, his cock feels soooo gooduuuuunnnngggghhhhh. I love him fucking me, and I'm glad you like it, too. I'm glad you finally got to see what I do to you. Now... Watch.... ME.... *CUM*...., CUCKOLD!!!...." and she did. As she drove the word into my soul, Jay drove his penis into hers, and she went wild.

I simply could not stop shaking; it felt like being outside, naked, in a snowstorm. My body shook, my fingers shook, my cock shook like crazy; the only places that were not shaking were my wrists and ankles, still firmly secured to the chair. Now I understood why Jay used duct tape; I would have broken anything else.

Then it was Jay's turn. He looked at me, while Hilary returned all her concentration to him. "Hey, cuck, you throw one hell of a birthday party. I thought the guests BRING gifts to a party; here you go giving me a present! Your wife is SUCH a good lay; do you know what it feels like to be inside her when she comes like that? Oh, pardon me, of course you do; this is YOUR wife! Look at her: she's wrapped around me like a snake, and I don't think she's holding much back, do you? And geez, she's fun to watch when she cums! Tell you what -- let's watch her now. Will you cum for me and your cuckold husband, little woman?" As he continued to stroke in and out of her, Hilary came right on cue; and Jay gave me a guided tour of my own wife's orgasm: "Look, her face is tightening up, she's breathing quicker, oooh, you didn't see that one, but her pussy just grabbed my cock sooo tightly, here she cums, oh, yes, watch me make your wife cum......" And the two of us watched with fascination and she came, bucking and screaming, before our eyes.

"Now, cuckold, there's just one thing left to make it complete. It's time for me to shoot my load into your wife. Just imagine: for the next two days, my sperm will be swimming around in her; after all, your tongue's not long enough to get it ALL out, you know. So, do you want me to cum in your wife, birthday boy?"

"Yes," I said, in the shakiest voice I had ever heard from anyone.

"Not good enough," he said, in a completely mocking voice.

"Yes, please cum in my wife!" I answered quickly.

"STILL not good enough," he said, more demandingly. Then, as happened before with Hilary, I got it. I looked at him, stroking rhythmically and forcefully in and out of my wife, and I looked at her, arms around his neck and her legs high on his back, shaking and moaning and paying absolutely no attention to our conversation, and I said it, loudly and clearly:

"Yes, Jay, please! Fuck my wife! Cum in her! Drain yourself into her! Cuckold me!"

"With pleasure."

All the excitement, all the teasing, all the foreplay, all the sexual tension of the situation erupted in our bedroom. Hilary gasped, making no sound for the longest time, then literally exploded. Her arms and legs shot straight up in the air, she screamed some incomprehensible sound, and went into what could only be described as a seizure. Jay began to cum, emitting a guttural growl which came from his groin; his ass cheeks collapsed inward, and I watched all the muscles in his legs, his back and his ass contract together to drive his semen into her. I saw his whole body pump, like a huge heart gone wild, for what must have been a full minute. And for the second time that day (and in my life), I came without anyone touching me at all. I think I ********** from it, and I know that my arms and legs hurt for days afterward from wrenching against the restraints. I saw it happen -- I actually saw it happen. She fucked another man, another man fucked my wife, as I sat and watched.

Hilary and Jay lay in each other's arms for some time after, stirring only enough to kiss whatever was closest at hand. After a while (who knows how long?), Jay began gently pressing his hips into her again. For a minute, I thought he was going to fuck her, but he turned to me and said, "I'm just getting my cock all coated with my cum, so I can watch you lick it off me."

I froze. Having just had two colossal orgasms, I was feeling about as sexual as an old rag. I wished I hadn't made myself cum before this, then realized that I DIDN'T make myself cum; it just happened, and there wasn't anything I could have done about it. So, I had two choices: either accept that this was the last time I'd see them do the dirty deed together, or come through on my part of the agreement. Just then, Jay got up on his knees, sat on the edge of the bed facing me, leaned back, and said, "Hilary, can you get your cuckold out of his chair without spilling too much?" She said she thought so, and got up to undo the tape.

I guess it really hurt when the tape pulled 2 inches' width of hair off my arms and legs, but I didn't notice. Now I was really scared: scared of what I had to do, scared of what they would say, and probably scared of liking it, too. Before that morning, I had never even looked at another guy's cock close-up; now I was supposed to see it with my eye teeth.

Jay had done a good job of getting his semen all over himself. His cock glistened from it, and it was dripping down into his pubic hair. I said I just couldn't do it. Jay and Hilary said that was fine -- they hoped I had had a good time, and they would see me tomorrow around 4 pm. I tried to argue, but to no avail; they were having much too good a time to let me off the hook. I said I'd clean him off after I finished with Hilary, but no dice on that one, either.

So I did it. I knelt between his legs, touched his limp cock as lightly as possible with my thumb and forefinger, and gave a tentative lick to that mushroom-cap head. I felt I had jumped a huge hurdle, but all Jay said was, "At that rate, we'll be too old to remember what happened by the time you're finished. Suck me clean, cuckold." What the hell. I took a breath, opened my mouth, and took him in.

I could taste Hilary's juices on his cock, but the overwhelming taste was his semen. It was bitter, sour and salty; not at all like her other lovers'. As I licked, I gagged; the stuff just did not want to go down my throat. I thought that holding Jay's penis in my mouth was degrading enough, but it was not enough for him -- or for Hilary. The two of them, so fucked out that not a drop of sexual energy remained, finally turned their attention to me; but this attention I could have done without.

"Stop, cuckold," Jay ordered. "Don't move your mouth -- that's it, keep all of me in. Now, look at us." I looked up, and saw Hilary snuggling up next to Jay, cheek to cheek, body to body, then I watched through a pubic hair forest as they lovingly kissed each other. Unbelievably, I got hard again -- unbelievable, because I haven't been able to get hard after coming twice since I was a teenager, and because I was getting off on licking vile-tasting cum off the penis I held in my mouth. Oh, well; I gave up on being proper some time last night.

When Jay was clean (and believe me, they both searched through his pubic hair to find drops I missed, gleefully pointing them out to me), I turned to Hilary. She laid back on the bed, and as I crawled up between her legs, Jay came close, too. We both watched in amazement as her pussy lips spread, to reveal a complete mess. Her pubic hair was drenched, flattened down along her labia and toward her ass. There was cum everywhere, from her clit to her ass; it looked more like it had been spread on the outside than pumped into her pussy. I dove in; after all, I had done this so many times, and now I had seen it happen, too -- only to be reminded, with my first tongue-full, that Jay's cum tasted horrible. I choked it down, and he laughed. "I've had women tell me they've tasted better," he said, "but I've never gotten a guy's opinion on it. From the look on your face, I guess they were right, huh?"

I nodded, held my breath, and licked my wife along the entire length of her slit, from her ass to her clit. Without even thinking, I pulled my tongue away, and displayed it to them: it held a huge wad of semen, which dripped off both sides. When they both saw what I was carrying, I closed my lips and swallowed. It still tasted vile, but it was Jay's sperm -- and Jay had just fucked my wife so very well, that it seemed, well, "right."

Once her pussy lips were clean, I spread them and looked into her hole. It was full to the brim with semen, and I asked her to squeeze it out for me. She contracted her stomach muscles, and a huge -- huge! -- stream of sperm flowed out of her body. As I licked it up as fast as possible, I realized that my birthday present was now complete. From beginning to end, I was part of my wife's making love to another man. She got exquisitely fucked, and she gave an exquisite fucking to her lover; the proof of that was now choking its way down my throat. They allowed me to watch them in their ultimate intimacy, and they gave me the leftovers to lick off his cock and out of her pussy. I had always wondered what it was like to see my wife have sex with another man. Now I knew.

When I finished, I was hard as a rock. The two of them looked at me as if my erection was something obscene which I had brought into "their" bedroom, and they told me to get out. I went downstairs, and actually masturbated to make myself cum. I can't tell you much about my orgasm; I'm not sure I was really conscious during it. But it felt damn good to have at least my own hand touching me!

I spent the rest of the night in the living room, while Hilary and Jay went to sleep in their bed. Jay woke me at about 4 am to tell me he was going to fuck my wife again, and I had better get upstairs quickly if I didn't want to miss the action -- and the clean-up. I went upstairs and watched them, and then watched them again around noon, before he got dressed to leave. They were nice enough not to bind me to the chair again, but I was not allowed to touch myself in their presence. Jay's cum didn't taste any better the last time than it did the first, but I was much less uncomfortable performing my clean-up ritual on both of them.

When Jay was ready to leave, we all sat down together. Hilary put her arms around ME, and we all talked about how amazing the experience had been. Jay said he had been worried about being so hard on me all weekend, but Hilary had pointed out to him that my "peter meter" kept indicating my state of enjoyment. They figured that as long as I was hard, I couldn't be in too much trouble!

Since that weekend, we still see each other often. Usually, it is just friends getting together (Jay's married, and I don't think his wife knew about this). But twice since, we have had 24-hour role reversals, in which Hilary belongs to Jay, and I, of course, am the cuckold. It's one hell of a lot of fun, and I wouldn't have missed a minute of it for the world!

NOTE: A lot of people have asked me if this story is true. It is, and I have recorded it here to the best of my ability to remember. Since it was the absolute most erotic experience of my life, I've remembered it pretty well. All credit for creativity goes to Hilary, who also proof-read and commented on this as I wrote it.

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
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