Another day, another hospital visit. Lisa tried to keep a good attitude but it wasn’t easy, and it kept getting harder and harder as things dragged on and on. This wasn’t what she had signed up for and she wondered how much longer she could do this.

She knew soon after meeting Mike that she would marry him. She wasn’t exactly smitten, but he had everything she required in a man. Tall, not bad looking, with a promising and very lucrative career at Apple doing something for the iPhone. She didn’t know much about software or programming, but Mike was good at his job and had highly sought-after skills, enough so that he was able to dictate the terms of his employment. He worked from home and when he wasn’t ‘banging out code’ as he liked to put it, he was playing video games. He was a bit of a wet rag on a date and not particularly socially adept, but she supposed that was to be expected from a man who spent all day, every day in front of a computer screen.

This didn’t bother her too much. She wasn’t the clingy type and enjoyed doing her own thing, which mostly consisted of shopping and having cocktails with her girlfriends at trendy nightclubs around the strip. Most of her friends were like her, Vegas party girls who married young and married well. Lisa, unlike most of her friends, was a Las Vegan born and bred and had a job as a bottle service girl at Hakkasan in the MGM Grand when she met Mike. Many of the girls she worked with ran their own little side business *********, but she was already making 75k just partying for a living and wasn’t willing to risk her job to be a *********. She found that life to be a bit tacky and sordid anyway, and didn’t like the idea of putting a price on what she had to offer, which she considered priceless. That’s not to say she was some sort of angel. She would and often did spend time with the guys she met in the VIP lounge outside of work, and if they wanted to give her a little spending cash she wouldn’t turn it down. She never got with any guy she didn’t want to get with though, and she never asked for anything but a good time.

Mike and a few of his friends were having a bachelor party and showed up at the club already *****, paying extra for a VIP booth even though they hadn’t reserved one in advance. This caught the attention of the girls who worked VIP. The club was packed and you had to pay a serious premium to get VIP service on a night already heavily booked. Mike and his group were big spenders, and big spenders meant big tips. Mike’s friends were the usual collection of *****, loud, goofy tourists but Mike himself was kind of quiet, not obnoxious at all and he couldn’t take his eyes off Lisa from the moment he noticed her. The group bought several bottles of Cristal, one of the most expensive champagnes Hakkasan had to offer, which they sold at a 700% markup price.

If you get a VIP booth in Vegas, especially if you’re buying high end liquor, the world is your oyster for that evening. There are security guards who control access to the VIP area and there are packs of girls trying to get into VIP to hang out. The guards bring girls to your table, and if you don’t like them they’ll move them out and bring you new girls. If you want to hang out with a bottle girl or a waitress you can do that too, if you’re a high roller. Mike wanted to spend time with Lisa and didn’t bat an eye when she told him he needed to buy another bottle since she was an employee and not just a girl from the club. He just added it to the tab without argument.

She enjoyed the evening with his group. They had fun and made a lot of noise but she noticed that nobody got blackout *****, nobody got aggressive, and they all chipped in equally at the end of the night without argument. Just a solid, fun loving group of guys with money to burn. Mike himself, although very obviously interested in her, didn’t treat her like she was property that he had purchased, he merely enjoyed her company and having her at his side for the evening. When he asked for her number at closing time she gave it without a second thought, hoping that he would call soon, which he did.

For their first date he took her to Nobu at Caesar’s Palace, where they dined on Japanese Wagyu beef. Their second date was opening night for Gordon Ramsey’s new restaurant on the strip. Always the best of everything, 5-star restaurants followed by cocktails at a nice lounge, and he always tipped the security so they never had to stand in line. Mike didn’t make it any secret that he was totally taken with her. She never felt the spark the same way he did but she liked him well enough and he treated her extravagantly well, which she enjoyed very much. She also liked it that he wasn’t controlling and jealous.

Being in the service industry, she knew somebody just about everywhere they went and he never had an issue when she danced with her girlfriends or even her guy friends from the club. If she brought him to an ‘Industry Night,’ which is a night that some clubs set aside for Vegas nightlife workers, he would sit at the bar and socialize with whoever was near him while she hung out with her friends and danced the night away. Mike wasn’t much of a dancer but insisted that she have a good time and not worry about him. She noted that he always kept her in eyesight, especially when she was dancing with a guy she knew from work. He never said anything about it, he just watched closely. Very closely. At the time she thought he was trying to be protective of her.

He was a little hesitant when making love, as if he were afraid he would do the wrong thing, or do the right thing in the wrong way, and she learned quickly that things went a lot smoother when she directed the action and didn’t give him time to think too much. She wasn’t at all surprised when, six months after their first date, he laid his head back on his pillow after a session of lovemaking and said, “I think I want to marry you.” She kissed his cheek and told him to set a date.

He did, and they were married. The ceremony was huge, the honeymoon was in Thailand, and it was wonderful. Non-stop shopping during the day, non-stop partying at night and the lovemaking was torrid and frequent. Mike continued his habit of sitting at the bar and watching her dance and Lisa had had enough. This wasn’t an industry night, and she wasn’t partying with friends. They were in a strange land with strange people. Nobody knew them, there was no reason for Mike to be so inhibited, but she still couldn’t pull him out of his seat. She decided desperate times called for desperate measures. Mike still watched over her closely while she was on the dance floor, so she started dancing with any guy who asked. She wanted to make him jealous enough to come out and join her. At some point, after a few more drinks than she would normally have, she found herself dancing with two aussie tourists at once, and when they tried to sandwich her between them she didn’t stop them.

She looked over at Mike and he was watching intently. When one of the aussies came up close behind her and made body contact, Mike was still watching and Lisa still wasn’t doing anything to slow them down. The other aussie closed the distance from the front and before she knew what was happening, she was sandwiched between the two guys and they were making full body contact front and back. Mike still wasn’t doing anything to stop it, if anything he was more fixated than ever on what she was doing. She looked him in the eyes, raised her arms above her head and gave the aussies full access to grind on her. Mike was enraptured, and that’s when the penny finally dropped and she understood what was happening.

Mike didn’t watch her dance to guard her. He didn’t just sit and watch because he was shy. He sat and watched her dance with other guys because he liked it. Immensely. When the tourist behind her put his hands on her hips and started dirty dancing with her from behind, she dropped her hands and wrapped them around his neck, smiling at Mike and pushing her booty out to give him a better target. The man at her front came closer, chest to chest with her and she knew he was enjoying the feeling of her body tight against his. She was still watching Mike, smiling, and looking for his reaction. All he did was watch.

She kept smiling at him and letting the tourists do what they wanted. The man in front leant towards her, obviously trying to get a kiss. She let him get close and slowly turned her head toward him as if she were going to allow it, still thinking she might finally get a reaction out of Mike. At the last second she laughed, pushed him away and moved out from between the guys. They made a big show out of how disappointed they were but took it in stride, offering to buy her a drink if she came back to their table. She said, ‘Maybe later!’ and walked back to Mike. This was something they needed to talk about.

He had a serious look on his face, and she was worried for a moment.

“Are you mad?”

He took her hand and put it on the crotch of his pants. His cock was like an iron rod, as hard as she could ever remember it being.

“I’m not mad,” he said. “Are you?”

“Why would I be mad?”

“Because I didn’t stop you.”

She stared at him for a second, trying to choose her words carefully. Watching him carefully to make sure she got it right.

“I liked it.”

It was like his eyes were on fire, she had never seen him turned on like this.

“I want to do it some more.” And she kissed him, softly. “Do you mind? If I dance with them a little more?”

“No, I don’t mind,” he said, his voice rough. It was like he could barely get the words out. “Go ahead. Do what you like.”

She smiled at him, a coquette’s smile. She was wet and ready, and if this was what he liked she was going to give him all he could handle. She picked her purse up off the bar and said “Hold this for me. In your hands. So people can see you holding my purse for me while I have fun with those guys.”

He didn’t say a word, just held her purse in his lap. It covered his all too obvious erection. She opened her purse and after a moment of searching, took out her lipstick. She held it in front of her and looked at Mike, batting her eyelashes at him flirtatiously, then she looked across the bar until she made eye contact with the two aussies sitting at their table pounding beers and shots. She extended the lipstick and very deliberately painted her lips, looking at them the whole time. When she finished she looked back at Mike, licked her lips in an exaggeratedly sexy manner, dropped her lipstick back in her purse and walked out onto the dance floor. Both aussies got up at the same time to meet her but she motioned for one of them to go back so she could dance with them one at a time.

The music was faster this time, some hip-hop tune, and she danced a lot freer and wilder than she usually would in Mike’s presence. She repeatedly turned so her back was to her dance partner with his hands on her hips and looked at Mike. He was still sitting in the same place at the bar, holding her purse and watching her intently. Her dance partner asked her who she was with and she said “My new husband! We’re on our honeymoon!”

The aussie asked “Are you putting on a show for him?”

“Yes I am. Do you mind?”

“Not at all! Let’s make it a good one then.”

She spun around again, back to her dance partner, and said “Say hello to Mike.”

He grinned at Mike and gave a little wave. “Hey fella! Nice lady you’ve got here!”

Mike couldn’t tell what the man was saying, but he saw the little wave and knew he was talking to him.

“Oh, you’re a wicked one, aren’t you?” she laughed.

“You don’t know the half of it, girl.” He said, leaning down to give her a quick kiss.

She made a faux ‘shocked’ face at Mike, with her hand over her mouth and eyes wide. The aussie grabbed her wrist and gently pulled her hand out of the way, then leaned in for a kiss on the lips. She smiled at Mike and so did the aussie before he went in for another kiss, a little longer this time. She spun around to face him, wagging her finger in his face like he had just done something naughty. She pushed him away and motioned for his partner to come meet her on the dance floor.

She repeated everything with him. The dance and then the kiss at the end, making frequent eye contact with Mike and asking the man to say hello. This embarrassed Mike, but not enough for him to get out of his seat. When the second dance was over she brought both men out to the floor with her and spent the entire song sandwiched between them, kissing one after the other. She felt like everybody on the dance floor was watching things unfold, seeing the interaction between her, her dance partners and Mike, still sitting and holding her purse. Some of the ladies were obviously displeased, but most of the men were watching every move every move she made.

She didn’t want to take things too far. She needed to have some alone time with Mike so they could talk about what had happened tonight and decide what, if anything, they wanted to do about it. She bid the two men goodnight over their protestations but took their number and said she might be in touch soon if they behaved themselves. She walked over to Mike, grabbed her purse, and pulled him towards the door, feeling as if every eye in the place was watching them walk out of the club.

Mike wrapped his arm around her in the back of the cab but he didn’t say much. When they got to the room she tried to start a conversation. She wanted to find out what Mike was thinking and feeling about their evening, but he immediately bent her over the bed, ripped her panties off, dropped his pants and took her hard from behind. He was like an animal. He grabbed her hair and shoved her face down on the mattress, slamming into her pussy with the most rock-hard erection she had ever felt. In no time at all he shot a massive load into her and dropped down across her back, half smothering her. After a moment he stood back up and finished undressing, then went into the bathroom to wash his face.
She was still sprawled face down on the bed half dazed when he returned, and he helped her undress and get under the covers.

“This is a pretty wild honeymoon, huh?” he asked.

“It is now.” She replied.

“I hope you don’t think less of me after this.”

“Why would I think less of you?”

“Because I watched those guys hit on you, and it turned me on.”

She turned to face him. “It turned ME on that you were watching. This is why you hardly ever dance with me, isn’t it? You’d rather watch.”

“Is that bad?”

“No, I think it’s hot. I think it’s VERY sexy. Doesn’t it bother you though, to see me act like that?”

“No, it just makes me want you even more. It always has. I guess I’m just wired wrong.”

She said “I’ve always had some idea this is what you like, I think. I didn’t mind. If you’re wired wrong then I guess I am too, because I loved it. Every second of it.”

She wrapped her hand around his cock, feeling it stirring back to life. “You’re already getting hard again. When has that ever happened?”

She started stroking him slowly. “I’m glad we did this. I enjoyed dancing with those men.”

Now he was fully erect again, rigid and pulsing in her hand.

“I’m going to do it again tomorrow night!” She said as he rolled over and climbed between her legs. They made love until the break of dawn, while she told him about all the awful, sexy things she wanted to do in front of him in the future.
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