Anna Belvoir, Legal Secretary

A story from the author Arc Light

The mood in the Law Offices of Wright and Wright had taken on an opportunistic air as the new young Black attorney; Mr. Jerome Bettis arrived on Monday morning.

Although the law firm was one of the oldest and most prestigious in Memphis, Tennessee it had several financial reverses during the last three years. Up until the arrival of the 30 year old Black attorney the mood of the personnel was decidedly on edge.

The turn about had taken place as a result of Mr. Bettis being retained by the Black employees of the Greater Louisiana Oil Company. Several of the White officers had made rather derogatory remarks about the "Black porch monkeys" under their tutelage. As a result the Black employees were on the verge of the largest out of court settlement in the history of the country. Leading the charge and final settlement was Mr. Jerome Bettis; former Black gang member of the BGE's and now a up and coming young attorney; who was also the savior of the old south White law firm of Wright & Wright.

Although the White law firm was far more racist than the Greater Louisiana Oil Company they understood business. It was now good business to hire as a full partner the arrogant Mr. Bettis. The good Mr. Bettis and his new friends at Wright and Wright were due to receive their one third share of one hundred fifty million dollars. Even the old line Southern Partners were bowing and bestowing on Mr. Bettis anything his little Black heart desired.

Mr. Bettis walked into the law library of the firm and started shaking hands with the twelve senior partners. The patriarch of the firm, Mr. Bougehard Wright welcomed the Black upstart with open arms. "Anything that this law firm can provide to make your work easier is at your disposal..." came the smiling dribble.

Mr. Bettis had completed his homework on the prestigious law firm weeks ago. The Research staff was unequaled and the talents of the support staff were the best of any law firm in the country.

"Let me cut through the bullshit Bougehard. I will make this firm an obscene amount of money this next twelve months and I will demand perfection..... and total obedience. First I need a top notch assistant.... that will be Mrs. Anna Belvoir.. That is satisfactory to you isn't it Bougehard?" he arrogantly asked.

The senior partner felt his face become red with anger. Anna Belvoir was the most senior; most competent para legal the firm possessed and she was considered the private property of the senior partner. Her long lean frame was topped by beautiful long red hair which she usually wore in a severe bun. Although she usually wore conservative suits most of the young studs in the law office noticed the 36-26-36 sleek frame. Her 36C breasts were showing only the slightest of droop; and were topped by rock hard pencil sized nipples that became hard at the slightest measure of arousal.

Since her husband Jim, an overworked accountant seldom found the time, energy, or skill to service the smoldering middle age beauty the good Mr. Bougehard managed to rendezvous with Mrs. Anna Belvoir at the exclusive Chestwood Hotel in downtown Memphis on a rather regular basis. And now....... this pompous young Black upstart had the audacity to demand that Anna would now be HIS assistant. As the other eleven White partners sat looking with amused expressions he finally surrendered his plaything........" If you feel you need the services of Mrs. Belvoir; then she is at your disposal Mr. Bettis," the Senior Partner finally offered. There were several bemused sighs as the other partners in the law firm rejoiced at the older man's humiliation at the hands of the young arrogant Black attorney.

Jerome then turned to leave the gathering and mentioned over his shoulder, "Bring me Mrs. Belvoir's personal file and her security file. I need to review her qualifications before I meet with her in thirty minutes."

Rage engulfed Mr. Bougehard Wright's face as he was ordered about by the most junior partner of the huge law firm; and a "Black porch monkey" at that. Angrily he ordered the trifle task to be performed by one of his smirking White colleagues. As he thought about the pretentious request he asked himself how the newest attorney knew about the "security" reports that the firm had compiled on all partners and staff of the law firm. The security report was routinely updated by a local private investigating firm on all members of the firm and contained from time to time very sensitive information about the individuals partners and employees. This data enabled him; the most senior partner to know all the weaknesses; vices and other incriminating details about those who worked under him. His mind drifted knowing the details in Mrs. Anna Belvoir's private file.

When Boughard returned to his office he stood beside Anna's large cherry desk directly outside his inner office. "I'm afraid that Mr. Bettis has requested that you be assigned to assist him in the Greater Louisiana Oil Company case. I'm............. sorry," he managed to speak as he turned and walked hurriedly into his office. The large oak door shut solidly.......

Anna could not believe what he had just told her.... Mrs. Anna Belvoir was brought up on an elegant old South plantation in Southern Alabama. She could trace her ancestry back to the Civil War and she had attended all the right finishing schools. Her disgust of Black People in general and Mr. Bettis in particular was well known throughout the office. She considered herself above the Black race and had on many occasions explained her views that they should still be "shackled and working in the cotton fields; with a heavy dose of the cat o'nine tales applied liberally.........."

She was quickly brought out of her stupor when one of the other secretaries stopped in front of her desk. "Mr. Bettis wants you in his office; Now!" she brusquely informed the vacant staring beauty. Mrs. Anna Belvoir was the most senior para legal and she was in charge of training and disciplining all the other staff in the large office. Most, if not all, disliked her patronizing and know it all attitude, coupled with her being the prize pet of the Senior Partner, made her transfer all the more satisfying for the many gathered cadre.

With her head held high she walked the short distance down the hall to the second largest office in the firm. The office, on the twentieth floor overlooked the graceful and manicured lawn of the largest downtown park in the country. Mr. Bettis was looking out the large windows when Anna knocked and let herself in. She stood in front of his oversized desk and waited for him to acknowledge her. After several minutes she cleared her throat hoping to gain his attention. She felt a deep apprehension as she gazed on the muscular torso of her new "boss". His lean hard stomach; his muscular arms and chest; and his haughty stance caused the middle age wife to catch her breath. She let her eyes fall to the front of his slacks and thought she saw the outline of his cock.....

"Mrs. Belvoir, let me begin by setting the guidelines that you will now be expected to follow; follow without exception; and follow without questioning. From this point on I will be addressed as Mr. Bettis. You will do exactly as I say and you will never, I repeat, NEVER, question my orders. Do we understand everything so far Mrs. Belvoir?" he sternly stated.

Anna was caught off-guard......... She started to murmur some reply but was again caught off-guard as the Black attorney turned and sat down behind his large cherry desk..... Feeling light headed Anna slid down into one of the burgundy Queen Ann chairs and returned his intense stare.

"You were not given permission to sit. Until or unless you are given those liberties you will remain standing Mrs. Belvoir," Jerome ordered.

Anna, her face reddening, stood and started towards the door.

"If you leave this office you will be dismissed this instant. And as you know you will forfeit your $ 165,000 401-K profit sharing plan. Now what would Daddy and Mommy do without you loaning them the money to save "Hillcrest" their civil war era mansion......" Jerome questioned.

A surge of sheer panic enveloped poor Anna. The 401-K profit sharing plan was designed so that until one had worked in the law offices twenty years there was no vesting. And........ Anna's mother and father were on the verge of losing her childhood home to foreclosure. Anna had counted on the vesting of her 401-K plan to secure the note on the grand old mansion and save her piece of history forever..... Now.......... this self important Black attorney was threatening her best laid plans. She stood by the large door guarding the entrance and felt herself start to shiver all over trying to come to terms with the last several minutes of the arrogant Black man's control over her life.

With reason returning to her tormented mind she turned and returned to the front of his desk. "I'm sorry......" was her simple apology.

"From now on I will be taking the place of the limp dicked old man that you previously served. I expect... NO I DEMAND that you serve me in every way that you served him. Do you understand Mrs. Belvoir?" Jerome asked.

With trembling voice she softly muttered, "Yes...."

"Now that we understand each other fully I will give you your instructions for the rest of the week. From this day forward I will be interviewing a group of angry Black men. I expect that from now on you will look like something more than a middle age Lesbian. You will purchase and commence from this day forward dress like a woman should. You will wear hose; garter; and no dress that is longer than four inches above those hidden dimpled knees of yours. I want you to start wearing those wonder bras that will lift and separate those delightful, if small, little breasts that you want to hide. I want you to throw those flat little shoes away and wear heels and knee high boots with at least three inch heels. In short Mrs. Belvoir, I expect you to put stiffness in every Black prick that walks through my door. Is that understood?"

Mrs. Anna Belvoir, her rage barely under control wanted to verbally castrate the arrogant and pretentious Black attorney giving her these lewd demands. But reason raised it's ugly head and she reluctantly decided to save her birth place. Raising her pretty face she looked into the dark forbidding eyes of her tormentor. "I understand your demands," was her simple quiet statement.

"We start tomorrow at 9:00 AM. Be punctual..." Jerome closed the first meeting between the two antagonists.

Anna slowly walked to the door. Just as her petite hand reached for the knob Jerome spoke again, "Wait just a minute Mrs. Belvoir."

Anna stood facing the door with dread in her face as she heard the muscular Black man walk to where she was standing. Putting his large Black hands on her shoulders he turned her around. Looking down at the trembling wife he spoke again, "Who is your boss Mrs. Belvoir?"

With her trembling lips she softly answered, "You are my boss Mr. Bettis."

With a smile on his handsome Black face he then gave he his next command. "Kiss your boss good bye for the day Mrs. Belvoir."

Her face became very pale. She had always loathed Black people..... she had been brought up to think of them as inferior; and now she was being ordered to kiss her new Black boss. The man who had turned her ordered and tranquil life upside down in only thirty minutes. She started to shake her head from side to side and then looking into the dark demanding eyes of her new boss merely dropped her eyes and raised her lips to his thick lips. She let her small delicate tongue slide between her lips and explore his wet mouth and thick tongue. As her tongue entered his wet opening she felt his strong hands circle her thin waist and pull her tight lean body against his muscular body. Putting her small hands on his muscular chest she tried to resist.......... until she felt the hard Black pole push against her lower abdomen and rub against her throbbing womanhood. The unwanted sensation was very disturbing to Anna. She pushed harder against the muscular pectorals but the harder she tried to push him away the more he pulled her soft body against his muscular frame.

Jerome felt the forty year old wife try to resist; try to push away from his hard masculine body. But....... he felt her tongue probe deeper and deeper in his mouth. He felt her delicate tongue duel with his own........ and he felt her pulsating womanhood rub against his hard manhood. He played with the distraught wife...... until he was bored.

Pushing her away he finally mocked her once more, "Displease me Mrs. Belvoir and I will spank that Lilly White ass of yours until you won't be able to sit down for a week. Understand?"

With her ragged emotions running rampid she meekly answered, "Yes Mr. Bettis. I won't disappoint you..."

She then turned once again and opened the large oak door to the temporary freedom and safety of the outer office. Mr. Jerome Bettis, Esquire, looked at the beautiful red haired wife scurry from his office. He thought to himself that within the week he would bury his long Black cock deep into the pretty woman running from his domination. Tomorrow would be the test. If the White wife showed up at his office dressed as he ordered she would be his. If she resisted she would have to be broken like a defiant mare......... And like a defiant mare Jerome Bettis had the donkey dick to subdue the beautiful White wife.
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