Lizzie and I generally keep our unorthodox activities away from our home. We know couples who have a similar lifestyle who have lived to regret letting strangers know where they live and, of course, we don’t want to give our neighbors too much cause for concern.

This event, therefore, was unusual, because it was completely unplanned. We had been to the theatre to see a musical with a couple we knew through my work. They were of similar age and had a very conventional lifestyle. Mary is a stay-at-home mum with kids about to fly the nest for university or travel and Craig has worked in medical sales for his whole adult life. They were aware that there was something different about Lizzie and me, but clearly couldn’t work out what it was. Craig was a little in love with Lizzie, well, he coveted her, which is not the same thing, something which Mary seemed to be oblivious to.

Mary was the duty driver and the rest of us were in high spirits, fueled by copious champagne, as we piled into her car for the journey home. Mary and Craig live in the north of the city – a longer drive than to our home in the west and were staying with us overnight, planning a leisurely lunch together the following day, a Sunday, before heading home. Lizzie gave me a meaningful smile as I held the front passenger door open for her and instead slipped into the back seat behind me – Craig quickly sliding in beside her leaving me to sit up front with Mary for the hour or so trip back to our house.

Driving through the city traffic, heavy even this late, we kept up a steady stream of conversation and laughter. Eventually, the brightly lit streets gave way to rural roads as we left town and I realized that Mary and I had been doing most of the talking for the last 10 minutes or so, with just the occasional acknowledgment or slight chuckle emanating from the back seat. Suddenly alert, I glanced slowly behind me and was immediately thrilled to see, in the dimness, my wife’s head bobbing up and down in Craig’s lap as Craig rested one hand on Lizzie’s bent back and the other on her head, gently stroking her hair as she sucked his cock. Craig met my eyes and there was no shock of discovery and no attempt to stop what was happening – we looked at each other blankly for a few seconds until I gave him a slight smile, which he returned.

I could hear Mary whispering to me about the cost of vets, or something, and I answered her on auto-pilot as I watched Craig slowly close his eyes and tip his head back to rest almost on the parcel shelf behind him. He made a noise like a constrained sigh and Lizzie stopped moving, her face pushed into the crotch of his trousers. I heard her making filthy swallowing noises – which I knew were for my benefit – one of my turn-ons, as Craig came in her mouth. After a few seconds Lizzie sat up, licking her lips clean, her lipstick long gone, and grinned at me as Craig rearranged his clothing.

When we arrived home I could smell the cum on her breath when she moved in to kiss me – again, something she loves to share with me. We made ourselves comfortable in the lounge and carried on with the champagne, this time Mary was able to partake too. We were getting pretty *****, Lizzie doing that thing where she tucks her legs under her to make sure that her stocking tops are accidentally visible as her dress rides up – sitting shoeless on the sofa. Craig, especially with his come recently sent down my wife’s throat, was distracted and staring, looking away from Lizzie quickly when Mary turned in his direction, only to resume his ogling as soon as her attention was elsewhere. Lizzie, of course, was fully aware of this and playing up to it – making sure to bend in front of him to collect glasses or pour more drinks, displaying her cleavage as casually as possible while holding his gaze just long enough for him to realize he was being invited to look.

Approaching midnight, Mary’s phone rang and her face quickly turned to one of concern as she listened to the caller. We quietened a little but she still relocated to the hallway so she could speak properly. On her return, Mary had a grave expression and immediately asked me to call a cab for her.

I followed Mary into the lounge after making sure a cab was on its way as she explained, flustered but calm and in control, that her aged parents had a burst pipe in their home in North London and had caused some flooding. An emergency plumber had stopped the water flow but had to turn off the power as a precaution, saying that a permanent fix could not be carried out until the next day. To a couple in their 80s, a cold and wet house is not an ideal setting, so their neighbor had taken them in but didn’t have room to stay. As soon as they called Mary she told them she’d head home in a cab and get another to collect them – they could stay with Mary and Craig for as long as it took to get their place repaired and habitable.

Craig rose and collected their coats from the stand in the hallway, asking me how long the cab would be – it would be at least an hour and a half to get them home so they were eager to be on their way. Mary kept saying that Craig needn’t spoil his evening too – she would be perfectly fine on her own, after all, she only had to take a cab ride and then make up a bed for her parents. As is often the case, we could all see that this wasn’t really what Mary meant at all – she would prefer Craig to go with her, and he was indeed, ignoring her protests and preparing to leave with his wife. Suddenly, however, his tune changed and he was allowing himself to be “convinced” by Mary that he should stay with us after all. Mary, not especially happy with this development but not able to go back on her earlier protestations, sounded as puzzled as I was until I noticed that Lizzie, standing next to Craig and facing Mary, had, invisible to Mary, her hand slightly inside the waistband of his trousers above his arse. I was then very excited at what this night might turn into, and no longer confused about Craig’s change of heart.

A slightly put-out Mary hopped into the waiting cab which drove swiftly away into the freezing night. The three of us waved her off and closed the front door as she disappeared from view. Without speaking, Lizzie took Craig’s hand and led him, like a giant infant, up the stairs, with me following close behind, my cock already stiffening in my trousers. I sat on the bed and watched as Lizzie slowly, expertly, undressed him – letting his dinner suit, formal shirt, bow tie, and, finally, boxer shorts, fall to the ground. As he stepped out of the pile of clothes at his feet, his eyes never leaving Lizzie’s, I noted that he was in pretty good shape – a bit flabby like most of us, not much tone due to lack of any meaningful exercise, but certainly not bad. His cock was OK too – just OK, nothing special, 7 inches maybe, and already fully erect, pointing at the ceiling.

Craig reached out to touch Lizzie but she gently pushed him away, placing his hands by his sides. She undressed herself in the same leisurely manner, letting her dress and bra fall to the floor. As she stepped out of her knickers I noticed a large damp stain on the white satin. She left her stockings and suspenders on. Lizzie then turned to me and asked me to undress, which, of course, I did. She took Craig’s hand and laid him on the bed, laying next to him, her nipples erect and her gaze glassy, she patted the space on the other side of her, indicating I should join them. Lizzie turned her back to Craig, laying on her side and looking into my eyes, Craig quickly moved to spoon with her on her other side.

“I want you to watch,” she said to me.

“I always watch.”

“No, really watch, watch everything, every detail of my face.”

My cock jumped a little – the eroticism of the situation was incredible. Still looking at me, her head turned to the side, Lizzie lay on her back without moving her gaze, she put her hand behind Craig’s head – Craig, who had been laying motionless beside her for some minutes as if understanding that’s what she wanted him to do – and applied downward pressure.

“Go down on me.”

Craig rose to his knees and shuffled between her legs, catching his breath audibly as he lowered his face to her cunt. Lizzie moaned, low and long, as Craig started to lick her with long strokes from the base of her cunt near her arse up sliding between her swollen lips to her clit. He knew what he was doing and both Lizzie and I, discussing it later, were surprised that Mary, at home, must surely be made to come more, and harder than we had given her credit for.

“If,” said my wife, still with her eyes locked on mine, our faces an inch apart, our rapid breathing sending hot air over each other – “If you want me, Craig, to open my legs more, you should just push them open…” Her voice was low and full of sex, she was massively aroused. She moaned as Craig pushed her thighs apart, lifting one leg then the other so that her knees splayed to the bed cover, completely ******** her cunt before he went back to work on her. I reached down to feel how wet she was but she grabbed my hand, “No, let Craig make me cum, you watch me,” then she began to kiss me, gently at first, stopping every few seconds to gaze into my eyes, then more urgently, holding my hand as she thrust her hips towards Craig’s mouth, fucking his tongue.

When Lizzie came we were kissing, our tongues in each other’s mouths. After the initial squirt – which I knew had happened because Craig made a loud appreciative noise and redoubled his efforts, slurping as he hungrily drank Lizzie’s come – she had to break away to breathe – throwing her head back and trembling all over – her face and neck red, and veins prominent on her forehead, “Fuck...oh… fuck…..yes Craig… yes. FUCK…” I stared, fascinated, and then as her orgasm began to weaken and subside she turned to me and thrust her tongue into my mouth again, making little whimpering noises as she regained control of herself. After a few minutes of silence, broken only by the three of us breathing, less urgently.

Craig said, “Do you have a vibrator?” Lizzie and I said nothing for a few seconds, and then Lizzie said, still looking at me, her head cradled in her arm against the pillow, “We have several, do you want a smaller one for my arse, or one for my cunt, or both?”

Craig, his voice shaky, “Both.”

I reached into the drawer of my bedside cabinet and selected a thick, 9-inch pulsing vibrator with a clit stimulator, and a small metal “bullet” which Lizzie loved in her arse while being fucked. I turned the bullet to the low pulse I knew Lizzie loved and, taking my place beside my wife again, handed it to Craig, “Does Mary like it in her arse, Craig?” Lizzie asked, softly.

Craig parted my wife’s arse cheeks wide, leaning over and spitting, twice, loudly between them, making Lizzie shudder with excitement. “Yes”, Craig said, equally softly, his concentration focused entirely on pressing the tip of the small vibe into her anus,
“Yes. She didn’t, but then, well, on holiday, we were *****.”

Lizzie giggled, “And you took advantage?”

“No, not me, some guy on the beach. She told me years later and asked me to put it in her arse.”

Despite our arousal, Lizzie and I were shocked – her eyes widened as she processed this information – boring, traditional, stereotypical family woman Mary, getting fucked in the arse by some stranger in a drunken frenzy on a beach. Lizzie's amazement turned to pleasure as Craig pushed the vibe slowly past her opening and as she relaxed, she took the whole thing, making the buzzing noise fainter. Absently, I handed Craig the other vibrator and Lizzie moaned loudly as he pushed it into her – she was so wet that she practically sucked it in, leaving him holding just the very end, having to pull it back out with his fingertips to get a better grip and begin fucking her with it.

She came almost instantly as I kissed her, and she managed to keep her lips locked with mine this time, exchanging panting breaths with me as her orgasm washed over her. The following 3 or 4 times she came made her writhe and buck, Craig having a hard time keeping her legs open as she tried to close her thighs when the pleasure became too intense. He was a strong guy and determined, and Lizzie, kick and moan though she did, stayed at his mercy, legs splayed as she came again and again. Sweat was running from her damp forehead and her neck and cheeks and I could feel it between our skins as I held her close, her lungs filling against my chest as her breathing became ragged and gasping.

When my wife finally asked Craig to fuck her, it was over in seconds. Neither of them cared and I’m not sure either of them felt anything – Lizzie’s cunt was stretched wide and dripping with her come, and Craig’s cock was nowhere near as big as the vibrator and also soaked in his pre-come.

Afterward, Craig lay on his back next to us as Lizzie climbed on top of me, sitting on my cock, pushing it deep inside her as she rocked her hips, her hands on my chest. I could feel her cum and, of course, Craig’s, running from her, over my cock, and onto my skin, dripping between my legs to further dampen the already-soaked bed cover. I came in a few minutes and we all collapsed into sleep, Lizzie draped over me, Craig next to her on the other side of the bed, all naked, the smell of sex filling the room.

One last piece of excitement occurred before a slightly awkward breakfast and Craig’s early departure: Both Lizzie and I woke, groggy, in the middle of the night, disturbed by the movement of the third person in the bed. We propped ourselves up on our elbows and watched, fascinated, as Craig had a wet dream. He was moaning softly and, hopefully for the only time ever, muttering Lizzie’s name occasionally. Lizzie said, in a whisper, “I’ve never watched a man have a wet dream before – will he …” The moment the words left her lips Craig’s balls tightened and cum started to spurt from his cock. Lizzie made a small, delighted sound and quickly took his cock in her mouth, swallowing the rest of it until he softened and fell back into a peaceful slumber.
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