We knew that Rio was going to be at the 40th party for Lizzie's friend, Dee.

Dee and Lizzie had been close for many years and it was Dee who had introduced Lizzie to Rio all those years ago. They hadn't lasted long, little more than a year, but, as Lizzie often tells me (well, whenever I ask), they had a very intense relationship and "incredible" sex. Lizzie always talks in terms of learning about herself and her desires and needs that came out of her time with Rio. I've always been a touch jealous, but, of course, the thought that they would see each other again for the first time in over twenty years had me imagining all kinds of erotic scenarios for weeks leading up to the party.

We agreed that Lizzie wasn't going to force anything, but if Rio made a move, she would reciprocate. Lizzie was very interested in seeing him, and even if she had claimed not to be, her wetness as I asked her about their time together, my tongue in her cunt, betrayed her.

It was decided early on that I wouldn't accompany my wife to the party. It would be simpler for her to be alone and it meant we could play one of our favorite games - where Lizzie goes out knowing it's very likely she'll end up fucking another man, and then comes home, knickers soaked, hair and clothes disarrayed, to lay back and tell me all the details as I go down on her.

We had, several times, managed to keep an open phone call between us on those nights - which was an incredible turn-on as I listened in to the sex talk and animal noises. Once or twice, although riskier and best to do only when the man was ***** if he wasn't in on it, Lizzie had been able to prop her phone somewhere discrete and FaceTime the whole thing for me.

The party was in Yorkshire, a long way from our London home and so, perfectly for our purposes, Lizzie was staying overnight in a hotel. She would spend most of the day of the party, a Saturday, traveling to get there, so it was with growing excitement that she got her hair styled on Friday and selected her outfit while I sat on the bed, my cock hard as I watched and debated the options with her.

In the end, she packed three choices, but my clear favorite was a close-fitting, mid-thigh black dress, high at the neck but plunging at the back so that you could almost, but not quite, see the top of her knickers. I love this dress - my view is that barebacks in evening wear are equally if not more, erotic than ******* cleavage, and Lizzie had to snap me out of my trance to get my opinion on Lingerie.

Lizzie is very much in favor, thank God, of traditional stockings and suspender belt, and so two sets - one red and one black, both lacy and with matching balcony bras, went in the case as a matter of course. For knickers, there is often a debate between us. Lizzie likes to wear skimpy thongs so that her underwear is invisible in tight clothes, whereas I am a lover of French cut. There's something about the silk and lace stretched across Lizzie's arse that I find irresistible.

Eventually, my wife dropped both types in her case, saying she would decide on the day. Then something struck her; "of course!", she said, "Rio doesn't like either - he prefers none at all."

I was about to comment when Lizzie, obviously on a trip down memory lane, moved to the bathroom and started banging about in cupboards, calling, "And while I think about it - I need to tidy myself up elsewhere.."

Slightly puzzled, I said, "You had a wax a few days ago". Lizzie popped her head back into the room, one naked thigh showing around the door frame, "Yes, but Rio doesn't like a little hair, Rio prefers no hair, unless he's changed dramatically since I last saw him. Very vocal about the matter."

I waited in the bedroom, painfully erect as I listened to Lizzie clattering around in search of products before what appeared to be a period of contemplative silence. Emerging, she bounced over to me, naked from the waist down. Pushing me down on the bed she straddled me and lowered her cunt to my face. "Check me", she murmured.

While pushing my tongue into her cunt and cleaning the slickness from her, I didn't encounter anything but completely smooth, soft, hairless skin.

After Lizzie had come in my mouth, the speed at which she did so telling me all I needed to know about her state of arousal, she leaned over me, her hair tickling my face, slowly cleaning her come from my lips with her tongue, and asked, "am I smooth? I mean, completely?"


Satisfied for now, Lizzie was absently looking around the room, the half-packed case and the makeup bag open with half of the contents of her dressing table drawers scattered around it. She unzipped my fly and dragged my hard cock out without even looking down, stroking it as she sat cross-legged next to me.

I was not the focus of her attention - as I stared at the back of her head, her arm pumping rhythmically, I could see that she was going through a mental checklist for her trip, wanking me on auto-pilot because she felt she should, given she'd just come in my mouth.

I quite enjoy this detached approach now and then, and, as I moaned loudly and came, dollops of my come arcing into the air between us and falling onto Lizzie's bare thigh, she let go of my cock and stood without a word or a glance in my direction - I was still coming as she walked away, my come running down her leg to the carpet completely unnoticed. For some reason, I found this incredibly exciting and it instantly made me come again, watching my wife as she continued her preparations having taken care of a chore, it has as much prominence in her mind as closing the curtains or making the bed. After a few minutes, I went to the bathroom, cleaned myself up, and left her to it.

I packed Lizzie off early on Saturday morning, loading a stereotypical huge amount of luggage, not to mention the things hanging from the hooks in the back of her car, and settled down to do some work, hoping to take my mind off of things while I waited.

Passing through our bedroom later that afternoon on the way for a shower, I noticed Lizzie hadn't properly closed one of her drawers - the one where we keep all of our toys. Well, those that will fit anyway. Excited, I opened it and tried to picture what was missing. A very large vibrator, that was obvious, and, much to my arousal, the blindfolds and restraints box were gone.

Just to keep my cock from pointing uncomfortably at the ceiling for a few minutes I made myself come in the shower, then ate what I could manage to swallow and retired to my office where I have my hi-fi equipment and the huge monitors I need for my work. Settling into my indulgent, high-backed reclining chair, I absently browsed the internet and waited for updates from Lizzie.

The first text I received was at around 15:00. "Arrived, a bit late - quick drink with the girls then bath and dress. x"

Lizzie and I both detest text abbreviations - partly because we're not of a generation to immediately understand them, but also because they're just lazy, which hopefully means the messages I replay here will be clear.

"You took the big vibrator? x", I replied.

"I did :)"

Interesting that she hadn't told me she'd taken the other things, at least, I fleetingly thought so at the time.

My phone rang showing Lizzie as the caller. I answered, the Bluetooth connection to my mixing desk and amplifier playing the audio clear and loud through my floor-standing speakers.

I could hear a lot of background noise, obviously she was in the hotel bar, but, clear as a bell, I could make out the woman Lizzie was talking to and, loud and in the foreground, that of my wife.

Even as multiple participants chimed in and Lizzie carried on several conversations at once, laughing loudly and frequently, I could make out my wife's voice and many of those around her. We'd agreed that we'd do this test to see if it were possible for me to listen in even in a very noisy environment, Lizzie's phone face down on the table or bar in front of her. She would move the phone strategically when she thought I might want to listen to something in particular. I only hoped Lizzie would fully charge it before setting out that evening, and wrote a note to remind her.

After a few minutes Lizzie said, very softly but perfectly audibly, "OK, that's it - alright I hope", obviously aimed at me as nobody near her would have had the slightest clue what she meant, and hung up the phone.

I checked the recording, which was perfect. In fact as I made adjustments on my small mixing desk I could hear the conversations even more clearly, including things I'd not even noticed live.

As the evening set in I was treated to a series of short movies from my wife getting ready to go down to the party, in a function room of the hotel. I sat there, rock hard as I watched Lizzie dress, interested to see that she had decided to wear knickers after all. I questioned her via text and she replied that this evening wasn't just about Rio - he may even be uninterested in speaking to her (which seemed unlikely) - and so she was going to wear what she felt sexiest in for herself, and that meant suspenders and a lacy thong, the waist of which would be just visible under her open-backed dress if she bent down.

The final picture of my wife about to leave the hotel room was stunning - taken by a friend, Lizzie was holding a half-full champagne flute towards the camera, grinning and looking incredible, her black stilettos showing her calves off to maximum effect, a pearl choker at her neck and the diamond bracelet I'd given her for her birthday a couple of years ago complimenting the large diamond of the engagement ring on the same hand - the camera making the jewels sparkle brightly.

Zooming in to the high-res image (it's truly amazing how good smartphone cameras are now), I could make out the small bumps on either thigh where the adjusters for her suspender straps lay, a detail I adore as I know other men look for, and notice, this kind of thing.

Frustratingly I didn't hear anything further for an hour or more, but eventually, the phone rang, making me start as I put my headphones on and fumbled for the answer button.

Immediately I heard loud background noise - talking, laughing, glassware and cutlery, and, further off, music.

Then, Lizzie, "What makes you so sure that you were that good?", a chuckle in her voice, which was low, clearly she was sitting close to whoever she was talking to.

A man answered, quiet, low, intimate, "Oh come on", he too laughed softly, "I could make you squirt like a fountain, girl."

I heard Lizzie take a sharp breath in mock surprise, "RIO! That is no way to talk to a married woman, particularly when you are a married man. What would your wife say? What was her name again?"

Rio paused and I heard glasses clink nearby. "She's called Beth - Bethany."

"Tell me about her."

"She's a counselor and works mainly with PTSD. Fucks like a machine."

Lizzie snorted, followed by some coughing as she had been drinking at the moment Rio uttered this last. Rio chuckled, "What? she does!"

Then, more thoughtfully, "Like you did, Lizzie."

"How do you know", asked my wife, "that I don't any longer?"

A short silence was broken by another voice imploring Lizzie to dance - that of a woman. Lizzie giggled, "OK, OK - I'm coming", and the call ended.

I poured myself a drink and sat back, imagining Lizzie on the dance floor. Many times I've seen her lost in the music (although always slightly lost in the alcohol too, to be honest), getting more and more provocative as her mock "bump and grind" teasing with men around her turned into something riskier, something right on the edge of committing to go further, which, of course, she sometimes did, much to my approval. I'd seen my wife grind her wonderful arse against clearly erect cocks, the tents in the men's trousers are obvious from 30 feet away and, on one memorable occasion, do it so well and for so long that the middle-aged, handsome, and toned guy she was dancing with held her hips against him and came in his trousers. Lizzie felt his cock throbbing as I happened to look over at her from the bar where I was stationed at the precise moment she stopped dancing momentarily, her arse pushed into the stranger's crotch, glancing, questioningly back over her shoulder at his face. She nodded encouragement, smiling broadly, and began grinding against him, watching him all the time, as he filled his pants with his hot come, staring into my wife's eyes.

I've also watched, on more than one occasion, Lizzie herself orgasm on the dance floor, each time with a stranger's fingers on her crotch through her clothes or pushed past hems or waistbands, or through her flies, inside her cunt. The most arousing for me was watching her slow dance with a much older guy at a charity black-tie function, his thigh between her slightly parted legs as they danced, Lizzie discretely and slowly humping against him. Expertly he had turned her slowly so that they were on the edge of the dance floor and, with each slow rotation away from the other dancers, he dropped his right hand between her legs, pulling her dress up into an inverted "V" shape, bunched up at her crotch to ****** her soaked knickers and rubbed two fingers against her clit.

As soon as they began to turn back into view, he dropped the material and put his hand gently on the small of my wife's back again. Lizzie, by the end, was almost passing out. I could see her legs shaking and he held her up when she finally came. She couldn't even wait for them to turn out of view of the others in the end, he just kept slowly moving, holding her tight as she closed her eyes, her cheek on his chest, and came hard. From my vantage point at the edge of the floor in the dim lights of a round table where we'd eaten dinner together, I could see just how intense her orgasm was, and how long it lasted - she must have waltzed around four or five times at this slow pace until I saw her stop shaking and her legs become sufficiently more stable for the man to relax his grip, tentatively at first in case she just dropped to the floor.

After the dance, he kissed her hand and wandered away, back to his wife (lucky woman, said Lizzie), and Lizzie, seated next to me, took my hand and, pulling her dress up to her thighs, hidden by the low tablecloth, placed it on her cunt. She was drenched, her thighs, her legs, her cunt. I took my other hand and placed it on the small of her back - where the stranger had held her with the hand which was otherwise on her cunt, and, sure enough, her dress was wet through from his fingers.

"I genuinely thought I would black out if I didn't come soon", she said, her breathing recovering as she drank from the glass I'd poured her.

I took my wife by the hand to the bathroom, hiked her dress up, bent her over the basin, and fucked her from behind, the whole thing was over in a couple of minutes as we both came. I could hear, even before I added to it, Lizzie's come hitting the tiled floor with soft splattering noises.

We never saw that man again, but often think of him and have tried to recreate the evening, but it's impossible to recapture it.

Jerking me from my reverie again, about forty-five minutes later, the phone rang and Rio's now familiar voice, lower, quieter, less background noise, filled my headphones.

"That's it..how you like that, you slut?"

I gasped as I heard the word "slut" and I heard Lizzie moan at the same time. My cock jumped and I unzipped and unbuttoned my trousers, pushing them to my ankles, and freeing them.

Not all the time, but when she's in the right frame of mind, Lizzie likes this kind of dirty talk. I always feel a little self-conscious so it's never really been a thing we indulge in together, but I could tell from her breathing and the occasional little sigh or moan that Lizzie was very much into it right now.

"Is your cunt so wet because you've been thinking about me?"


"Hm. I thought so. Married but want my cock do you? Fucking slut. Here, taste yourself."

"I love that you keep yourself bald - you know all my women do that, right?"

I heard Lizzie groan, I surmised because Rio had removed his fingers from inside her to bring them to her lips, then absolutely filthy wet licking and sucking noises, which ended in my wife exhaling an almost shocked, "Oh fuck!"

I was just getting a little frustrated when Lizzie must have remembered I was listening.

"That's - fuck, that's how many fingers? Oh, don't stop.."

"It's all of them, I'd forgotten how fucking wet your cunt gets. That's it, fuck my hand you slut, fuck it hard."

I could hear loud, rhythmic squeaking like furniture being moved roughly around.

"Holy fuck.. this chair...is going to tip.."

"I've got it", said Rio, "Just lean back, keep your legs open, and come on my fucking hand."

The squeaking of the chair legs on the floor got violent and rapid, and I heard my wife moan over and over, "Oh fuck Oh fuck" and then everything stopped, replaced by a long, long, exhalation coupled with a one-note hum from Lizzie as she came.

"Oh my God, thank you.." breathed my wife.

"See?", chuckled Rio, softly, "I told you I could make you come like nobody else."

"Fuck, yes, you still can. You really can."

Listening, I was slowly stroking my cock throughout, getting more and more turned on as I made these discoveries about my wife and her past lover.

"OK", said Rio, "Use these to clean yourself up and then give them to me, I want to keep them I like to wear them sometimes, used knickers, that is.."

Lizzie snorted, "really?"

"Yep. real turn-on, especially if you're in a boring meeting. Having lacy knickers with dried come on them under your suit is a thrill, trust me." Rio chuckled, "Right, see you at the bar?"

Lizzie made an "uh-huh" noise and then I heard a kiss and the call ended.

Another hour or so passed before the next call. I had just been sitting there staring at a blank monitor, headphones on, occasionally listening to the recording of my wife coming on another man's fingers, slowly stroking my cock and getting a little harder each time I heard that final shuddering moan.

My phone vibrated and I saw Lizzie's number on the screen. Answering instantly I heard the low tones of my wife's voice. She sounded seductive, quiet breathy, and a little *****.

"Tell me the truth - I know she did", Lizzie said, playfully.

"I don't know why you think you know, Lizzie, I'd be fascinated to hear your evidence", came Rio's voice, equally amused.

"Because", said Lizzie, her voice lowering as I imagined her moving closer to him in an attempt at confidentiality, "I could smell come on her breath.."

A pause.

"She was in the bathroom a few minutes ago. we stood next to one another touching up makeup in the mirror. She just glared at me, except - when she left she stood very close to me and whispered that I was a ***** and she thought my husband should know. That's when I smelled come on her breath - it's unmistakable. Gave me the perfect opportunity to tell her that she needed to find some mouthwash before she flounced out."

Rio snorted, there was a pregnant pause, and then, "Alright, alright so maybe she did - but, in my defense, firstly you were busy rubbing your tits and arse against that dopey-looking guy on the dance floor, and secondly, we're not married to each other and you're not my mother, so if some random woman offers to suck my cock, I'm not going to talk her out of it."

Lizzie giggled, "I knew it - lucky I found you when I did or I wouldn't have seen you for the rest of the night."

There were noises of moving, rearranging, and exertion and Rio said, "I don't think you've put on a pound, although your arse used to be a bit bonier as I recall."

"I'll take that as a compliment, and your lap feels just like it always did, comfortable but with a large hard lump in the middle."

Then I heard other voices, louder as they approached then fading as they passed. I imagined, and Lizzie confirmed later, that they were in a sparsely populated lounge area, away from the main party.

I stiffened as I heard the distinct sounds of kissing - slow, passionate, accompanied by small whimpering noises from my wife. I adore it when she behaves with other men like this. Fucking is one thing and, of course, I love to watch it, but the real passion between Lizzie and some other guy, preferably a stranger who she clicks with, is so erotic. One very memorable night I fucked Lizzie as a guy we'd picked up in a bar lay next to her and they kissed like lifelong lovers the whole time. Such a turn-on.

And so it was now. I listened and stroked.

After a minute or so I heard movement and my wife saying, louder, some urgency in her voice "Huh. OK, come with me", and the call ended.

I didn't have to wait long for the next call.

"What is this place? cleaner room or something?", said Rio.

"Sure, probably, who cares. Stand against that wall." I could hear the huskiness in my wife's voice.

I heard a zip, then the clear sound of a heavy belt buckle hitting the floor, then a long moan from Rio. I knew Lizzie was on her knees with his cock in her mouth.

After a few seconds she spoke, a little out of breath, "You taste good, but I was right, you're covered in come. You still stay hard when you come?"

"Hmm. that's good, don't stop to talk, I'll talk. Yes - mostly I do. I still come 4 or 5 times unless I'm *****."

"You're as good as I remember, Lizzie. Such a mouth on you. Like it's designed to suck cock."

I very brief interjection from my wife, "Tell me what happened with Samantha just now."

"I said", repeated Rio, "don't fucking stop". This was punctuated by a small but distinct slap and a moan from my wife.

"OK", he murmured, "I was watching you dancing with that guy, I know you were doing all that stuff for my benefit, by the way, and Sam sat next to me. She told me she could see you and I were enjoying our reunion, kind of hinting she'd seen something incriminating. Fuck that's good, that's it, like that..."

Now I could hear slurping, wet noises as my wife worked his cock with her mouth.

"Anyway, she knows I can't stand her and I was about to tell her to fuck off and mind her own business when she said something like, "She's not the only game in town, you know" and just immediately slid under the table, kneeling in front of me. She took my cock out of my trousers and blew me, right there."

Lizzie moaned, turned on by this image. Sam, I should explain, is a bit dowdy, boring, and a real gossip - often stirring trouble between the group of friends but tolerated because she's essentially a good person, just a bit lonely, is what I've always thought. She is the last person anyone would expect to find on her knees under a table sucking cock.

"She was pretty good at it, she's had plenty of experience. I paid no attention to her like it wasn't happening, until, well... fuck me, Lizzie, you're so fucking good at this.. hmm"

"Until", continued Rio, "Until I came and then I held her head hard against me until she swallowed it all.. and then I saw you leave the floor so I zipped up and came to you, left her under the table.."

I could hear Lizzie moaning more than Rio and I know it was the image of Rio filling this unlikely woman's mouth with come and then simply walking away in preference of speaking to Lizzie that was turning her on.

Rio inhaled deeply then, as he exhaled, moaned, "Fuck Lizzie, my fucking God... yes, yes.. uh."

Lizzie breathed hard through her nose for a few seconds, making those exaggerated swallowing sounds she knows I love, then inhaled loudly as she removed Rio's cock from her mouth.

"My God..", said Rio, "you're just as good at that as I remember. Better even - you've been practicing.."

"Ha!", said Lizzie, "a bit.. and look - you are still hard as promised.."

"Shall we do something about it? I mean make it go away properly?"

"Fuck yes", said Rio, "but, seriously, what if that mousey woman does tell your husband? Would she, do you think?"

"Let me tell you a story", giggled my wife, before ending the call again.

I knew she was going to tell him all about us, and tonight. I wasn't sure what that meant, whether it made a difference to Lizzie or me (although, of course, it didn't) but, crucially, how Rio would feel about it. Lizzie had told me that despite being very sexually promiscuous, Rio had never entertained the idea of her having multiple partners and was very jealous. It was one of the main reasons they'd broken up all those years ago. I thought, therefore, that the adventure may be over for the night but it had been truly excellent while it lasted and I had tons of amazing audio for Lizzie and I to savor over and over. I wound back and began to listen to my wife blowing her ex, stroking my cock with intent now, eyes closed, preparing to come.

My phone rang. Video call from an unknown number.

The phone was still hooked up to the big screen. I hesitated over the "accept" button for a few seconds and then remembered to cover the front camera - I had no desire for a wrong number dialler to see me stroking my cock. Well, not this time anyway.

I pressed the button and my mouth fell open, my hand stilled on my cock in mid-stroke. I was looking at a perfect shot of Lizzie, naked from the waist up, bent over what looked like a dressing table, obviously in a hotel room. There was a large mirror in front of her on the wall, and it suddenly dawned on me that I was looking at her reflection as she stared brazenly into the camera via the mirror. My point of view was, therefore, from directly behind her. The camera phone, which I could see in the mirror, was held by a tall, well-built black guy, his torso and chest ******* by a completely unbuttoned dress shirt, and bow tie hanging loosely from his collar. Lizzie's elbows were on the table propping her up, her arse in the air.
I was watching my wife being fucked from behind in a hotel room mirror, and the man holding the camera was Rio.

As I watched, Rio spoke.

"Hi", he said, then murmured aside, Lizzie said my name, "Oh, yeah, that's it - Charles! Hi Charles."

I stuttered a weak "Hi.. Rio. Hi Lizzie", into the mic. My wife answered, breathless, "Hi darling.. told Rio about us. He wanted to film. OK?", her words were staccato, punctuated by the rhythmic thrusts from behind which pushed her tummy gently against the table edge each time Rio pushed into her.

"Of course..of course it is..amazing.", I stumbled

"OK", said Rio, "As you know, I used to fuck your wife a lot. Hmm. Her cunt...man it just gets better..fuck it, just watch.."

Rio pointed the camera down, giving me a close-up of his cock sliding partially out of my wife's wet cunt, pausing and slipping smoothly home again, his abdomen coming to rest against her arse with a slight slap each time. He moved the camera closer and I could see Lizzie was soaking, dripping wet, coating his cock in her juices, white against his black skin. He was stretching her too - her cunt lips were tight around him and he was long as well as thick. I fixated on a huge pulsing vein running the length of him and disappearing inside my wife.

Talking more to himself than to Lizzie or me, Rio was muttering over and over about Lizzie's incredible arse and her "tight, sweet cunt" as he fucked her, faster now. Every time he pushed fully inside her, Lizzie moaned. Rio flicked the camera up and I could she had her eyes closed, propped on the table with her elbows, and her hands tightly clasped.

"Slut likes it, Charles.."

Lizzie moaned loudly at this and I felt my cock twitch in my hand.

The camera flicked down again and the view just got better and better. Lizzie was pushing back against him with each thrust, her stockings tugging gently at her suspender belt as she strained and stretched her legs to meet him.

"Oh fuck..Charles..", said my wife, "he's fucking good. Really.... how..oh God..how many now..fuck.."

"I count four.. she's come four times on my cock, Charles..your wife, that is."

I heard low moaning and a drawn-out "fuuuuckkk.." as Lizzie came again. Rio gave me a close-up of her cunt lips contracting hard against his cock as he continued to fuck her, her come running from her, dripping regularly between her legs to the floor.

"Five...", said Rio.

"You like my cock, slut?". God this was so hot. Lizzie gasped loudly, muttering a breathless, "Yes".

"Am I bigger than Charles?", my cock jumped in my hand.

"Yes.. oh yes, you're ....fuck...you're much bigger.."

"You come harder on my cock than his?"

"Oh God yes I do, so much fucking harder.."

Rio moved the camera and I could see Lizzie staring into the mirror, straight down the camera lens at me. She was holding the edge of the table, her arms and legs spread wide as she supported herself.

"Much, much harder", she repeated, looking at me.

"If you two are married, then..", began Rio, getting breathless now, sweat shining on his chest and abs in his reflection under the bright hotel room lights, "then that must make you a *****, right?".

I nearly came - had to hold my cock tight to stop it. Lizzie did come - I saw her head drop and her arms tremble, Rio keeping up his steady pace as she squeezed his cock with her cunt again.

After letting her calm a little, he continued, "Must be - only a fucking ***** would let some guy fuck her while her husband watched, right? Are you a *****, Lizzie?"

"Yes", a quiet, breathy sigh.

"Louder", said Rio, "so your husband can hear you properly tell him - say "Charles, I am a dirty *****."

A pause. I was rock hard, I waited, Rio waited, and I could hear Lizzie's breathing.

"Charles..", Lizzie dropped her head and Rio zoomed in on the mirror, saying, "Look at him."

Lizzie waited a few seconds, then raised her head, staring at me in the mirror defiantly, tossing her hair back and pushing hard to meet Rio's cock as he fucked her faster and faster, "I am a dirty fucking *****."

I had never heard Lizzie use those words about herself - she must have been beside herself with pleasure and lust - just saying it made her come again, although this time she didn't stop moving, pushing back hard as she soaked Rio's cock again.

"OK, Charles, this is for you, watch closely", Rio said, hoarse.

Stepping back, he withdrew his wet, shiny cock from my wife's cunt. It was big - maybe ten inches, and fat, almost the size of my wrist. Lizzie's cunt stayed obscenely open, her come running down her legs and falling like drool to the floor between her stockinged feet.

Fascinated, desperately aroused, pre-cum running down my cock, I watched as Rio used three fingers to drag my wife's come from her cunt up to her arsehole. "No fucking way", I said. Of course, I'd said it out loud and Rio had heard me.

"Oh, I think so, Charles, watch."

Rio slowly, carefully, worked one finger inside my wife, sliding in and out, pausing now and then to take more come from her cunt and work it into her arsehole. Then two fingers, then three, Lizzie's sphincter relaxing, Lizzie moaning softly throughout, slowly gyrating her hips with pleasure.

Lizzie felt him position his massive cock at the entrance to her anus. She groaned with a mixture of fear and anticipation, but most of all arousal.

Reaching behind her with both hands, my wife grabbed her arse cheeks and dragged them apart, opening herself as wide as she could, now taking the weight of her upper body on her forehead as she supported herself against the table, pushing her arse even further back and up.

Rio pushed gently, slowly, patiently withdrawing, and then inserting himself a little more each time, inch by inch, I watched, amazed, as my wife's arse dilated to take his massive cock. After three or four minutes, he was completely inside her, his balls resting hard against her arse cheeks. Lizzie was moaning like an animal, sweat running off her back and, I could see, falling to the table beneath her from her nipples, nose, and forehead.

What followed was incredible, and we returned to the footage again and again. We talk about showing it to others now and then and get very aroused thinking about that, but I don't think we ever will. Not only is it the hottest scene I think I've ever watched my wife take part in, but it's also erotic, intimate, and personal in a way a normal fuck with a stranger can't be.

Rio put his phone on the floor between Lizzie's legs, camera pointing up. He couldn't have made a better choice, although Lizzie says he doesn't even remember doing it. Thank God he did.

I stared, wanking furiously, as the big screen in front of me showed a crystal clear image of Rio's huge cock ramming into my wife's arse, over and over again. Every few thrusts he would withdraw to his very tip, slowly push the first two inches back inside Lizzie, and then, using both hands to help by pulling her hips sharply toward him, slam the remaining ten inches into her, his heavy balls swinging under her cunt from the momentum like a pair of out of control wrecking balls. The camera was getting slowly covered by my wife's cunt juices, fortunately, most of what fell onto the lens ran off again, so I was treated to the incredible sight of a steady stream of her come falling heavily from her gaping cunt as she was fucked in the arse.

Each thrust lifted Lizzie slightly off the ground, forcing her initially to raise on her toes to stay on the floor, but, as it went on and Rio fucked her harder and harder, she gave up trying and was simply lifted two inches off the ground on Rio's cock every time he rammed into her.

The noises my wife made were unlike anything I'd heard her utter before, or, for that matter, anyone else. She moaned and whimpered, a steady stream of obscenities underpinning everything like a backing track. Rio was almost shouting at her the whole time, carried far beyond reason with lust, always asking "Are you my *****? Are you my fucking *****?", and always getting a loud affirmation from Lizzie.

Rio's muscular thighs were taut with exertion, sweat glistening on them as it was on my wife's. I watched as the timing of his thrusts faltered and his breathing became labored. He stopped talking, utterly focused, and then, with what I can only describe as a bellow, I saw his balls jerk upward, his scrotum tightening, his cock buried in my wife's anus as he pumped load after load of his come into her.

Lizzie, I knew, had been coming throughout, and so whether she came again now or not was moot, but she was shaking and moaning and, now and then, actually crying - she says she doesn't know why but it wasn't through unhappiness, she'd just never experience anything like it.

Needless to say, I had come more than once myself, the second time I wasn't even touching my cock or attempting to make it happen, my come just spurted from me to land on my shirt, and I barely even noticed.

After a minute or so, Rio slowly withdrew his cock - still huge but finally softening - and his come fell in a thick flood from Lizzie onto the camera lens, completely obscuring the scene. I listened to the muffled voices and breathed a little while longer before I ended the call myself and sat in silence, still a little stunned at what I'd just seen.

I received a couple more calls during the night, one was audio of Rio going down on Lizzie, which started with a conversation:

"I thought you never went down on women? you never would on me."

"Yeah, well, my wife changed all that. Kind of a condition she set."

"What!?", said Lizzie, "she wouldn't marry you unless you went down on her?"

"Pretty much.. and properly, so she taught me. Says I'm pretty good."

"Well, how about I be the judge of that?"

From the noises she made over the next twenty minutes or so I would say that Rio had, indeed, been taught well.

The last video call was from Lizzie at around four in the morning. She had propped her phone on the night table next to the big bed and turned a lamp on, and as I answered and the picture appeared, I saw she had used the restraints and blindfold she had taken with her.

Rio was cuffed to the metal tubular bedstead, his hands up as in surrender. He was blindfolded and his cock was massively erect, pointing at his chest and twitching slowly. Lizzie stayed out of the shot for a few seconds so I could take all this in. He was wearing Lizzie's lacy knickers, his cock poking out from the waist elastic. I loved this - I have a real thing for Lizzie's knickers, especially when used or covered in come. I wear them, carry them, and use them to masturbate.

Lizzie came into the shot and slowly straddled Rio in the "69" position, lowering her cunt onto his face, she took his cock in her mouth and took as much of it as she could. She's pretty good at swallowing large cocks, able to suppress her gag reflex to pass particularly big men into her throat, but Rio defeated her and she managed eight inches at most. She faced the camera the whole time, her mouth stretched so tight her lips were almost invisibly thin, using her right hand to wank him into her mouth. She came a couple of times on his face, and then when he came she had a big orgasm - she shuddered and fought to keep her mouth closed and not gasp for air but wasn't equal to the challenge and at least half of his come fell from her mouth as she was ****** to breathe mid-swallow.

The last thing she showed me that night was her sliding her knickers off of Rio's thick legs. She brought them to the camera so I could see they were dripping over her hand and whispered, "He's not keeping these, darling."

Less than a minute after she arrived home, I was inside Lizzie's cunt, pushing her against the wall in our hallway, her dress up to her waist and her face against the plaster, her hands flat against the wall for support and her legs splayed wide, one high-heel lost in our haste. She was wearing the knickers, which, as I pulled them aside, were still absolutely soaked. After I came in her (a matter of moments), she deliberately removed them, using one hand on my shoulder to steady herself, staring me in the eye, she wiped her cunt with them, making sure to push them a little inside her to add my come to hers and Rio's, then handed them to me with a smile before tripping happily off upstairs, calling over her shoulder,

"Let's have a nap, it's been a long night and I have other things to tell you!"
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