I live in the suburbs with my Asian wife. We moved from the city, looking for more room to spread out.

Our neighbors moved in shortly after us. The husband and wife migrated from India about 10 years ago. They have taken Western names of Karl and Sara.

Karl is a nerdy IT guy that is often traveling on consulting gigs. He is not handy around the house and as my mother would say is as useful as tits on a bull.

Sara is beautiful. I would compare her in looks and figure to Sunny Leone. Sara has light brown skin, beautiful dark eyes and a sexy smile. She is far from traditional in dress, wearing revealing tops and tight jeans.

Sara always seems to show up when I'm working outside in the yard. She is constantly saying words like hard, wet and dirty in a suggestive tone. She takes every opportunity to stroke my arm or playfully touch my chest.

Her flirting has become so obvious that my wife says that she's jealous of my slutty girlfriend. I downplay these interactions and say that she's harmless and not my type. Obviously, a bullshit statement.

One day Sara cornered me asking for help hanging a picture. She said that Karl was out of town for the next three days. She looked exceptionally hot today. She was wearing a silk blouse and this was the first time I saw her wear a skirt. The skirt was short, black, and tight with a high slit to show off her shapely legs. Having a foot fetish, it wasn't lost on me that she was wearing open toed high heel sandals.

I followed her to her home. As we entered she asked me to remove my shoes and she did the same. This gave me a better look at her firm ass, toned calves and nicely arched feet. She had delicate toes with nails painted hot pink, one of my favorite colors of nail polish.

Sara hovered over me while I worked. She would bump against me and make faint apologies while resting her hands on my back or hips. With the task finished she offered me a drink. I sat down, Sara came in with the drinks and pinned me against the arm of the couch.

She wasted no time, forcing her tongue in my mouth. She had her hands in my lap, opened my pants, and grabbed my cock. She helped me pull down my pants revealing my cleanly shaved pubic area.

Sara's eyes grew wide as she held my growing cock. She began slapping my dick against her cheeks and lips before taking me in her mouth. I grabbed her raven colored hair with one hand as my other grabbed her round ass.

I unzipped her skirt. Sara stopped sucking my cock, popped up and removed all of her clothing. I pulled my clothes off too. Both of us naked, Sara jumped into my arms, wrapping her smooth legs around me. We kissed again and she moaned as she rubbed her warm body against mine.

I lowered Sara to the couch, kissed and licked down her body until my tongue found her wet pussy. She was also hairless except for a small heart shaped patch of pubes. She wasn't shy about what she wanted, pushing my head deeper in her box while moving her hips. My face became soaked as Sara shuttered during her first orgasm.

I wanted to pierce Sara's beautiful cunt with my steel hard cock. I was able to release my head from her grip. I began rubbing my cock head against her clit as my lips found her's again. My penis was so slick. Sara couldn't wait any longer as she lined me up with her hole and put me inside her. It was such a relief for both of us that we sighed in unison.

Our bodies were tangled and we aggressively pushed against each other. I plunged as deep as I could inside her and started fucking her with short rapid strokes. Sara once again wrapped her legs around me ensuring that my cock remained deep inside. I picked her up and sat down on the couch allowing her some equal time being on top.

I caressed her lovely boobs and circled her dark brown nipples with a gentle fingertip. This became more difficult to do as she wildly bounced on top of me. Sara leaned back and rubbed her clit which only made her movements more erratic. She came hard and collapsed on my chest.

Sara didn't rest long as she positioned her body so that her flawless feet were in my face. She said her feet needed some love too while she stroked my hard on with her hand.

I kissed Sara's toes and nibbled on her soles as she cooed. I licked her slightly salty arches before sucking her toes. I managed to mumble that I was gonna pop and Sara's mouth covered my cock.

I blasted hard causing Sara to flinch, but she recovered and did her best to swallow everything. She pulled my ball sack up and gently massaged it with her fingers. She continued to suck until my cock stopped releasing fluid. Sara sucked up all the cum that leaked out of her mouth as she gently ran her nails across my now emptied balls.

Sara held my balls and said that she needed me around the house to do all the things that Karl couldn't. This was her less than subtle way of saying that I would fulfill all of Karl's husbandly duties. She assured me that both of our spouses were already on board.

I asked if she needed any artwork hung in the bedroom. We both smiled as she took my hand leading me upstairs.
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