My work mate, Stan, and I went out for drinks after a tough week at the office. It was our reward for working late and meeting our reporting deadline. We were more relaxed and after a few drinks, Stan's wife called wanting him to come home. I assumed our evening was ending, but it was about to continue and get very arousing.

Stan suggested that I go home with him to meet his wife, Annie. I didn't want to impose, but he insisted. Now, this was my first time meeting Annie, but Stan always talked about her attractive looks. Whenever she went out, she received a lot of attention from both men and women.

Annie is Asian and looked to be in her late 20s (I was told later that she just turned 40). She has a pretty face and full kissable lips. Her tits were a small 34B, perfect size and firmness. She stood around 5'1" and if I had to guess weighed around 110-115 pounds.

Annie was right at the front door when we arrived. She seemed shy, but was welcoming. She gave Stan a long kiss, but had her eyes open and was looking at me. We sat in their family room and the conversation was informal and loose.

I complimented Stan on landing someone of Annie's caliber. She whispered in Stan's ear while smiling at me. Stan blurted out that Annie thought I was handsome. Annie nervously looked down before covering Stan's mouth before he could say more.

Stan looked at Annie and nodded. Annie seemed to know what this meant as she got up and walked away. After she left the room, Stan revealed the rest of what Annie said to him. Stan told me that Annie liked my eyes and smile.

The next revelation that really seemed to excite Stan was that Annie wanted to show me her toys and give me a blowjob. I felt a tingle in my balls and my cock grew hard in my pants. I grabbed my package for good measure as my excitement grew.

My eyes just about popped out as Annie came back wearing black lingerie, covered by a long see-through lace gown. She wore sexy strappy black high heeled sandals which increased her height to 5'5". The shoes were the perfect compliment to her outfit and her red pedicured toenails. I instantly wanted to pepper her feet with kisses.

Stan gently pushed her into my lap. I instinctively caught her, holding her body closely against mine. Stan turned on the TV and loaded a DVD. He kept the volume muted, so we could continue to talk. If it wasn't for Annie I would be distracted by the porn playing on the television.

In case you're wondering, the video was from Public Agent and starred Rae Lil Black. I've seen it before and saved it to my favorites. It nicely highlights her deep throat skills. The fucking gets hot as she's nailed doggy style and happily gets a creampie.

Stan encouraged us to talk about our kinks before he left the room. Annie said that a few of hers included toys, lingerie, porn and oral sex. I told Annie that married Asian women, feet, and smelling worn panties were some of my turn ons. She squirmed on my hard cock. I pulled her face towards mine and we kissed with our mouths open. We were groping each other like a couple of horny lovers when Stan cleared his throat announcing his return.

Stan suggested that Annie and I get more comfortable in the bedroom. She stood, grabbed my hand and led me down the hallway to the bedroom. On the bed, I saw Annie's collection of vibrators and other toys that Stan layed out for us. Annie removed the lacey gown, revealing a shelf bra. I reached down to touch her sopping wet pussy and discovered she was wearing crotchless panties.

I kissed her and she held my arm as I worked on her clit. I sat her on the bed and kneeled in front of her. I rubbed and kissed her legs. Annie smelled clean and fresh, like soap. I couldn't stop exploring her body. I removed her stylish heels and brought her delicate feet to my face. I sucked, licked and kissed her petite toes and curved arches. I wasn't finished until my mouth met every square inch of her feet.

I rubbed the inside of Annie's thighs and pushed her legs apart. I asked Annie to turn on her favorite toy and hand it to me. I spread her lips and touched the pink vibrator to her clit. I began to suck on her lips and tongue fuck her pussy. The continued stimulation only released more delicious liquid. Annie grabbed the back of my head and ran her fingers through my hair. It was apparent that she was cumming.

I stood up and slipped out of my clothes. Annie sat up and intently watched as I pulled my underwear down. My curved cock was glistening with precum. I cupped my balls and gently stroked my cock. She moved forward, telling me she would make me bigger and harder. She grabbed my ass pulling me towards her mouth. She licked the precum from my head before I fed her my cock. She started sucking harder than I've ever experienced.

I slipped my hand behind Annie's neck and gently guided her mouth to cover more of my dick. She sucked me deeper, spit was leaking from her mouth as she looked in my eyes with desire. The level of intensity continued to rise as she dug her nails into my cheeks.

I released my cock from Annie's mouth and instructed her to get on her hands and knees. I rubbed my cock against her slick pussy adding to the wetness. She told me not to tease her any longer and I penetrated her hotness balls deep. I grabbed her ass and fucked her hard and fast as she pushed back against me.

I forgot about Stan. Until I saw him sitting, watching us intently. He began rubbing his cock over his clothes. Having an audience added a whole other level that I never experienced before. At that moment, I had something that belonged to Stan. I was arrogantly fucking his wife and Annie's moans told Stan that she was loving it.

I wanted some more of Annie's pussy.
I pulled out, layed on my back under Annie and had her ease back on my face. Annie removed her bra and gave her nipples a little pinch. She freed up one hand and brought her vibrator back to her clit. She began sliding all over my face. I reached back and placed my hands on top of her thighs. Her body shook all the more as she orgasmed again.

She collapsed forward and I wiggled out from under her. I flipped Annie over on her back, spread her legs and moved up to kiss her. Her lips opened and she sucked on my tongue. We continued to kiss until Annie's sensitive clit could be touched once again. Annie grabbed my cock and rubbed it against her. I was so hard in her hand as she slid my rod into her wetness.

I made love to her slowly at first as we held each other. I told her I wanted this from the moment I first saw her. She smiled and nodded in agreement before kissing me. My thrusts became harder and quicker as my lust for her grew.

I pushed my body up, getting on my knees and lifted Annie's ankles onto my shoulders. Her eyes became big as I was driving even deeper with my thrusts. I grabbed Annie's vibrator and touched it to her nipples. Annie took control of the vibrator. It wasn't long for the toy to return to her favorite place.

Annie's feet next to my face was too much to pass up and she moaned as I sucked her toes. The sensation was too much for both of us. Annie said she wanted me to cum with her. I continued giving her feet the attention they deserved while I emptied my load deep inside. Annie begged me to thrust harder as she came just seconds after my orgasm ended.

I gave Annie's toes a final kiss before allowing her legs to fall on either side of my body. She wrapped her legs around me and gave me loving kisses. Stan remained in the background before Annie told him to get us drinks. Annie and I were sweaty and exhausted, we kissed until we fell asleep in each other's arms.
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