When I was 21, I worked for a resort company. We were encouraged to "socialize" with the guests. One evening, I was chatting with a petite brunette with a marvelous head of jet-black hair and brown eyes. She was smart, articulate, and reserved. Her trendy outfit showed nice, slim hips and legs with an amazing athletic ass. Her tits were smallish, but on her frame, they were perfect. After an hour or so of talking and flirting, she said, "It's getting late. Are you going to make a move on me or not?"

I smiled and leaned in for a kiss. A short but firm kiss, promising all but short nonetheless. I stood, taking her by the hand, and walked out the door of the club.

"I want to go to my room," she said as we walked. The night was magnificent. The air was slightly chill but fragrant. We paused to kiss again and run our hands over each other's bodies. She was firm and soft in all the right places. Her kiss was urgent and hungry. We made it to her room, and as we stepped in, I pushed her up against the closed door and took her into my arms. We kissed passionately. I unbuttoned her shirt, and in seconds I had her firm, soft tits in my hands, and I caressed them gently, pulling her nipples. She moaned, enjoying my hands on her now-crinkled, erect nipples.

I picked her up and moved her to the bed. I removed her shorts and pants, then dove right into her pussycat, savoring the musky flavor. I parted her lips, then ran my pointed tongue lightly around her clitoral area, down around her pussycat, then back to the top. Soon she was squirming, wanting a heavier touch. When she arched her back, I flicked my tongue from under her clitoral area upwards, hard. She cried out, and in less than 30 seconds, she came. I kept the licking up until her orgasm subsided, then I moved my hands under her ass, scooping her up and pulling back her cheeks. Her pussycat and asshole yawned open. I shoved my tongue into her asshole, then slid my fingers on either side of her clitoral area, gently pinching and sliding up and down while my tongue fucked her asshole. She gasped and moaned, and her hands grasped the sheets as she tried to remain still, letting me work her over. When I shoved my thumb into her cunt, she cried out again, cumming hard.

I gently licked up from her asshole and around her clitoral area, letting her catch her breath. When she could speak, she sat up, saying, "Let me have some of that!' and dove for my pants. Soon they were on the floor, and she had my rapidly hardening cock in her throat while she tried to swallow it all. Her hands expertly caressed my balls as her mouth worked me over. I pushed her onto her back and slid full length into her sopping wet pussy. Her hands grabbed my ass, and I pumped her hard and fast. We both wanted to cum, and I knew there was no way I was going to hold off in her hot, tight little pussycat that was milking me from head to root. I kissed her deeply, and our tongues dueled as another orgasm hit her. I held off until she was nearly finished, and I pulled out, jumping up on the bed. I held her head to my cock, and I thrust into her throat. I shot and shot and shot. She greedily swallowed every drop, then sucked more gently, squeezing my balls to get every last drop.

I fell back onto the pillow, catching my breath. She licked and sucked, marveling at the fact that I was staying hard. She looked at my cock and slid her fingers over the slick skin, seeing the reaction. After a few minutes of her kissing and sucking it, I pulled her face up to mine and kissed. her. The faint, salty taste of my semen on her lips made me wonder just how much I shot off. I had other things in mind, so I turned her over and put her face down on the bed. Her amazing, firm, tight little ass looked so delicious that I couldn't help but bury my face between those cheeks. I pulled her cheeks apart and thrust my tongue into her tight brown pucker. She gasped and thrust her ass back into my face. Her sphincter squeezed, trying to catch my tongue. I moved a hand up to her pussycat and used my thumb and fingers to massage her clitoral area. We remained like this with me eating her asshole until she yelled, "OMIGOD, THAT IS SO GOOD!" I felt her pussycat contract around my fingers as she came again.

This time, I didn't wait for her orgasm to end. I quickly moved to straddle that ass and put the head of my throbbing cock against her super-slick asshole. I leaned forward, and the head slid inside. She thrashed about moaning "Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah" but not protesting. I eased my weight, slowly sending inch after inch of my cock into her asshole. She panted, moaned, and cried out, and when my balls settled on her pussycat, she knew I was fully planted.

The noise she made was primeval, and her head rocked back. Her hand shot down to her clitoral area, working it to ease the pain. Having just started, I knew this was going to be a ride, and I wanted to enjoy every quiver and convulsion of that amazing ass. Slowly, I started to withdraw, and she bucked under me, trying to slam back up. When only the head was left in, I paused, then slowly started back inside. Once again, when I was balls deep, she made that amazing noise, and I knew she was loving every second of this. I kept the pace slow, letting her feel all of my 7 inches. Her asshole would squeeze down every now and then, sending waves of pleasure over my body. After what seemed like a half hour, I down thrust all the way to the root, fell onto her tiny body, and bit lightly on her neck. She made that nose again and came so hard that her asshole clamped down, nearly ejecting me completely out. I thrust forward, riding out her orgasm, holding still to savor every quake of her body. Then I joined her, this time shooting another load of hot, sticky cum into her asshole. She moaned with every spurt, feeling it bathe her bowels until it began to seep out around my shaft.

I lay on top of her, supported on my elbows and knees, with my cock embedded in her ass. I nibbled her neck and told her how amazing she was waiting for my cock to grow soft enough to let it come out naturally. We both got up and showered up fondly with all the good parts and got extra clean. We both had a smoke, got a fresh drink, and climbed back into bed. Her nipples look so amazing, I just couldn't resist first stroking them gently, then sucking them. She was busy stroking my cock and put her head down to suck me. I picked her up and laid her down over me in a 69. We got comfortable and licked and sucked each other lazily, enjoying the sensation.

I felt her move her mouth off of me for a second to get some air, I imagined, as I happily licked her from clitoral to freshly fucked asshole. Then she took me completely into her throat, swallowing me all the way to the short hairs. The move was so sudden that I gasped and jerked a little in pure pleasure. She shifted above me, making her asshole even more accessible. I took advantage, thrusting my tongue into it as she expertly bobbed her head all the way down and up.

I suddenly realized there was no way such a petite woman could be grinding her asshole onto my face while deep-throwing my cock. I squirmed, looking down, but she squirmed that way too, blocking my view. Finally, I reached down and lifted her off of me to see another head working my cock.

A man's head.

My mind flew through the night's event, and I came to the correct conclusion that this was her husband so expertly sucking my cock. My 21-year-old brain was freaking out because no man had ever touched me, let alone sucked my cock! What the hell!

Then some reason kicked in. This man's wife, Julie, had my cum leaking from her pussycat and ass, as well as a good amount in her belly. Maybe I should just wait and see what happens.

Julie was kissing me and rubbing my chest, saying, "You made me feel so good. Let us make you feel good!" I kissed her back, and she fed me her nipples, and I lay back, letting Sean, the husband, work me over. Julie then started fumbling around the bed before coming up with the tube of lube. She pulled my cock from her husband's mouth and started applying it to the head, then stroking it onto the length. I moaned under her attention, and I knew where this was going.

Sean positioned himself while Julie held my cock firm. I felt the head slip between his ass cheeks and his hole. The pressure increased, and the head started to slip into his ass. Sean gasped and held, still getting used to the width. Julie said, "He's the perfect size. He can stretch you good but won't make you hurt," she told her husband, all the while caressing my balls.

Sean grunted, then slowly sank down onto my cock. As weirded out as I was, I could not deny that the hot, tight grasping sensation of the man's asshole wasn't incredible. I felt a faint pulsing against the side of my cock as he rested for a moment, letting his asshole relax enough to take me. He began slow up-and-down movements, just an inch or so, then gradually moved up and down, fucking himself with my cock. Julie told him, "Fuck that cock with your ass! Isn't it gorgeous? It looks so fucking good going up your ass! Doesn't it feel so good?" all the while kissing me, caressing me, and sliding her rock-hard nipples over my face.

My balls were already empty, and I knew it would take a long, long time to cum again. Sean was riding my cock faster now, moving almost all the way off to slide back down. Julie would put her face down every now and then to suck his cock, sending him even more to the edge. She jacked him and sucked him, and he sat down hard, taking me all the way into him, and pulled Julie's head back to suck him more. I felt a pulsing from inside, and his asshole convulsed, sending waves of pleasure through my cock from head to root as he orgasmed. Julie was making swallowing noises, and Sean was moaning and grunting as he shot off into her mouth. Finally, he stopped moving, just letting himself rest. I watched as Julie sucked and licked the last drops of cum from his cock. He climbed off me, and I was (thankfully) pretty clean for just being inside an asshole for a long ride.

I excused myself to pee and cleaned my cock in the sink. Julie joined me, helping me towel off. She had my semi-hard cock in her hand, and I led her back to the bed. I laid her down and slid into her still-wet pussycat. I fucked her hard with deep, pounding strokes. She cried out at the onslaught, and Sean fondled my balls from behind. I needed to cum, and I was taking her, using her just for her tight little body. After 5 minutes of hard, deep fucking, I roared out my orgasm and shot into her hungry pussycat. She joined me in orgasm with Sean caressing my balls and ass, and I pumped until I felt my balls empty completely.

We spent the better part of a week in bed, praising each other. I loved having them both suck my cock at once. I developed a fetish for asses from those two. I miss them.
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