"Are you sure your husband is into this?" I asked.

"Let me worry about my husband. Not only is he into it I think he'll surprise you." Julie answered.

I worked with Julie for about a year and a half. She was 35 and average. Average height, average weight, average body. Her hair was light brown. Nothing about her appearance stood out. But she had a wicked wit and sharp mind. Recently she began dropping hints that she would be open to me fucking her....but she didn't cheat on her husband. If I wanted to fuck her I had to do it with him there.

"If you say so. Give me your address again and I'll meet you there tonight. Seven?" I asked.

"Seven," she breathed sounding like she was ready to be taken right then and there.

A line came to me from an old 70's song as I walked away: "I was thinking to myself this could be heaven or this could be hell."
So long as he wasn't armed, and maybe if he was, I was pretty certain I could handle any man.

After showering and having a light meal I drove to Julie's house. As I rang the bell I did feel some apprehension. I hadn't had fucked a woman in front of another person in quite some time. That this was her husband just made things a little more complicated.

The door opens to Julie, completely made up and wearing a silk robe. Her hair was pulled back and her makeup made her look like a 25-year-old beauty.

"Wow!" I said, smiling.

"Wow!" Julie said right back leading me into the foyer.

She wore thigh high stockings and high heeled shoes. Together with the robe she had the persona of a woman who was about to take whatever pleasure she wanted. That was OK with me because I had designs of my own. She wanted me to Dominate her husband. In return I got her ass cherry.

She led me into the living room where a man was sitting. I presumed this to be her husband. Just like her he was average. Average body, average looks. This was going to be easy.

"This is my husband, Stuart.” Julie introduced.

Stuart extended his hand. I took it feeling the soft smooth skin and weak grip. I tightened my grip, stepped back pulling his arm towards me. When he was sufficiently off balance I hyper-extended his arm a fraction more than twisted bending him at the shoulder and elbow simultaneously. It’s painful as hell is you struggle. Stuart did just that and cried out.

Standing behind him I leaned close in so only he could hear, "Take it easy and this will be fun...for me. If not, it can hurt an awful lot."

Standing there with his arm in a painful position Stuart's eyes widened as Julie knelt in front of him and undid his pants. "Julie! What the fuck is this?!" he said. The sound of his voice was not all fear. You could hear something else.

"I've had enough of your bullshit attempts to satisfy me. Now you are gonna watch as I fuck this man. He will satisfy me like you can't. Watch closely because I expect you to learn something." Julie said. Her voice was stern but taunting. Like this was something she had planned for a long time.

Soon Stuart was completely nude. I release his arm to get his shirt off and he stood there completely cowed trying to not look at me. His body reflected his computer career: thin legs and arms and thick middle. Overall he looked like a geeky 14-year-old with some gray in his hair.

Julie kissed me and ran her hands over my chest. I'm 50 years old and in pretty good shape for any age. At 205 pounds and 6'0" I work out daily and still remember all the katas I learned so many years ago. My pants were at my ankles and my cock in Julie's throat before I knew what happened. DAMN! She was an expert cocksucker! I flexed my cock slightly and her response was to push her face all the way to touch my groin.

I noticed Stuart looking. His eyes should have been burning holes through us but I could see the sheer lust in his eyes. I caressed Julie head as she sucked and licked me.

Pulling my cock out of her mouth she held it by the base. She licked it saying, "God I've waited a while for this!" She sucked is a few more times then stood up. Her robe was a whisper off her shoulders revealing a surprisingly taught body. Her tits were coral tipped nipples had a slight sag but were otherwise proud and firm. Her nipples were pencil eraser sized. The kind I love to rake with my teeth.

She pushed me onto the couch and mounted me reverse cowgirl. Her pussy was molten wet tight and slippery all at once. She came so quickly it was almost like she had been on the verge for days. Stuart eyes were glued to her pussy as it swallowed my cock.

"Get over here right now!" Julie ordered Stuart. He was so startled he actually jerked then was standing in front of us. His cock was hard as a rock.

Julie's mouth engulfed his cock sucking him straight down to the root. She held herself there for about 5 seconds. Her pussy contracting and milking my cock from the head to the root. She pulled away just as Stuart cried out and shot all over the arm of the couch.

"Clean off the fucking couch you dipshit!" Stuart hurried into the kitchen, his cock bobbing as he trotted.

She leaned back on me her tits standing out proudly. "See what I have to put up with? He lasts about 20 seconds." She rolled her pelvis like a belly dancer and I felt this amazing sensation like I was being manipulated with a hand rather than a pussy. I groaned thinking Julie was a goddamn freak. I wasn't going to last much longer if her pussy kept this up.

My stirring orgasm was put off by Stuart rushing back in to clean his cum from the arm of the couch.

"Get back over here, Stuart." Julie commanded. Stuart stood in front of us again.

"Get your face down here and lick my clit!" she ordered. Stuart licked his lips but didn't move.

"What's the matter Stuart? You know you want to. You want to taste that pussy. I think you want to taste it on my cock too. Now unless you want to hurt start licking that pussy." I told him.

I felt his breath on my balls. A tentative lick at Julie's pussy was rewarded with her grabbing his hair and pulling his face into us. His tongue was soon lapping at my balls while Julie happily bounced up and down. Her pussy was so wet and sloppy I was wondering if she was a squirter. Stuart was lapping all that was leaking out and was doing a pretty decent job on my shaft as Julie's pussy rode up.

Suddenly Julie stood up and shoved my cock into Stuart’s mouth. "Suck him now. Suck him or he's going to hurt you. But you always wanted to suck a cock anyway didn't you?" Julie taunted him. She grabbed his head forcing him to accept more of me. She pulled and pushed making him blow me. She let go and he continued his attempt. Julie moved up straddling my face all the while telling Stuart how good a cocksucker he was and how he was going to like his surprise.

I started licking her pussy in earnest. I flicked my tongue over her clit like the wings of a hummingbird. Her pussy drooled out over my chin and as I wormed a finger into her asshole she clamped her legs around my head and came. Stuart lifted his head to watch and I thrust my hips reminding him of his place.

When Julie's orgasm subsided she asked me, "Did he take your cock out of his mouth?" I nodded and in a flash she was off my chest grabbing him by the hair.

"Turn over!" she commanded me. With that voice I'd have done anything! I quickly flipped over with my ass sticking out and my hard on down against the front of the couch. Stuart's face met my ass cheeks and Julie shoved his face onto me. "Lick his asshole you fucking moron! You can't even follow goddamn directions. This is all you're good for." A tongue was suddenly thrust right through my sphincter. I was startled at the strength of the man's tongue. No fucking way was I going to last through all this.

"Wait!" I said. I got back up on the couch and hoisted up my legs. Julie crammed his head to my asshole. "Now get on it Julie." I told her. She swung a leg over Stuart's head and mounted right up. She did that belly-dance move with her hips making my cock quiver at the twisting her pussy muscles did. Stuart had a good inch of tongue in my asshole and was fucking it furiously. There's only so much a man can take.

I reached for Julie's tits and bellowed out as I came. I shot and shot and shot jets of hot sticky cum into her and she joined me in orgasm. I felt like I shot a cup of cum into her. Stuart just kept tongue fucking my asshole. Good. He was learning.

Julie swung up off of me then sat down next to me. "Clean off his cock Stuart." she said casually as she started kissing me. Stuart licked my balls then sucked the rest of the cum from the head of my cock then all of Julie's pussy juice from the shaft and head.

After a couple of minutes Julie said, "Now lick all the cum from my pussy. Do a good job too and you'll get your reward." Stuart dove right in. A large glop of cum that was glistening on her pussy lips disappeared into his mouth. I mauled her tits and kissed her while Stuart acted like a vacuum sucking all of my cum from her cunt. She came again while he was down there.

I got up to pee and said as much to Julie.

"That's a great idea. Stuart get in the tub." she ordered. Now I was wondering if she really meant us to pee on him.

Stuart was looking pretty reluctant. Julie looked at me with raised eyebrows. I reached out to grab Stuart's neck at the shoulder. Sort of like a "Spock pinch". I don't know if you can make someone pass out but I do know if you press the right spot it hurts like hell. "Let's go Stuart." I told him.

I pulled him towards the bathroom. He didn't want to cooperate and he kept trying to twist away. Finally I took him by the arm and hyper extended his elbow. He yelped and stopped resisting. I pushed him through the door banging his shoulders on the door frame and about threw him into the bathtub. Julie was right beside me. She grabbed my semi hard cock and pointed it right at Stuart.

I tried and tried but nothing was coming out. Julie put her lips to me ear and said, "I'm so in need of feeling that cock deep in my ass. Can't you please piss on him?" I took my cock from her hands and squeezed my bladder again. A stream of hot piss hosed Stuart down. I tried not to wet his face but Julie directed it on his head and hair and face and Stuart was dripping when I finally stopped.

Julie stood on the lip of the tub and stepped across. She let out a stream of piss on her husband that was a torrent compared to mine. It went on and on and Stuart was so saturated in pee he was a shade of yellow.

"Clean yourself and get your ass into the bedroom." Julie told him.

Julie led me by my cock back to the bedroom. She knelt beside the bed examining my cock. She pumped it watching it respond. She licked and looked then sucked it a little. The whole time she had a glazed look in her eyes. Suddenly she licked down to my asshole and started tongue fucking it hard. She pulled my cheeks apart to get deeper. Her hands went above to stroke my cock. It was all velvet and slick going slightly into my asshole. I just lay back on my elbows watching and enjoying. Her eyes met mine and she smiled. I motioned her to come up and kiss me.

She stuck her tits between my legs and our tongues dueled from mouth to mouth. I reached down fondling her lovely white breasts. I rolled her nipples between my fingers making her purr. Stuart approached breaking our kiss.

"On the bed. On your back. I'm going to ride your face until your lips peel off!" Julie told him. In a flash Stuart was on the bed, his cock twitching in anticipation.
Julie swung her leg over his head to straddle his face. Stuart made loud slurping sounds and Julie smiled and wiggled her hips on his face. I stood up on the bed and fed her my cock. She grasped the base in her fist and bobbed her head fast over it. Soon I was rock hard again.

I winked at Julie to let her know I was ready. She reached under the pillow and pulled out a tube of lube. She slathered it all over me from tip to base. Then she caressed my balls making them slick and glistening. Then with a twinkly in her eye she fingered my asshole while stroking me. I was in heaven.

Julie stroked and fingered me a little longer then decided it was time for Stuart to lose his cherry. She leaned over him taking his cock in hand. Stuart groaned out from under her pussy. His legs jerked and he motioned his hips to thrust a little in her hands. Julie nodded at me towards Stuart. I was off the bed hoisting his legs up before he could resist. He was nearly inverted when I put the head of my cock against his quivering brown asshole. I held most of his weight easily using just my arms. Stuart had no leverage to move. He was completely helpless. I began lowering him on my cock.

The slippery bulbous head pressed into the dark hairy hole. Stuart was protesting into Julie's cunt. His voice rose as I slowly lowered him. I could see the strain of his cheeks and how he was clenching his asshole tightly shut. It was a shame that doing that would only make it hurt like hell for him.

"Fuck that asshole! Give it to him. Hard!" Julie demanded. Stuart's muffled voice was panicky!

I let him down lower and the head popped through his sphincter. His whole body froze and you could see his stomach convulsing. The sensation on my cock head was amazing. I held still letting him get used to it.

Julie was having none of this. She reach out grabbing my forearms and pushed. Stuart dropped onto me. The head went straight through into his rectum. I was balls deep inside the man's frantically convulsing asshole as Julie pinned him to the bed with her pussy. The sounds coming from Stuart down there made me wince. I had never deep stroked anyone like that before.

Julie was working Stuart's cock with her fist. She wasn't being gentle either and her slippery fist flew faster and faster along the entire length of Stuart's 5 1/2 inches. I started slowly pumping his still convulsing asshole. Stuart was whimpering and crying out now. Julie was as ecstatic as Stuart was miserable. She started cumming when my belly hit Stuart's "taint". I kept the slow pace so I didn't shoot off too soon. The man's asshole was like a wet, hot fist that alternated between squeezing me from head to root to pulsing in waves. His prostate was throbbing and I thought he would shoot at any time. I leaned over taking Stuart's hips in my arms and I got up to my knees pulling him up too. Julie got off of his face and I saw fear, lust, pain and excitement on Stuart's face. Julie kept pumping his cock and he started groaning.

"He gonna cum Julie. Point his cock at his face." Julie realized the head of Stuart's cock was pointed at her own face and she quickly redirected it. A few more slow strokes in his super tight asshole and several more on his cock and Stuart cried out. I slowed my pace to feel his prostate throb against my cock and he shot jet after jet of thick hot cum. Julie made sure that he got it all over his face, in his mouth, in his eyes, everywhere.

Never having experience that kind of stimulation before I joined Stuart and slammed in deep and just let my orgasm take me. For every jet of cum that shot from my cock his asshole answered in a squeeze. I came for so long and so hard I dropped back onto my legs when I finally stopped. Stuart's asshole yawned open wide and you could see the pool of cum in it.

I looked at Julie and thought about cramming her face into Stuart's asshole. I thought about making her suck my cum from inside her husband's sore used sphincter. To make her feel the same humiliation he did. But I had a better idea.

"Bathroom time for Stuart. Come here Julie." I told them. Julie smiled and crawled over.

"You are so good at making him a bitch. Did you hear him when you first slid in? And how he hated getting his ass fucked! But when he came all over his own face I came just watching it!" Julie breathed. Her chest was rising and falling as her breath came fast. She was on the verge of another orgasm right now.

I reached out sliding my open palm across the left side of her face in a caressing gentle touch only to grab her by the hair and pull her face to my cock. I jammed the soft flesh into her mouth still holding her and I shove three fingers into her cunt. I fucked her hard and fast with a twisting motion. That she was sucking my cock that was so soon out of her husband's asshole never got a chance to register as she came hard against my fingers. The juice flooded my hand dripping off my wrist and she came while struggling to get all of my cock into her throat. I held her like this until she gasped for breath. My cock was now rock hard again. I was going to enjoy this as much as she was going to hate it.

"Stuart get over here." Stuart appeared as if by magic.

"Lube my cock. Get it ready." I told him. With a slavish look in his eye Stuart squeezed a glop of lube in his hand. He stroked it onto me with one hand and fondled my balls with the other.

I pushed Julie onto the bed face down. Her ass was white and a little spread. Typical 30'ish ass. I grabbed it kneading the flesh hard. Julie squirmed under my touch. Her pussy was being pulled along with her asshole. She was loving the attention.

"Your turn now, Baby." I said holding my slick cock head against her tight brown pucker. I leaned forward letting the head slowly penetrate her sphincter. It tried to remain shut but the slippery lube drenched throbbing head slid just past the tight ring of muscle. I held still for just 10 seconds letting her get used to the rude intrusion. When her breath slowed I moved to lay completely down on her body. I supported my weight with my knees and elbows. I hooked Julie's calves with my feet spreading her legs wide, opening her asshole even more. She was completely pinned and at my mercy.

"Stuart get down there and lick my balls." I commanded. Stuart sucked on ball into his mouth. I leaned down to whisper in Julie's ear. I slowly sunk all 7 inches into her convulsing asshole while saying, "I hope you will like this. It's going to take me a long time to cum so don't bother telling me to hurry."

I pulled back leaving just the head in and thrust back. Julie began crying out and struggling under me. No way was she going to get out from under me and it took her nearly a minute of cruel ass fucking for her to figure that out. I wasn't thrusting hard or fast just slowly and deeply enjoying the reaction of her struggles both inside around my cock and outside. Soon she was babbling in pain and frustration.

"Oh. OW! {lease stop. It really hurts. You're hurting my asshole. Get off of me!" she kept saying. She knew what she was in for and she wasn't getting out of it.

"Stuart put 3 fingers in her cunt and play with her clit." I told him. I could feel his fingers thrust into her and he tried grabbing my cock through the walls of her pussy. Julie's hips began jumping around as Stuart starting working her.

I thrust deeply and held still. Stuart's fingers splayed across her clit and Julie screamed out, "OMIGOD I'M CUMMING. OH OH OH IT HURTS! KEEP FUCKING MY ASS!” Her asshole was doing things to my cock that was pure heaven. Julie's whole body shook as a powerful orgasm took her. Stuart was licking my balls and rimming my asshole. It just doesn't get better than this.

Julie was really babbling now. I pumped her asshole not caring anymore. I wanted to make her feel like she made Stuart feel. Like a used Bitch only useful for my pleasure. I pulled all the way out giving Stuart a look into his wife's asshole. He guided my cock back inside without being asked. I pumped five strokes then pulled out again. We kept this up making Julie cry out every time. Finally I shoved it back in and fucked her asshole the way I like: hard, fast and deep.

After ten minutes or so I pulled out. Taking Julie by the hair I pulled her up. When her ass hit the bed she winced and whimpered.

"Get on it. Climb aboard and ride me with your ass." I told her. She bit her lip not wanting the ass fucking to continue. I pulled her tits hard taking her nipples between my fingers and pulled. She cried out and swung a leg over.

"Help her Stuart." I told him. Stuart held my cock while a whimpering Julie positioned her sore asshole over the head. She sank down impaling herself. When she hit her clit against my pubic bone she ground down hard against me and another orgasm took her. I thrust up into her enjoying her orgasm as her body writhed on my cock.

I held her ass in my hands and started thrusting. Julie began grinding down too enjoying the rubbing on her clit. I pushed her back against my knees and she groaned as her asshole flared even more. The attention to her clit was gone and she bit her lip.

"Stroke yourself while I watch." I told her. "Stuart why have you stopped licking my ass and balls?" Instantly a tongue was lapping at my balls. I pulled my legs up even more allowing Stuart easier access to my asshole. We humped along like that until I could feel the orgasm start. I had been inside Julie's asshole for around thirty minutes. She had cum countless times and was still whimpering from the pain. This time from the soreness of being fucked rather than the pain of a struggling asshole. The whole experience was both painful and orgasmic for her. Now I was going to soothe the burning with a load of hot cum.

My orgasm stayed just beyond me. Julie's asshole was loose and getting looser. I reached out pinching her nipples hard and was rewarded by a twinge around my cock.

"Stuart! Carefully slide a finger into my ass and rub my prostate." I told him. He was sufficiently cowed that I knew he would do exactly that.

A slick finger began probing my asshole. In it went directly to my prostate. A gentle circular pressure against it made my orgasm come roaring forth. Grabbing Julie's ass again I thrust deep. She cried out at the sudden move clamping down around me making her cry out and squeeze harder. This time I yelled out as I came shooting jet after jet of hot sticky cum into her bowels. I pumped and shot with every caress to my prostate. My balls emptied tightening hard as every last drop of cum was shot out. My cock heaved even after it stopped spewing into her clenching anus.

Julie's head dropped down and she collapsed onto me. Her asshole had a death grip on my cock and there was no way the blood could circulate out. Stuart kept rubbing my prostate because I hadn't told him to stop. I lay back just enjoying his work and Julie's ass.

Finally I needed to pee. I contemplated doing that inside of the rectum I was inside but decided that was for another time.

"Stuart help your wife off of me. If any cum drips out I expect you to lick it off." Stuart grabbed Julie's ass cheeks pulling them apart so he could watch while inch after inch of my still hard cock exited his wife's savagely used asshole. When the head popped out it yawned open drooling cum. Stuart licked tentatively as I got up.

After draining the snake I went back to the bedroom to find Stuart's mouth glued to Julie's asshole. You could hear her moaning while he slurped. I knelt on the bed feeding Stuart my cock. "Make sure you lick it clean." I told him then leaned back allowing him to suck and lick my semi-soft cock clean.

"You two are a lot of fun. We should do this again sometime." I said to them both not for an instant thinking we'd ever do this again. They both mumbled in agreement. Just for the hell of it I asked, "When?"

They both spoke at once, "When my asshole stops hurting."

I laughed shaking my head.
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