It all started on a cold winter night with my best friend Tyler, his wife Laura, and my girlfriend Kirsten. It ended with a warm creampi, and, for me, a new love for the cuckolding lifestyle.

See, I always knew my buddy Tyler and Kirsten were attracted to each other, that was evident through their flirtatious behavior. But I never expected her to say “yes” so fast when he asked her if she wanted to swap partners that night.

But it had been building. Last time we were all together both girls fooled around in front of us. Now Tyler made it clear he wanted more — he wanted to fuck my girl.

I want there when he asked her, but he says she was immediately on board.

“I’m down. I’m just worried that Josh won’t be OK with it,” Kirsten told him after he proposed the swap to her outside.

Unsure how I’d respond to the idea, Tyler told her not to worry and that if she wanted it, then he could easily convince me. When they returned, he quickly approached me with her in tow and proposed “a wife swap.”

“We’re going to have an orgy. Kirsten is down,” he said in complete seriousness. It was clear he wanted it. It wasn’t a joke — he really wanted to fuck.

“What? Really? Is this what you want babe?” I asked her. “If it is what you want,” she replied. “You said you wanted to spice things up.” She wanted it too.

Her response was surprising. She had only been with four guys, each of whom were previous boyfriends. Taking my best friend’s big white 7.5” cock would change all of that, but I loved the idea of her being his slut for the night.

I always knew he wanted her bad. Earlier in the night I watched him check out her thick ass and legs. He even told me how great she looked and jokingly slapped her ass on at least one occasion.

With us three on board, my buddy continued his deviant plan by informing his wife, who salivated at the idea and needed no convincing.

His wife was a thick attractive green-eyed blonde with great tits and I had no qualms with making a mess of her, but my preference was always my woman — a thick, green-eyed brunette with a curvy body and a great set of her own tits. Not to mention, recently manicured feet (dark purple marching set), toned legs and that round ass and completely shaven pussy. She was impossible to pull out of once you were close, and my buddy was going to experience it first-hand very soon.

To officially initiate the fuckfest, Tyler, and then Kirsten encouraged me to motorboat his wife. I did happily and as I came up for air he held my head in her tits. Then, in a matter of minutes, following my buddy’s lead, we had all stripped down to our underwear in the living room.

That’s when he told both girls to suck my cock together. His wife dropped to her knees, pulled down my boxers and stuffed my cock head in her mouth. My girl, in just a tight black thong, fell to her knees. Both of them kissed my cock and licked it up and down together with both sets of green eyes looking up at me as my dick glistened from their spit. It felt like heaven and both girls gave amazing head. They basically made out as they sucked me.

Personal pleasure wise, it was the highlight of my night. But I learned quickly on this night that I really liked watching my girlfriend get fucked.

As the double blowjob continued, and my friend looked on with a throbbing cock, I asked Kirsten to tend to Tyler. “Go suck that dick baby,” as I motioned to him.

She looked up at me and kept eye contact as she stood up and let go of my shaft. Without a sound, she turned around and walked over to where he was standing. She was sexy about it. She meant business, and I’ve come to learn, it only benefits my cock when she means business.

She dropped to her knees again and grabbed his cock, gave it two strokes and sucked on his head. The next time she went ⅓ of the way down. The next time she went halfway. Then she got about ⅔ of him in.

I’ve been in that mouth and I knew he was touching the back of her throat at that point. His dick needed no hand support — it was rock hard for her. Her hands rested on his thighs as she waxed his dick. At one point his eyes rolled back in his head. I knew she had to have been working up his load. It wasn’t hard to tell she was trying to make him cum.

“Aww fuck yeah,” he said as she sucked his dick. Now both his hands were atop her head. Almosr balls deep in Kirsten’s mouth, it was clear his plan had worked — he was going to fuck that pussy.

I commended her as she served him well. “There you go girl, suck that cock.” She sucked him harder and faster as I egged her on. She didn’t suck me the way she sucked his cock. He had to tell her to stop in order to keep him from cumming.

“I don’t want to cum yet,” he said, minutes after she went down on him.

His cock was about the same size as mine, but she seemed to enjoy him more. That was abundantly clear. I could tell she liked when I watched too. It was a great show. So much so that I paid little attention to Laura sucking my cock.

As the girls continued to give us head,
we decided to move to different bedrooms for some privacy. I thought it would help make the girls more comfortable, and it surely did from what Tyler told me.

Laira and I moved to their bed while Kirsten and Tyler went into the guest room.

I wasn’t there to witness it, but he tells me he spent most time in the guest room sucking her titties and kissing. Both were giggling uncontrollably.

“I can’t believe we are actually doing this,” she said.

His ex-girlfriend Tori always said that Tyler and Kirsten wanted to fuck each other.

“I guess Tori was right,” he told her as she slobbered and began to suck on him again.

But Thler had enough of Kirsten’s spit on his cock, now it was time for her to take his cock. Due to cramped quarters in the guest room, they decided to move back into the living room where Kirsten and I’s airbed was set up.

Between his wife and I, things weren’t going well and this is where the story takes a cuckolding turn.

The head was stellar, but I was struggling to stay hard. I couldn’t believe it. I’d never had anything like this happen before. It was so embarrassing, but no matter how hard I tried, once I left Laura’s mouth I went soft.

I ate her pussy well and I think I tasted her cum. Then I ventured into the living room. Oh, what a sight it was. Tyler had no problem staying hard as a rock, and he had to be reshaping Kirsten’s pretty pink pussy the way he was pounding her.

He told me later that he usually plays with a pussy before he fucks it, but he could tell Kirsten “was ready.”

“It was already warm. I just went all the way in,” he said with a laugh.

At this point, Kirsten was lying on the couch with her legs in the air. He was on his knees pounding away. Her pretty purple toes rose right around his head as he thrusted all the way in at full speed, and then came all the way out. And repeated. Her pussy swallowed him whole every time, right down to the balls.

“You’ve got nice legs,” he told her, as he gave her pussy one of the hardest fuck it’s ever had.

He looked at me as he went all the way in. It must be the same look a bull gives an undeserving cuck. He was fucking her good and he knew it. He was fucking her better than me and he knew it.

Kirsten moaned loudly as he penetrated her and continued the same all-the-way-in-and-out rhythm. He wanted to make her pussy his, and he was.

She was in ecstasy. I could tell by the way her nipples got hard and toes cramped for more than a minute, and the softness and sweetness of her moan. She was cumming on his cock.

Tyler got naked often when he got ***** and this wasn’t the first time she saw his cock. She often joked he had a small dick. She didn’t feel that way anymore. “I thought you said it was small,” he said as she moaned on his cock.

“It’s bigger than I thought,” she whimpered out back to him. I couldn’t believe it was all happening in front of me.

I observed their passionate fuck session and didn’t want to interrupt, I waited for them to switch positions to tell them about my problem staying hard. They wanted me to get laid and told me not to give up. I went back into the room to try again with his wife.

Laura sucked cock like a champ. It was great head, but this wasn’t about her, it was about me not keeping it up. It was a hell of a way to get cucked, but that is what the night was becoming.

“There’s nothing more that I want than you to cum all over my cock,” I whispered to her.

“I want to cum all over your cock,” she said.

“I just don’t have it tonight,” I said. I persuaded her to go join the other two and that I’d watch the show.

When we made our way back into the living room a few minutes later they’d already switched positions. Kirsten was riding him reverse cowgirl.

Tyler was sitting on the couch with his legs resting on the air bed and there was a space between the air bed and the couch. The space between the couch and airbed made it easy for her to sit on his cock and ride him. Her hands were on his thighs again, this time for balance.

As I walked out he slapped her big ass for the first of many times. He had a grand view of her ass as it bounced on his dick. He smiled as he watched her pink pussy made his whole cock disappear. She was working his dick so good. We had came out at just the right time.

He was right on the verge of cumming. She was close too. Her big tits swung as she went up and down. Her brown hair flew about. What made it hotter: in 8 years we never had sex in that position.

“Of fuck, we have to stop. I’m going to cum,” he said.

With her IUD ready to prevent her first child from being conceived, she had no plans of stopping.

“Please don’t stop. It’s okay,” she said. “You know I’m on birth control, right?

A few seconds passed. “Cum in me please. I am so close,” she begged. “Don’t stop.”

He didn’t say another word, almost as a way to let her know he’d made his decision. He was going to finish in her. He’d be only the second, including me.

She picked up the pace and he looked right at me as she rode him faster. This time he didn’t stop staring at me until he filled her swollen and well-fucked pussy. He was showing his dominance again, and I was learning fast the role of a beta male and the power of an alpha.

She rode him even faster. She moaned loudly as she rode his big cock aggressively. Her nipples got hard and her toes cramped up and stayed cramped for nearly a minute. They were going to cum together.

Tyler was still staring at me as she shook, moaned and soaked his dick with a thick coat of cum.

“Fuck yeah get that pussy baby,” Laura told her husband, proud of the orgasm he gave her.

In almost the same moment, Tyler moved his eyes to her big ass. He closed his eyes and emptied inside her, letting out his loudest moan of the night. I could tell Kirsten felt it, as she slowed her ride but refused to stop, milking every last drop.

He slapped Kirsten’s ass again as she sat on him, using his cock as a plug to hold in what we all knew was a thick and messy creampie.

“Fuck yeah baby,” he said, with his cock all the way inside her and his now empty balls pressed against her clit. She was full of his cum and he loved it. He stayed in her like that for at least 30 seconds.

Kirsten then slid off his cock and rushed to the bathroom. His load visibly dripping out of her pussy as she tried to keep her legs tight and avoid leaving a trail of his cum.

After getting most of his cum out of her, she returned a few minutes later right where she left off.

“You’re so sexy baby,” I told her as she returned to the room and walked past me.

“That was amazing,” Tyler said. “I thought so too,” she said, as she got up on the couch with him and turned sideways, her head in his lap and her ass in the air.

Kirsten never sucked my cock after I fucked her, so what happened next was a surprise.

His dick was covered in both of their juices. I wouldn’t have ever imagined she would do it, but she did. Without any hesitation, she wrapped her lips around and began to suck his big wet dick again, cleaning up the entire mess they made together. Again his dominance was felt, and she embraced it by cleaning him off.

The cleaning lasted for about 3-5 minutes. He grabbed her ass with his left hand and grabbed a fist full of her brown hair with the right. He later told me it was the best head he’d ever had.

Laura and I just looked on in awe, but Laura wanted in on the action.

After a brief pause, it was clear by him handing me his fleshlight, all the pussy was for Tyler on this night.

I humiliatingly fucked that fake pussy with my limp dick (a first for me) as he received a double blowjob from the girls. He was the alpha.

Laura went down on Kirsten and then Kirsten went down on Laura. Whoever wasn’t eating pussy was sucking Tyler’s cock.

I was a spectator now. I was the beta cuck.

Laura went down on Kirsten as she pulled out a clit massager. It was a surprise for Kirsten. She hadn’t seen it until it was taking her to her next sexual climax — an incredible squirt.

Streams of warm pussy juice shot into the air and soaked the bed sheets as she squirted. She apologized for the mess, and then Tyler stuck his cock in her mouth as she lay on the bed.

“It’s ok, just suck on this,” he said as her mouth took him in.

Kirsten squirted at least five times and gave head during most of it.

“I fucked her better than Josh,” Laura laughed. Then, the night began to wind down.

Kirsten was well used and her pussy was well fucked. We went and laid together. She wanted my cock, but I still couldn’t get hard. We laid there kissing for at least 30 minutes before falling asleep.

We said headed home early once we woke up and chatted about what happened. We were eager to leave so we could discuss it.

“Did you Ike it,” I asked her.

“Yeah, I really did,” she said

“It looked like it. I’ve never seen you ride a cock a like that,” I said

“It was really good angle. It felt good,” she said.

I knew she loved that cock, and loved that she loved that cock.

Not long after we got home, amid changing into some lounge clothes, I rubbed her back and she laid on the bed facedown in just a skimpy black thong. It was time to reclaim her.

I kissed down her back. Rolled her over and told her to relax as I started to suck her big titties. I could tell her nipples were sensitive from Tyler sucking on them hard and biting them.

I kissed my way down to her pussy and had her take off that same black thong. Then I ate her well-used pussy. She moaned right as I stuck my face in her plump pussy. There was no trace of Tyler’s cum, but I knew she liked the idea of me eating her after she was creampied a few hours earlier.

Her pussy was swore, sensitive and swollen from the hard pounding Tyler gave her. I bet it was the hardest pounding she’s ever had.

I was dying to feel how her pussy felt. I wanted it to be stretched, and from the looks of it definitely was.

Her pussy lips always touched normally. Honestly, it looked more like a tight slit. This morning though, Kirsten’s perfect pussy gaped. Right in the middle of that slit, her lips curved out, and it looked like a quarter-sized hole. I got harder from the sight. I could easily stick my finger in now without any resistance.

I wanted to feel how stretched she was. I wondered, did Tyler stretch her, or did he completely resize her? I kicked my boxers off and rushed to find out. I throbbed as she got on all fours on the edge of the bed. Then I stuck my cock in her swollen pussy.

My cock slid in faster than normal. Just like my finger, there was less resistance. Before I even knew it I was balls deep in her. She moaned on my cock just like she always did, but definitely not like she did on Tyler’s cock.

I pounded away. I wanted to cum inside her too. My dick glided in and out, truly like never before. It twas much easier to fuck her now. Kirsten’s 30-year-old pussy was finally broken in.

“That pussy got beat up good, didn’t it baby?”

“Yes, baby,” she said as she moaned on my cock.

I was POUNDING away at her now.

“You looked good getting fucked,” I said

“Say it again baby,” she said.

“You looked good getting fucked,” I repeated louder.

“Say it again baby.”

“You looked so fucking good riding that cock baby,” I said.

Then her toes popped as she came on my cock and her sweet moan filled the room. Within seconds her cum was running down my balls.

I was there too and shot the biggest cum load I’ve ever left in Kirsten’s pussy.

“Mmmm,” she moaned and trembled. I knew she could feel my cum. The big load followed my cock out of her as I pulled out.

I loved seeing my cum ooze from her stretched pussy, but I knew she looked way better with Tyler’s cum leaking from her. I came to the realization then that I’d rather watch her get fucked than fuck her myself. I was a cuck, and fuck it turned me on.

Now we are in the process of finding our first bull.

Kirsten is very on board, under the stipulation I don’t expect to fuck any pussy other than hers.

We’re currently looking for her first true bull and I hope he is thicker and longer than Tyler. Next time I watch her get pumped full of cum I plan to fuck her freshly creampied pussy. She’s looking forward to that too.
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