My Husband's Boss

56950.jpgSo my name is Jennifer and I live with my amazing husband Frank. He was an engineer that worked for some big company doing super secret stuff that he never really told me much about. But one day when we were eating dinner, he got a call from someone from Human Resources telling him that the funding had been pulled and they wanted him gone first thing tomorrow morning. My heart dropped because we needed the money but it didn't sound good to lose both our jobs back to back like this. I had to fix this. We had no other options.

Later that night I found myself trawling through job sites online desperately looking for anything that could save us financially and still be something we would enjoy. And as if on cue I stumbled across this posting.

'Wanted: Secretary/Administrator.' It said 'No previous experience required! Training provided!' I knew right away what it was talking about. I clicked into the site to see exactly what kind of work they offered. It read: "This is an entry-level position working directly under the manager so there's little or no need to know how to do anything other than be pleasant and helpful. If you're not afraid to get your hands dirty then please apply today!"

I read over the listing several times trying to find any hint of lies or false promises but everything seemed pretty legit. After a few moments thinking about it I decided I wasn't going to let another opportunity pass by.

The next day I got a call back and before long I found myself in front of the office with Frank waiting outside for me. As I walked up the door opened and out stepped a man dressed very professionally wearing a dark suit with white shirt underneath along with a thin black tie. His hair was cut short with just a bit of stubble showing. He had piercing blue eyes that almost made him look like he belonged behind a judge's bench. And after making sure I didn't have anyone else here he introduced himself.

"Hello, my name is Steve and welcome to our company. Lets go somewhere more comfortable shall we?" With those words he turned around and began leading me towards his desk where we sat down opposite one another. I immediately noticed how neatly organised everything looked from the clipboards on his wall to the potted plants decorating his windowsill. All told this guy was way too perfect for his own good.

"So Jennifer, tell me what brings you in today."

"Well sir, we've lost both of our jobs recently."

"Okay. What do you usually do? What skills do you bring into the world?"

"Umm... Well I did a bit of modelling when I was younger, but I'm looking for a career change."

He smiled at that comment and proceeded to ask me some questions about how long I'd been doing it and what kind of things I liked to shoot. The conversation flowed smoothly and soon enough he realised he really wanted me to work for them. So without any hesitation he said.

"I think you're exactly who we need right now. When can you start?!" He said excitedly as if he couldn't wait any longer to get started with hiring me.

I stammered something along the lines of "Ohh, I guess whenever!"

He pulled out a pen and a contract for me to sign. Before signing I quickly scanned through the terms of the job agreement so I could be fully aware of the details. But after a moment's thought, I decided to just sign anyway.

"That sounds great! Welcome aboard! First thing in the morning I want to show you around so that we can begin getting to know each other better."

I smiled wide at this prospect before standing up to leave. Just before leaving however he asked one final question. "Are you okay with working late some nights?"

"What?! Oh sure! Of course!"

"Great! Well first day starts bright and early tomorrow, I'll see you here by 7am sharp!" With those words he got up from his chair and walked over towards his door where he opened it for me. As I left his office I heard him say something else but I didn't hear him because my mind was already racing wondering what sort of stuff he had planned for me on my first day of employment.

As soon as I made it outside the building Frank was there waiting on the steps. I immediately told him the good news. His face lit up like a Christmas tree.

"That is wonderful news honey!"

He wrapped his arms around me tightly while we shared a deep kiss filled with emotion. We both knew that this was our only chance at survival and we were going to make the most of it together no matter how hard things would get in the coming weeks or months to come.

The Next Morning...

The next morning I woke up feeling pretty anxious. This whole thing seemed too perfect. It wasn't possible for things to work out so well for us without anything being wrong somewhere along the line. I laid there thinking about all of these negative possibilities running through my head until suddenly I felt a soft hand slide down my back. My eyes snapped open just enough to catch sight of Frank kissing my neck as he gently caressed my naked skin with his fingertips.

"Morning gorgeous." He whispered before beginning to plant slow kisses across my shoulders that sent chills throughout my body.

"Morning handsome." I replied before rolling onto my side to look at him. He was lying beside me staring into my eyes before giving me that mischievous smile that always makes me feel safe and secure around him. He then reached up and placed his fingers under my chin lifting it upwards causing me to lean forwards towards him, where we kissed each other deeply, making sure not to break eye contact for even one moment. After several long minutes of passionate kissing he pulled away slightly, leaving behind a trail of hot, wet lips that he used to drag down the length of my bare stomach as he trailed them towards the waistband of my underwear.

"You're so beautiful when you sleep." he said quietly as he took in the beauty that lay right in front of him.

I blushed as I tried to hide myself from his gaze but eventually gave up and let him see me completely exposed in all my glory. It felt amazing having Frank's attention focused solely on me.

"Umm, what are you doing?" I asked shyly with an embarrassed laugh as he began undoing my bra strap and sliding it slowly over my shoulder. "I have to get ready for my first day at work" I said trying to sound more convincing than I really was. His face fell slightly at the thought of this fact.

"Don't worry baby, I'll make it up to you later today." He winked at me playfully before planting another kiss across my cheek.

I quickly got out of bed grabbing some clothes before heading out to start my morning routine. I was flicking from dress to dress, wondering what to wear, I wanted to look good on my first day. I decided on a thigh-length skirt and a nice shirt that would allow a lot of skin exposure without looking too slutty. Once all of my hair had been done and styled, I applied my makeup and finished getting dressed before going downstairs and walking into the kitchen. Frank was sitting down eating breakfast while reading something on his phone. As soon as he saw me he dropped his fork onto the plate with a loud clatter as his eyes darted back and forth between mine like he couldn't believe his eyes.

"Wow!" He said in awe. "You look absolutely beautiful!"

"Thank you honey," I replied with a smile before kissing him lightly on the lips. "What time is it anyway? I've gotta go..."

"It's almost 6:30am sweetie." he answered surprised at how early it already seemed to be.

"Ohh yeah! I should probably get moving then if I'm gonna make it in time for my first day of work!" I laughed nervously. But after one last quick kiss and another admiring glance towards me from his head, I left the house running off towards our car. The drive was pretty easy and short but when I pulled up outside the office I noticed that the parking lot was full of cars and people everywhere. Standing next to the door was Steve who gave me a little wave.

"Morning Jennifer." He smiled as he held the door open allowing me to enter.

I followed him inside where we walked straight over to an elevator which took us directly to the top floor. Once there he pointed out the conference room, the breakroom, restrooms, storage rooms, and even an empty bedroom that could be used whenever someone needed it. Then finally he led me down a hall until we reached his office.

"So here's your desk." He said pointing at a desk directly facing his own desk. It had a nice view of the city and I felt a bit special being allowed to have this type of vantage point. "Feel free to take this whole week to settle in and get everything ready. If you need any help or have any questions feel free to let me know. Oh, and just so you know, you'll always be paid double time for working nights and weekends."

He paused for a moment looking at my face before continuing "...and if you're good then maybe more than once a month." His eyes were twinkling with mischief as he winked at me playfully before he sat down at his desk facing me. The rest of the day passed by very quickly with Steve constantly stopping to check on me as I worked. We went through several projects together including taking care of some incoming paperwork and filing all of our previous client files into folders. As soon as the clock struck 5pm, Steve instructed me to pack up my things and head home. I did exactly as he asked and grabbed my bag and my new work laptop before heading back downstairs.

When I got home Frank was sitting in front of the TV watching sports while drinking a beer from the mini-fridge he'd set up. He looked up when he heard me enter.

"How was your first day?" He asked with a grin.

"It was okay" I answered awkwardly "I'm pretty tired though." I said as I flopped onto the couch next to him where he put his arm around me pulling me close to him. For whatever reason his touch always seemed to relax me and make everything feel better. After another minute or so we both decided to call it an early night and headed to bed where we cuddled closely in each other's arms. I fell asleep in no time but it took longer for Frank who kept mumbling something about how beautiful I looked today until eventually drifting off himself.
The following Morning...

The following morning came too fast for me and before I knew it I was walking into the office. As I opened the door to my office Steve seemed to panic at seeing me standing there.

"Jennifer! You're early!" he stammered out with a slightly panicked expression on his face. "Julie was just helping me plug in my HDMI" he continued as a lady emerged from under his desk where he was sitting. I turned towards Julie who was wearing a button-up shirt tucked neatly into some tight black pants and heels which gave her such a tall, sexy appearance. Her hair was tied into two braids that hung over one shoulder and she wore a pair of glasses to complete the nerdy look.

"Hi. I'm Jennifer. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too." She replied kindly.

"Did you find it?" I asked "The HDMI slot." I added

"The what? Oh yeah!" Julie replied "Anyway, I'll get to work" she added with a little wave before leaving through another doorway down the hall. "See ya later!" She said as she disappeared behind the closing doors. Once alone with us again I walked inside and placed my things onto my desk before sitting in front of it as well and turning the computer back on.

Steve's phone rang and he quickly answered it. "Yes, right. Yes. Okay. I'll sort it." And then he hung up.

"Well, there goes my morning." He said, sighing.

"What is it?"

"Our building maintenance engineer just quit." He explained. "So now we need to find another to keep this ship sailing. Could you post a job ad for me please?"

"Sure, no problem." I replied.

It then occurred to me that this could be the perfect job for my husband Frank. Should I mention it, r is it not appropriate? I pondered.

"You know my husband is an engineer?" I said to Steve hoping that it wasn't out of line.


"Yes. He's been an engineer for many years. He worked for one of the biggest engineering firms in the country, before he got laid off. He's an amazing engineer."

"Well, why don't you invite him in for an interview. No harm in that. I'm not promising anything. I just have to get this position filled."

"Thank you so much! You won't regret it!"

And so I texted Frank.

"Hey baby! Are you free to come down to the office? They are looking to hire a maintenance engineer."

"Really?! Sure! What time?"

"Come in at 1pm. Bring your resume."

"Ok, love you xx!"

"Love you too xxx!"

Steve then mentioned "Just so you know, the engineers job is very long hours."

"Oh he'll be fine with that, don't worry." I replied.

And so I went about my day, waiting patiently for Frank to show up after lunch. At 12:45pm the intercom buzzed.

"Steve, a Frank is here to see you."

"Send him in, please."

A few moments later Frank walked into the room, and Steve immediately stood up and offered him his hand. I gave him a reassuring smile across the room as not to intrude on his interview.

"Frank, nice to meet you. Let's go to the boardroom." Steve said as he ushered him away into the previously empty room and closed the door behind them.

I could hear the murmur of their voices from behind the thick wooden door, but nothing distinct.

About 30 minutes later they emerged, and I couldn't help but notice the broad smile on Franks face. He was beaming!

"Well, we'd like to offer you the position, Frank."

"Are you serious?!" Frank replied with excitement.

"Yes, welcome aboard. Start tomorrow." Steve said, smiling.

Frank's jaw dropped, and then he looked at me and smiled even wider. He then looked at Steve and said.

"Thank you, Steve. Thank you. I will not disappoint you."

"Wonderful." Steve replied, "Now, I'm afraid I have a meeting to get to. But, I'll get our janitor to show you around the basement where the maintenance office is." And with that, Steve called in the janitor who led Frank away. Afterwards Steve came over to me.

"What a stroke of luck huh? Thank you for bringing your husband in."

"My pleasure. He will be so happy. And he really is good at his job."

"Great. Well, let's get back to work then, shall we?" And with that, the afternoon whizzed by. Soon enough it was 5:30pm, and it was time to leave.

"See you tomorrow." I said, as I was packing my things up.

"Yes, see you tomorrow." Steve replied "Oh , and could you ask Julie on your way out if she would mind staying back a little later tonight?" Steve added.

"No problem."


I went and found Julie.

"Hey, Julie. Steve asked if you could stay back tonight?"

"Sure, no worries." she sighed, and returned to her desk.

With that I left the building and headed home.

- Authors Note: Who wants more? Let me know... xxx -
Next page: An early night...
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Intriguing. I'm impatiently waiting for the sequel.
On the other hand, I do not spontaneously see the link between this beginning and the title
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jacques said:
Intriguing. I'm impatiently waiting for the sequel.
On the other hand, I do not spontaneously see the link between this beginning and the title
You will see the link, shortly ;)
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EmmaCastledine said:
You will see the link, shortly ;)
While I get that the story is fiction, and the photos are illustrating points in the story, I think it detracts from the verisimilitude to include photos of clearly different women.
Looking forward to finding out even more
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Love a wife fucking her husband's boss. Especially love her willing to compete with other women at work to fuck him. And I loved the cock sucking scene in the sauna.
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More players more intense, more girl play, this is getting hotter by the chapter
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I love the idea of a wife off somewhere with her husband's boss pretending the boss is her husband and acting like they're a couple, having sex with other couples, hubby home none the wiser.
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