Haven’t posted any updates in a while but if you look at my post history you can see a little bit of what my and my wife get up to. Short summary is we’re 29 and we’ve had an arrangement for a while where she can basically cheat on me whenever/however she wants, and she always tells the guys that she’s just cheating and I have no clue.

Last weekend we were out at a bar together for the first time in a while and she noticed that a guy was there who she had fucked this past spring, like 6 months ago. She said he was one of her favorites, i did remember his name when she mentioned it, I could see even there in the bar that he was a good looking guy, very lean/muscular and pretty tall which I know she loves. She had mentioned that he had a really nice dick (had the thickness she loves) and good stamina, which is honestly more important to her. She asked if I wanted to meet him and I said yes since I do like meeting the guys and seeing their reactions, since like I said they have no clue I know, and she also usually gushes to them about how much better they fuck her than me and how my dick is small, stuff like that.

The guy was younger than us by a bit, fresh out of college at 22 years old according to my wife. He was there with a group of friends and my wife ran up to him first, all excited, and gave him a hug. I sulked up behind her and she introduced him to me as a guy she knew from work. I shook his hand but acted kind of standoffish, mostly cause I didn’t want to be too friendly and make him feel too guilty to cuck me again, lol.

My wife was super touchy and flirty with the guy right in front of me, which turned me on like crazy and made me wish I could watch him fuck her. After talking a while we made our way to the dance floor and she was grinding on him right in front of my face. He had hands all over her too, he was disrespectful as hell which I loved and I know turned her on even more. I acted annoyed about it but of course did nothing to stop it. Eventually she asked me to go get her a drink, and he said to get him one as well. I went over to the bar and it took a while to get the drinks, and by the time I got back they were gone. I wandered around for a while and couldn’t find them, until eventually I saw them clearly walking back inside from the parking lot. I walked up and asked where they were and she kind of just brushed me off and took both drinks from me, handing his to him.

“Thanks bud” he said and gave me a smack on the shoulder in the most condescending way possible, walking away. My wife just smiled at me and I knew I’d have to interrogate her when we got home. She finished her drink and we left, though of course she ran back over to him and gave him a big hug before I dragged her out of there.

When we got home she told me that after I left to grab the drinks she started making out with him right there in front of his friends and the rest of the bar. She asked him if he had a car there and he said no since he was drinking, so they went to my truck and she blew him in the back seat! She said his dick was even bigger than she had remembered, which she told him, and she basically just worshipped it until he came, licking it up and down, kissing it, all that stuff. She said she kept telling him how much she missed his dick and that she needed it in her pussy again soon, but that night she just wanted to taste it again.

After she made him cum she said he joked about getting head from my wife in my car, and she said told him she loves that and next he should fuck her in my bed. She said he can have her any time and she wants to fuck him in every room in our house. He liked that idea and she’s probably going to do that some day this week. I work from home but I’ll give them the house all day when he agrees to one, lol.

They’ve been texting since we got home that night and she’s been showing me, this guy is an absolute douchebag who loves the fact that he’s cucking me behind my back, and I love it. Makes it better since he legitimately is a top five fuck according to my wife. I’ll update how this week goes, I’m looking forward to it
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