IMG_7913 (2).jpegWhen this experience happened, I did not know what Cuckhold meant or had never heard the term bull or shared wife or hotwifing. I had experience of sharing previous girlfriends with other men in threesomes and had always enjoyed those experiences but that had been more than 20 years earlier than this experience.

Back a few years ago now in 2019. My wife and I planned a mini break to Madrid, Spain.

I was given a contact in Madrid through a work colleague of a guy who used to be a neighbor but from the Madrid area. I wanted to know good hotels and places to visit so I contacted him. His English was great and he knew the whole area well. Professional guy, divorced living alone. A little older and quite a funny guy.

The guys name was Eduardo and he provided recommendations on hotels and places to visit via email and WhatsApp.
One day, he asked me to share a photo of me and my wife and I did. A normal photo. Eduardo commented that he found my wife attractive and sent a photo back of himself to me which I shared with my wife.

I noticed after that, he asked me a lot of questions about her. One day, he told me that he had slept with a few English women and he found them exciting in bed and was my wife also exciting in bed.

I replied that she was a very good lover based on my experience with these things and I was very happy with her in bed. He said, I was lucky and he would like to have a woman like that to enjoy.

I found his words excited me as he was openly admiring my wife and talking about her in a sexual way. I didn't get upset with him or tell him it was none of his business. He would always ask me, how is she, what is she wearing today, have you guys been to bed for sex?

A week or so later, he asked me if I had any naked pictures of my wife I could show him even if it was just her breasts. I told him that I wasn't sure I should share things like that with him and he said, it was up to me, but he would like to see as he liked to think of her.

I thought for a while and then in the end sent Eduardo a photo of my wife with quite a low-cut top which showed her breasts well but not naked.

Eduardo was very happy and told me that the photo had gotten him hard and did that upset me as it was my wife. I told him it didn't and liked that he found her sexy.

Of course, within a few days, he asked for another photo. I send one through of her showing her fully naked.

Eduardo was very excited to receive the naked photo and he asked if I had more. I did send him another five or six photos, some of them were in sexual acts with me. He told me that he had made himself cum while looking at her and every time he thought of her, it gave him an erection.

He asked if that excited me of another man wanting his wife. I told him that it did excite me, and it had made me want her more.

Eduardo then started to ask me what we did together in bed and what she liked and how often we had sex. I told him a lot of intimate details of our sex life. He would suggest things to try with her and I would try them and report back if she liked it or not.

He suggested to lick her arsehole while fingering her which she liked. Some different ways to finger her, deeply, more fingers, go really quick or slow and deep. Focusing in on her nipples and squeezing them harder which she liked as well. I can't even remember them all.

Eduardo then asked if we had ever recorded our love making and I said no. He suggested it would be very erotic and of course he would like to see. So, after some initial concerns, I did, and the first recording was amazing to watch back. At first, I just shared some screen shots with Eduardo and then after his persistence, I shared the recording.

He was very excited and told me that it was amazing, and he felt he was there with us, and he would very much like to share my wife with me as he had a very deep desire for her.

I had been joking with my wife that Eduardo fancied her and was always asking about her and asking me to share photos of him as he felt himself an attractive man. Eduardo had offered to take us on a day out to a special tourist town outside of Madrid and also to a special beef restaurant in that area so we would be agreeing to spending the day with him.

My wife agreed to meet and to spend the day with him.

The day with Eduardo started quite early and he came to a meeting point close to our hotel and he had left his car parked illegally so he could greet my wife with the traditional two kisses on each cheek and a hug.

I sat in the front of the car and my wife sat in the back and we travelled and talked for an hour or so to Avila where we had a coffee before taking a walking tour of the city and walls.

I remember I had left Eduardo with my wife alone at the coffee shop so he would have some time with her.

When I came back after a very long toilet break, he was sitting very close to her and was looking over a low-cut top admiring her breasts and she did not seem to be getting upset with him.

We toured the town, had another drink and went for a lovely lunch with some wine for us before heading back to the car to the return journey to Madrid. My wife sat in the front of the car with Eduardo and they talked more on the way back as I sat in the back and listened.

The hotel was quite high end and the bar was expensive, so we had bought a small selection of alcohol for our room. The room in the hotel was in a very quiet location and had a huge bed. We headed up to the room so we would have a thank you drink. My wife was a little apprehensive about Eduardo coming to the room but agreed.

We sat in the room and had some wine then some spirits. My wife sat on the bed while Eduardo sat on a chair by the desk in the room and I sat on a chair on the other side of the bed to Eduardo. We talked about nothing important and made silly jokes about nothing.

The conversation had gone quiet and I had moved to sit next to my wife on the bed and started to hold her and touch her body and kiss her on the neck. She asked me what I was doing and I said, I have wanted to do this all day to you. She said, what about Eduardo, he is still here. I said, he has wanted to do this to you all day as well.

She looked at Eduardo and he nodded his head in agreement. I said, its ok just let him watch. I continued to kiss her and feel her breasts through her dress. She was tense and not responding as she usually does. I managed to get my hand inside her short dress and started to rub on her clitoris through her knickers. Now kissing her on the lips. She started to respond and moan a little as Eduardo watched on. I then managed to get my finger past her knickers and into her cunt. She was wet and soon I was fingering her and she started to moan a little more.

She helped me pull her kickers off so I could get my fingers inside her better and I also pulled down her dress and bra so i could suck her nipples as I fingered her.

She was very wet now and I had my head buried in her breasts licking and sucking her nipples. The next time I looked up Eduardo had moved next to the bed and had his cock in his hand and was playing with himself while watching us.

My wife was not looking at him but I could see she knew he was there and what he was doing. I said to her, are you going to help him with that. She looked then and after a moment, she reached out and took hold of him. Almost straight away, he was leaning forward and sucking at her nipple hungrily. She let out a deep moan and I started on the other nipple while continuing to finger her.

He then started to kiss her on the lips and lowered himself on the bed next to her. His hand quickly went to her cunt and I moved my hand away so he could take over using his fingers on her. I used the opportunity to step off the bed and quickly take off my clothes. My wife still had her dress on and bra and Eduardo was still dressed with his trousers only pulled down.

I put my hand back between her legs and said to Eduardo to take his clothes off which he did quickly and then got back into bed. She lay there between us and we took turns fingering her and kissing and playing with her breasts. Eduardo had managed to undo her bra which made her breasts easier to play with and kiss.

We were like that with her for quite a while. She had taken hold of Eduardo's cock again and had been wanking him and I moved her hand she was doing the same to me.

I then asked her to move onto her side so I could get behind her and put my arms around her and put myself inside her and slowly began to fuck her. Eduardo was still kissing her and then got himself onto his knees and moved closer to my wife's head so he could put his cock in her mouth. He was moving himself in and out of her mouth while she sucked him and I was holding her tighter and fucking her quicker.

It was quickly getting close for me to cum so I slowed down and said to my wife, I think its Eduardo's turn inside you. We helped her move so she had her back to Eduardo who had positioned himself ready behind her and I put my arms around her and my face was close to hers. I could feel Eduardo moving her body a little so he could get his cock inside her.

I knew when he was inside her as he groaned and I saw it it her face. He started slowly to start to fuck her and then got faster and faster. I could see that she was trying not to react or show she was enjoying it.

Eduardo was now really giving it to her and he had his hands around her breasts playing with them and her nipples. She then suddenly lost control of her composure and started to pant and moan a lot.

This seemed to give extra incentive to Eduardo and he went even harder and faster. I could see he was close to climax and asked him if he could let me have another turn with her. He nodded and she turned around so her back was to me again and I got my arms around her and fucked her hard.

It was quickly that I felt I was going to cum again so slowed down. Eduardo had been kissing my wife while I fucked her and I could see she wanted to cum.

I asked her if she wanted to ride Eduardo and she said yes. When she is on top like that, its easy for her to cum and its very erotic to watch as you can see all of her sexy body and full breasts as well as watch her face as she climaxes.

She got on top of him as he lay on his back and I could see his cock enter her and she started to ride up and down on him.

I lay next to them both and just watched. Eduardo just lay there and watched as well with his hands on her legs. It did not take long for her to shudder and then suddenly let out a loud gasp as she climaxed on him.

She put her head onto his chest a little and he stroked her face before lifting her to put her underneath him on the bed.

He put himself back inside her and started to fuck her really hard and fast. My wife is 5 2" and I am 5 9". Eduardo was around 6 foot and much broader build than me.

He had his head buried in her neck and she was holding on tight as he enjoyed her. I could kind of feel the thrusting as the bed was moving underneath me as I lay next to them.

My wife was panting and Eduardo was moaning a lot and whispering things in her ear but I could not hear what he was saying.

After a little while he let out a very deep moan and she did as well and I knew he had cum inside her. He kissed her a little while still lying on top of her and then moved off to the side and I quickly got on top of her.

I asked her if she ok and she nodded her head and I put myself inside her. It was very very wet and slippery and I could smell his cum and could smell him on her body and face.

I climaxed very quickly inside her and held her for awhile before slipping off to lay beside her again. Eduardo had stayed on the bed and watched.

Eduardo then leaned over her again and started to feel her breasts and kiss her neck and lips. I could see him get hard again.

He asked her to get on all fours and to put herself on top of me lying there so she was above me with her body touching mine.

Eduardo got himself behind her I could feel him putting his cock back inside her and starting to thrust again.

She was moving back and forth on top of me and her body and breasts were rubbing on me while he took her.

It was very erotic as I could see her face very closely and watch her pant more and more as he got faster and harder. She ended up holding me tight as he enjoyed himself.

She was panting very hard and she later told me that Eduardo had put a finger in her arse as he fucked her and his finger had gone deeper and deeper.

I could hear Eduardo panting and he did slow down and then stop. He asked her to lay back on her back and she did.

He was down by her feet and he lay down on his front with his head burying it in her cunt. He started to lick her frantically and I moved across to play with her nipples' and kiss her neck.

It did not take long for her to let out a huge moan and convulse. Eduardo removed his head and moved up her body so he was on top of her again and said, i am going to take my time this time.

He put himself back inside and spent the next 15 to 20 minutes fucking her like that. sometimes fast and sometimes slow. Sometimes kissing her and sometimes kissing her breasts.

He then started going very hard and fast again and then out another loud moan and shudder. I was laying by their side and had been playing with my cock while watching them and had not been able to contain myself and had cum already by the time he had.

He did lay on top of her for a little while until she started to move then rolled off her. She looked at me but could see I was not ready.

She got herself up giving me a quick hug and heading off into the bathroom. We could hear the shower come on. Eduardo asked me if I thought she would let him fuck her again.

I said, I didn't think so and maybe we should get dressed. So we did and poured some more drinks while we waited for her. He told me that he had wanted to fuck her from the moment he met her that day.

I asked him if he had enjoyed it and he said, it was unbelievable and better than he had even imagined. He asked me if I was OK and if watching her with him or had it been difficult.

I told him that it had been so erotic to watch and had made me want her more as well. He said, I hope she enjoyed it as well. I said, well it sounded like she did.

She came out after a little while and looked a little apprehensive. I went to her and hugged her and asked if was ok. She said, yes and she wanted a drink.

We sat and talked a little like nothing had happened until Eduardo had finished his drink. Eduardo then asked her if he could take her again as he was already hard.

She looked surprised but shook her head. He then came over and hugged and kissed her and pulled her back onto the bed. She had gotten ready for bed and had put on pyjamas.

Eduardo started to pull his trousers down and had gotten on top of her, I was sitting in the chair by the desk where Eduardo had been at the start of the evening.

She looked at me as Eduardo was preparing to put himself back inside her but I didn't say anything and soon he was fucking her hard again, he was half dressed and it was erotic to watch him take her like that.

While he was fucking her, he was kissing her and had hold of her breast and a nipple with one hand. He was squeezing the nipple hard between his fingers and she was moaning with the attention and trying to remove his hand.

He would not let go of her nipple and she gave up trying to remove his hand and soon she was letting out a large gasp as she climaxed again. She had dug her nails into Eduardo's back and I could see she had broken his skin in places.

He did not seem to mind and had released her nipple and was fucking her really fast and hard. He was soon also letting out a large groan as he came inside her again.

He then lay on top of her for a little while getting his breath and kissing her a little. As he was getting off her and pulling himself out of her, he said to her "I decide, you understand?"

She just nodded in agreement and Eduardo looked at me, I just nodded my head in agreement as well.

I walked him out and we shook hands and hugged each other good bye. He told me as he was leaving, he would be in work the following day but would would meet us at the hotel at noon for lunch.

She was quiet when I got back and didn't want to talk so we just went to bed to sleep. Both of us could smell Eduardo on the bed sheets.

We had a late start the next day as we were tired and Eduardo arrived just before noon. He had messaged us to say he wanted her to wear the same dress as yesterday but not to wear a bra underneath.

She had gotten herself ready and done as he asked. When he came into the room, he went straight to her and hugged and kissed her and placed his head in her breasts.

He then sat her on the edge of the bed and stood in front of her and took his cock out which was already erect and pulled her head and mouth onto it.

He told us that he wanted to build an appetite before lunch and he was very energetic with her soon taking her again. After his second climax, he told me that he wanted me to join and I did.

It was a late lunch for us that day and afterwards Eduardo told us that he had a busy day the next day but would take us out for dinner in the evening.

He did take us out for dinner and afterwards came back to the hotel and soon took charge and had her on her knees in front of him sucking his cock.

In these love making sessions, he took control and would direct her and me in what to do. He would start on her and let me watch until he then asked me to join usually after he had cum in her at least once and she had climaxed with him.

He spent the night at the hotel and even fucked her again by himself before he left for work. He told us that he would pick us up in the evening and we would have dinner at his place.

He told her to wear the dress again but this time not to wear any bra or any knickers as she would be in his car.

That last day with dinner at his apartment was our last day in Madrid. Eduardo picked us and asked me to drive his car to the apartment, he directed me as he sat in the back with her.

I was not used to driving so was focused on that but I could hear and see a little that he had already started on her and was fingering her in the cunt in the back of the car and kissing her.

When we got there, he had already done some preparation and he told me to finish preparing the meal as he wanted some time alone with her as it was the last night.

image0 (2).pngHe took her to the bedroom but left the door open so I could hear as he took her to bed by himself. It was erotic to hear them together and he was in there for almost an hour before he came back out, half dressed and asked in the food was ready.

She came out soon afterwards and we ate the food and drank some wine while we chatted about normal every day things and about travelling home the next day.

Eduardo told us that he would arrange a taxi to take us back to the hotel but he just wanted a last bit of time with her. He looked at her and pointed his finger back to the bedroom.

She just got up and walked to the bedroom with her wine glass still half full. Eduardo just smiled at me and followed her. I could see that he was already erect as he walked past me to the bedroom.

This time, he closed the door.
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