My wife and I, Ellen and Mark, married at an early age, 19 and 20. Our premarital sex was limited by her choosing. Limited to me touching through her bra and panties. After our marriage, things changed for the best sex ever. Let me describe details about our bodies.

When we married, Ellen was 5', 93 pounds, with small A-cup breasts, great legs, and thighs with a wonderful round ass. She was not yet trimming her pubic hair which was soft blonde but barely visible. Me, I was 5'6" with a small 5" penis.

I explored her desires every chance I could get. Offering Ellen a massage using baby oil I could touch several areas. The only no was anal penetration. Ellen always wanted to be in control, as I rub oil on her body her ass was the last area. She did not seem to mind me rubbing the outside of the anal opening. She would slowly loosen her anal muscles and allow my small finger to slide in and out. This would bring her to a huge orgasm. When we showered later she mentioned she did not like doing that anally. However, the next time she had the same desire.

I decided to try more anal stimulation, as we were in the 69 position I would explore her limits and found that she enjoyed me tonguing her opening. Always the same comment that she did not like that I lick her there.

Ellen's sexual desire changed after children. The quality was always there but the frequency was less. Her body changed a little; her weight slowly went to 105 pounds, her hips and ass were better, her breasts sagged just a little with her nipples were always hard.

For her 35th birthday, she and I went on a long weekend. Before the trip, I purchased a small vibrator the same size as my penis. The first night I introduced it into our play. Ellen enjoyed the vibrator that evening having the wettest orgasm ever. The next morning Ellen was still wet. Using baby oil on her ass and against her anal opening, I moved the vibrator to her anal opening. Without touching any other part of her body, she moved against the vibrator. I positioned the tip of the vibrator at her anal opening. She slowly moved against it. Raising her ass the tip slid in about half an inch. I pulled the vibrator away and her hips lowered to the bed. Again I placed the tip at her opening. As she raised an inch or so went into her anal opening. She continued until she had the vibrator in her ass. I did not want her to feel embarrassed so I went into the bathroom peeking through the crack of the door. She trembled and trembled not making a noise. She then removed the vibrator from her ass.

Ellen and I are in our 40's during this post. Our kids are older and not at home as much. Her body is wonderful and still looks much younger than she is. Our sex is great when we have it, now once or twice a week. to spice things up and change things up I purchased another vibrator without her approval. She was not happy I made the purchase.

This vibrator is bigger and black. I thought the color contract would look great against her skin. it looks more life like. At first, she did not want it in the bed. But one night with the smaller vibrator in her ass, I brought out the new one. Ellen rolled onto her side and spread her legs. I whispered she should use it as she wants. Ellen proceeded to rub it across her cunt spreading her cunt lips with each stroke the black vibrator entered her cunt the smaller vibrator slid out of her ass. She rolled onto her hands and knees asking me to fuck her with the black vibrator. I went slow at first and was surprised at how deep it went into her cunt. A depth I would never reach. Her cunt became very red as she pushed back against the black vibrator, she could not get enough and fucked the vibrator longer than any time we ever fucked.

Ellen fell to the bed not saying a word. The black vibrator between us as we spooned.
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