We are at a hip-hop club on vacation in South Florida. Eva is wearing a red mini skirt and matching top that tastefully shows her cleavage, she looks very sexy and I’m so proud to be with her it gives me great confidence to have such a hot wife. I know that every guy in the club is looking her up and down and saying to himself Damn that girl is hot!

When we are on the dance floor it is packed and every couple of minutes Eva feels a pair of hands grab her from behind but she pushes them away without missing a beat. The guys look at me and grin, it’s such a turn on for me that all these guys want to dance with you but you are only focused on me and that does a lot to my confidence.

There is a black girl by you and she starts to dance with you turning toward her. Being it is a girl you don’t push her away and dance with her. She turns around and starts grinding her ass against you, Laughing you look at me and start smacking that ass. She touches the floor with her hands and straddles your leg and starts twerking. As she does this her skirt is hiked up so that her bare pussy is grinding on your thigh. When you feel her wet pussy on your thigh and see that her skirt is hiked up you lift her up and tell her in her ear, “Girl I didn’t want everyone to see your pussy!”

The two of you are getting into the music and are having a good time with each other, She whispers something but I can’t make it out, you come over to me, "We will be right back, we have to use the girl's room, can you get us drinks?"

"Of course." I’m waiting at the bar after I get the RedBulls. I don’t know what went on in the restroom but when you finally come out I am mesmerized by how good you look, your tits bounce just right when you walk and your face is kind of flush adding to the sexiness. I can tell something happened in there, maybe you will tell me later?

You introduce me to Kim and tell me she is 24, Kim says, "You should back to our house and smoke some weed with us,"

"Sure, sounds like fun." we start walking to her table and meet her boyfriend Devon and his crew, there are 8 of them 3 girls and 5 guys. Kim introduced us to the crew explaining that we are on vacation from Texas. I look at Devon he is easily 6' and has a muscular physique, he looks like he is about 30, and he keeps his hair very short and has a beard, from the way he is sitting you can tell he is packing a big dick and doesn’t mind that it is noticeable. Looking around the table I realize that most of these guys had tried dancing with you earlier. After talking as a group for about 10 minutes Kim says, "C’mon guys let’s go to the house, you can follow us we are in a white Lexus SUV."

On the way there we pass some protesters in street breaking into a storefront. My wife says, "Holy shit Ray did you see that!"

"Yes, I did," we both leaned back in our seats. We can clearly see that this is a black neighborhood and it’s kinda rough like the east side of Kankakee.

We arrive at the house, it is nicer than most of the homes in the area. Inside Devon and Kim start handing out drinks I can hear one of the guys saying, "It’s time to get the party started!"

One of the girls replied, "Yeah it’s about to get real up in here." I tense up and can feel a knot forming in my throat.

Devon lights up a joint and passes it to me, "Here Ray take a hit, you look tense, are you ok?"

"Yeah, I’m good." My mind is saying that they said that because of the joint not because of us. I take a hard hit and hold it in but cough it out and everyone starts laughing.

"That's some good shit isn’t it Tex!?"

"It sure is," as I pass it to you, take a big drag you don’t cough and blow the smoke out through your nose and mouth nice and slow, you look so sexy! They all waited for you to cough but when they see you don’t they are like Damn girl you know what’s up, this girl can hang!! You take another smaller hit and pass to Kim who takes a long drag and bends over to give you a kiss and blows it in your mouth! I didn’t see that coming but the guys were like awe shit here we go!

Kim asks, "Have you ever kissed a black girl before?"


Devon asks, "Have you ever kissed a girl before Eva?"

Kim says, "Devon did that look like the first time she has kissed a girl?" Everyone laughed, and we all leaned back and started talking as the joint made its way around the room. I can feel the pot start to kick in as I say to Devon, "Did you see those protesters on the way here?"

"Yes, I did and that is years of frustration coming out. It’s one of those reparations societies."

Eva replies, "Reparations, what's that about?"

"Reparations are what white people pay to the blacks for all the mistreatment over the centuries," the crew voice their agreement, saying things like Damn right.

"Oh, I’ve never thought about it."

Kim asks, "Well Eva what do you want to do to pay your reparations?"

"I don’t know what can I do, I would do anything to help out,"

"I know how you can. You can entertain us to tonight?"

"How, you mean like being your maid?"

"No, like being the center of attention for the party. come dance with me for us to enjoy." The music starts and you start dancing and like being the center of attention. Kim says, "Give the guys a lap dance." Looking at me you ask if I am OK with this? before I can answer Kim says, "Don’t worry about Ray, worry about entertaining us!" I watch you go to Devon and start dancing in front of him, turning around you start twerking your ass for him, and everyone starts hooting and hollering as you move to the next guy. Everyone is enjoying the dancing Kim calls out for you to "Take your top off," and you reluctantly do showing off your firm torso and the red bra that really accents your boobs nicely.

As you turn around to grind on the thigh of one of the girls she unsnaps your bra and pulls it off your top to the cheers of everyone. I am adjusting my pants because it’s turning me on watching you perform for others, I’m really not sure what to think but I can tell that the tension is thick and this is going to be a night we will never forget.

As you get to the next guy he grabs your waist from behind as you start grinding your ass against him "Girl you ain’t pushing me away, you can feel that can’t you white girl?" As Eva turns around and gets on her knees she rubs her hands up and down his leg and can feel his massive member starting to get hard.

putting your head close to his package and purposely running your mouth close enough to breathe hot air through his pants "I like this, your so big!"

Kim says, "Hey girl who told you to start rubbing on cocks?"

"Sorry, I’m only trying to please."

"Come here girl," walking over to her I can see your firm boobs and you look like a runway model. "Turn around," when you do she unzips your skirt and it falls to the floor showing everyone your perfect ass in your red thong. You take another hit off the joint and give it to me and say you better take one too. I have a feeling that it’s going to be a long night!

Kim bends you over in front of her with your hands on the table she spreads your legs and takes two fingers and pulls your thong to the side "Let me see this white pussy!" My wife spreads her legs wide for the beautiful black woman to inspect her perfectly shaved pussy. She spreads your outer lips with both of her thumbs and sees that you are soaked on the inside. Kim takes a taste and your eyes close with the stimulation from the black beauty. "Devon, I think Eva is enjoying herself from the looks of her pussy." She swings Eva around for all everyone to see. Kim commands, "Eva put two fingers on your clit and spread yourself for everyone to see you." Once you have done this and everyone has looked at your vagina some reaching out and caressing you shooting bolts of pleasure through you Kim starts rubbing you causing you to moan. She then puts her fingers deep inside your hot pussy and pulls them out she taste you and says "I think we found the honey hole boys!" As her fingers enter you again this time having strands of your wetness on them when she removes them and allows one of the other girls to taste you.

Kim turns you over to layout on the coffee table with the crew seated around on the couch and in chairs as she drives her tongue deep into your pussy, as you moan and tilt your pelvis to give her better access. the woman that had just tasted you off Kim's fingers straddles you and lowers her wet pussy to your mouth. I, we all watch as two strong black women take control of you and over the next fifteen minutes or so all three of you enjoy each other, giving and receiving orgasms on a coffee table that is much more sturdy than it looks.

Kim says, "your night is just starting, white girl!" Spreading your lips again "Look at this sweet pussy boys. It time for this white pussy to get blacked!!" You bite your lip as you watch Kim sit on the couch and hike up her skirt and smiles at you we all watch as you get between her legs and get a good look at her black pussy, a nicely shaven black pussy. You spread her outer pussy lips and see how pink she is on the inside.

"Damn girl your pussy looks amazing!" Her inner lips larger than any pussy you have seen. She has a permanent gape it appears as you spread her thick and dark lips. She also has a fairly large clit hood covering her large clit.

"You noticed now my lips are dark on the inside didn’t you?

"Yes, I do, I love them."

"That is from fucking big black cocks for the last 10 years." As you are doing the math in your head and realize she started fucking when you did at age fourteen she is motioning for Devon to move around behind you to take you doggie when you dive into her. Having done the math you are immediately enjoying the new connection with her as you say that’s hot and amazed by the coincidence as you lower your tongue onto her pussy. You start licking up and down pulling back her hood to get to her clit. "Damn girl this ain’t your first pussy either is it!?"

"You say no it isn’t, I love pussy almost as much as I love dick!" Then Devon's voice behind her says, "Speaking of dick," and Eva can feel his cockhead at her opening, she smiles at me and plunges deep inside Kim's pussy with her tongue.

Eva can tell that she tastes different from the white girls she had in the past. As you start to get into it Devon puts two fingers in you and starts finger fucking you while you latch onto Kim's clit. "OMG this bitch is going to make me cum, Devon!"

"Enjoy it, she owes you!!"

I say, "Yes, she does, she owes all of you this!" Everyone starts getting rilled up as Kim let’s out a big gasp as she puts her hands on the back of your head and holds you to her she screams, "Fuck yeah!" and explodes in orgasm. You crawl up her body your face glistening with her juices as you two start making out you hear devon shuffle up behind you as you and slide his cock into your pussy, you are now pinned between Devon and Kim. After a minute or two you have you are in Kim's arms, your head on her shoulder moaning in pleasure with each thrust from Devon.

Lifting your head you kiss Kim Passionately and ask "Did I do a good job of pleasing you tonight, Mistress?"

Kim smiles, "Yes you did, I did not expect to be bonding with a white girl this evening, I am loving this evening." you place your head back on Kim's shoulder "Now it’s their turn." you look behind you and see that everyone is naked and the other women are on their knees with a cock in their mouth getting the men good and hard for their turn at receiving their reparations from you. In this position Kim and Devon are close enough to kiss as Devon drives into you over and over, Kim whispers to Devon, "Fuck the shit out of my new white bitch, Devon, give it to her, fuck her like you hate her!!!" this excites Devon who picks the pace and drives even more forcefully into you causing you to orgasm, and orgasm that last the next five minutes until Devon coats your walls with is seed.

As Devon withdrawals to make room for the next recipient of your gift of reparation, you turn to him and say, "Thank you, Master!" Devon and Kim assist you back onto the sturdy coffee table. Kim leans down and kisses you "It’s true black guys really do have bigger cocks!" Kim smiles as everyone gives out a chuckle and you hear a guy in the background say, "It sure is and you’d about to find out what it’s all about."

I am still setting in the same place watching the most amazing thing I had ever seen when one of the black girls comes over to me and see that I’m hard and says, "I see you are ready to watch your wife get blacked your cock looks like it is ready?" She pulls my pants down and my underwear and sees a wet spot about the size of three quarters, "Well Eva, he has already had a nice time in his pants," causing everyone to laugh, "He does have a nice cock but it’s only going to satisfy my ass, I would barely feel him in my pussy, it’s no BBC is it?"

You shake your head reluctantly "No."

Kim says, "Louder say it louder, Bitch, say black cock is better! You speak up and say it." Everyone cheers again. when one of the guys says, "She knows it already!"

One of the other girl says, "I’ve got something for Ray in my room. She comes back into the room with a fleshlight and a cock cage.

I ask, "What’s that for?"

See this, first we take care of that erection you have from watching your wife get blacked and then this part at the end is inserted into your dickhole about two inches and the cage closes around it so when you start to get hard you can’t because of the pressure." She hands the fleshlight to the black woman who removed my pants for her to start pump me with it.

"Do I have too?"

"Yes, this is how you will pay your reparations to us while we use your wife’s body to please us. It will be satisfying to watch you squirm." I cum strong all over my stomach. She then slides the rod end in my pee hole as my cum lubes it. She gets it in all the way to the end and tries to clamp it together but I’m a little to big for it, after a few minutes she is able to use two hands and clamp it shut. The extra pressure pushed the rod deep in my pee hole, it hurts but in a strange way it is erotic, as I relax my hard on subs sides and it doesn’t hurt as bad.

Kim says, "Alright Eva get on the floor on your hands and knees," doing as her Mistress orders, looking at me she says, "We need to do this, it will be over soon."

Eva says, "I love you,

"I love you too honey, you are doing a great job." Just then they slide a padded bench between her legs that goes past her head a few feet. They shackle her ankles and spread her legs out wide, "What is that for?"

Devon says, "That is to keep you in position all night, you are free use to anyone who comes through that door!"

"Oh, fuck!" Eva says and then asks, Did you say anyone!?"

"Exactly we already notified the BLM activist group they are on their way! Now you are talking too much here this will shut you up." he puts his cock in front of Eva's face, Eva grabs her Master's cock and put it in her mouth opening her through for him tasting his pre cum she think, WOW it even tastes better.

One of Devons buddies gets behind Eva, he says, "Damn this girl is on fire, look how eager her pussy is." as he starts pumping in and out of her. His cock can’t go all the way in but her pussy is taking about 9 inches and he still has a couple left. As he gets closer to cumming he speeds up and starts ramming his cock head deep inside your pussy where no one has ever been. His head is pounding your cervix as he builds up and releases his potent cum right at your cervix. With cum overflowing her pussy and her mouth full of Devon's cock so you can’t scream out in an orgasm of your own, feelings his cum deep inside your pussy you realize that your not on the pill and your womb is unprotected.

At first eva panics but then her body takes over and she grinds herself deeper! I ask, "Did he just cum inside you?" Eva looks at me and nod yes, "Oh, fuck!

Devon asks, "What’s the matter aren't you on the pill?" As he with draws his cock from Eva's mouth.

Eva says, No, I’m not, not that it matters since you and the others came inside me earlier, I think he was to mesmerized to noticed then."

"Well, he is fixed, but we are going to breed this bitch tonight boys!" Then the next guy, his name was BJ walks up he has a very fat cock but only about 7" his cock head was twice as wide as his shaft. The girls get me up to reposition me so I can see better and when I get up a long strand of pre cum leaks out of the cage. The girls catch some with their finger and taste it. One of them says, "The silly white boy is enjoying this. Here get a better view of your wife’s pussy, it will never be the same after today." She sits me down, and gets more pre cum on her finger and puts it in my mouth. "Do you like cum white boy?" I shake my head no.

BJ rubs his cock head on your pussy lips, you can tell he has a much different cock. As he pushes his cock head into your pussy it gives out an audible pop as it crosses the threshold disappearing inside. "Fuck, that’s a big cock!" Your pussy is tightly clenched around his shaft so his head feels like a big ball going in and out. After about 10 strokes you are meeting his thrusts as your eager pussy wants more. You think to yourself how is this happening one minute we are in the club the next I’m strapped to a bench with the thickest cocks ever pounding away. BJ spreads your ass cheeks as one of the girls snaps some pictures and shows them to you.

She says, "Look how perfect your pussy is for black cock!"

"OMG, my pussy is so stretched! Ray how can this be wrong when it feels so damn good Ray. I’m not sorry but I’ve never been fucked so good. Thank you for taking us to the club tonight!

"Baby you look amazing, I can see you are and have been in ecstasy for some time." Then BJ pulls his cock out all the way and girls take more pictures and show Eva how gapped she is. Eva is excited stating, "That’s so hot, I’ve always wanted to be gapped by a big dick." When he pushes his cock back in he puts a lot of air in and your pussy queefs. BJ laughs "Yeah, I got this pussy talking to me now, watch this." He starts pounding his thick cock in and all the way out! my wife starts squirting from all the pressure and within a few seconds, he withdraws his cock because your pressure pushes him out and you hear a big splash on the floor. Your pussy is literally dripping as it is gapped open. BJ slams his cock deep inside you as he cums what feels like thick syrup as it sprays inside your opened-up pussy. When he starts to pull out one of the girls gives him a sharpie and says sign your name on her ass so he puts a BJ right on your butt cheek! Bj pulls out and thick gobs of cum start pouring out down your legs! The first guy says hey I didn’t get to write my name!

Devon gets up, "It’s my turn to empty my seed in this white girl again." Devon is a mixture of the last two guys both very long and very thick too but his cock has a curve to it.

One of the girls sits down in front of your face and says girl eat my pussy like you did Kim’s.

"My pleasure!" When Eva spread her pussy lips she can see her pussy is full of cum.

"Oh, yeah, that’s JR’s cum he couldn’t wait to fuck you so I told him he could fuck me while he waited. Eva was so cock ***** and proud that she started cleaning up her cum filled pussy. "This girl is up for anything she is even eating my cream pie!" the crowd cheers.

Devon puts his cock at your gapped pussy and slowly gives you 8" as you pussy fills up full of long and thick cock. Devon says, "Damn this pussy is still tight though look at those lips stretched around my shaft. The girl take pictures again and shows you. After giving him head for 30 minutes prior you think how is my pussy capable of all that cock as that intensified your cock drunkness as you start grinding your pussy deeper. Your cervix is being smashed by his cock head, the pressure is intense, "C'mon Eva get all of my cock in you." With your up for any challenge state of mind you start pushing harder against him as he is about to blow his load in you. Then Eva feels a pop and can feel Devon abs against her ass! His cock head had opened up her cervix, your body clamps down around his mushroom head. Devon explodes as his fertile cum is being pumped directly into her uterus she has a massive orgazm.

After he cums he try’s to withdraw but can’t her cervix is so tight around his mushroom head that it will not come out now. After about 45 seconds his cock softens and it slides out all 12". Devon says, "Well done Eva only three women have taken the whole thing, Kim and you are two of the three and you have done it multiply times this evening! Devon then wrote his name on Eva's backside.

Cum is steadily running from your gapped pussy, you look down at the floor in exhaustion and notice you have a river flowing by you. You think to yourself this floor must not be level and then chuckle thinking only I would think of something like that right now.

After Devon, the guys would keep taking turns and the girls would keep putting their pussy in your face to lick. Guy after guy pumped his load in Eva. After several hours of men coming and going Kim walks up and says, "Eva you are a real trooper!" She then unshackled you, stands you up and laughs as cum flows out of your pussy down your legs. "Eva set back down there."


Kim gets me up and lays me on my back on the bench. Kim returns to my wife "It’s time for you to take care of your husband," and helps her straddle me as cum flows out of her all over my face and into my mouth as she gets alined and lowers herself onto my mouth I am ****** to swallow a massive amount of cum from inside Eva. Once I have cleaned my wife she gets on her knees and is amused and amazement at the device they have me in and all of the pre cum. She unlocks the device and opens it see that there is a rod going inside my pee hole. You say, "Oh, honey, doesn’t that hurt?"

"Yes it gets worse the more turned on I get." Then I close my eyes but then my mind takes over and I start getting turned on. You pull the shaft out seeing that my pee hole is now gaping you stick your tongue in it and it feels so good especially when you deep throat me, it feels so good to get fully hard.

Kim says, "Climb up and 69 him," you swing your leg over and I see your gapping pussy up close as you grind your pussy on my bearded face again. I take a closer look and the tips of your inner lips are starting to turn dark. Kim notices and says, "That is all the pigment From all those black cocks rubbing off on her, your wife is now a black cock *****, let me show you. She commands Eva to straddle my cock and you do. "OK, start fucking him," your pussy engulfed my hard cock it feels silky. She says, "See Eva you can barely feel his white dick, right?"

"Yeah, you are right,

"He can only have your ass from now on. Do you understand, your pussy is for black cock only your ass is Ray’s.

"Yes, Mistress."

Kim says, "Get up, here is a sharpie write it on your abdomen, later you will tattoo it. You take the sharpie and write

“Owned By Black Cock.”

“Whites Use Rear Entrance”

After the night ended we drove home in the morning you called the doctor and got the morning after pill. Actually, give me two you can’t be too safe! A week later a USB arrives in the mail, it’s the video of the whole night.

This is just fantasy
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